We've all dreamed about it at some point. There's come a time where we've all wished we could pair two solo artists together with the predetermined outcome to be an album that would bang from front to back (pause). With no skippable tracks. Even to this day people still hold a glimmer of hope for a Nas and Premo album. Whatever the actual reason(s) may be, it hardly ever happens - even when both artists say it will. The rare exception to the rule? Jay-Z and R. Kelly. Just look throughout the years at the collabo projects that've been anticipated, and will probably never see a release date.

(What was) Dipset has been known to be involved with quite a few. Years back, Juelz Santana and Jeezy had a project entitled, Best of Both Hoods. There was also talk of a Jim Jones and Styles P project. And Hell Rell was rumored to be working with Styles P on their joint album, Hardest Out. For what it's worth, I'd still welcome the LP if it were ever to see the light of day. On the same chord, Rick Ross and Birdman's album seems to have found itself in the same bunch.

Most recently, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz created some rumblings with Mob Squad. I'm about 95% sure this won't ever happen, but if it did, it'd be hard for them not to create a quality album. Maybe it was just to create hype for their tour, but they unknowingly added themselves to this list.

Speaking of Hov, the chances of a Beanie, Scarface and Jay triple album were a bit overzealous. But over vintage Kanye and Just Blaze, this would have had no choice but to be an instant classic. Well, if it ever came to be. Even today, with all the drama between Sigel and Jigga, this album would be appreciated.

By far, the most notorious is Lil Wayne. He and Lloyd's Best Of Young Worlds seems to be stuck in the matrix. The same goes with T-Wayne. Back in the day he was even slated to do a tape with Game called Blood Brothers. What separates I Can't Feel My Face with Juelz from the rest, however, is we know this project is completed. Songs have been leaking from this disc for years. It's just caught up in the standstill traffic that are label politics. Wayne going to jail doesn't help matters much either.

For shits and giggles, Bow Wow and Omarion actually went against the grain and dropped a project, Face Off, which then proceeded to fall off the face of the planet. At the time it seemed like a great pairing with Bow and O still being somewhat relevant. After that, rumors began circulating regarding O's (lack of) work ethic and Shad even dissed him on a record.

Ultimately, the only ones left confused in all this are the fans. Which is exactly why Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives has been anticipated since the day the release date was confirmed (May 18 FYI). Hopefully I'm not jumping to a conclusion when I say this has the potential to be one of the year's more memorable releases. One, because both are extremely talented artists in their own rights. Their impact on their respective genres should go without saying. Two, the LP has a purpose bigger than just musical accolades. The inspiration behind the project is Africa. In a perfect world, this would inspire both artists to crack musical barriers which seemed impossible beforehand.

Simply put, this will hopefully show that marquee solo artists can work together, live up to the hype and produce great and timeless music. If it happens, they, too, will be exceptions to the rule. Because as it has already been stated, for artists who constantly remind themselves of their wealth, we can never truly take their word to the bank.