I, Bol, call BS on Guru’s letter from the grave

As several people have pointed out today on Black People Twitter, you can tell that that letter the late, great Guru (RIP) supposedly left for his fans is BS from jump, because he makes sure to write his own name: “I, Guru…”

Who does that?

Solar, who doesn’t strike me as the sharpest pencil in the box, probably stuck that in, so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to who really wrote it. I’m pretty sure I could have written a much more convincing letter from Guru’s perspective – not that I’d do some shit like that. Unless there was a significant amount of money offered. That shit’s probably illegal. And I doubt Solar has the means to hire a writer of my status. Otherwise, he could have hired a publicist from jump, back when he was insisting that he was the only official source of information re: Guru, and supposedly barring Guru’s relatives from visiting him in the hospital. Those hoodrats who send out unsolicited emails on behalf of bum-ass mixtape rappers can’t charge too much money. I might have to hire one myself, just to take my image to that next level.

This letter is the first I’m hearing of Guru having cancer, and I’m wondering why that had to be kept a secret until just now. I could see if he thought he could beat cancer without anyone knowing, because he was at the point in his career when he wasn’t fielding a lot of phone calls, and he thought having cancer wouldn’t be good for his “personal brand.” It’s always tragic to see a person struck down by cancer in his youth, but when you’re already kinda old, it just makes you look that much older. Which can’t be good for business. Similarly, you’d have to think that we’re at the point where a rapper or two has had a hip replacement. We just don’t know about it.

Any branding concerns were rendered moot when Guru slipped into cardiac arrest, and there was all of that controversy about what really happened to him, and who was allowed to visit him in the hospital. As I wrote here at the time (don’t bother trying to look it up), cardiac arrest means you’re not gonna be around much longer, whether you last another two weeks or another two years. It’s not so much a matter of if as a matter of when. A few months ago, when the shit hit the proverbial fan, would have seemed like an opportune time to let the world know that Guru was also suffering from cancer. Letting the true nature of his illness remain a mystery until just now only served to fuel rumors that Guru may have had AIDS, and the reason Solar was so protective of his image was because they were more than just friends. Admittedly, I was the source of most and perhaps all of this speculation, but for what it’s worth, I’m at a loss for why my speculation would be any less legitimate than this obviously BS letter. If Guru’s doctor wants to give me a call and clear things up, he’s certainly free. XXL might have my number, though it’s hard to say with the amount of turnover here.

The stuff about the work he did with Solar being the best work of his career (it really does say this in the letter) is obviously BS, even though I can’t recall any of their collaborations off the top of my head. If his goal was to spite Premier, he could have pointed out the fact that Primo supposedly left Guru during a tour, and Guru had to continue the tour with another DJ, and that was the end of Guru and DJ Premier as Gang Starr. I read that just now on the comments section of my blog (which, by definition, is smarter than the comments section here). That was my first time hearing that (not that I study Gang Starr), and I can’t say for certain whether or not it’s true, but even if it isn’t, it makes for a better line than the one in this letter. To hear the late, great Guru via Solar tell it, it isn’t clear what, if anything, Primo did to Guru, and why he didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Even if you buy that Guru himself wrote the letter, it sounds like he’s trying to bogart Gang Starr’s legacy/brand, whatever that’s worth at this point. If Primo chose to leave Gang Starr, then obviously it’s a much different story.

Now that Guru is dead (he is dead, right?), I guess we’ll never know what really happened to him, and why this last year of his life (this last seven years, really) were such a clusterfuck. Our best clue might be any contact he had with a lawyer. In the letter, “he” claims that he wants Solar to accept any awards, tributes, donations, etc,, on behalf of his son, until his son is old enough, and that his lawyer has been made aware of this. If that was the case, it shouldn’t have been too hard to have said lawyer cosign this letter, and it probably would have been a good idea, but who knows.

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  • Ayre

    I call complete B.S. on this letter. I can’t see myself supporting anything posthumousy with this guys name on it.

  • sealsaa

    I had to do a double-take when he said he wanted nothing to do with his “former DJ”, even in death. He doesn’t even want Preme involved in any tributes to him. That’s some wild shit.

    • http://www.animeonfire.com/ Bobo D

      Yep, when I read that part it I was like WTF.
      Solar looking after Guru’s royalties and so fourth, this is going to blow up in court.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Solar is a piece of garbage. He’s obviously jealous of Premier and wants his life/deathmate Guru all to himself…

  • BGZ


    Dunno where this Solar character came from but he’s a shady cat.

    RIP TO GURU!!!!!
    Keep remembering the stuff about GangStarr that mattered – the MUSIC!

