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Wiz Khalifa, Kush & Orange Juice

Wiz Khalifa
Kush & Orange Juice

Beats: XL
Lyrics: L
Originality: XL

Pittsburgh product Wiz Khalifa has steadily secured a cult-like following over the last few years by creating mixtapes filled with songs about making money, snatching up females and, of course, burning through infinite amounts of weed. But on his latest effort, Kush & Orange Juice, the Taylor Gang general gets higher than ever before by showing off an increased sense of confidence and charisma on the microphone.

As an artist, Khalifa has found his voice on K&OJ. He sounds in complete control over the catchy flutes on “The Statement” as he spits about waiting patiently for success. “Know we belong on the top but we ain’t trippin’,” he raps on the hook. “’Cause we’ll get there in a minute.” He uses a catchy, sped-up hook to help him rap about rolling doobies up in his ride on the melodic “In The Cut.” He even utilizes a sample of the Loose Ends’ 1985 song, “Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating),” on “The Kid Frankie” to rap about balling, touring and blowing trees along the way. It’s not exactly groundbreaking material, but Khalifa manages to package it in a way that makes it sound like it is.

About the only thing that blows Khalifa’s buzz is that he spends so much time rapping about weed that tracks like “Spotlight,” featuring Killa Kyleon, and the pop-friendly “We’re Done” end up getting lost in the smoke. From “Still Blazin” to “Good Dank” to “Supply,” he spends the majority of K&OJ alienating anyone who doesn’t share his love for Mary Jane. But it’s hard to blame him for using what works.

By sticking to this formula, Khalifa uses K&OJ to deliver the ultimate high for both his fans and his career. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • hate

    this ain’t even the cover. y’all mad late as usual too.
    i don’t even fuck wit son like that but if i ran a hip-hop website you better believe i would’ve had a review out the day this shit dropped last week.

    good 4:20 music 3/5

    r.i.p. guru

    • joe p

      dope mixtape … rip guru

    • lil red

      man hate shut tha fuck up!!!!!!! wiz go hard taylor gang mother fucka!!!!!!! fuck u

      • Mack Talley

        Man chill…..it’s not that serious….dont a fanatic



    • Bam

      GRRRRREAT spelling, homie. “FUCKEN”. LOL! You got us crackin’ up over here, you ignoramus.

  • alex

    i dont fuck with this dude at all but i find it odd that you gave it an XL on originality when you said “It’s not exactly groundbreaking material” and that “he spends so much time rapping about weed.” Both these statements make it seem liek it was not very original stuff. Idk how you gave this an xl when statik selektah’s cd got an L. But if you want 420 music listen to devin the dude or old lord infamous……not wiz khalifa fuckin fruits

    • yeayeayea

      same exact thing i thought when i read the review

    • Great Knight Productions

      alex… i like devin the dude, i smoked blunts with him when he came to my town but im sorry to say that wiz would smash on him lyrically any day of the week. get your hatin ass on.

    • Mack Talley

      i find a non-coherent or exsistant medium when reading reviews…why i dont waste my five bucks anymore on XXL….magazines are like newspapers now 90% bullshit

  • AZ40

    Like I said before I like a lot of his other music and mixtapes but to me this was his worst mixtape his other stuff is way better there were only a couple of songs that were good. I want How Fly II

  • http://www.seeyouinmynightmares.com KING_KG

    smh…didn’t even mention the best songs “mesmorized” & the chrono trigger sampled “never been”…

  • boringcorin

    mist of the pop like songs not aimed at my audience and the skits that were just on the end of songs on Flight School theres only about 6 songs worth listening too. better than his last album, but it felt like it took longer to like kush x oj than deal or no deal.

  • daydeezy

    I listen to Music any genre and my Favorite is Rap and when i listened to “Kush and Orange Juice” dude is just delivering what i really want to say and its crazy and I dont rap, and it set my 420 off for real, on repeat all thru the playoffs yesterday…I let it bump front to back…. it was good to hear a dude spit with out letting me know he have all tyoes of heat for me and anybody else , but what i like B*tche$ and Money and Weed… Like that cut from Wayne Title: Pu$$y Money Weed…..

  • Sincere

    Yeaaahhh Bitch. Paper Planes! That Urkel!

    R.I.P. Jack Herer

  • LO

    He talks about weed too much??? On a tape called Kush & OJ….. really?

