Don’t these dreaded n-words know it’s Easter?

I’m halfway tempted to concede that the generation of kids growing up today are gullier than the generation of kids that grew up in the ’90s, on the grounds that kids in Chicago somehow managed to shoot 40 people in 50 hours this weekend.

That’s damn near one shooting per hour – and that’s not even counting whatever time these kids spent sleeping, if they sleep at all. (I’m no good without eight hours a day, plus another 10 at night.) Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!

Don’t get me wrong – kids these days are still tight pants-wearing fags. But I wouldn’t want to test one of them, to teach them a less, if only because I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them. I could fuck around and get shot! When I was a kid, the idea was to fuck someone up to prove that you were a badass. These days the idea seems to be to fuck something up for the sake of fucking something up.

You can tell that the goal is mayhem for mayhem’s sake, because of those 40 people who got shot, only four of them were killed. I’m sure part of it’s that kids these days, like kids back in the day, are awful shots. But you have to think that, if these were legitimate beefs, the kill rate, for lack of a better term, would have been higher than 10%. It used to be, if you heard that four people got killed in a weekend, that meant about six people got shot that weekend.

You can see in the news report on World Star where they’re obviously just fucking with people: a shooting takes place,  a shedload of police + TV news and what have you show up, and people start shooting at the crowd – probably not for the purpose of killing people, since how hard would it be to hit someone in such a big crowd?

The fascinating thing to me is the complete lack of concern for police presence. It used to be, you shot someone and got the fuck out of dodge, before 5-0 showed up. Which usually wasn’t that difficult, since 5-0 tends to be anywhere other than where a crime might take place. (The better to write bullshit tickets.) But obviously these kids aren’t concerned with getting caught, if they’re shooting at groups of 30+ cops while they’re trying to investigate a crime scene.

They probably figure, if 40+ people are getting shot in a weekend, the chances of you getting caught drop down to damn near zero. It was easy enough to get away with killing black people back when there were only six shootings during the course of a weekend. It even says in the video on World Star that 5-0 has six promising leads. Which doesn’t strike me as promising in the least bit, given the overall number of people who got shot.

It’s a concept not unlike these so-called flash mobs of dreaded n-words that descend upon areas usually populated by people who work for a living, beat the crap out of people and break shit. If it was just one or two fruits in tight jeans, you could easily slap the shit out of them and be done with it. When there’s like 15 of them, the most you can do is cross to the other side of the street and hope they don’t follow you.

But it was one thing, back when all they were doing was making it that much more difficult for a brother such as myself to cop a burrito. If they’re gonna be out here clowning like this, the government is gonna have to crack down, and they’re gonna have to crack down hard. Back in the day, that meant throwing epic numbers of black people in jail. Who knows what it might mean these days. FEMA camps? This is not the 1990s. White people are already pissed off about universal health care.

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  • HU

    I don’t know what to do with black kids these days. Things are getting worse because retard blacks who grew up tough in the 80s and 90s are having kids young and these retard kids wear tight pants, have wacka braids and tattoos all over their bodies. They also listen to Gucci and Boosie. Now, imagine the fact that these fucking retards are having kids in their teens. I’m afraid of the future.

    • General

      Thats some funny shit right there…

  • Ol’ Boy from da Chi

    1st of all,

    Teen violence is nothing new 2 our city, it just escalates everytime it gets hot outside.
    I’m from those same southside streets that made the news recently, and most of those shorties prolly did that just to get a rep which is pretty sad 2 say in it self. But with all the damage that has been done by the Recession, tell me that y’all did not expect maugs 2 snap like they did a week ago. Parents aren’t raising their kids anymore, the streets and Waka Flocka Flame are raising them, and its pathetic.
    My city is in a state of emergency right now. People have lost or are losing jobs left and right,the unemployed still have bills to pay, local gov’t is talking about cutting educational funding and after school programs, and the a$$hole right above me wants to make this a racial issue (4 some reason, black president=non-blacks playing the race card now? WTF)when everybody across the board is fucked up, and my hood look like Haiti with all the foreclosures. Shiit, a twenty-something year old white girl jumped off an overpass onto I-94 Expressway last March and got her decapitated and dragged by an 18 wheeler. So this isn’t about the color of the culprits, this is about a combination of hopelessness, exstacy pills, and cheap pistols being at arms reach.
    @ Bol, St Louis ain’t exactly the OC itself bruh, its just everybody moved out of town before shit like this could go down.

