By the time Kanye gets to Arizona

Threatening to boycott someone doesn’t really mean anything, unless you actually planned on buying something from them. For example, I’m currently boycotting Mercedes-Benz, for selling cars that cost way too much money, and hence serving as a constant reminder of my failure in life, but it doesn’t really mean anything, because I couldn’t afford a Mercedes-Benz anyway – because I’ve failed to crack that lucrative hoodrat demographic, like Sandra Rose and Necole Bitchie, both of whom drive Mercedes. (I heard, albeit from Sandra Rose herself, that Sandra Rose had hers first, and that’s why Necole got hers…) Meanwhile, I’m catering to the same demographic as Little Brother, which is why I’ll be living in this house in a shanty town for the rest of my life.

Similarly, a cultural boycott, like the artists who are refusing to play shows in Arizona, because they’re pissed at that state’s Papers Please law, hardly counts for shit, unless it includes artists who could actually book a show in that state. Zach de La Rocha might find the signing of SB 1070 comparable to the Holocaust (aside from no one actually dying or anything), but what difference dose it make, if Rage Against the Machine has only played something like five shows since I was a teenager, and no one would even remember the name of de La Rocha’s other group if they didn’t just see it in a press release for his anti-SB 1070 campaign the Sound Strike, as part of a list of groups who have pledged not to play in Arizona until they open the border up? As long as he’s pledging not to do any shows there, why doesn’t he pledge not to sell any copies of that solo album he’s putting out with ?uestlove and Trent Reznor? Rofflecaust.

In that sense, I’m surprised to see the Sound Strike campaign somehow managed to enlist Kanye West. He’s easily the most relevant artist on their list. I mean, if we define relevance as maintaining a commercially viable career. Aside from a bunch of more or less defunct Rage-related groups, each named individually to pad out the list, the next most popular artist might be Conor Oberst, whom I made the mistake of so much as mentioning here the other day – but it’s perfectly fine if he’s singing hooks on the new Roots albums, as if he’s the broad from Floetry with the fucked up teeth. Speaking of which, does this mean the Roots will be boycotting Arizona, or are they not allowed to take a political stance, because of their job at NBC? We know there’s a connection between them and Rage, via Zach de La Rocha’s imaginary solo album.

Who knew Kanye West cared so deeply about illegal immigration – or any contentious political issue, for that matter? The only other example I can think of where it looked like he might have a point of view was the time he interrupted that Hurricane Katrina telethon to inform the world that George Bush doesn’t care about black people, but even then it wasn’t clear to me that his analysis of the issue went much deeper than finding out who was in charge and accusing them of being a racist. Not that I don’t find the anti-SB 1070 hysteria to be just about as silly. I’m against the law myself, but I honestly don’t find it to be that big of a deal. I definitely don’t find it to be on a par with, or otherwise appropriate to mention in the same context as the Holocaust. I mean, I could see if they rounded up everyone who looks like they might be hispanic and only set free the ones who are legally allowed to be here, but all they’re doing is asking people if they’re illegal immigrants. If you didn’t break the law, you don’t have anything to worry about.

But this must be an important issue for Kanye, if he’s willing to piss off the (likely) majority of people in this country who could give a rat’s ass about someone who looks like they might be an illegal immigrant having to show their papers. It’s not just people in Arizona who would attend a Kanye West concert (which sucks anyway) that he’s running the risk of alienating, it’s cracka-ass crackas all over, who are still pissed off about the black-ish president. The same people who elected this clown Rand Paul, who seems to know about as much politics as Kanye. The first thing he did after winning the Republican primary for the US Senate in Kentucky was announce that he wouldn’t have voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but then he turned right around and admitted that he hadn’t actually read it. Tha fuck? White people are gonna fuck around and take back our right to vote. Those chain emails may not have been as full of shit as we thought.

You’d think Kanye would have learned his lesson last year, when he snatched the mic out of Taylor Swift’s hands at the MTV Awards and announced that Beyonce should have won. This is not 2005. You can’t just express an opinion with regard to race and not expect there to be negative consequences for your career. Not that I think artists should factor what racist white people think into determining whether or not to take a stance on an issue. I’m just saying. I’d hate to see him have to take another year off.

