I want you sleepers to know I know you aint sleep. You scared.

You should be! I should be talked about in the same breath as Face, Beans, Styles P, Jada, Jeezy, Dead Prez... fuck it nigga Pac in terms of passion and Biggie in terms of storytelling and dark humor (see "Pressure", "Bad Day Worse Day", "A Dope Story" or "Deuces Wild" as proof sucka!).

Should be, however, does not get the money, so fuck a should be! Here’s what I’m on these days sucka niggas! I'm gone rap like I’m drowning. If I die it will be fighting it’s Top 5 or die I know I can and I will. I know it ain't just music so I will be making some major changes! I refuse to lose, “I promise I will not loose.” If anybody tell ya I changed since the Grand Hustle connect... You right! It’s Bigga bitches! Every thing from now on will be BIGGA!

See ya next week with a new style a new song and another after that. I’m giving you all the free music I can this summer including a mixtape and EP! 'Preciate every Killer Mike/Mike Bigga/Grind Time Official Supporter! I will not let cha down! Grind Time Rap Gang Bang Bang Bang! Gone! —It’s Bigga!

Killer Mike feat. T.I. "Ready Set Go!"