Another year, another chorus of bitchfits

The producers of this year’s VH1 Hip Honors would have been best off strategy-wise going out of their way to honor people they knew would be petty enough to complain about not being honored. Even if it was at the expense of more worthy honorees, who aren’t as desperate for recognition, and hence probably wouldn’t give a shit.

I’m surprised they didn’t learn their lesson from last year, when Nikki D (not to be confused with my new favorite video ho, Nikki B), the first female rapper on Def Jam, wasn’t invited. There had been issues before with them not honoring any women. That would have seemed like a no brainer to me. Never mind the fact that Nikki D is an utterly insignificant figure in the overall history of hip-hop. There were enough seats that they could have invited every woman ever signed to Def Jam. There were only like five, right?

I could see if they just plain forgot there was a such thing as a Nikki D. But when she threw a bitch fit, it seems like they could have easily dealt with that situation by sending her an invite, and then somehow working her name into the show. Honoring her individually wouldn’t have been an issue, since last year’s honoree was the entire Def Jam label. She wouldn’t have had any basis to complain.

Similarly, all of those people who complained about not being invited, those first few years, may have been a matter of them not being important enough to occur to even Fab Five Freddy, let alone the white people who hired Fab Five Freddy, to make it look like there were black people in charge. You’d think that switching from honoring individuals in particular to honoring huge categories of people would shut a lot of those people up, but clearly that hasn’t been the case this year.

Part of the problem is that, even though this year’s episode focuses on the South, just like last year’s episode focused on Def Jam Records, the entire South itself isn’t an honoree per se. It’s just that all of this year’s nominees hail from the South. I guess they figured they needed to stroke people’s egos to get them to show up. I can’t remember if I watched last year’s episode or not (probably not), but I do seem to recall thinking that a lot of classic Def Jam artists were conspicuously absent. Or am I confusing it with that Def Jam cover of XXL where they couldn’t get anyone to show up except Redman and Method Man?

The problem with honoring someone like Tony Draper is, who in the fuck wants to see Tony Draper on VH1? I’m not even sure if I could pick Tony Draper out of a lineup, even if I caught him trying to steal the change cup from my van. I don’t doubt that he’s an important figure in the history of southern rap music in an academic sense, in part because I’m too lazy to spend the time it would take to prove that he isn’t, but I’m at a loss for how incorporating him into this year’s show would make for good TV. The most popular artists on his label were 8 Ball & MJG, and even connoisseurs of southern rap don’t seem to hold them in the same regard as, say, a UGK. Personally, I don’t draw much of a distinction between the two of them, just like I only know one word for ice. But UGK’s profile seems to have skyrocketed in the past 10 years, while 8 Ball & MJG have faded into obscurity. UGK turn up in the New York Times more often than articles on the benefits of jogging. Almost as often as Cam’ron. 8 Ball & MJG, meanwhile? Not so much. And they can’t claim it’s because there’s not as much of a market for LCD rap.

Scarface, on the other hand, would seem to fall into that category where he’s significant enough that he wouldn’t be upset that he isn’t one of this year’s honorees. I saw an interview recently with Big Boi where he said he didn’t give a shit about not being honored this year. VH1 Hip Honors is for artists who don’t have a whole lot else to contribute. He’s got an album coming out this year. Eventually, Outkast will be honored individually, rather than under the umbrella of Organized Noize, one of this year’s honorees. They probably figured Scarface would be satisfied that his one-time (and possibly current) label boss J Prince is one of this year’s honorees. At the very least, I’m sure they figured he wouldn’t go so far as to boycott a ceremony in which J Prince will receive what will almost certainly be the most important award of his career. That’s like if Beyonce didn’t show up to the Grammys, because Memphis Bleek no longer has a deal with a major label.

I hope Scarface doesn’t expect anyone with the sense god gave geese to give a shit about his little boycott.

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  • Around and Around

    Honoring the south huh? shit I’ll pass

  • beaver

    south is garbage except for.
    outkast, ugk, stat quo, scarface..umm? idkk..thats all i can thinkk of..

    i bet vh1 is gonna have gucci as a performer..

    • J-Hu

      stat quo?…word??

      Ludacris > stat quo + 99.9% of other southern rappers


      • DV8

        you must not have heard any of Stat Quo’s music. Stat Quo easily son’s Luda on the lyrical tip. Thats if your into real MC’n and lyrics.

        Luda tries too hard to be lyrical and comes off corny with it. He has his own lane (comedic) and should stay in it.

  • SosaChi

    I can think of a alot of people that should be honored. But of course they can not have a 8 hour show. You cant please everybody if I was at VH1 I would not have even attempted this fiasco. You cant get niggas to agree on shit, then they get all sensitive about it

  • SosaChi

    Them cats above me must some NY cats I’m from the Chi we get a healthy dose of all the regions

  • Slymm

    Leave it VH1 to fuck this up royally and leave southern rap fans looking at them with the Shaq face.

    @ Beaver, Stat Quo? Really? FAIL!!!!

  • $yk

    I don’t understand y’all. Tony Draper is just as important as J Prince and Master P are to that region.

    And sh^t, Nikki D WORKED WITH Def Jam after her deal, and Russ “allegedly” said, “I’ll be back”, and went to the awards instead of saying “take my ticket”, or “WHERE’S HER TICKET???”

    EVERYBODY can’t be honored, but if we KNOW they don’t get it right why do we even bring it up, yet still advocate it?

