Lil B… Good For Hip Hop

I’ve been called many things, but lately I’ve been referred to as a surly individual. However there’s one thing not many people know about me: I’m a fan of all things silly/light-hearted/quasi-retarded. Take Ray J, for instance. He may come across as some venereal disease-ridden, so-called smooth operator who inexplicably tagged Kim Kardashian, but when I see him I think of little Willie Norwood a/k/a the kid who used to get chased around the locker room after PE class to avoid catching fades from the bullies back when we were short-lived classmates in junior high.

And that’s the thing with hip hop; most of the public personas we all see are nothing more than that. Unfortunately, we’ve spent so much time on those representatives that most of us never know of the other sides of that proverbial coin. Think about it: most of youse by now think I’m some reclusive hermit teetering on the edge of destitution who relies on half-assed posts as my primary source of income.

If this was 2007 and I was still writing for the good ship Amistad, you may have been right.

A few years ago I was one of those elitist type of rapster fans that felt that anything minutely unintelligent was blasphemous to the culture of hip hop. But as I got older and more cynical I realized that most of the nignorance abound in rap should be taken with a grain of salt. So I found it rather humorous that a person like Lil B from The Pack could be taken serious in rap’s hipster/half-ass hardcore humdinger. When some friends introduced me to his stuff a few months – particularly his magnum opus “Like A Martian” – I, admittedly, thought his music was some of the most idiotic stuff I’d ever come across. Misogynistic rants, nonsensical boasts and other kinds of jibba jabba galore, it was the stuff that originally made me wonder what the hell was wrong with rap.

However, when I actually met the guy last March in Texas for SXSW I was, well, verklempt at how down to earth and easily approachable he was: essentially the complete opposite of what videos like “Look Like Jesus” portray him as. That experience actually compelled me to view his music in a different light, and while I don’t necessarily prefer his music over the stuff I grew up on I will admit that it makes me laugh. And isn’t that what hip hop is all about: songs that make you crack a smile as well as think?

I’m not trying to convince everybody who reads this to jump on the Lil B bandwagon, but I am saying that the age-old adage of “more than meets the eye” rings more truer in today’s rapster community than ever before, considering most everybody refers to what was previously considered a geeky, quasi-homosexual platform for nearly all of their hip hop wants and needs. And for those wanting to know, I’m not a hermit teetering on the edge of destitution. That’s word to all this ice and Nikes my slave masters allowed me to cop.

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  • hmmm

    Actually kinda liked this one… nice

  • Yessir


  • Brother Man

    Co-sine. Music is meant to entertain. I can listen to political 80′s rap and listen to lil B without feeling funny. Dont know why people always gotta be in one lane

  • Dan

    I don’t respect Lil B because he’s called himself a pretty bitch, a princess, and a faggot on different songs.

    • Jackson

      That’s exactly why I respect him.

    • Bobby Likes To Read

      He says “I’m a pretty bitch” , “bitch” , “princess” But sir, never heard him call himself a faggot. No. “like a faggot” Yes. Either way, You’re 1:10 who have no respect for a decent human being. *shrug shoulder* Go to “Real Plexx” song. “Dude asked me, if I fxck wit PoPo. That’s like askin’ me if I’m a homo. Like 2 wrongs, that’s a No-No.”

    • J

      lmfao… I heard that shit too and I don’t like that shit either… I respect his movement though.. Imposing the positive.. people get killed regardless over some bullshit at least he ain’t pretending to be the sickest nigga on a track cuz that’s all I hear from rappers in that age range these days

  • 32 levels

    props. not many people understand him and his music. all they see is the swag rap that’s posted on worldstarhiphop. his based freestyles really let you into his mind and it’s almost amazing to hear, on some levels.


    • $)40 cal

      co sign
      thats exactly why i respect him. one song he says some crazy shit that just make u laugh then the next he talks some intellectual shit. people really gonna lose that”rap is only one type of sound” mindstate and embrace new things.

      Lil B Has My Respect……….

  • GodsSon

    lol wasn’t expecting this.

  • crumbliNherb

    good post, keep up that work Mek.

  • Dub

    I feel this drop.. That’s why I ain’t mad at niggas like Soulja Boy, Gucci, and them other niggas a pass, cause they could be robbin, sellin dope, or doin some other negative shit. I’ll take the L when it comes to a few shitty songs on the radio and take solice in that fact.

