Envisioning Eminem’s Recovery

I was psyched yesterday when news broke of all the different producers Eminem has on his new album, Relapse 2 Recovery. While known for his experimentation with the latest pharmaceuticals, hip-hop’s favorite White boy isn’t exactly heralded for trying out other beatmakers’ instrumentals besides Dr. Dre and, of course, his own (questionable) lab creations.

Well, fellow Eminem stans, now’s our chance. This is what we’ve been waiting for, right? Slim Shady over a Just Blaze beat! The thought alone conjures up awesomeness of dramatic proportions.

Problem is when I tried to imagine Mr. Mathers rhyming about his crazy mom or killing his ex-wife over one of Blaze’s signature, soulful productions, it didn’t make any sense. So I started going through my catalog of JB joints until I got to something that did. Which brought me to my concept for today’s blog: what type of songs can we actually look forward to now that we know who Em’s working with?

Let’s start off with Blaze: The Detroit Lyricist is too disturbed to sound at home over one of JB’s upbeat, horn heavy productions like “Touch the Sky” or “Show Me What You Got.” He’s too White to flow over the blaxploitation movie inspired “King Back.” But what about Justin’s sparse, menacing beat for Memphis Bleek’s “‘Round Here.” Bingo! Tell me you couldn’t hear Marshall killin’ this shit?

How ‘bout DJ Khalil? When The Alchemist told me back in February that the West Coast beatsmith was submitting tracks, I couldn’t have been happier. Acknowledged for his dark, drum heavy sounds, I immediately thought of “Cuckoo,” Khalil’s paranoid track for Slaughterhouse. Perfect fit!

As far as Boi-1da is concerned, we’ve already heard the magic Em’s done with Toronto native on “Forever.” While that joint is still bonkers—even after the millionth listen—imagine what Shady could do to something like this…

That leads me to Jim Jonsin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan—“Armada Latina” is my joint—but seeing his name on the Recovery press release definitely threw me for a loop, especially since Jonsin is so closely associated with a more Southern sound. Yet, at the same time, I always thought if anyone should have redone that Ozzy Osbourne classic, “Crazy Train,” it should have been Eminem. Come on, when you think psycho who comes to mind first Trick Daddy or Slim Shady.

Now it’s your turn. What Eminem collabo are you most excited for? Do you think he should have reached out to any other producers? Speak on it. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Sincere

    i want to hear em on a premo joint with royce. the return of bad meets evil.

    • joe p

      co-sign sincere and i wanna hear him on a rza beat with rza rapping

    • http://myspace.com/pedrorcabrera Pedro C.

      Yea that’d be dope. Those snares on that Boi-1da track sound horrible. Dre better be mixing that shit.

      • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

        Co-Sign, I’m sorry but that whole track is horrible especially the snares! All the other ones straight though.

      • RDS

        40 > Boi-1da. I really don’t see the fascination with dude. 40, in my humble opinion is the better of the two on Drake’s team.


  • PanoramicProductions

    Em is the man, he will slaughter any beat, worse than 3AM! KILL IT MANG!

  • http://eminemgod.proboards.com/ ASID

    2010 – Recovery

    dopeness confirmed

    get ready people

    damn excited over the first 2 singles


    Marshall and premo wit royce yes!!!

  • opinion

    marco polos production style would go well with em.

    • Anonymous

      i agree

  • raazi36

    Yo i wanna hear Em on a RZA beat ! Lets see him get creative on that Wu sound ! !

  • P. Harris

    Like 1999 Eminem over some 2003 9th Wonder beats…

  • http://xxlmag.com Busta Rhymes’ Coke Connect

    I been saying for yeeears that Em needs to branch off and work with other producers. Those Dre beats get tiring. Not to mention his own production…

    Just Blaze- 1st off, Em would NOT sound right over a “round here” type track lol. Just is a diverse producer so im sure he has some goodies in the bag for Em. Im thinkin more of a T.I.’s “help” kind of sound more than anything else.

    Dj Khalil- This dude is nice on the boards. I could picture Em killing “cuckoo”.

    Boi-1da – Havent heard too many of his tracks but he could possibly bring something new to the table.

    Jim Jonsin- Another very diverse producer. Most of his work comes from FL artists. He did alot of work wit Pitbull. He also did “whatever u like” “lollipop” and Slim thug’s “I run” so I would go to him for the hits. 1st single type shit.

    Alchemist- Isn’t he Em’s DJ? So I know he gives Em crack on a regular basis lol. You seen what Em done to that “microphone” beat. So yeah,this is an obvious choice.

