My religion is hip-hop. It is what has sustained me. God has spoken to me through the mouths of hip-hop artists.

I have been shaped and molded by young black male manifestos of glory and pain. I have heard young people speak like titans, and the world watched and cheered.

I have sat on trains and heard the voice of prophets faintly in the air from another rider’s head phones. I have met eyes with that passenger, and we knew that we were the only ones up on that shit.

We were in a secret society. A society called hip-hop. We loved the emcee, not the rapper. We loved the producer because he was a DJ first.

I can still remember my friend Bobby stuck in The ‘Sip (Mississippi), calling me to FedEx him “Hard to Earn.” Contrary to what a lot of Northerners think, we listened to all that shit down south, and with me Gang Starr ruled.

Without getting overly sentimental, here’s my Guru salute as it should be heard by hip-hop standards, that’s with the DJ. Here is the Mike Bigga Guru/Gang Starr Foundation Salute (Dubb Floyd Screamixx) put together by Dubb Floyd and DJ Wally Sparks.

If you are a DJ or just want clean versions and a cappellas, check

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