  • ThisNuccaNico

    but…its Lil B…smh lmaooo that nigga is doodoo.. ” I love my cat ! Ima faggot ! Ima lesbian…all my bitches gay and they love to suck dick… ” ???? WTF is he talking about ? he isn’t stating anything, or standing for anything that the world cares about. no one wants to hear about bitches sucking his dick all the time. we got our own dicks to worry about. and for someone like him to call himself a “God” ?? smh. that nigga needs to just try a little harder and actually rap about something. he prolly is talented.. just maybe..ill give him that, but as of now ? he’s trash. lol sorry to all you Lil B fans who lovee it when your ears bleed to his voice.

    • Beeyobe (1/5 Sonic Sounds)

      you right about wtf is he talkin about in some of his based freestyles and songs, but before the based freestyles and when lil b first hit the scene with the pack and their first mixtape he used to rap a little different, real shit from the heart. he still does rap from the heart. he’s just created his own world and style of based music, and its like being in the mind of lil b. a lot of you don’t understand it, but it is what it is. if you were inside anyone elses mind you would almost feel the same way and go crazy.

      • lo4ded

        Exactly.. couldn’t have said it any fuckin better.. if everybody seen it from this point of view they wouldn’t even hate on him they just wouldn’t listen to his shit and that’s coo too.. He’s obviously gettin money and don’t give a shit who likes him or not and he started his own movement.. I swear people be too opinionated sometimes.. That’s like talkin about a guy who stays in the freshest clothes and whips but house stays dirty as shit… people don’t give a fuck cuz they don’t gotta live there wit his dirty ass.. but he still coo regardless.. lmfao.. some of the shit he say is some bullshit tho lmfao but it’s all entertainment and ain’t meant to hurt nobody.. gotta respect him for dat.. You never hear him dissing no other rapper.. he always on his own hype

    • kag

      obviously people do care cause people are doing his dances all over youtube and downloading his music. music is not all about making a point he is an entertainer and a real person so of course he guna have fun with his music and he is able to get serious but also there have not been alot of rappers that havent talked about woman so you cant even say anything about that

  • Official!

    Yeah Lil B has many sides to him and his music; what seperates him from the rest is that I dont see him taking from anyones stlye. He is orginal, and that 6kiss mixtape went hard. Check out his sky is the limit video it raw, his videos are art. Check his youtube page and listen to some songs each one has its on approach.

  • $yk

    Yo Meka,

    Are you serious fam? I listened to 2 Live Crew too, but at least they brought something different to the table. Most of Eazy E’s raps required a “b*tch suck my d*ck” notation, but this guy Lil’ B is horrible.

    If we need to go there, we can speak on how music has been attributed with the spirit/soul for centuries. All of mankind live long and be prosperous, but come on yo you’re basically saying you approve of son sending mixed signals all in the form of “entertainment”.

    If we can see from ‘Scarface’, entertainment can send and create subliminal messages, it influenced a whole generation on crime and blow (‘Blow’ is a banging movie BTW).

    If this cat is really rich like he says, why can’t we influence him (or one of his weed carriers tell him) to become a concrete businessman instead of co-signing some bullsh^t raps?

    Be weary of the co-sign, it may mean that you advocate that specific lifestyle and not agree on a specific point.

  • Candid BACKshotS

    my first impression of lil B….soulja boys style & music on steroids

  • moses

    I think most rap fans at least those who are older know that 98% percent of rappers aren’t really who they say they are. I don’t hate any rapper, Lil B could be all cool and shit in person but I mean cmon this nigga sucks, he is trash, wtf is dude even talking about. I laughed at the few videos i seen of him, but this nigga needs to lay off the crack…plus meka u pussy nigga you were prolly shook as hell when u met him, trying to be one of lil b’s pretty bitches haha

  • EmCDL

    WTF???? This dude is horb-garb (horribly garbage)

  • crease

    yo i checked out Lil B after I read this post. It was fucking terrible!!! There is no need or point for him to even exist. Fuck is wrong with people

  • MithritadesHD

    Good luck Meka,u and ur justifications are…I won’t even say it RIGHT ON!

  • lmao

    wait,so u like lil b cause he was nice to you in person? that’s wack.
    his music sucks horribly and he isn’t saying anything,at all.
    he makes soulja boy look like nas. I’m from the bay area and there’s nothing entertaining about a grown man comparing himself to jesus or calling himself a princess.

  • RUSerious?

