Nothing on the real Andre 3000

Let me guess – the new plan is to find dudes that sound just like other dudes people used to like, with a particular emphasis on the South, because they have no standards. It’s not that they like bad music. Or at least they don’t think they like bad music. But they aren’t as critical of music that’s bad even by typical southern rap standards, because people in the south tend to be more supportive of one another, perhaps because they’re all related.

The late, great Noz, the source of all good ideas on the hip-hop Internets, identified this trend way back when the TIs started pushing that guy Freddie Gibbs, to make it seem as if he was a genuine organic Internets phenomenon. Noz realized right away that Freddie Gibbs is just UGK for people who weren’t cool enough to have listened to UGK the first time around, like Noz did. If they had, they wouldn’t have been nearly as interested in such a pale imitation. Not to incite Noz’s ire (he seems especially prickly these days), but I probably would have realized this myself, if I could say for certain that I’ve ever heard a UGK song in its entirety. One time I downloaded that double album they put out, but I had to cut it off after the first few songs, when it seemed like every song on the album would included a thinly veiled reference to yours truly. It was just too weird. That must be how Kanye’s ex, whom I’d take over Amber Rose, despite her blackness, felt when she listened to 808s & Heartbreak. No homo.

Perhaps the most egregious example of this trend to date is this guy B.O.B., who currently has the number one song in the country, in what would be viewed as vindication for XXL’s silly Freshman 10 issues, if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s essentially a one-man southern rap Black Eyed Peas. Though I give him credits for wearing khaki pants in the video for it (he might follow me on Twitter), that song “Nothing on You” is as gay as a three dollar bill. B.O.B. saw his first single, from his first album, go all the way to number one, a feat that took Jay-Z 61 years and umpteen albums to accomplish, but so did Flo Rida. Who gives a shit? I see B.O.B.’s second single, which entered the charts this week at number 12 and seems destined to also reach the number one spot, features Hayley Williams, the white chick from the band Paramore, the band most famous for being one of the first bands dumb enough to sign one of those 360 deals, back before it was all trendy/required. I shudder to think how it might sound, and you all know how I feel about white chicks: even when they’re wrong, they’re still kinda right.

They play the video “Nothing on You” all the time on Toure’s “Hip Hop Shop,” on Fuse, which plays nothing but the most awful “hip-hop” videos, and then maybe one cool video that I guess they let Toure pick. I’ve seen every episode of it, because I’ve got a little more free time than people who are “traditionally employed,” which is how I’m so familiar with the B.O.B. video. It may have actually been the first song by B.O.B. that I ever heard. I’d heard that he sounds just like Andre 3000, so I’d never bothered to listen to any of his shit, because I didn’t find the prospect of it very tempting. Even the original Andre 3000 I only found brilliant when he was actually brilliant, and not so much on the albums leading up to Stankonia, or the sad garbage that followed. Why would I want to hear an Andre 3000 impersonator? But in “Nothing on You” B.O.B. sounds more like Cee-Lo than Andre 3000. A lot more. I checked just now, and it looks like B.O.B. is capable of sounding just like either of them, depending on what the song requires. He’s “talented” like that.

Say what you will about a guy like B.O.B., there wouldn’t be any use for him, if guys like the original Andre 3000 and Cee-lo hadn’t disappeared up their own assholes. He’s just filling a void in the marketplace. The ideal situation would be if the success of some of these young swagger jackers convinced the people they’re ripping off to get their shit together. Then the probably would pretty much solve itself.

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  • Wise Cracker

    I know it ain’t 07 any more, but fuck it,

  • macdatruest

    So is Bol an original, or just a black howard stern rip-off????

    • A.J.G Da Aviator

      Whoa!!!! Big ass stab at Bol, lol, I wonder what his response gone be?!!!

  • jonny bizness

    I ain’t hearing it b.o.b is dope and the album is dope the kid has it!!!

  • Rudedogg

    ATLiens > Stankonia

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Aquemini > ATLiens > Stankonia

    • Enlightened

      Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik > every other muthafuckin album Outkast or any Dungeon Family affiliated artist ever put out

      • EmCDL

        Co-Sign that album go hard to this day and beyond

  • Looney

    Yeah, he’s not even a black Howard Stern. Like him or not Stern is very relevant Bol isn’t.
    B.o.B is his own artist and he’s a very good one.