    • young head

      dude, i get what your saying about the recession and shit but this killing has been gopin on since at least the 80′s strong. I don’t care what other races are doing, I have more to fear from other black dudes trying to get me than any white, asian, or norte. Shit with the government is bad but we’re killing each other just to do it now and that has to stop.


      I cosign wit u, the post knows nothing about chicago culture, we are violence, it aint got nothing 2do with the youth, music, and shorties around my hood dont wear tight pants, its our curse my genration,and the 1s b4 me help create a monster that gets biger&biger Sweet home Chicago!

      • DV8

        excuse me if im wrong but it sounds as if your proud of what is going on in your town.

        “We Are Violence” WTF is that?

        no shots….i just want to be clear on what your saying.

  • Sincere

    “This is not the 1990s. White people are already pissed off about universal health care.”


  • Smokey

    This shit is stupid man. It’s hurting people just to hurt people. No one gives a fuck anymore and anypne can get it. Kids are just rippen shit to do it to prove they can, but i guess thats the result of what those dumb shits were doing in the 80′s and 90′s. We got all the violence of the crack days with none of the direction, just random violence.


    Its a cold going one way,people another
    Poot, the wire

  • Chicago = Detroit

    They both were/are great cities but the ghettos took over and has/is destroying them. I listem to Gucci more and Waka a tiny bit and can tell you that I don’t act like a freaking crazy psyhco nut job. Please stop blaming the rappers for these dumb people. It’s there parents and there own faults of what they become. We/You need to stop pointing the finger at everyone else and take a look in the mirror at yourselves. Only the dumb people who are stupid as rocks are the ones doing this mayhem.

  • IB

    I guess 50 was right on that GRODT song:

    “In the hood summertime is the killin’ season
    its hot out this bitch,
    thats a good enough reason”




    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’10!!!!!

  • mav

    50 damn sho was right that happens every summer where im at in grap you get a bunch of hot ass mean muggin young intoxicated niggas and mix in some pistols and you gotta recipe 4 carnage mufuckas act tough in the summer 4 some reason
    we had about 6 shootings in 48 hours wit no one killed not too long ago its not enough positive leadership in the hood and thats been a problem since they took out the panthers in the 60s rappers had a chance to do it but look at the state of the game now…smfh its bananas best post i heard in awhile good shit byro

  • anutha_level

    sign o’ the times…these are the last days


    You can’t blame rap for shit. Waka Flocka should not be blamed for 40 people getting shot. Neither should Gucci. I’m from Atlanta and none of my friends or anyone I know are running around gettin shot up or doing the shooting. Even in the hood. Chicago has a lot of violence. It’s ridiculous. All the kids are so angry. and It is hopelessness. And whoever said it’s not about race is delusional. Wtf does a white girl killing herself from depression have to do with black youth killing each other over nothing? Black people are living in poverty and the majority of them will never make it out. Not saying that’s an excuse to kill, but something has to give soon. The government needs to crack down, cause I’m never going to Chicago and if I have to go, I don’t wanna get my ass shot while I’m minding my own damn business.

    • valdez

      i’m from baltimore, born and raised & it is very similar here. i believe we are right behind the chi as far as the the black on black shooting/killing is concerned. shit is really a shame man. my nephew was just stabbed and shot on easter ’10 over a fucking dirt bike.

      kids these days just don’t give a fuck. being as tho rap in general is so influential i believe rappers sre a part of the problem considering what it has become, HOWEVER they aren’t solely to blame. it is the parents and our leaders to blame. this society is to blame, but society is this way deliberately, not by chance as we all know.

      the TIs are culture creators. they are the reason society is the way it is. this is how they wanted it to be. this is how is HAS TO BE in order for us to willingly accept their “solution” (see: new world order).

      the term used to accurately describe what they’re doing is called pressure fom above & below. quite simple concept. thesis + antithesis = synthesis. or put in lamens: secretly and strategically create the problems for society on both ends and continue to intesify them. then eventually, provide your desired solution and society will accept it, whatever it is.

    • Double O

      Nobody is doing any shootings in ATL because you can’t risk getting AIDS blood on you with all the faggots there.

  • $yk

    Rap has been getting the blame. Remember C. Dolores Tucker?

    “The government needs to crack down”

    ^ that’s the LAST thing we need.

    “but i guess thats the result of what those dumb shits were doing in the 80’s and 90’s”

    “and the 1s b4 me help create a monster that gets biger&biger”

    ^ don’t forget those are the same people trying to holler and get the ‘hater’, ‘bitter old head’ labels.