    I don’t expect Malcolm X or the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr every time that I put on my headphones, but I refuse to listen to blasphemous and misogynistic lyrics from a kid that’s arguably mentally retarded. His lyrics are not entertaining. They’re offensive to many social demographics (religious and gender), and they’re a disgrace to the hip hop culture as a whole. Cam’ron and Dame Dash were able to argue to Bill O’Reily that they were promoting entrepreneurship to inner city youth. What would Lil B have to say and could he even manage to say it? I shed tears for the kids that grow up with this new precedent of ignorance, and if he’s successful, he’ll perceived as a worthy role model. That perception would be far from the truth. In conclusion, I’ll just say that my president may be black, but if our children’s mentor is Lil B, there is no hope.

    • electronica

      remeber he is still a kid what do you expect kids make music for who ? the younger age most of lil b fans are his age or younger so if your probally 25 and older and you dont like lil b then thats why . what grown man or woman listen to soulja boy , lil b ,justin beiber , bow wow , new boyz and other young artist

  • BASeD

    Lil speaks what he feels
    Speaks whats real
    Ignorant shit
    Money Cars Women
    Club shit
    Everyday life
    You name it
    he juss dont give a fuck
    he started his own movement and he doing it Indie
    own shit unique videos
    Stunnaman on some shit too

  • BASeD


    -Lil B
    He on some shit
    hahaha Based

  • Anonymous

    lil’ b is the borat of hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Funny that you mention going to school with Ray J and how his persona is different from what you know him as because that’s exactly how I feel about Lil B. I actually went to high school with Lil B and he’s was a normal kid from Berkeley. smoked a lot of trees and cracked jokes all day.
    People take music too seriously sometimes.
    Glad to see him getting shine. Regardless of what he seems like from the videos the dude is real and humble.

  • Matt

    shouts out to my boy lil b ive known him for awhile now. you have to get to know him, hes a cool ass person

  • $yk

    This cat said narrow minds?


    Lil’ B is that you?!?! Whadduup fam?

    If I take my life serious why can’t my music reflect?

    Do you my g’z…


    • EmCDL


  • Anonymous

    anyone who knows lil b knows that he’s way more intelligent than his rhymes give evidence 2. he’s just having fun w/ the game and thats what its about. entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    your trippin…lil b is garbage

  • Anonymous

    hey b i follow u on twitter please leak the track for *perverts only* ima pervert cuz u previewed it on tweetmysong i need that in the ipod bra based all day F these other rappers all i bump is basedgod 100



  • Real Talk P.

    I don’t have hate towards Lil B grind in music. I actually like a couple of his songs, my personal favorite is “Myspace.” I respect rappers starting new trends, movement’s, and new sounds. But, when you start calling yourself a Queen, Lesbian, Princess, A Bitch, Faggot, God, etc. You confuse the people trying to get to know you through your lyrical capabilities. If you want to be a “rapper” Rap! Stop doing things for entertainment, that’s called being an actor. Rap don’t have any rules it’s an art form! I’m aware of that. You have the freedom to express yourself anyway you want. But, I just feel if you want to be in the rap industry as a “rapper.” you should follow certain guidelines. “For example, the art of producing music. Really when producing you shouldn’t have any guidelines because it’s all about creativity! But, if you produce a track off key it wouldn’t sound pleasing to the ears of most because of the simple guidelines you failed to follow when creating. I don’t know if you guys catch my drift. lol… All I can say is the fans are not stupid! They know when you try to “sell” them fake shit. Please don’t fall into that category. Represent the young generation properly!

  • Drake From Young Money

    lil b is a unique individual. i respect his grind and his style. let the based god speak.

  • render

    honestly, I find some of this fools lines funny as hell and I’ll always give credit to anyone doing something original…aint nobody else calling themselves fags and princesses and if I gave him enough credit all that god/look like jesus shit is really a subversive crack at organized religion (which i respect way more than niggas rockin jesus pieces and paying lipservice to the church while talking bout bodying niggas and flauntin wealth)

    but cmon…this nigga couldnt a 2+ syllable word if his life depended on it…dude who called lil b the hiphop borat got it right

  • 50 Cent

    Brandon McCartney has a sacred brain and a way of thinking.

  • M2thaK

    Lil B’s Style Is One Of A Kind And Original And Will Raise Past The Top!!

  • Zeek The Model

    He’s one of the hardest working artist of 2010. Especially with dropping videos daily on youtube. 2010 Lil B is grinding the hardest.

  • Henry Of The Young Squad


  • Anonymous

    based dont change your style for nobody.. anybody offended by anything lil b says in his music isnt based therefore you arent a real lil b fan you’re a HATER… ima faggot,pretty bitch,lesbian,princess etc. A nd not 1 bit does that make me feel less manly truth be told i can fuck all u niggas above me bitches im that pretty bitch u feel me? & its all respect lil b changed my life for the better love u bra based


    HI MOM :)

  • Lloyd Omadhebo

    shouts out to my brother lil brandon. based legend.