    Green Lantern- Hes Em’s old dj so he shud know how Green gets down. Hes pretty diverse too. From Luda’s “number 1 spot” to Nas’ “black president”. I know hes got some good shit.

    Dj premier- If preme could switch it up then yeah I would look forward to it. But Em rapping over the same old boom bap track that Premo has been doing for 35 yrs=zzzzzzzzzzzz. Yeah call me a hater.

    Just my thoughts bitches.

    • Anonymous

      @ busta rhymes’ coke connect

      dog r u kidding me?????? u wouldnt wanna hear em over a traditional preme beat?????????? OMFG man lol lol lol lol thats crazy that u owuldnt wanna hear that….

      boi 1da is garbage ..southern type fl studip roland phantom garbage…

      i agree with several of ur points tho

  • Anonymous

    WOW … i have alot to say about this …

    1.) “king back” was not “blaxploitation inspired”. The sample is from the exorcist.

    2.) that beat jb did for memphis bleak is GARBAGE and i would hope that if eminem heard a beat like that he would turn it down

    3.) I am not looking forward to eminem of a jb at all…jb’s beats have been nothing but horn heavy 16th note hi hat radio hits lately…lets hope he can pull somethign out of his ass..i fucking cnt stand 90 percent of jb’s production

    4.)dj khalil…PERFECT….hes an aftermath producer….no shit

    5.)OMFG whoever wrote this blog is a complete fucking idiot…..em over that boi 1da beat…jesus fuckign christ a corny ass bubblegum radio hit-type beat like that????? OMFG is alli have to say…em over a southern beat..jesus fuckign christ

    okay good point..lets be excited about em over new production…BUT do u honestly think dre or em would let the album sound like the beats above???? are u kidding me lmao…if dre is executive producing u kno it aint gona sound nothin like those fruity ass radio beats up there…so of ALLLLLL the beats int he catalogs of those producers u would be most curious to hear em on shit liek that?????? r u kidding me dog…..and u failed to mention alchemist….thats who u should be excited for….this is absolutely NO indication whatsoeevr of what the beats that these guys did for em will sound like..dre and em would not let that happen…ill put a million dollars to it that jb, khalil, boi 1da’s beats that u showed above rnt the type of beats they did for ems album….

    who hired this guy? jesus christ

    • Anonymous

      Shut the fuck up faggot, your a bitch. just because it samples the exorcist doesn’t mean he didn’t try to give it that blaxploitation funk sound douche. It said inspired by blaxploitation movies, not sampled from you fucking asshole, put your dick back in your pants and stop tryin’ to be big dog blogger bitch.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    ^^^^^^^^^”who hired this guy? jesus christ”

    i think jesus woulda made a better choice. but i agree with u totally. this is what most AR’s taste are nowadays and why the industry is so fucked up. jack asses like this. who masquerade as aficionados of the culture. experience this! he/she workin right at the mag lettin that bullshit simmer… serve it right back at us later…

  • gaddic

    best out the batch to suit Em’s style
    the rest are if’s and buts
    only time will tell

  • Wallman

    I’m so exited i might just cry… ANy date for the first single!?

  • Lunatikstwocents

    I wasnt to impressed with his beat selection on the last album, glad hes trying new shit.

  • Hussle’s Way

    Why is he saying Em couldnt kill a soulful beat??

    Em can do some deep songs (in his MMLP/Eminem Show days)

  • matty21

    damn, never knew that was blaze on “round here” t.i. be killin it on just blaze shit… eminem will do da same man, cant wait for dattt!!

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t doubt Em could kill any beat, in fact a new Bad Meets Evil with Royce 59 over a Doom beat (9 milli bros type beat) would be classic.

    All I ask from him is to stop that Triumph the insult dog accent style of rap, I think is nice style of delivery … FOR ME TO POOP ON!

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    it would be dope to hear him over some:

    ski beats, especially the beats from the fort apache mix album, which are minimalist, but definitely mood pieces, and would be interesting to hear the different flows em could put over them.

    i co-sign rza, but honestly, rza would have to bring some crazy heat (which he hasnt in quite some time).

    DOOM beats, with him and DOOM trading verses; wooh!

    necro- think about the black helicoptors beat.

    black milk

  • HipHopDoctor

    I would burn my left testicle to hear EM spit over a RZA beat. Something like from on Tical (Release yo Delf or the song Tical)
    I feel em excels over RZA type beats (Amityville)

  • HipHopDoctor

    “i co-sign rza, but honestly, rza would have to bring some crazy heat (which he hasnt in quite some time). ”

    While I agree that a lot of his beats lately have been “different”, it has been on purpose to try new shit, not because he isnt capable of it…Have a listen to New WU or Black Mozart, EM would be fuckin sick on both of those beats, and both are recent.

    • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

      new wu, yes. black mozart, no, in my opinion.

      i was thinking a beat like “duck seazon”….. something harder.

      • HipHopDoctor

        Agree, or like Rushing Elephants from 8 Diagrams.

  • tonyaro

    man, i’ve been picturing em on some different beats as of recent. these would make go nuts:

    1) Black Milk – Two Detroit cats man. Super nasty.

    2) J Dilla – Dido. Maybe one of dilla’s electro inspired works. that’d be super dope.

    3) Mr. Porter – Its been a min. Plus Porters been droppin heat under the radars. His work with Little Brother and Jadakiss recently have been sick.

    4) Alchemist – “Chemical Warfare 2″…. Let’s Go.

    5) Hi-Tek – That’d be just pure fire right there. Plus if he got like Talib, Nas and Game on a joint produced by Tek… Pure Nastyness. Shit’ll be proper.

    6) Preemo – Most Definately gonna be one of the biggest HIP HOP songs ever made. Without a doubt. If it had Royce on there, the music industry will shatter.

    7) DJ Khalil – That’d be dope. I can see em on the Clipse’ “Footsteps” or “There Was A Murder”.

    8) Just Blaze – From the get go, i was excited to here about this. Hopefully it’ll be just beautiful shit when it comes out.

    9) Erick Sermon – That’d be super nasty. Just get a Sermon beat and collab with Redman & Method Man. That’d be dope. Super Funky.

    10) Timbaland – Man….. if this were to happen again (1999 w/ Missy Elliot), it’d be nasty. Get Em and that new cat, Hayes on a track. Tims gotta get of that pop ish though.

    11) Old Kanye West – That’d be dope. Just Em on a Kanye joint, similiar sounding to Knoc-Turnal’s “Muzik”. Man, and get kanye on the joint. That’ll get heads rollin.

    12) Jake One – That’ll just sound interesting…

    Those are my interests on the subject. Dueces!!!

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    i think these producers are gonna switch it up for em
    he made dre change his production to suit his flow and style
    i would want em to flow on a swizzy beat, theyre both energetic and would flow well together

  • The187Worm

    Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!! Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!! Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!!Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!!Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!!Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!!Crooked I and Eminem!!!!!!! would shell out 50 bills for that album with just them on it!!!

  • kariba

    First of all this article is based a lot in the speculation that we are going to hear again the Slim Shady persona from Eminem – which means raping, killing, dissing celebrities, farting, burping and all that shit. Don’t get me wrong, Relapse was a decent album for a comeback but from what we know from these interviews of Blaze, ALC and Eminem himself this album has turned to be very different from his last one, hence the title change.

    As for the producers now, I’m more concerned about Jim Jonsin than any other. He has a very south sound with synths and all that which is not exactly what we are used to hear from Eminem. Along with the fact that he has been producing just radio and rnb hits for the last years I’m afraid that there was an upper hand that brought this collab with Em *cough*Interscope*cough*. Anyway, he is not going to produce more than 2 songs in the album so whatever. If we suppose that there are going to be 15 songs in the album, there are 13 left besides Jonsin. In these, 5-6 are going to be from JB, 1-2 from Khalil, 2 from Boi-1da (according to him) and some others from Dre or Em himself. Well, since there can’t be an Eminem album without the good Doctor, I hope he has at least 2 joints in there. Last but not least, ALC is Em’s fuckin DJ. I beg for a banging ALC beat in there since Em spazzed out on that Microphone beat from SH. This was the best Em since fuckin 2003 or something so I hope they know their job and put him in the record.

    PS. Shit, I forgot Mr. Porter. Well, at least one beat will be from this talented guy.

  • BA

    ARE YOU GUYS ALL OUT OF YOUR MINDS? Boi1da is ill.. He is the best up and coming producer right now.. I am not the biggest Drake fan, notwithstanding that, his beats are sick.. They are gritty, which would match up and did match up perfectly w/ EM (FOREVER) and he would have killed OVER

  • jordan

    ANY Danja beat…. his whole cd should be danja

  • Anonymous

    “He’s too White to flow over the blaxploitation movie inspired “King Back.””
    ^fuckin racist

    if it were the other way around ppl would be pissed

    eminem can kill any beat

    his flow is amazing and he can make a funny/serious/angry/sad/story telling/and a just go hard song and have them all sound good

  • cam

    i gata say, marco polo would be the best

  • TRUE


  • TRUE


  • http://myspace.com/marlypensquad marlypensquad

    i would love to hear em over pharrell beat for a change

    • nujerz

      Em has rhymed over a Neptunes Beat before with Royce Da 5’9. “She’s The One” is the name of the track.