    Is it me or are there waaay too many black men die in their 30s-40s due to health complications?

    And it’s not just the lack of proper health coverage to blame; it’s the lifestyle, the stress and the diet, too.

    • KB

      So TRU! Speak to the fellas!

    • http://loststylez.wordpress.com loststylez

      It’s called stress… I’m an white eastern European (still living there) and I don’t expect making it until 50s either lol.. as for Guru RIP…and as for this guy Solar just seeing he’s face makes me distrust him he’s the kind of guy I wouldn’t send to buy a pack of smokes fearing he might keep the dough to himself. I really doubt Guru wrote that letter cos’ that much hate should came from something big and the split between him and Preem seems too friendly. I’m still wondering if it’s just Solar taking a shot at Royalty fees from the Gang Starr albums…

  • BossGame

    Yeah, can’t see a brother using his last moments on earth to go after someone over a beef. I hope it didn’t go down like that. R.I.P. Guru!

  • bopteest

    Regardless of the shenanigans this Solar character is trying to pull, all of Guru’s fans will remember him for his legacy with Gang Starr and not the garbage these two have been putting out for the last seven years. On that note Solar will disappear into oblivion which he knows anyway so hes just trying to save what is left of his non existent career. Primo on the other hand needs to step up to the plate and put all of the rumors and speculation to rest. Hes been doing way to much hiding during this whole ordeal.

    • KB

      You right bopteest, Solar is just trying to get his 15mins of fame. It won’t last that long!

  • John Cauner

    I knew something was up with Guru’s health when I saw that video for Step In The Arena part 2. Guru looked skinny, and his face looked sucked in. This shit is wack. Listening to Mass Appeal right now. RIP Guru.

  • DLansing

    Thanks for writing what matters, bopteest. Apparently, Mr. gossip-sorting author/wannabe attorney doesn’t know how to do a well-rounded or respectful piece.

  • El Tico Loco

    I always found strange that Solar and Premier never collaborated(that I know of)despite the connection. I think a can of worms will be opened in the future about this. Plus don’t trust French people.

  • El Tico Loco

    I always found strange that Solar and Premier never collaborated(that I know of)despite the connection. I think a can of worms will be opened in the future about this. Plus I heard the French are assholes.

    • hEY

      I think you might be thing about MC solar. Hes the french MC that premier worked with years ago…. Now this Solar, mentioned in the main post, is the one from Staten Island(?) that has been producing many of the weak tracks for guru in his recent years.

  • tstiffy

    Sounds like a bunch of jilted lover stuff. I don’t know how Primo gets down, but this is all a little weird. Regardless, don’t let the soap opera overplay the importance of the passing of one of the all time greats.

    Some may have hated on it, but that monotone flow was always distinguishable. I, tstiffy, say RIP Guru.

    Imma pour out a little lemonade for the homey since he isn’t with us any more. You know, it was a popular drink…and still is!

  • Worley

    All that stuff about Guru and his “partner” Solaar felt strange from jump. I hope the rumors about Guru being a bunny wabbit are untrue.

    Rest In Peace Gurizzy

    • Worley

      At $yk and Disclaimer: I thought I remembered Solaar as a tall dark skin cat but never bothered to look into it. Thanks for clearing that up fellas.

  • oskamadison

    First of all, rest in peace to Guru and condolences to all his family and friends.

    From what I’ve read about them over the years, Guru and Premier has always has somewhat of a combustible relationship. I remember Premier in Rap Pages (anyone remember that rag?) back in ’94 saying that he and Guru had been in mad fistfights, even a couple of shootouts but the one thing that kept them bonded was the love for the music. I’m not exactly sure what went down after “The Ownerz” dropped in ’03 but it was a wrap after that. Blame it on maybe one too many fights or frustration of Virgin’s lack of push behind that album (which should have went gold) but Gang Starr was no more. After Guru linked with “Lunar” the disrespect toward Preme became blatant, even refusing to address dude by name, ie. “my ex-DJ”.
    Even though Guru started Gang Starr in Boston before he even met Preme, it was the music he and Preme made together that built their legacy. Someone above me commented how Preme needs to step up and set the record straight and he’s right. Lunar can’t stop Preme in any tributes or whatever he wants to do to honor Guru. Whatever grimy shit Lunar was/is pulling will eventually find its way back to him. The universe wouldn’t have it any other way. Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to Guru’s family and all his people.

    • Enlightened

      Ah ha ha ha…you killed it with that one my nig. That’s the quotable of the blog right there.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal……Above the Clouds now…..

  • Dee El

    “Even though Guru started Gang Starr in Boston before he even met Preme, it was the music he and Preme made together that built their legacy.”