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  • The Decatur Dictator

    Bol is still high. THG is not good for you homie, it’s not good for you at all.

  • J-Blazin’

    I almost fell asleep reading this… Maybe ill read it later when im not high

  • Sha

    Hey dude…. A lot of people fail to realize something about this Arizona thing. A lot of this is baiting Obama. And that’s real. Think about all of the stuff that they are trying to do since he has been in office. They want him to come out and sign some federal law against this because this would support their theories of “Government takeover”. This would galvanize the majority of White Americans against Obama (something that the republicans haven’t been able to do). A lot of people realize that America is STILL very very racist but I personally don’t think this is really that much of an attack against Hispanics more than it is a strategic move against Obama. He is appointing Hispanics to the Supreme Court… He’s passing health care…He’s doing financial overhaul…. Think about it. You don’t win wars by killing a few soldiers. You take out the leadership.
    But look at the numbers. Caucasians will be the minority in a few more years. At LEAST… They will have to deal with every culture and respect every race. And to be fair, most Caucasians aren’t down with this shit. Only the old caucasians. The youth see past this. Most caucasians realize that changing a few laws is useless. Obama forced America to think past the color (or at least place it secondary) and try to view everyone as PEOPLE.
    I support my Hispanic brothers and sisters. But people need to see this for what it is. It won’t last and it won’t stick. This boycott is good…. But this new law will last only about as long as that ban on the Martin Luther King holiday in Arizona. Money speaks. Real talk.

  • $yk

    “White people are gonna fuck around and take back our right to vote.”

    ^ where have you been?

  • Og Bobby J

    i dont understand why it is such a problem to enforce a federal law on the state level, when the federal govt wont do it. If i recall, being an illegal immigrant is illegal and was before this law/bill in AZ was enacted. This is simply a state where like 70% of the drugs in america come through, where they spend millions of dollars on health care, housing, social services, and judicial expenses out of the tax payers money and the residents of the state are overwhelmingly for it. Fuck what you think…

    • El Tico Loco

      The problem is that they’re only targeting illegals from latin countries, I hear where you’re coming from but you know they’re not gonna fuck with illegals from non latin countries and they’re out there.

    • 619

      70% of the drugs in America come through Arizona? Where the fuck do you get your statistics from? The busiest and largest port of entry into the United States is along the California border. This is where the majority of drug tunnels are discovered, and the largest cartel was just recently dismantled.

  • tbend

    Fuck Bol.

    Bol=Uncle Ruckus. Except fatter, less neck, and less chance of getting laid.

  • No Mames Buey

    The problem with the AZ law, that it’s now a crime to have the phenotype/appearance of a Native American or Mestizo. There are such families that have been in AZ, as citizens, since before 1776/existence of the US. But now such folks might have to carry a photocopy of their birth certificate, passport, etc at all times.

    This is a civil rights violation that would never be tolerated by the media or DC politrickians if it singled out blacks or Jews. Real talk. You know I’m right. Those groups own enough DC politrickians & media to make it a career-ender to do anything remotely similar. Apparently Native Americans & mestizos need better lobbyists

    The real solution to Illegal Immigrants is Illegalize the Illegal Employers. 100K fine per worker. The hiring mgr, CEO, & Chairman of a company on 3rd time offense = felony crime & 1 yr in jail in a “get pounded in the ase” prison. It needs to be considered a crime on the level of selling narcotics. The employers will stop employing Illegal Immigrants, most Illegal Immigrants will leave the US. This sadly is not the agenda of corporate whore DC politrickians, whether it’s Gee Dubbz WOAT Bush, or Obama the Pope of Hope.

    • Og Bobby J

      how is it any different than requiring all people to have a valid drivers license when driving? its is unfortunate that some legal residents will be lumped in here, but it is for the greater cause in the state or AZ….

      • No Mames Buey

        because Illegal Workers can copp drivers licenses. Thus, basically you better have a photocopy of you birth certificate or passport in your pocket if on foot, or in your glove compartment in your car, at all times.

        I recall a news story the day after the AZ law passed. A 25 yo truck driver, US citizen US-born, Mexican-American mestizo ethnicity, was taken & held as an illegal immigrant. He had a drivers license obvs. His wife had to take his birth certificate & plead with the Government for hours before they let him go.