  • UMMMM….

    i got a quik question? isnt em’s 1st single always like a parody/makin fun of ppl kinda of song? do u think he’s gonna do that again with “recovery”? if he’s gonna go reach outside producers he really shouldn’t be doin that especially since supposedly the album’s gonna sound darker or more serious in tone or wutever…

  • alex

    i actually read all these comments here and not a single person mentioned statik selektah.
    imagine if em had an album with all the production by statik selektah, preemo, marco polo, black milk, and j dilla (rip) and throw a royce collabo on there? jesus christ

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    I’ma throw a left field dude out there:

    Araab Musik

    But I would like to hear Em just pick 20 of his fave beats and go in the booth. That would cause a convo for years, who’s beats he liked, who he didn’t, if he murdered whoever on their own sh*t, what type of beats he picked, etc.

  • q461

    Primo, Pete Rock, Rza, Kanye, Scott Storch,Pharrell, Hi-tek, 9th wonder… Em is a gifted lyricist, I truly beleve he could destroy any beat… glad to see him branching out… gettin tired of mostly hearing him on Dre’s beats

  • oskamadison

    How about keepin’ it Detroit; Em over Donuts-era J Dilla. I can hear Em talkin’ about his crazy ass moms over Ghostface’s “Beauty Jackson” joint,Em losing his mind over Raekwon’s “House Of Flying Daggers” joint, Em killing his baby moms for the 1,867,993rd time over that “broken and blue” from Donuts, even reminding Hallie how much he loves her over The Roots’ “Can’t Stop This”. Take a minute, imagine all that and tell me what y’all think…

  • 777777777


  • Jehuniko

    Em need to get on some Sid Roams production..imagine homeboy spazzing out on the slow rumbleing of a Sid Roams bear…you hear Prodigy’s Product of 80′s album produced almost entirely by Sid Roams…

    check out the Zombie Musik cd….music to kill to

  • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

    I know he can kill hip hop beats. Easy. But people forget how perfect homie sounded when he did the couple of tracks w/ Lil Jon in his prime.. the “40 Oz Remix” was too ill (although it was the same verse) and he killed everyone on that “Lean Back” remix too…

    Just throwing that out there. I wouldn’t care about hearing Em on a Boi-1da beat or anything like that, because you know it’s going to have to be fire if he approves it for the album.

    I think it’s safe to say whatever instrumental makes Recovery has to be retired, because I’m about 90 percent sure Em’s gonna kill it.

    DJ Khalil sounds perfect though. The most perfect. And I’m sorry, but Just Blaze sounds dope with Em too…imagine him on the Exhibit C beat?

    COME ON MAN…tell me that’s not dope…

  • Chris

    Jea Eminem!

    Let´s get the 1.000.000 Shot in the first Week!

  • raazi36

    ayo em an RZA on a track together, yea that would be dope, but im talkin bout RZA from gravediggaz RZA, ya know,

  • nujerz

    Alchemist better have beats on that album. Another producer who worked with Em is Hi-Tek who I hope is on the album as well. Dj Premier is not gonna happen even though It would be dope.

  • mattandr3ws

    First of all this writer is retarded.

    DJ Khalil makes some of the most fitting beats I could hear Eminem rap on, seriously that dude next to dre could probably fit him best… Other than eminem producing for himself (I for one think his own productions were quite great for him self. He produced a majority of The Eminem Show which is one of the greatest albums of all time)

    Just Blaze is going to be so dope (I swear some of you are thinking of Swizz Beats with your horns and beeps talk, Swizz Beats, beats annoy the shit out of me) Just Blaze Is brilliant at making beats. Em and him are going to make beautiful music.

    Boi-1da is one of the wackest beat makers I have heard in a minute I have to admit. His shit is pretty damn garbage.

    Whoever else I believe they are going to make great music together too.