    Co-sign like a MF Oska. I sure as hell think of Solar and Guru as opposed to Preemo and Guru when I think of Gang Starr “Sacrasm like a mug”

    Dee El Sends

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    FuX that letter. And Solar (this ain’t the French ‘Solaar’, I want to stress that).


    MC Solaar(french mc) and Producer/Cocksucer Solar are not the same people.

  • El Tico Loco

    Thanks for clearing that Solaar/Solar confusion.

  • jay stone

    couldnt have said it better

  • KB

    Yo, I’m glad somebody said this is some Bull! It sounds way to proper and coerced to even be the words of a man who could rhyme like Guru did. I’m sure that everyone is really trying to figure out the truth right now, but it sounds like it is going str8 to the grave. It really is too bad, Jazzmatazz 4 is alright stuff.

    Anotha brotha on the DL. Lost for being scared to be real.

  • http://sandwichanddrink.wordpress.com deliman

    I just thought about it… If Guru (RIP) had AIDS wouldn’t Solar have it too if they were teh ghey? I dunno, I think I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • BigLeg

    This could be real – u all lettin Bol get yer panties bunched.

  • latino heat

    @ Deliman

    at first i thought that too. then i thought about when Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV back in the day and how they tested his wife, Cookie Johnson and there at the time new born son and neither Cookie or the son had it, only Magic did. so i think it is possible even if Solar and Guru were lovers for only Guru to have it. plus who’s to say that Solar dosen’t have HIV? you can’t tell just by looking at a person.

    i also don’t doubt that Guru may have had HIV for a few years now. i remember around 2006 i was watching one of those QD3 docs, (i think it was called The MC, but i could be wrong about the name) and one of my friends commenting how Guru “just dosen’t look right”. if you watched any of those QD3 dvd’s it’s easy to see what i’m talking about.

    sadly as many of us know this is just the beginning of this story. death brings out the worst in people and this will no doubt drag out in court for years to come.

    R.I.P. to Keith “Guru” Elam and condolences to his family.

    to Solar, i only wish you a slower and more painful death then Guru felt, you selfish piece of shit.

    • Enlightened

      Also, none of Eazy-E’s baby moms or kids tested positive and he had like 9 baby mamas or something like that.

      That’s why I don’t trust that shit. It’s something weird about that.

  • king blair

    Hate to admit it but from all the funny style shit recently I think GURU was GAY. Look at the letter it says my best friend and partner WTF is dat shit. Solar been by his bed crying and holding his hand no wonder Premo left Guru prolly tried to Rothlesberrger him and thats how Gangstarr broke up

  • ri067953

    Towards the end there, Guru did start potraying the look of an AIDS ridden homo!

  • Domjel

    The first thing that caught my attention was “partner”. That’s homo lingo.

  • Domjel

    The first thing that caught my attention was “partner”. That’s homo language.

  • what

    Some disrespectful shit going on here, both in the letter and right here in the comments section. Who cares about what the man did when no one was looking? He pioneered this rap shit. Fuck Solar and fuck everyone who wants to jump ship AFTER dude passes on.

    • Absolutely

      ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Guru is a Legend! It’s sad how ppl our jumping ship & bailing on him bc of speculation–true or not!!! Solar is a parasitic POS!!! Let’s not let him steal the shine from a G.ifted U.niversal R.hymes U.nlimited pioneer. REMEMBER Guru!!! Sleep peacefully, Keith. Peace to the Elam family.

  • Anonymous

    I’m the same age as Guru was. Back in the day when you called somebody your partner, it meant that was your boy through thick and thin just like ‘A Shorty” was the little kids in the neighborhood. I’m not sure what their relationship was, but I think him, referring to ole’ boy as his “partner” could probable just be a generational thing.

    • oskamadison

      Good point about it being a generational thing. I’m not as old as you but I’m old enough to remember what you’re talkin’ about. The reason people are going there with the gay thing is not only the “partner” thing but the way “Lunar” has carried himself throughout all of this. Blocking his family from seeing him, him being the source of all info regarding Guru, him allegedly being made power of attorney over Guru’s affairs, all of this don’t sound like things that regular “business partners” do. I won’t front, I thought that as well reagarding the gay thing but at this point in time…who cares? Let the man rest in peace.

  • Anonymous

    Used to call little kids “Jitterbugs” or jit too when I left Miami back in 87′ (Been in the Army for the last 23 years)


    @ Anonymous- We still call them “jits”

  • latino heat

    just thought i’d throw this out there since all the gay rumors are starting to fly. i was at a Gangstarr concert back in ’99 and i remember at the end of the show Guru grabbed some groupie chick out of the crowd that had been sitting on some dudes shoulders and took her back stage presumably for some post show groupie love. so if anything Guru couldn’t have been totally gay.

    and whether it was from too much groupie action or from some down low action i seriously don’t doubt that Guru had AIDS. as i said above he had been looking kind of ill for a few years now.