  • beaver

    “a feat that took Jay-Z 61 years and umpteen albums to accomplish” hahaha..

    3stacks is the shitt..

  • D. $cience

    Well, in that Freshmen ’09 magazine, they did say he sounds “like Andre 3000 meets Cee-Lo”…

  • Anonymous

    Byron you are so full of shit! You know nothing about southern hip hop. How could u even make a comment about southern music when u haven’t even listened to a UGK album. B.O.B. has been putting out tight. Ever took a listened to “I’ll be in the sky”? Just stick to your east coast boom bap music and leave southern music to us true fans

  • latino heat

    Bol i think it’s time you check out B.O.B. dude is crazy talented and by far the best pick of the ’08 Freshmen 10. IMO he sounds nothing like ‘Dre or ‘Lo that just sounds like hate from somebody who admits to never listening to the man. download his Should Have Been The First Album, mixtape. or any of his mixtapes before you judge him on one single that obviously the label forced him to do.

    sadly i think the label is gonna Wale his album though. you know, scrap his vision for their vision.

  • Wise Cracker

    b.o.b. and freddie gibbs are making hot music.
    every artist has musical influences. at least, these 2 guys decided to take cues from rappers worth imitating. I mean it’d be a different story if they were trying to mimic hell rell or tony yayo or somebody. also, i get a
    tupac-ish vibe from freddie gibbs. hopefully, he can do a much better impersonation than ja rule, dmx, and countless others.

  • Brahsef

    Man, I wanna like BoB…really do. But to me his voice/flow sounds corny as fuck…he still sounds like a cheap ripoff of 3 stacks to me. Props to him though, cause he ain’t makin bullshit rap…I’ll give him that. He’s got talent it just doesn’t resonate with me at all.

    • yoprince


      and BoB’s bars do not hold hold the weight of Andre 3K AT ALL.

      also, i pretty much never want to listen to a freddie gibbs song more than twice.

      • Ric Flair

        You are seriously sleepin on Gibbs. Dude is straight RAW

        • yoprince

          ehh.. i’d be sleeping if i never checked him out.

          his shit has no replay value for me.

    • Chris S

      well if you want to appreciate him, you shouldn’t really look at him for his rapping. he’s an ok rapper but me makes great SONGS. listen to No Man’s Land. incredible song. he plays the acoustic guitar on it and he sings very in my opinion. listen to him the same way you would listen to Kid Cudi or K’naan

  • cJ

    You look at the history of the world there are always people that resemble others or that are similar to others in music, sports, and entertainment.

  • Marko

    this guy that wrote this article us a…..HATER.

    HAHA he said B.o.B is filling a void, are you serious???

    B.o.B is going to be here for a LONG LONG time. He will be a world wide superstar.

    • The Unknown

      B.O.B is that you?

      • b.o.b. is crazy wack…

        B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad) = Outkast song from Stankonia..
        He sounds like Andre 3000…
        Rapper who happens to be a big outkast fan with a foot on the door = LAME

      • mav


  • LOL

    B.O.B is def part of the machine

    We suddenly popped up on the blogs having his songs posted all over naright.

    Anyways as soon as i hear someone say hes great cause he can “play his own instruments”

    i decided to give it a pass.

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    b.o.b. is ill!
    what other rapper has eminem on their debut album? other than shady artists
    he gots lyrics and is very entertaining ands gonna be around longer than drake
    people are already tired of drake and his first single didnt hit number 1

    • D. $cience

      “what other rapper has eminem on their debut album?”

      Uhhh…50 Cent?

      *Looks at judges anxiously*

      • Wise Cracker

        Look at the next line after the one you qouted.

        “other than shady artists”

        judge’s ruling: yeah, we’re gonna count 50 cent as a shady artist.

        • og bobby J

          EEEENNNNNNNN (Buzzer sound).

          Judges: 50 cent did not have eminem on his debut…GRODT was not his debut.

          winner = D. $cience….

          flawless victory….

        • Hanch

          EEEEEENNNNNN! Buzzer Sound!!