  • Real Talk P.

    Somebody else calling you a faggot,pretty bitch,lesbian,princess etc. Shouldn’t make you feel less manly @Anonymous. But, you calling “yourself” that is questionable. Dudes can’t find other thoughtful words to call themselves these days? Out of all the english words those the only ones you can think of? But, if the shoe fit wear it, I guess…

    Another thing ppl need to stop misusing the word Hater. That shit is so old and lame now. If somebody don’t fuck with your music that don’t make them a hater, that makes them a critic. People listen to music and they have opinions! If you look at every opinion as hate you won’t get far at all. Having an opinion is also a form of art. Those rappers who think they God or Females is artist with opinions of themselves. What they put out as artist is what they get back. Criticism comes with the art form. Just accept it as art if that’s what you put out.

    Also like I said before, I respect dude “grind” he put out a couple of good tracks on “WSHH & Youtube.” He have about 5 songs I like. Probably more to come. But, as a listener of music I can’t listen to that other shit he do. If the definition of it is “based” then so be it. But, I can’t listen to somebody male or female saying suck’n on my dick every 2 bars. “I’m not a real based fan at all.” And I really don’t want to be. I don’t dickride groups, sects, image, or remodeled words. I just like good music. If the music is good, I fuck with it.

    I don’t know how anybody expect to gain respect from anybody calling themselves dumb shit. I’m sorry people somebody help me understand that way of thinking. And because, you the only person saying that stuff don’t make it right. Just makes you the only person saying creative funny/dumb shit.

    “Your words is everything, so everything you said you do, you did it, couldn’t talk about it if you ain’t live it.” – Jay-Z-Where I’m From. <-

    Dudes should remember that line often.

  • caino

    He says he aint a bitch, then goes onto call himself a bitch!! WTF l dont get it, didnt do anything for me! no structure to the song(s) no tight ryhmes, just stupid mumblings that rhymed, i.e l’m glad, l’m Brad, l’m chad!! (WTF)


  • BossGame

    Cam’ron and Dame Dash were able to argue to Bill O’Reily that they were promoting entrepreneurship to inner city youth.


    I understand your thought process, but I’m of the mind that the era of justifying ANYTHING we do as a artist or people to the likes of O’Reilley,Hannity or any of those “Grey Coats” is long since past. They should not be the standard bearers for moral or anything else in life. Digital Underground probably said it best. “Do what ya like!” That being said, that “Look like Jesus” song had me shook personally, but thats a matter between Lil B and JC to discuss.Got my own cross to bear.

  • Anonymous

    wet like a pool like a pond like a pussy

  • P. Harris

    point blank… I don’t like it, so I don’t listen to it…

  • JDizzel3000

    Shows how fickle rap fans are .. how does a nigga go from being terrible one min to awwww man his shit is alright the next after you meet him?? corny….

  • stackavelli

    this was a good post. i dont know why people just love to hate. im not gonna lie ima “in the closet” listener of lil b for a couple months now and now i check for his music on the regular. he puts out at least 4 to 5 songs and videos every week. u gotta respect that and thats real talk. hes a young black nigga getting money why the hate. niggas act like him blowing up is gonna effect their everyday life. let him get him money 100.

  • bigbloodhomie


  • gt

    If you don’t like the fucking music don’t listen. Its that fucking simple some people like me like it so we will continue to listen and support you do the same for the people u like that’s it.

  • bangin785

    ….. i’m tired of you niggas…. what the fucc did odb rap about…. really? honestly… i dont rocc with all his shit… but he definitely has a quotable from the song We Can Go Down…… i damm near live by it…

    I Love My life…
    I’m in a good position…
    i aint got no car…
    but i be driving bitches…..

    ….ill…. and i dont give a fucc what anybody says….

  • HumaneSociety

    Tropical doves touch down lightly on the dirty, decaying ledge overlooking the concrete jungle and rest there, 30 stories up, momentarily surveying the perfect storm of pain and suffering swirling below them before rising off the ledge, unfolding their wings, and beginning their descent into the world below.


  • Jeremy

    Check out his song “Lil B – The Age of Information”

  • Jin

    Lil B is one gay ass nigga.

  • Kurtis Kroes

    This is really among the greater articles with the ones that We’ve keep reading that topic recently. Excellent work.

  • Confused

    U niggas criticize niggas like Hov for saying God this Jesus that but when this nigga does it it’s cool wtf…