Should I bother with the Red Room?

A few weeks ago, when “400 Bars” hit the Internets, I listened to about six minutes of it then I just said, fuck it. I was bored and distracted. I saw the track was only about a third of the way through, and I went back to whatever I had been doing, i.e. probably scouring the Internets for pictures of women in various states of undress.

Then I felt bad about it – not because I wanted to hear how it ended, or because there was any question as to what I’d rather be doing, but because I figured that if I ever wanted to write about, I’d have to go back and listen to at least that last two-thirds, if not the song in its entirety. What a waste. I should have just taken one for the team and let it ride out that first time. It’s not like I’m at a loss for free time during the day.

It probably doesn’t bode well for The R.E.D. Album, if I can’t bring myself to listen to a Game song in its entirety, let alone the entire Red Room mixtape, now does it? I mean, if the idea of the mixtape is to get people excited about listening to the album. It seems like they may have been better off waiting until they had a song people like, then putting out a mixtape.

Maybe that was the idea, they just ran out of time. I know there’s that song with Pharrell, which has been out for some time now. It struck me as kinda meh – which was hardly surprising, given the fact that it’s been half a decade plus since Pharrell has had a genuinely good idea. If my last album was generally viewed as a failure compared to my first couple of albums (regardless of if LAX actually sold any worse than Doctor’s Advocate), Pharrell is not the person I’d be calling to get my career.

Maybe Pharrell offered Game a deep discount. Nhjic. The fact that he’s listed, along with Dr. Dre, as one of the album’s executive producers suggests to me that he may have given Game a few beats for very little, if any money up front, in exchange for points on the back end, as they say in Hollywood. This way, Game doesn’t have to convince the TIs to pony a significant album budget, when it’s obvious his career trajectory has been a downward slope ever since the Documentary, and Pharrell doesn’t have to worry about trying to justify the type of fee he used to charge back before he lost the plot.

If the album does well, he’ll make a shedload of money. When it doesn’t, what difference does it make? Everyone involved already had a shedload of money to begin with. I saw on Vlad TV where someone hacked into the Game’s email and they turned up documents showing the exorbitant amount he has to spend just to maintain his lifestyle. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I remember it seemed ridonkulous, given how long it’d been since he had an album out. He might be one of those rappers like Nas who had a lot of money people don’t know about.

If I get especially bored later on this week, maybe I’ll DL a copy of the Red Roof Inn or whatever it’s called and have a look. The price is right – even though for me (a respected music critic) it’s the same price I’ll be paying for the actual album. Maybe there really are good songs buried deep within it, and they just didn’t want to push them to the forefront, so as to reward the most dedicated Game fans – similar to how Def Jam put so much time and effort into the artwork for the otherwise hastily thrown together odds and ends collection that was the Wu Massacre. I think I’m finally starting to understand how a TI thinks.

But I’m gonna have to maintain that the best idea at this point would be to release one of the songs the Game did with Dr. Dre. We caught those pictures on Twitter of the two of them in the studio; we need to hear what actually came of that. I’m sure it would generate a lot more interest than a mixtape full of collabos with the likes of Nipsey Hustle (whom I won’t be listening to, if at all possible) and Jadakiss. Which makes me wonder why this hasn’t already happened. You know the Game, who probably carries around a picture of Dr. Dre in his wallet the way Mexicans carry pictures of Jesus (I’ve seen that shit at the BGM) can’t be against the idea. Could it be Dre himself? If he really is planning on releasing a single from Detox anytime soon, I could see how he wouldn’t want to compete. He seems hesitant enough as it is.

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  • Brass Tacks

    Decent post Bol,

    I agree on Pharrell losing the “plot” so to speak; and speaking of The Game I feel he has “50 Cented” his rap career. I noticed FAIL the instant I saw the Buddafly tattoo….

  • General

    Game is finding out what being back on Aftermath means…

    With Dre overseeing the project he isn’t going to let Game throw any good tracks out on mixtapes. Even if Dre decides not to put some of his tracks on Game’s CD, he won’t let him drop them on mixtapes either, hell ask Bishop Lamont and Joell Ortiz…

    Fact is, Game’s CD is in real jeporady right now with Em getting ready to drop his first single. Interscope isn’t going to lump Game, Dre, and Em’s CD’s too close together, so you have to figure that Game is looking more and more likely to have another legnthy pushback on his CD…

    And it really does appear that they are ready to go with Detox fairly soon, which means Game’s CD could be left like so many on Aftermath, left in limbo…

    If he wants that CD to drop this summer and if that track he’s got with Justin Timberlake is worth a shit, he might want to think about leakin that joint real soon to build some buzz around his CD or he’s gonna become a scheduling casualty this summer…

  • sealsaa

    Dre>Howard Hughes

    Bumming it in a studio for months at a time>bumming it in a movie theater for months at a time.