    • http://xxlmag.com Blowed Mind

      Hell da fucc yea. how could u talk about weed to much. Ru serious this nigga is killin it. Im way in Oklahoma City bangin this city

  • Shadow

    @LO thats the exact same thing that i was thinking lol

  • mav

    all the people buzzin about this made me check it out i listened to about 16 songs on this joint and i agree i smoke weed all day everday but that was every other word that and keep it g he kept sayin that too i like the atmosphere and the hooks on a lot of the trax and his has his own lane but this dude aint really nice wit the bars like that so i wont be checkin for him like that dont say im a hater i played damn near the whole thing and i like his whole vibe he smooth wit it i like dat still blazin in the cut the kid frankie and a few other trax but i really aint feelin dude like that he just aint spittin like that plenty of niggas nicer than dude

  • http://twitter.com/IAmHopp Hopp

    ” About the only thing that blows Khalifa’s buzz is that he spends so much time rapping about weed ”

    Dude … Look at the fucking title …

  • Anonymous

    I hear what everybody is saying, however, we forget that its a FREE mixtape, it is just a conceptual project for the fans, the more varied and diverse sounding project will be the album, that should be worth the money you pay for it.

  • boogie

    shit went hard fuck wat a nigga say

  • dfeazell

    why do we have so many haters? I heard this mixtape from start to finish and its one of the best especially with all the garbage on radio now

  • tronthadon

    Spotlight is one of the best songs on tha tape yall trippin

  • mr. quiji

    these xxl niggas are sleepy. Step your fucking game up, this shit been old news

  • ROD

    wht ppl dont understand is that Wiz knows where he stands in rap and knows how to pic his beats these other rappers may have good lyrics but they cant produce tracks that match there flow style
    plus a rapper can always work on word play but they cant always ave an ear for music.

  • jbud

    shit yall sayin whiz whack?
    whiz ripped dis shit, KUSH and OJ way better than Gucci or Gottis new drops
    all get on sum real shit
    smoke a blunt then listen to the KUSH&OJ

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  • Anonymous

    how da fuck do u talk bout weed to much on a mixtape called “kush and o.j.”? U fuckin stupid?

  • ChuBByRichKidd

    Aye khalifa is one of the hottest niggas out there…man and kush and orange juice is a banger…especially pedal to the metal….my favorite…

  • http://hottstash.blogspot.com kasiology

    dope mixtape. I equate it to what Drake;s SO FAR GONE was in 2009. well rounded. beats were amazing. skits were hilarious. dig

  • bullets

    wiz is fiiire !!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Blowed Mind

    This nigga on fire like the shit im smokin when i bang shit Way in oklahoma city. One of the next big stars cuz is goin hard

  • bossStatus

    wow people obviously dont listen to lyrics saying wiz cant spit lol lol lol lol lol hahahahahahahahahhahaha thank for the laughs….who ever said dis obviously hasnt ever takin time to listen to wiz lyrics and just dazes out and only pays attention when wiz says weed so thats why dumbass are saying he talks about weed too much…how can you on a mixtape called KUSH AND OJ!!! cant beleive how dumb people are…..yeeeeah all us real wiz fans liek the way he makes his music so fuck off and dont say shit if you cant also accept the way it is…. go fuckin bumb ludacriss gay ass fuckin chick album out or some other gay shit…..yeeeeaaaahhh BBIIITTCH

    • Jerzyvania1

      Funny Thing Is Luda’s Album WAS better than this mixtape! lol Im Actually A Wiz Fan But This Mixtape Is Basically Soft, Smooth Ride Music…No Real Lyrical Value & Thats Wut I Used To Check Him For…He Switched His Style Up..If People Like This Cool..But He Used 2 Actually SPIT..Its Cool 2 Listen 2 4 Tha Beats..But Tha Flow Is For Tha Ladies…No Real Punchlines..I Aint Givin Up On Dood Tho…

  • ceezy4sheezy

    talks about weed to much? the name of the mixtape is called kush and oj smh slow asses

  • StillBlazingMaan

    okay…looking at the track list mentioned, the nigga loves weed…like ALOT! I love Mary Jane too but DAME! i never put more than three tracks about weed on my tapes. Weed is GOOD but some of its side-effects can be seen as BAD!

  • http://khalifafans.com Wiz Khalifa

    Nice! love me some kush and orange juice

  • .45


  • Anonymous


  • darron

    man wiz has his own style and flow he dnt sound like nobody whos out rappin right now has high energy nd his beats and da way he puts em together are unique i aint never seen a style like his nd das y i fuk wit em nd dis k nd oj mixtape is da shit way better den deal or no deal

  • http://khalifafans.com Wiz Khalifa

    Taylor Gang!

  • http://fuckdown altus

    u suck nigga

  • http://uisabitchnallwaysbeohuhooduneverstepafootinmyhoodcomebacktooklahomangeturassbeatonemoginnigga altus

    u is a bitch n all ways has been

  • http://taylorgangclothing.com Taylor Gang Clothing

    ayo this shit goes hard.. altus you’re a faggot

  • http://oklahoma altus

    wiz is a faggot tha pussy is fake i wish i ask him oh u hood now u not just because you got ur fame nigga i know you and you do go hard as muisc. but that hood shit you not built for it their theres some nigga who tryin to eat too nigg break wit these oklahoma niggas

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    Honestly deserved a XXL

  • altus

    come back to oklahoma n get ur ass beat