    To think eminem couldn’t rap on any one of the beats you mentioned is just retarded thinking. You think this man only raps about insane psycho shit?? Well you need to catch up on your Eminem music. Recovery isn’t going to be anything like Relapse (Which I loved relapse so no problem either way but thats not the direction he’s going AT ALL for this album)

    Eminem Songs That are an example of him just spitting lyrical shit… “Renegade”, “When I’m Gone”, “Public Enemy # 1″, “No Apologies”, “White America”, “Cleanin Out My Closet”, “Square Dance”, “Soldier”, “Say Goodbye To Hollywood”, “Sing For The Moment”, “Hailies Song”, “When The Music Stops”, “Say What You Say”, “‘Till I Collapse”, “My Dads Gone Crazy”, “Yellow Brick Road”, “Like Toy Soldiers”, “Mosh”, “Spend Some Time”, “Mocking Bird”, “Encore”, “We As Americans”, “Infinite”, “Stan”, “The Way I Am”, “Deja Vu”, “Beautiful”, “Careful What You Wish For”, “Forever (Verse)”, “Drop The World (Verse)”, “If I Had…”, “Rock Bottom”, “Lose Yourself”, “8 Mile”, “Rabbit Run”, “The Warning”, “The Sauce”, “Nail In The Coffin”, “Girls”, “Quitter”, “Stimulate”………

    So AGAIN the writer of this is fucking retarded and shouldn’t be able to write shit unless he knows exactly what he’s saying because some people will scrutinize every thing he says.

    XXL find some better writers to post things.

    Eminem has the ability to rap on things no one else could, not the other way around. The man is unmatched lyrically and his song writing abilities are phenomenal.


    No matter what beat he is on it will get killed.Face it even if the beat is weak you always have his lyrics to pay attention too.

    I dont know where people get the idea that Relapse was garbage, yeah half of it was and and the other half was amazing and really worthy of comeback. Though some of the production actually wasnt very Dre like,though it was on a couple songs, but most of it wasnt the polished Dre beats we are used to which shows if Dre isnt takin his time on a beat it isnt as good as we expect it to be and it wont have that signature sound and feel that we know and love.

  • JerzsFinest

    What some of you are saying (including the articles author) about Em being limited in terms of production he can murder – is naive and downright prepostrous (perhaps even the product of hating). Em can kill any beat you give an example of better than the original artist. Some of you may get your panties in bunch over his content or find it disagreeable but – at this best – he is by far the most talented emcee to ever grab a mic, in every respect.

    Eminems production isn’t suspect either. For example, Till I Collapse, Soldier, On Fire, Patiently Waiting are not only bangers they are extraordinarily hot beats. Just because some of you tend to prefer slow, boring, overly soulful production – which usually features some rapper crying about their lives or fabricating how hood they are – doesn’t mean every one else prefers that same boring and extremely monotonous style of production.

    • Anonymous

      Word up man, I wanna put this on seven shirts and wear them every day of the year ( I’ll make an extra for laundry day). Truer words have never been spoken regarding the unaccepted GOAT of hip-hop, King Mathers. He is, and forever will be, the greatest rapper to bless the mic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcarnagemusic hippaToDaHoppa

    Whoa whoa fellas, hop off dudes nuts for a second. Yeah, Em is definitely dope, but c’mon Stannage of that ^^^^ magnitude is unacceptable.


    Wait a minute we are talkin about the very same dude who created the word stan, the word that all the people who comment on here are so quick to use right? Ironic isnt it?

    He pretty much created the word and people dont realize how big of an impact he has had on music and the rap culture at times.

    “No stannery, just sayin “

  • http://www.myspace.com/jcarnagemusic hippaToDaHoppa


    Not ironic at all. There isn’t a word that exemplifies them more. The shit some of these dudes say is ridiculous. With that said we created the word, Em just wrote a song called ‘Stan’. The fans put it into the lexicon, much like ‘Ether’. I fully realize his impact, but seriously have you read some of these comments?

  • http://rebelmusicgroup.biz.tc OrlandoBoy

    Eminem over a Drumma Boy beat would be hot as hell! Also if Eminem, Plies and Wayne did a song over a Dre beat!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAAH Plies?Lil Wayne? and Em on a Dre beat? Please man, not two rappers I would be hyped to see on a dre beat, Maybe Eminem Cube and Nas or EM Cube and Rakim or even B-real on a Dre beat. But not those two clowns.

  • http://freeproducerkits.com FreeProducerKits


  • Anonymous

    i want a swizzy beat on this one

  • Anonymous

    I could definitely see Eminem on the Just Blaze-produced “I’m Talkin To You” (T.I.)

  • Nate

    I Have been a fan of Em for a long while since the infinite album to be exact and i dont care wut tracks are with who cause Em always tearz shit up to the limit SHADY is Back and Droping bombz on tracks like a terrorist and as always i will be outside the store befor it is open on 23 of june to get my fix of Em as the recovery is out

  • Corey

    You can find out for yourself. The album leaked June 8. Dig around online and you’re certain to find it.

  • http://www.eminemturkiye.com Eminem Turkey Fan Site

    everything is shady