          If GRODT wasnt 50′s first album then what song was EM on Before he was signed to Shady you Clown!

          Winner=Wise Cracker

          Flawless Victory….!

      • A.J.G Da Aviator

        Yeah true but dude before you said OTHER then a Shady artsist, and aint that what 50 is?!!!! Read 1st dumb fuck

    • real hip hop>phony white owned hip hop websites

      MCs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Industry rappers

      Them niggas are lame sun, straight pussy corporate rap, including America’s favorite wigger

  • JAdrianWW

    Bol you’re an ass. The guy makes good music and he’s not copying anyone. How about you do some research on an artiste for once?

  • Heartbeat of 905

    I got his album and to me it sounds kinda like a not so depressed version of Cudi’s album. There are no hardcore beats or sick rhymes or anything like that but the music is good and he stays in his lane and he does it well. All in all its a pretty decent album.

    He def sound like 3 stacks but that song with the white bitch and Em is ill. Em rips it.

    I got free health care bitches.

  • El Tico Loco

    B.o.b will do what Kid Cudi and Drake is trying to do. Earn respect.

    • yoprince

      I’ll take Day n Nite over anything BoB has ever done.

      and I’ll take Best I Ever Had over Nothin On You easy.

      • El Tico Loco

        But who do you think is gonna be around 3 years from now? Underdog factor vs douchebag factor situation.

        • yoprince

          just three years?

          you don’t like Drake and Cudi that much?

          i’m certain all three artists will have careers that sustain over the next three years, but honestly, that’s fairly easy.

          and furthermore, one more hit song and/or a lil wayne feature, and BoB will be considered a douchebag too. that’s just the hip-hop way.

  • Shawty J

    Nigga, how are you gonna sit up here and criticize people you admittedly known nothing about. B.o.B is like the Black Eyed Peas? Nigga please, go check one of his mixtapes, your B.E.P. comparison will die half way into track number one. “Nothin On You” was the label’s idea, the guy singing the hook already confirmed as much.


    The ideal situation would be if the success of some of these young swagger jackers convinced the people they’re ripping off to get their shit together. Then the probably would pretty much solve itself.

    ^^^^ My sentiments XACTLY…. Good shi* Bol


    1st they don’t spit nothing alike. 2nd their images are nothing alike. 3rd, BoB is a solo artist and he ain’t even orginally from the A. I swear, this site is becoming more and more like the wwf. Its tru that there is nothing new under the sun, but those two don’t stack up. Its a trend now of artist that can rap and sing or rap and produce or rap sing and produce. Agreed. Bob entire verse doesn’t equate to some of 3stacks lines.


  • So252(NC)

    Wow; yo BC you trippin!!! Man B.O.B. couldnt hold 3stacks coffee; the man got talent but lets not get crazy.. Far as Outkast lyrical content and success be real wit yourself. They are southern legends, they burst on the scene and said WE THE SOUTH AND WE GOT SUMTHIN TO SAY!! BELIEVE DAT… I think he and Fat Sacks have more than fufuilled that obligation.. Givem dat real shit they bitch; sell many records and they hate you.. Dats some bitch shit..

  • D. $cience

    I see most of the comments comes quick to defend B.O.B.

    I like B.O.B. Do I think he can blow, say, Joell Ortiz, out the water with his rhymes? Absolutely not. But I like B.O.B. because he seems genuine and creative. I’ll actually take B.O.B. over Drake for the simple fact that Bobby Ray’s talent seem more sincere and comes from an underdog perspective. I DO however agree that he, maybe not copied, but got inspiration from Andre 3000 and Cee-Lo. He originally named himself B.O.B. for a reason to me (Outkast’s Bombs Over Baghdad).

    Since he’s come a long way (I first heard him on Cloud 9) I say just give him his shine. He’s a good apple off the Dungeon Family tree, and IMO will do Kid Cudi numbers (around 100,000) or maybe more. Plus, while the rapper-who-also-sings trend is hot, who better than B.O.B. (Who have some good, solid, catchy hooks) to root for to win? It is what it is.

  • caino

    ‘But they aren’t as critical of music that’s bad even by typical southern rap standards, because people in the south tend to be more supportive of one another, perhaps because they’re all related.’ LMFAO

    C/S Latino Heat, l worry how the TI’s will feck up B.o.B album too!