  • BossGame

    Didn’t mean to post Anonymously earlier. Recently I was on 24 duty and I had a chance to watch “A Soldier’s Story” again with Howard Rollins (Funny… Soldiers always watch movies about war, you’d think we get enough huh?)Anyway, the first time I saw this movie I thought ole’ boy did a damn good acting job. This was before I knew he was gay and had died from AIDS. Watching it years later, I thought Mr. Rollins was still a hell of an actor. I guess what I’m saying is regardless if Guru was gay or not his passing is still a great loss to those who love him and appreciated his music. As I said earlier, I’ve been in the Army since 1987 (retiring in December) and at every duty station (Germany,Korea,Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Fort Hood,Kuwait, Fort Benning, Fort Irwin, and Fort Carson)there were gays. In High School, (Miami Northwestern) There were gays.I guess as I get older I realize it’s a non issue (For us humans anyway) I spent a great deal of my military time trying to “smash” every female in sight! I suspect that God will judge my actions with the same measure that he judges those who engage in homosexuality, premarital sex and other sins. If the brother went “that way” it’s between him and God. Rest in peace brah, and thanks for the inspiring music, and may God bless your familty in their time of grief.

    • trueindeed

      Very well explained Bossgame. the focus on wether GURU was gay or not remains ultimately irrelevant. Dude could rap serious game. Over Premier beats nonetheless(anyone who thinks that makes it easier, should avoid Group Home). The more you live, the more you travel, invariably the more people you meet. And being that gays are people too, the more of them you’ll come across. Which is the real blessing of opening your life to experiences and places far from your origins.
      It’s 6 billion people out there at any given moment, what makes you so sure you’re right about someone else’s life. Live yours honestly, and if someone shares a dope lyric with you, who gives a fuck if they are gay, albino or hottentot.

  • caino

    Even if he was Gay that has no bearing on him as a rapper!! l mean all of ancient greece was Gay and they ruled most of the world! half of Rome was gay they ruled the world! Alexander the great was gay he ruled 3/4 of the world!!

    Being gay has no bearing on how influential this Kat was to Hiphop …..its 2010, no the 70′s for christ sake!!


  • http://www.myspace.com/moraluac MORAL UAC

    Damn! This is sad to hear! I never heard of this cat “Solar” until I saw GURU live in Mexico City a couple of years ago. While on stage GURU looked super skinny (his face looked skeletal). At first I thought it was MC Solaar (France) whom he was coming to Mexico with, but at the show I wasn’t impressed with this dude. The letter looks mad shadey though, I don’t think GURU would diss Primo like that, especially giving credit to this unknown ass greedy ass leech “Solar”. R.I.P Keith Elam (Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal)…..Big up to UAC crew Chi Town!!!

  • Anonymous

    I aint justifyin being gay(if you do its something wrong with you), nor am I gon speculate on his or anyone elses personal business. I do feel this letter is bogus and solar been shady from the start of this. I see it as him trying to hold on to his only way of making bread in the industry be cause his career goes where Guru goes. Guru was and will forever be a dope emcee. Gangstarr is hip hop and one of the main reasons its made it to where it has.

    R.I.P. Keithy E.

    • what

      What is “wrong” about homosexuality?

  • RudNare

    “It’s always tragic to see a person struck down by cancer in his youth, but when you’re already kinda old, it just makes you look that much older. Which can’t be good for business.”

    HaHaHaHaHa…*shaking-uncontrollably* :)

    Ahem, now to the serious stuff! *grins* I happen to personally know exactly how one looks when the AIDS ripper is just around the corner & I can bet my last penny, based on the last pic I saw of Guru, that it had to be the dreaded monster AIDS! Anyways RIP my brother & like U said everyone has their moment of TRUTH…