        That is totally unacceptable to single out a group (US citizen mestizos & Native Americans) that way. It would never be allowed to happen against many other racial & ethnic groups that own more DC politrickians.

        OG Bobby J, would you be OK with having to carry a photocopy of your birth certificate in your pocket at all times, every day? Or perhaps you are like what CunninLynguists warned about in the song “Caved In”:
        “…I guess most of yall must listen to Rush (Limbaugh), as long as u all good, then everybody under you is focked”

        as opposed to the ML King/truly American belief of the rule of law & civil rights being equal for ALL US citizens.

      • El Tico Loco

        its is unfortunate that some legal residents will be lumped in here
        Like tourists, and students on visas, or employees on work visas (latino ones of course). What’s next freedom papers? The law was fine when the illegal gets caught slippin then he outta here but to look for muthafuckas on looks alone is straight up racist.


    lol @ white people taking away our ability to vote. thas so funny on so many levels. Also, the boondocks is getting a lil better. In sppt of Kayne, Ye has always been political from his mixtapes to his stance on various subjects. He is truly a A hole and that takes away from his vision, but Kayne really is a concious rapper at heart.

    • dropout

      stop calling him ye you dick riding faggot and stop believing rappers have a political stance on anything. Music hasn’t been using that political vehicle since the 1970′s, early 1980′s. Music is useless and artists are dead, they have all become marketing tools.

  • Juan

    One of the main problems with your analysis of artist relevance is that you fail to mention or show any understanding of the significant Latin music artist included in the list of participating artists. Many are acts that CURRENTLY can draw audiences ranging from large theater, arena or even stadium level in the Southwest, and their refusal to perform could bring significant economic impact. Much praise to Kanye for participating. In its current form, the law legalizes racial profiling, and ALL people of color should be rasing their voice in protest.

  • Q461

    Imagine Canada and Mexico were in reverse places and the issue was Canadians coming across the border ….How would they enforce this same law if the majority of Canadians are white? Or is it just ” convenient ” that Mexicans are easier to pick out because many have the appearance of Native American or Mestizo. In any case, there is no way to do this without racial profiling. Now, I understand that Arizona has an illegal immigrant problem and I agree that it needs to be fixed, however singling out every dark skinned Hispanic and forcing them to show papers( many who ARE in fact legal residents or citizens) is equivilent to making Jews wear stars or putting Asians in internment camps during WWII, in a less violent way of course, but racist activity all the same. There has to be a better way to deal with this issue. Real Talk.

    Props to Kanye for standing up for what he believes. And yooooooooo where is that Zack De la Rocha solo album?????? I fucks with him ,that dude spits that real shit.

  • Escobar9300

    Awww, boo hoo, Kanye is throwing a tantrum and wont play in Arizona. Well guess what, I live in Phoenix and nobody here could care less if Kanye shows up or not. Face facts, all Arizona is doing is enforcing a law that has been passed on a federal level for ages. Don’t like it? Be a legal citizen then. 602 to the fullest.

    • dpain

      Ya, we know that people in your state don’t care for minorities. Hence sb 1070. We knew that back in the day when you guys threw a tantrum and didn’t want to recognize MLK day. Face facts, sb 1070 is racial profiling xenophobia and claiming that it mirrors federal law is a tired pretense. I don’t like it and I’m a legal citizen. Fuck the 602 and whatever else your reppin….What

  • Anonymous

    “If you didn’t break the law, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

    Yeah, that line never makes me feel good about a law.

    • El Tico Loco

      Co sign

      That line means we will pull your ass over and pray we don’t find anything,not even a seed on you so we can put the cuffs on you.

  • caino

    ^^^c/s to the fullest!! In the UK we are fighting to get the DNA taken when arrested destroyed when found innocent so you aint on the register and all the do gooders keep saying

    ‘If you dont break the law then you dont need to worry’

    the thing is that aint the point !! We live in a free democratic society and we are targeting the poor again!

    a wise man once said ‘ a succesful democracy should be judged on how it treats its poorest citizens’ but the US and UK just seem to shit all over them!

  • the truth

    every bol post is commented with like 15 “fuck bol’s” shit’s hilarious, that means he doing his job.