    ‘I shudder to think how it might sound, and you all know how I feel about white chicks: even when they’re wrong, they’re still kinda right.’ Damn Bol on fiiiire!


    JAH Bless what up yall i got some new music for your ears. Yo Check this Hip Hop video out this is my brotha Azkia Muhammad aka A 2 DA ZKI. He is a really talented individual at the age of 22 he has been a part of the local Mass underground Hip Hop scene for 4 years strong with 3 cd’s under his belt. Discography in order from old to new- Young and Focused, U.T.N.G VOL #1, MA 2 The BAY. He has recently relocated to San Francisco / the Bay area to pursue his music and see what the hip hop scene in the bay has to offer. so make sure to keep an eye and an ear open for this cat he is a motivated talented up and coming MC with original flow original beats and something to say.

    This song is called SURVIVE DA TRUTH off U.T.N.G VOL#1 check it out and comment write your opinion about the music


    go to youtube and check it out

    • Scorbus


  • og bobby j

    AKEEM KAHLIL used to wash my draws in county….

  • gaddic

    Kid Cudi is the best new rapper out this freshman whatever list
    No he’s not a dope rapper
    just a dope artist
    B.o.b is good but he needs to release singles like those because of his label and of course to sell albums the music business is a BUSINESS
    He ‘s talented and no AiNt no Andre 300 but close

  • Jung

    Bol is the fuckin greatest

  • Will

    Man, niggas on the South’s wood, you dog the music but if I went to the hood in Philly, Baltimore, New York, wherever, they bumping some South shit… If yall hate it so much then don’t listen, simple as that. Support Saigon, Papoose, Jae Millz, or one of those other ole ‘ten mixtapes no album’ ass niggas

    • valdez

      i’m from baltimore, born & raised, and yes, we def. bump south music. baltimore is a grimey town so, for the most part, ur average baltimore cat isn’t really checking for a lyricist per se, but rather a banging beat. me being an artist myself (dj, producer, witer, “rapper”) i am looking for more than just a banging beat.

      every region has something to offer musically. me personally, i just like good music, period regardless of the region it comes from or genre. i am a lover of hip hop, 1st and foremost. this “rap” shit, the TIs and mainstream america can have.

      real niggas don’t dog the south as a whole. just garbage south music, the same way we dog garbage east coast music (which, at this point, is pretty much all of it).

      the greatest duo in rap history, well besides like epmd, is outkast, who happen to be from the south. timeless is timeless regardless.

  • Anonymous

    BOL pops in ugks hatin the south and cranks it wayyyyy up. Replays willie d’s verse were he says verse some of yall are garbage too.
    Seriously BOL let your close minded guard down and bump the hell out of that double cd by ugk because it is one of the best cds to come out of the south in years.Especially the remake of life is with too short.

    I think the south is were its at and been at for years I have been listenin to the south since outkast 8 ball and ugk all first come out, but yes any more it is gettin a little stale and the only rap from there worth listenin to is from already proven artists.

  • yoprince

    honestly.. BoB sounds more like one of them dudes from Field Mob

  • Anonymous

    Bol’s feelings are hurt because he found out his mom and dad are actually cousins.So he wants to take it out on a whole rap region.Lame, this dude stays losin bloggers need to get real lives, they sit around shittin on the music everybody knows and loves, and makin outlandish remarks just to get publicity and ruffle feathers.Its their jobs to be homos.Funnies shit ever, what a lame ass job.

  • Tyler

    Off topic but Yo BOL what are U waiting on 2 go in on that new Game 400 Bars? It’s Johnny John John Blaze & he drops 50 name 20 times along with Banks Yayo. . . U asking & beggin’ 50 your Slave Lord after Jay to get at Shyne which would be like asking Mike Tyson 2 fight uhhhhh, U. Even in his current state 2day U couldn’t land a figure on Tyson, even if they paid U in Whitegurls. So let’s get a real rap war going again cause in case U didn’t notice, Shots have been fired! Game is up 1 to 0

  • boi-dan

    A Missouri hick is far more hideous than a southern redneck, lets not get started with region bashing……


    Hey dumbass blogger. Just because he sounds similar to Andre 3000 / Cee-Lo (according to you) doesn’t mean he’s filling a void. He is WAY FUCKING BETTER than Cee-Lo. Now, it is obvious that all of these artists are talented, but he’s not intentionally changing his voice up to sound like any of these cats.

