I know 50 Cent is trying to resuscitate Lloyd Banks career, but he has to handle this burgeoning beef with Shyne by himself. He just has to.

I saw just now where Lloyd Banks did an interview to discuss some shit Shyne said about Fiddy in one of his awful new freestyles, and while I was glad to see that Shyne is now desperate enough to be baiting Fiddy, I was disappointed that Fiddy himself couldn't address the issue. I hope this was more of a matter of Lloyd Banks just happening to be at a radio station than it is Fiddy trying to sic Lloyd Banks on Shyne, Pokemon-style.

Which is not to say that I don't think Lloyd Banks is perfectly capably of ethering Shyne by himself. I'm gonna have to agree with Banks that something in the shit on a shingle he ate for pretty much the entire aughts must have ruined his ability to rhyme. Or could it be that he was never any good in the first place? I never bought into Shyne the first time around. As far as I'm concerned, he was always someone that Diddy signed as a sort of stunt, because he sounded so much like Biggie. In that sense, he shouldn't be taken any more seriously than Gorilla Black, who at least kinda looked the part. I know some people genuinely enjoyed Shyne's music, but I think it may have been one of those provincial New York things, like people who actually mention Jadakiss in discussions of the greatest rappers of all time. Oddly, that puts him in more or less the same category as his new nemesis, Lloyd Banks.

Lloyd Banks is supposedly undergoing something of a late career resurgence. I heard he got dropped from Interscope like a bad habit, when it was determined that the economy is no longer strong enough to support artists who got their start holding the bag with the drugs in it, at the airport - but I know he's got a song out that was burning up Black People Twitter a few weeks ago, as if it was that damn Kush and Orange Juice mixtape. Word on the street was that Interscope might have to re-sign. I don't if there was any truth to that, or if he just floated that rumor himself, to see if he could bring it to fruition through the power of positive thinking, via one of the wealth strategies laid out in Soulja Boy's new book, Teenage Millionaire. If Lloyd Banks really does put out another album on a major label, I might have to float a rumor about myself having sex with the video ho Shakur.

What's that dude Carl have that I don't?

At any rate, I could see why Lloyd Banks would be in a position to benefit from a beef with Shyne. He's got as much joementum as he's ever had, and he's about as desperate as he's ever been. A beef with someone like Shyne, who's such an easy target, who's duped the TIs into spending so much money on him, would work wonders for getting his name in the paper. And it would spare 50 from working on his abs, or whatever it is he does, when he doesn't have a big project in the pipeline, which seems more and more often these days. The old 50 would have been all over this - but that was back before he realized that he'd never be nearly as popular as he once was, even if you adjust for the recession, the decline in album sales and what have you. His last big beef was with Rawse, leading up to the release of Before I Self Destruct. Rawse has since put out a weed carriers album and is about to put out another album of his own. I wonder if Fiddy has even considered putting out another album.

If he ever wants to put out another album, he should consider conducting a campaign of hate against Shyne similar to his attacks on Rawse last year. Not that he has to, but it couldn't possibly hurt his career, and who knows if there's ever gonna be an opportunity for lulz this ripe ever again. This attempted resurrection of Shyne's career has been arguably the saddest thing that's ever happened in hip-hop. It's possible that Fiddy could even outrap him at this point.