  • Dirty Mccurdy

    I am a promoter in Denver Co. I did a couple of shows with Guru in 2004, at the time I was still just a runner for a club, I did a lot of the grunt work, pick up the artist, take them to dinner, make sure that they had everything they needed. At the time I was working for this club Cervantes, in five points. I remember when we booked the show, I was really excited to meet Guru, he was on my top ten list of rappers I wanted to work with, so you can imagine I was really pumped to pick him up at the airport. I had so many questions for him about Jazzmatazz and Gangstarr. It was a Saturday afternoon and I headed out to the airport around 1 pm. I arrived close to 130 and waited for him to come up the escalator from the terminal. On my one sheet it said that I would be picking him and his DJ up. it didn’t mention his actual name but I was pretty sure it was going to be Solar. They finally arrived. it was about 230. I approached Guru, “Hey Gifted” I said, Solar quickly jumped in front of Guru interrupting our handshake and sternly letting me know that the flight was long and Guru was tired. I was shocked here I was full of questions, I had a case of waters and juices in the Land rover. I had pictured our car ride to the hotel to be a great time with lots of Q&A. After Solar was so quick to run his fucking mouth, Guru told him to ease up. I wanted to say something but I kept my mouth shut. On the ride to the hotel, I listened to Guru and Solar argue like a married couple about money, New York, women, and even some shit about there kids, I was merely the lowly driver that was getting them to the hotel. When we finally arrived at the hotel “Ramada” Everything seemed ok. The minute Solar stepped out of the car and saw the hotel, he was furious, he demanded that I take him to a better hotel, accusing me of being a racist and not knowing just how great Guru was, “Guru don’t stay in places like this, He is a legend” Guru himself didn’t seem to have a problem with the hotel. I explained calm and rationally that this is where all the talent stays. He responded by telling me that Guru ain’t just some run of the mill rapper is is a LEGEND! as he waved his fist in my face. Both Guru and Solar got back into the Landrover while I called my boss and explained that they were not satisfied with the hotel. My boss told me that we hadn’t even sold a hundred tickets to the show yet and there was no way he was going to pay for an upgrade so they could take it or leave it. I was caught in a trap. Solar had already accused me of being a racist, ignorant to Guru’s legacy and now I was about to tell them that they could take it or leave it. I was nervous but at the same time, I was starting to lose my cool. Who the fuck did this Solar guy think he was? and why did he think that he could speak on behalf of Guru. By now I was convinced that Guru was brain washed by this idiot, I was sad inside, Here was a man who in my eyes was a brilliant teacher with so much wisdom and knowledge about the world, chalked down to a skinny obedient scared old man. I got back into the car and firmly told Solar that this was the end of the line. No one is paying for you guys tot stay at a better hotel and I have shit to do. So take it or leave it. Next thing I know Solar has his hands around my neck ” Fuck you white mutha fucka… I’m a show you how Brooklyn does it…who the fuck you think I am?”….On and on as he choked me Guru pleaded with him to release me as I tried to get his hands off my neck. after what seemed like a life time he finally let go. “What the fuck man?” I said, He told me to drive him to the nicest hotel, so I did I drove them to the Brown Palace, I made a fake phone call to my boss, explaining to him that we had to pay for the Brown Palace rate. I made it seem as though I was able to talk some sense into my boss and when we got to the Brown Palace, I helped them unload there gear. Solar told me to wait while he confirmed that my boss had called and held the room. I waited until he went inside and Guru was on his phone in the passenger loading and unloading. I took off and never looked back. That day was an eye opener for me. It was also a major let down. I later got a call from Solar threatening me, telling me he was going to have some of his boys out here find me and fuck me up. I laughed it off and hung up the phone. throughout the night, I received a handful of pleasantries from Solar’s phone I can’t help but think that dude is a straight faggot. Coat tail riding ass jealous fool. Its really sad that Guru got mixed up with a fuck head like Solar. I wonder if maybe his later years would have been more fruitful. I can only hope that he had some good times and that it wasn’t a living hell having to deal with that asshole day in and out. Fuck Solar RIP GURU

    • Mig


      This absolute music to my ears, obviously between 2004 and 2007 when i had my dealing with the duo..nthng had changed.

      For 3 days,i drove them around, even DJ’ed before they came on stage.

      I was in disbelief at Solar’s behaviour,i would go as far to say the guy is derranged.
      I saw him throw chairs across rooms, and even at the slightest mention of Gang Starr, the guy would throw a hissy-fit and spit his dummy (pacifier) out.

      He was fussy, a moaner, arrogant…the list is endless.

      It all nearly came to a nasty end when i asked Guru for a shou-out(recording it on my phone), Solar kept butting in,in the middle of the recording,i told Solar i didnt want his stupid voice anywhere near the shout-out…so he grabbed my neck while i was driving. I’ve done kick-boxing for 17 years, i couldve easily had the guy’s face smashed in the concrete in 1 second or less. But i gave him a sore arm for a couple of days :-)

      Was just as disappointed to see that somehow GURU was basically Solar’s little bitch.

      As you say,i think Solar had brainwashed the guy.

      Needless to say,the fact now exists that without Guru, Solar is now an absolute nobody. Deep down he knows this himself, and after this fiasco…nobody will go near him.