I thought Lupe Fiasco was a badass?

Lupe Fiasco, consider yourself put on notice.

You might be able to accuse one of the dudes from 2dopeboyz of hacking into your email, shout at him and physically threaten him, but you can’t pull that shit with eskay. Well, you could, but that’s just gonna cause him to have to shoot you, apparently.

To wit:

Again, I can only speak for myself here, but I’d tell any artist who even thinks about coming in my face with any of that “you leaked my music” rah-rah bullshit: you’d better have some damn good proof before the thought even crosses your mind. Just ask yourself: “Is this worth it? Am I certain this guy did this, or am I just going off what some knucklehead in my entourage thinks may have happened? Am I sure that once I confront or physically assault this guy, that I will never for the rest of my life be in a position to get touched back? Can each one of these goons I’m with say the same thing?”

Crazy as that sounds, I’m not sure if I’d want to tempt fate, if I were Lupe. eskay seems like one of the more unreasonable people on all of the Internets. (Which is saying something.) You see how he reacts when you say anything even mildly critical of his blog. God forbid if I were to ever actually accuse him of accepting payola. Which, for the record, I haven’t. I’m far too sophisticated a thinker to suspect an actual quid pro quo. Roffle.

Plus, it would be pointless, if it’s true what eskay says, that neither he nor the kid from 2dopeboyz hacked Lupe’s email. You’d be putting yourself at risk of being regulated on, just to go after someone who isn’t even the real source of the problem.

The thing is, if your email did get hacked, how could you ever know who did it? It’s not like the haX0r’s gonna leave a note, like, “Hi, this is eskay from Nah Right, just letting you know I’m the one who hacked into your email, in case you want to contact the authorities.” If they did leave any signature, as it were, I’m sure it’d be something impossible to track down/identify. HaX0rs are smart. Genuinely smart, not just stronger with language than other members of their community.

I was reading an interview just now with the guy (or, theoretically, girl) who hacked Solar’s email, Twitter and what have you, and it got me to thinking: How difficult would it be to hack someone’s email? I’m not even sure how you’d go about it. Would it just be a matter of guessing the person’s password, or is there more sophisticated haX0ring technology involved? They asked the haX0r how he decided to hack Solar’s email, and he said someone sent him Solar’s email address, and he was like, fuck it, I’m hacking this shit.

I never knew it was that easy.

eskay dismisses the thought that someone hacked into Lupe’s email, whether it was one of NMC or someone else, as if it’s not even possible. Rather than acknowledging that perhaps someone else hacked into Lupe’s email, found unreleased music and sent it to sites like Nah Right and 2dopeboyz, or wherever those two got it from, he suggests someone in Lupe’s own camp was responsible for the leak. Maybe the reason he said that is because that’s what really happened, but if that’s the case,  why didn’t he just tell that to Lupe? If that’s what really happened, it seems like it would be very easy to prove, and it’d at least seem like a smarter move than making thinly veiled threats of violence.

I’ve observed enough ghetto culture from the safe distance of areas where supposedly badass criminals dare not tread to know how this shit works. You can’t just tell another guy you might shoot him, if he shouts at you and threatens to kick the living shit out of you, and expect him not to shout at you and threaten to kick the living shit out of you, because you might shoot him. This might seem like a good idea to the rest of us, but in the world in which eskay apparently developed his point of view, this is a slight in and of itself. If Lupe doesn’t regulate, he’s gonna look like a pussy. And if eskay continues to bootleg, ahem, promote his music, he’s gonna look like even more of a pussy. Everyone’s gonna know the only reason he flexed on the kid from 2dopeboyz is because the kid from 2dopeboyz isn’t dumb/badass enough to retaliate. Next time try picking on someone your own size, albeit mad short.

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    *adjusts flak jacket*

    *harlem shake’s by the shots*


    I knew Bol was gonna empty a clip after I read eskay’s tirade, actually when I saw the Just Blaze vid.

    But eskay’s novel kicked the truth.

    *does stanky leg to remove shrapnel*

  • http://nahright.com eskay

    this is weak Bol, I’ll give you 24 hours to reload and send some decent shots my way.

    • serious business

      not eskay… right? he couldn’t possibly think both that responding was a good idea and that this is a sufficient comeback.