  • sealsaa

    ^Howard Hughes never got shit done on time, and would obsess over the smallest imperfection.

    Detox anyone?

  • Tyler

    BOL, speaking of losing the Plot, U must be bat shit crazy Bro, 400 Bars is a monster. I’m not the biggest Game fan either but Dude got skills & he killed that beat & I loved the Jay Electronica version before I heard the Game jump up & down & all over that Blaze beat who I think is overrated but it all came 2gether this time 4 them. Step your game up Homie, we dig what your doing & your taste in white women but your musical taste seem 2 always suck monkey balls ya’ dig.

    • valdez

      ^^sorry fam, but ’400 BARS” IS NOT monster. it is all over the place, it isn’t really about anything at all. he is just rambling on & on for 20 minutes. their is no real substance and after about 5 minutes of listening, it is outright redundant and not very creative. honestly, there weren’t many, if any at all, quotable lines.

      for the record, i kinda like game as an artist. or rather, i used to. he was more relevant when 50 was at the top of the game and game was the underdog going at 50. now that 50 has been ethered by gamen (and by ross, musically) it would seem that game’s relevancy in hip hop no longer exists. just saying…

  • beaver

    i agree with the wu-massacre line..
    ehh album was dope..kinda..not really relevant anymore..smh..album was to short..seemed forced..
    artwork was the only thing that prob took some time..ughh..had to sayy it..some1 had to..

    decent blogg..

  • EReal

    Red Roof Inn, lolz.

  • $yk

    General’s on point w/analysis.

    long ass song
    long ass video
    long ass mixtape
    long ass download time for mixtape

    ^ better topic

  • Smell Deez

    why did u drop the Nas/Jr. Gong article and replace it with a mixtape by game??? that was quite lady like of you.

  • Nutz

    but to answer your question, fux you think if you had 2 ask, this dude is like so 5 years ago[||]

  • The Mighty Spade

    Nipsey Hussle is a beast homie….Dunno what kinda bullshit you be crankin but the boy got mad skills….And while I’m at it….

    “I mean, if the idea of the mixtape is to get people excited about listening to the album. It seems like they may have been better off waiting until they had a song people like, then putting out a mixtape.”

    (So basically so commercial ass shit that girls can bump in they Mazda 5s and shit people also do mixtapes so that they don’t have to worry about the whole commercial appeal thing home slice..)

    Maybe listen to the joint first before you go bashing(….I ain’t no Game stan or nothin but don’t go shittin on it if you ain’t even heard it yet homie…. Oh and the Jay Electronica ORIGINAL version (EXHIBIT C) was the best one…..LEAVE THAT FUCKIN BEAT ALONE NIGGAS!!!!

  • Mika

    i waited on this mixtape like that dude u know wanting to scratch his balls in the bus stop but couldnt cuz of the women around lol neway, mixtape was cool but i was expecting more from it …. i guess the ‘you know what it is’ series upped the ante of expecting from games mixtapes.overall 4 stars….. Suu to the Woo …. (BTW i thought the industry was done with that auto tune bullshit already but game apparently has’nt had enough of it)

  • caino

    l must admit l got to like 11mins on 400barz and got a little bored as well!! Probably will still cop the RED album tho, to keep up the collection.

  • Rondo….

    I dont know what game was thinking while putting this together. Spun this tape 2wice. 400 bars gets boring within the first 5 minutes. Pretty awful compilation of songs….1.5/5 @ best. And that Kanary chick made my ears bleed.

  • Jay Oh

    I’m a Game fan, but he lost me in 400 Bars when he started rapping about chicken wings and Elvis.

  • Anonymous

    trustfund marley is the greatest nick name ever did youcome up with that shit yaself?


    r d r r

  • KL

    Game is wack. No flow, wack rhymes, hasn’t changed shit since 2005.

    The rhymes are the same shit: I sold drugs, name drop, name drop, name drop, name drop, spend 10 minutes on G-Unit again, name drop, name drop. The Stop Snitchin’ Stop Lyin’ DVD was hilarious, but other than that hes garbage. Maybe he went into another coma and thinks its 2005 still.