    The OGs told me most of the population are easily lead in the wrong direction, but are hard to lead in the right direction, our duty is to decrease that number one at a time, not let them fall victim.

    Their blood is on your hands too, believe it or not.

  • Yo Mama A Snitch

    Look at the nominees in full, it’s all garbage.

    Jermaine Dupri: What did he ever do but put a bunch of kids like Kris Kross and Bow Wow on? That deserves a hall of fame honor? Bitch please.

    2 Live Crew: 2 Live Crew did a lot for freedom of speech rights by fighting court cases in the early 90s, but the music was all garbage.

    J Prince: Why wouldn’t you put the Geto Boys in over J Prince? It’s like putting Suge in before Dre or Snoop for Death Row’s reps.

    Master P: No Limit was bullshit. Nothing but wackness.

    Organized Noize: The one introduction I don’t totally hate, but since Outkast are probably unofficially done I don’t know why you wouldn’t go with them.

    • 3263

      J.D. co-wrote and produced The Brat’s Funkdified. First female artist to go platinum. The man has produced, mixed, and executive produce more shit than I can even name.

      2 Live Crew: Thank them every time you listen to a CD and don’t hear the curse words played backwards or bleeped out. Basically they fought the system who tried to take away their 1st Amendment rights

      J. Prince: Started Rap-A-Lot which is probably older than you (25 years and counting) and he’s still going strong.

      Master P: Master P took 10,000 he got from a medical malpractice and turned it into a million dollar empire. Today he runs youth and business programs in New Orleans. I’ll take that No Limit shit over this tight jeaned mohawk shit yall call rap any day!!


      • Yo Mama A Snitch

        It doesn’t change the fact that JD’s shit all sucks.

        Just because 2LC beat a court case doesn’t mean the music was any good. Have you actually listened to a 2 Live Crew CD? They’re garbage. Wack beats, no flow, no skills anywhere. Fuck them.

        I realize J Prince put together the Geto Boys, but still, they should be in before him.

        I don’t give a fuck what P’s hustle was, nobody on No Limit ever did anything worth a shit. Nobody. All complete wack bullshit. Snoop had the worst years of his life working with those fools. Fuck Master P.

  • P. Harris

    They should just do a fast credit roll at the end of the show with everybody names in it….

    or get the micro machines guy?

    micro machines were the shit…

    • eesco

      Micro machines WERE the shit. I can’t begin to explain why but they were.

  • DV8

    SMH at the youngns on here who dont know the history. Granted 2 Live Crew where not lyrical geniuses. But its not about there content as much as it is about there impact. Hip Hop wouldnt be what it is today if they didnt go head up with the government and win. (Google The 1st Amendment)

    Also J Prince put the group Geto Boys together. They where not a group until J Prince pulled them all together. Scarface and Bushwick Bill are not even original members.

    Master P did his thing his deal with Priority made his label a major/ independent. P caked off wonderfully from that deal and flipped that into other hustles. Had his own clothing line, made his own movies.

    Jermaine kind of transends hip hop. The majority of his success comes from R&B but he did dabble in hiphop and released 2 or 3 decent albums. You cant deny numbers. Kris Kross, Da Brat, Bow Wow, Maraih Carey, Usher, etc.

    Basically if you consider Puffy hiphop then you have to consider JD because hes basically the same thing except he actual produces and writes his own shit as well as for others.

    • 3263

      They don’t know the history. They probably thing Lil’ Wayne just started rapping 7 years ago LOL…90s babies SMH

      • 3263


  • Yo Mama A Snitch

    I’m not a 90s baby, I was born in the mid-80s. I own a few 2 Live Crew CDs, I heard most of the No Limit wack shit off friends when they were hot, am familiar with JD. And actually I hate Lil Wayne.

    VH1 knows jack shit about hip hop besides hiring Flav and MC Serch, but they’ve got some pretty good artists in previous inductions. And none of those clowns match up with them.

    They aren’t rewarding for the “best Mariah Carey Remix and freaky obsession with children hall of fame.” They aren’t rewarding the beat the feds in court hall of fame. And they certainly aren’t rewarding the “turned your grandfather’s lawsuit money into a record label” hall of fame. It’s about who made the world of hip hop a better place by innovation.

    But whatever. If you think No Limit was good then I’m wasting my time arguing with a fool.

  • illestni99ainne

    yeah for the most part no limit was garbage but mystikal was the shit on that label that unpredictable cd was the sh!t


    Hold up patna.

    1. JD founded so so def and pretty much produced so so many def beats for artist all over. Its not about his lyrical power. First off, hip hop is not just about lyrics. I love lyrics too, and when i was a stuborn block head at 18 i would shun people like jayz or anyone who wasn’t the wu, redman, canibus, etc. However, as you travel you progress. Its more to music. google jd and look at this history. Even the kris kross credit is deserving. He has hip hop beats and turns around and produced Usher’s best album. Dude has skills.

    2. 2LC, Come on. What they did for our rights is one thing. What they did for big booty girls is another. Luke songs always got the party going.

    3. You have to respect J prince although i agree the south has more artist to honor.

    4. organized noise is deserving

    5. I had to save Master P for last. No, P did not have the best lyrics, but P changed music. Rocafella modeled P’s way of taking over the game.

    So ya, know your history but not only that. Travel. Read. Think out of your box.

  • ME

    What does the LCD in LCD Rap stand for??