Is Wale trying to tell us something?

”Basically we had an agreement, and we were very clear to the different parties and agents involved that this was an LGBT event. What happened is that when the first blast went out that Wale was going to be at Black Pride he got cold feet, and his agent first said Wale wasn’t available because he had to do family stuff. Then we got another e-mail saying he didn’t know what kind of event this was when he agreed to it.”
Earl Fowlkes, board member of DC Black Pride

If a teh ghey group tried to invite me to perform (nullus) at an event, I probably wouldn’t, but it wouldn’t be because I’d be afraid of people thinking I was a fudge, just because I performed at a teh ghey event. Some fruits might try to beat me up, for some fag joke I told back in 1998.

It’s more or less the same reason I wouldn’t speak at an AIPAC conference.

The thing is, teh ghey people would never invite me to perform at one of their events, because they have no interest in what I do. Wale, on the other hand… The fact that he was invited to perform at Washington DC’s Legacy Festival and Wellness Expo in the first place might be a sign.

Normally, I wouldn’t necessarily think anything of it. Teh ghey people like to listen to rap music, just like the rest of us. Just because a teh ghey guy likes a certain artist doesn’t make that artist teh ghey. I’d even go so far as to suggest that I might have a favorite artist in common with a fudge… except that pretty much the only rap album I’m listening to these days is The Unholy Terror by Army of the Pharaohs, and I know for a fact that no teh ghey person has heard it. Because we’d know about it by now. It’s the most virulently homophobic album you’ll ever hear. Not that that’s why I like it. I’m just saying.

But this teh ghey expo kerfuffle is only the latest in what’s starting to look like a pattern of suspect behavior by Wale: There was that time he was writing a sex and relationships column for Necole Bitchie – which, if I remember correctly, may have played a role in the end of my imagined relationship with Necole Bitchie. I may have suggested that it was a PR move not unlike that time it was suggested that she got it on with Trey Songz, who’s clearly on the DL. That’s definitely where my mind just went. Nullus. Then there was the flap having to do with there not being enough dark butts in the video for his song “Pretty Girls.” (The Jimmy Valentime version is far superior.) While I give him credit for featuring several girls I wouldn’t mind making sweet, passionate love to (you can probably guess which ones), I found his explanation of the casting process to be weird, like he could give a rat’s ass how the girls looked. One of them looked like a broke Jennifer Hudson, and obviously she wouldn’t have been there, if Wale had taken more of a hands on approach. (My approach would have been very hands on.) Even a recent interview Wale did with Complex magazine, in which he discussed his 50 favorite pairs of shoes, seemed very questionable to me. I only own four pairs of shoes, but that’s because I keeps it extra real. They aren’t in the best condition, either. 10 pairs of shoes I could understand, for the man that takes a modicum of pride in his appearance. But 50 pairs of shoes? Come on, son.

A few weeks ago, someone sent me a link to an interview Wale did with Ozone magazine, for their annual sex issue, suggesting Wale came off as very suspect. Initially, I didn’t pay it any mind. People send me shit like that all the time (nullus), and a lot of the time it’s obviously part of the DL hysteria in the black community, in which seemingly every ostensibly straight black man has something to hide. On the one hand, we’re all supposedly fruits, but on the other hand, we stay raping women. It’s like we can’t win for losing! Obviously, a lot of this is just salty black women trying to make us look bad. Except for Wale. There might be some genuine cause for concern, in his case. To read the interview with him in Ozone, it isn’t clear that he’s ever gotten it on with a woman. He’s definitely not taking advantage of the opportunity with which he’s been presented. They asked him what’s the craziest thing that ever happened to him with a groupie, and he said one time a groupie tried to break him off with some stank, and he talked her into going to Denny’s with him instead. Tha fuck? Then they tried to ask him which industry chicks he’d like to bang, but he wouldn’t say. Some of the girls he said he was friends with (he’ll find out about that the hard way, when he goes broke), but then they mentioned the names of some girls who were just filthy hoo-ers, and he still had no comment.

Let me guess: Someone from the teh ghey group saw that interview, and the rest of that shit, realized he was one of their own, and invited him to perform at their event. He was gonna do it, but then word got out, and he had to cancel, because he didn’t want people getting the wrong/right idea. If he would have been thinking, he wouldn’t have taken the job in the first place. He could have just claimed he had something else to do that day. Now he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he does perform, people are gonna think he’s a fudge, because he performed at a teh ghey event. If he doesn’t perform, people are gonna think he’s a fudge, because he pulled out of performing at a teh ghey event, presumably concerned about his image. Alas, he probably has to take every show he can get, to recoup the cost of recording Attention Deficit. That Lady Gaga guest appearance couldn’t have been cheap.

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  • Leon

    Daaaammnnn. Bol killing shit. Wale & Drake are dope but they need to just come out of the closet already

    • The Music Majors

      lol wow

      The Music Majors
      Affordable Beats/Music Production @ BUYBEATSTODAY.COM

    • Anonymous

      shut up

  • Pierzy

    It’s 2010, does it matter if he’s gay?

    Oh…right. Hip-hop still acts like it’s 1950 when it comes to homophobia.

    • Enlightened

      Ok…if you say so.

      • Anonymous

        Niggas need to stop actin’ like bitches!!!!!!

    • Lucy

      you must be gay huh?

