To be honest, this should have happened back in 2007.

Before the relocation to New York, before the website started, before everything, I was just a snot-nosed commenter around these here parts. A couple mentions from former scribe here Tara Henley, and before I knew it I was virtually a signature away from terrorizing this segment of the Internets.

Ultimately things didn’t turn out the way they planned, and I ended up under the boot of a rival website before starting this little thing with my homeboy Shake known as 2DopeBoyz in 2007. The rest is history.

To be honest, I’m not sure if I can even keep up the pace as my now-current coworker of sorts Mr. Crawford, much less still spew the same venom I did back during my “Slap-Boxing With Jesus” days. Back then, a quasi-retarded White guy was running the country, and I was living in California as a professional coffee maker. Nowadays, a Halfrican runs the country, and I live in New York as a vagabond.

Guess some things still haven’t changed.

Regardless, I’m very excited to be here, and I’m eager to see the type of negative responses I receive during my duration here. That, at the very least, reassures me (and more importantly, the people who are paying me to do this) know that I’m doing something right. It may have taken a couple years, and this section is admittedly far past its prime, but now I get to see my words placed on the very same site the had such luminaries as Maurice Garland, Sickamore, DJ Drama, Elliott Wilson, Shakur, Chamillionaire, OJ Da Juiceman, Drumma Boy, Nipsey Hu$$le, Termanology, my former compatriot over at DX Charlamagne, that guy behind “Fashion Forward” and more. Excelsior!

See, if there’s anything to be learned, it’s that eventually all things will come full circle. I started off as a c-boy, now I run my own block. Now let’s see how much shit I can get away with, similar to the Catholic church and their penchant for cherry popping altar boys, before I get fired from the house of Harris faster than you can say “Ha!”

Wish me luck.