    Everyone is different and he’s doing his own thing. Don’t hate just because you can’t handle some alternative rap or another genre of music. Plus, those comments about white chicks are racist. Learn how to write a better article and quit trying to generate traffic by pissing everyone off with your ignorance of not listening to a diverse set of artists and dismissing some because they “sound similar” to others. They each have their own style… GTFOH!

  • mav

    i been thought this when i heard haters everywhere dont that sound like some 3stacks shit not too say dude aint talented but byron is right that he is fillin a void but hes buildin his name up and i would vouch 4 dude if that nothin on u wasnt so wack
    the video is godawful an dont try to say it aint that made him a easy target for byron
    plus at the end of the day he aint got bars like that hes more of a melody driven dude

  • Anonymous

    @real hip hop
    STFU. Obviously you missed the memo where it has been proven that Eminem is a true mc not rapper, well respected by some of the best to touch a mic,who in the rap game isnt corparate? Oh and whats worse is wigger is no different than using the word nigger, which you should have used any way since you yourself are in that racist frame of mind. Sad a whiteboy is so good huh? Haters they never stop doin what they do best. Doesnt surprise me that other racists would flock to a racist bloggers blog.

  • Jaz

    So basicaly this is what it is….B.o.B. is great. The only probem is that the people who realized how great he was after hearing all his greatness gave him a record deal and because there is the whole trend of marketing hip hoppers as pop rockers (cudi, and now lupe…say it ain’t so, etc.) B.o.B. is now starting to just sound a little….eh. Nothin on You (imo) is a crappy single. I’m not feeling a lot of what I heard. I love Bet I Bust but that was on one of his mix tapes and so naturally I’m feeling it because his mixtapes are the shiznyte. Check out Gladiators feat. J. Cole from the May 25th mixtape or Little Rascal from the Who the F*** is B.o.B. mixtape and tell me who he’s ripping off. No one. He’s not marketing himself as the next Andre. Everyone else is. Frankly I don’t think he DOES sound like Andre. His image isn’t Andre either. Why? Cause he can sang and he plays the geetar? His voice is actually ten times better than Andre when Andre was trying to sing. Emphasis on “trying”. I love Andre so don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying. Bobby Ray is his own artist. Now if he would start sounding like a rapper again I’d be a lot happier about his rise to stardom.

  • Jaz

    Additional Note: I don’t have a problem with artists who f*** with other genres I just wish it wasn’t like…okay I did the hip hop thing and now I’m becoming famous so let me just be a pop star now and make tween music….uggh.

  • Jaz

    I swear I’m gonna leave soon. What is wrong with dark skinnededed chicks exactly Bol?????

  • Proper

    I stopped reading this article after the first paragraph. How u gonna open up talking mad shit about the south…get the fuck outta here.

  • tommy gunz

    everybody sucks butt except me

  • Anonymous

    bol is irrelevant, nobody cares about your opinion. i wish i had never read you. and i to argue bol please fall off a cliff

  • Anonymous

    bol should know best that critics make comparisons not rappers…and the future need those comparisons, so that kids, those thats have never heard of Andre and UGK (like bol himself, though age is on his side), can know and look into the new artist’s most obvious influences and witness the evolution of hip-hop for themselves…XXL why is he on here? trill recognize trill

  • Anonymous


  • D-Lloyd


  • Killahkels


  • Anonymous


  • Steven

    No way man, B.O.B. is a good rapper…yeah he sounds like Andre, that’s a good thing, Andre is one of the greatest of all time. Everything he has done, even Love Below, it’s all good.
    The only thing I don’t like is that B.O.B. doesn’t like being compared to Andre, that’s just silliness, but whatever

  • Cleo Weniger

    Is actually blogengine as good as blogger somewhat? Must be as it would be starting to be popluar nowadays.

  • Ernestina Pelley

    I can’t feel I have ever seen a web site using this type of many reviews onto it!