  • Mr. P

    Eskay don’t want it with Lupe(No!) and everybody Knows that if real street Elements get crossed it will be alotta Trouble for dude because don’t get Fooled by Lupe’s BackPacker/Skateboard MC persona he conveys for people outside Of Chicago, he has Elements from the Westside Of The Chi that are just as Indignant as any grimey EastCoaster

    • flip

      fuck lupe ill break a skateboard over his face and jack his backpack LOL he can skate push his punkass back too square one

  • UncleTom

    I agree with mr.P, Dont let them glasses fool you he is still from the city. Dont mess with them boys.

    • BIGNAT

      lupe won’t risk doing something like that eskay will make any threats against his life public. which will make the super thoughtful mc lupe look like a average goon. to his stans aka the people who buy his shit they not going like that. actions like that contradict the image he has made for himself. in a market where the tops rapperd are barely doing 500k lupe trying to keep every fan he got.

      • Chris S

        most Lupe stans, such as myself, are well aware that Lupe used to be bad back in the day

  • BEasy

    I’m sorry, ya’ll mistakenly took us for people who give a shit.

  • Kaisha Maisenbraun

    And Eskay ** always ** sucked, and always will. Says a lot about the barely literate ‘culture’ (sic) this has devolved too that a witless turd (read: glorified whore publicist, minus the heels) like that can have a career, let alone have riders.

  • el “chitown” negro

    iight im takin lupe on all beefs 1 question still remains tho………….who tha fuck is “eskay” or however u spell his name

  • T-MarT

    Who the Fuck is EsGay??? anyway

    ps my knuckle game crazy

  • T-MarT

    who the fuck is EsGay anyway??

    ps my knuckle game crazy


    Sorry all Lupe Stans. But he does not strike me as a badass. How many black kids didn’t grow up in some hell hole in the good old US of A? Just because you grew up their doesn’t mean you are a beast, some folks are a part of the ignance full speed ahead guns ablazin and some folks try to avoid as much as possible and navigate the hood without being caught out their in any serious way. I believe Lupe was the later. One hood rule is you don’t just start barking about some shit like this you contact the individuals in question and ask them to man up off camera(In this case it doesn’t mean fight as much as getting to the bottom of what happened). Lupe is calling folks out because he know he doesn’t have to stand by this shit like he would in any hood USA. This is just a safe net tantrum try this same shit in the street and you may get your last ride in a limo or swolled up severly.

  • prince

    eskay = the gooch

  • Che

    Damn bol, you’re boring. this blog used to be ok but now it just sucks balls. 15 comments? lol. wow. you fell off.

  • these posts are racist


    You did not describe any facts. What actually occurred during the alleged confrontation? Let’s be honest people, Byron hates Lupe. Lupe is a good guy and is not the type to use physical violence in such a typically ignorant rapper way, so the story sounds fishy.

    That said, Lupe has a lot of respect and clout in Chi. Chicago is a different type of city…and he really does have the entire West Side of Chicago down to ride for him…even if he’ll never call on said part of town to do anything.

  • El Tico Loco

    I’ve heard Lupe got a few black belts if that’s the case he won’t come off as a bad ass to anybody and will catch you slippin.

  • rockcity

    “You did not describe any facts. What actually occurred during the alleged confrontation?”

    CO-Sign ^

    I dont understand what your article is about, you haven´t described the background nor the confrontation. How am I supposed to understand this if you haven´t told us what it´s about?

    And who the F* is eskay?

  • these posts are racist


    Eskay is a blogger at nahright…former editor here at XXL…and one of Byron’s enemieeez (rip mc New York).

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    True that tpar.

    The whole point missing in this post, which is what most didn’t see because they are defending Lupe’s ‘gullyness’, is that rappers are quick to run up on music bloggers saying that they leak their music, when it’s usually someone in the rappers camp or the label that does.

    If Lupe has this BIG problem with music leaking, he seriously needs to address his camp, or uber filter his email account.


    ^ watch the video 1st, then read eskay’s novel.

    Your boy Lupe was wrong for this one.

  • geico lizard

    “I’ve observed enough ghetto culture from the safe distance of areas where supposedly badass criminals dare not tread to know how this shit works.”

    Nas entire career is based on that sentence, Bol.

  • the game aint finished

    my boy WILL DOBY and Lupe are both from Chicago holding it down and my boy is dropping the hottest mixtape ive ever heard its comes out june 10th called the future if you want a free copy hit get at him on myspace.com/willdobymusic this nigga is sick

  • roscoe

    my boy WILL DOBY and Lupe are both from Chicago holding it down and my boy is dropping the hottest mixtape ive ever heard its comes out june 10th called the future if you want a free copy hit get at him on myspace.com/willdobymusic this nigga is sick

  • Mikey F Baby

    do people actually buy anything from the XXL Store?