  • BEasy

    Wale should say something to the effect of “I’m not into that but I was flattered to be approached”.

    I hear Riley from Boondocks “you gay!”

  • Jimmy Valentime

    Thanks for the shout out…

    What you think of the way the site being run since you been gone ?

    you can check my stuff out by clicking my name ..

  • raoul

    Gay or not, Wale sucks big Time. He might as well join the Techno music circus in Europe. BTW, check this website: – Pure African Hip Hop.

  • $yk

    Wale ain’t gonna last in this game. He’ll actually be better off just doing shows and guest spots when his mainstream flame dies out (no gayness).

    J Valentine>

    *straight face*

  • El Tico Loco

    What do you expect from a culture created by West Indian immigrants, that mentality runs deep in hip hop. But back to Wale what do you expect when your first single has Lady Gaga on it?

  • T-marT

    Isnt Wale from D.C. ? that would make sense regardless of the event 2 book the local rapper.

    I mean but Bol got his speculations, so isnt that a cause for concern, that maybe Bol spotted his own in a tight situation and tried to make a funny off it. You decide….

  • Brass Tacks

    Great post on the black mans plight…

  • $yk

    Yo Jimmy V (no cancer) I see you!


  • $yk

    And before I boogie…

    F^ck Wale. This is WAAAAAAAYYYYY more important:

    AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas State Board of Education adopted a social studies and history curriculum Friday that amends or waters down the teaching of the civil rights movement, slavery, America’s relationship with the U.N. and hundreds of other items.


    1st no more rap studies in TX, then R Paul saying he doesn’t wanna abide by the Civil Rights Laws, AZ with the fukkery, and now this.




    • Jamal7Mile

      It’s important and disgusting what Texas is doing. What’s really scary is that the Texas board of education usually serves as a model for a lot of other States on how they shape their own curriculum. What Texas eats other States shit. No idea why it works that way.

      • Lucy

        It doesn’t EXACTLY work that way.
        Texas is one of the largest consumers of textbooks in the US
        soo some textbook carriers model their textbooks or tailor them towards Texas
        but the actual consensus lies on demand
        what most states demand is what gets made

    • Enlightened

      Definitely important. But these muthafuckas have been teaching an extremely watered down version of the Civil Rights movement and other important events always.

      They never taught the correct version. So basically, it’s the same fight it’s always been as far as the information. They just got a little more blatant with it.

      • CLARK

        You know most kids only recieve 1 year of US history?

      • BIGROB

        As a resident of Texas, I can tell you for sure that they teach the most watered down version of the Civil Rights movement ever. They gloss over events and leave others completely out. Most I ever learned about Civil Rights was when I went to school in Utah, think about that for a second!

    • Lucy

      I didn’t understand this,
      like i read this article four times when it first came out.
      What exactly are they not learning?
      It was just unclear

  • nicholasdelorejo

    It was a wise move on Wale to not do the event. It’s not like a rapper would say no if he could gain a wider fanbase by portraying himself to be gay. But if Wale were to come out of the closet, it would do nothing to gaining the a gay fanbase. One thing that I’ve noticed about these artists gay people strongly support, is that a lot of times they’re fans of pop artists who possess a bizzare and over the top sexual image. Elton John is considered one of the greatest musical artist of all time. But most gay people tend to fuck with Lady Gaga, early Maddona, Britney Spears and Adam Lambart. Shit if Lambart hadn’t kissed and tried to blow a dude during a live televised performance, he would have fall into obscurity like the rest of the American Idol winners. Wale looks like one of those bums that work in a barbershop. Dude’s image fits more as a conscious backpacker that wouldn’t even collab with Gucci Mane let alone Gaga.

    Wale probably wouldn’t lose his rap fanbase if he still has one if rumors came out if he were gay. If Wayne can French kiss Baby and still sell a terrible Rock album in this climate, then a supposed rapper being gay would do nothing to damage a rapper career. That is if he can continue to make good music.

  • Anonymous

    i agree with Piezry. Its 2010. Besides that, I’d believe 50 is gay before drake or wale.

  • geico lizard

    “That Lady Gaga guest appearance couldn’t have been cheap”

    Lady Gaga and Wale are both on Interscope so Jimmy Iovine probably forced Gaga to do that track for peanuts. Thats why 50 cent was endorsing Soulja Boy early in his career because they were both on Interscope.




    Get the hell out here you bugging

  • audio tech

    ^^says Wale’s male lover

  • HotelFrost

    Him not going makes him suspect. If you are a professional, you go and get that paycheck when it calls. Perform and go home.

  • Khalil Amani the truth sayer

    Wale should have done that gig and helped break down the ignorance of homophobia. This just shows you that, indeed, grown-ass men still care what people think about them and their sexuality. I’m hip-hop’s str8 advocate to gay hip-hop and I could care less what you think about my sexuality! The only reason I mention it is to show that some of us str8 hip-hop black men don’t care what the homophobic sheep of hip-hop think.

  • musicguru6

    the biggest homophobes are usually on the dl. Wale is an artist with great potential, but he need to stop worrying about his image/appearance and focus on deing consistent with his music and getting money. Afterall the reson hes still signed to interscope is because his shows are always soldout, and they make alot of money off him touring. He gets roughly $30,000 a show and interscope gets nearly $10,000 of that. So he shoulda did the show and stop tampering with his good thing he got over there at interscope