  • Anonymous

    rise of the crack babies

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Hip-hop can’t be blamed for this because even when you listen to music by Wacka and Gucci, a lot of the shit is silly partying and follishness. Who the fuck gets inspired to kill a dude because of it. Its really like some of the people said, parents aren’t raising their children anymore. And it’s mainly because many young black children are born from single teenage mothers who are now burdened with a child to raise by themselves. When your burden with a responsibility are you going to do your best make sure it’s successful or do the bare minimum (feeding, clothing, and shelter). So when a kid grows up he’s not going to be taught morales from a parent who was too young and immature to raise a child herself. Of course they’re going to lack morality and respect for others. But that doesn’t excuse anyone the right to be a senseless killer.

    Sad to say it but the government does have to crack down on this. Let me say that throwing young, misguided black men in jail is not the best choice in helpig the situation. But people also need to remeber that aside from these young reckless black men their are black people who live in Chicago and are trying to get by. Its already bad enough for a black man and woman to live in pverty but to be in fear for some senseless young dude to shoot them with a stray bullet is redicules. I’m sorry but if your willing to hurt your own people who already have the world against them, then you should hit hard with whatever harsh punishment given to you. No stop the violence campaign can stop this because how many of those are done with and without rappers involvement. Severe force is sadly going to be needed. Not so much to influence many young black men to change their cat but to protect the innocent men, women, and children whose only crime was that they were forced to live in fucked up community with their own people.

  • Ryan B

    Rap Music as a Whole
    I ain’t never wrote no blog before… and I don’t claim to be some prophet like Nostradamus was, however I do feel that the genre of rap and hip hop music in it’s entirety is corrupt and on the verge of being closed as a whole. You have artists out here promoting violence, gang banging and lord knows what else to the masses of the youth. These artists however ninety five percent of the time do not realize the negative poison that they are promoting to the youth and the hip hop listeners as a whole. I always have had a love for rap music, but the truth is too many artists these days are promoting their music without a solid base of quality music. I have no problem with artists talking about what goes on in the streets, I’m not going into detail but I myself have been through and seen a many a problems many of these “so called street rappers” will never endure or go through. I believe if your going to glorify the drug dealings and the violence, then you should at least tell the consequences. I sometimes think about the times I’ll hear an artist, and his music is promoting nothing but violence but he knows damn fucking well he has never shot a gun, nor knew anybody who has been through the struggle of prison which is a consequence of the actions of violence at times. I’m not trying to ramble on anymore, all I’m saying is that if your going to promote violence and drug dealings in your raps, you should at least tell the negative reactions that can occur as a result of those actions. I am not in any way saying I am against those who make that type of music, because at the end of the day who am I to tell anybody that you must live a perfect life. There are many out there who must live by the codes of violence and other meanings simply to survive, and that is not their fault because they may have not been brought up with the financial means to survive through the nine to five rout in this country we live in. All I’m saying is the genre of hip hop needs a lift, and I hope we together we as artists can progress together to bring this genre of music back to where it needs to be, TO THE TOP.

  • giantstepp

    Last week here in DC some youngsta’s opened up a AK-47 on a crowd of people, hitting 10 and killing four, all teenagers. The driver of the van was 14,true story…with me pushing 40, I keep prefer to walk amongst men. Men are not trying to earn (hood) stripes and can talk out differences. The youngins are wild, high and strapped…not a good mix!

  • caino

    Man, Chicago is some crazy ass city!!

    Now do we really want to blame Hip-Hop for this? what about film violence, tv violence? Or how about these people take responsibility for their own actions?? (just a thought!)

  • Dime Magnet

    Yo this is a message that a new Drug Lord took over.

    I dont’ think its random.

    I give people, even dumbasses, more credit than that.

  • geico lizard

    “You can tell that the goal is mayhem for mayhem’s sake, because of those 40 people who got shot, only four of them were killed. I’m sure part of it’s that kids these days, like kids back in the day, are awful shots.”

    Just look at the NBA, Kobe will take 40 shots and score 20 points. These kids cant shoot worth shit now but as long as they look good doing it they dont give a fuck.

  • DV8


    “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It”

    Blame me

    [Chorus 1:]
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow flow flow
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow
    It’s R.A.W R.A.W

    [Verse 1:]
    You lookin’ at the grand wizard war lord vocal chord so vicious
    And I don’t have to show riches to pull up pull off with some bad bitches
    And it ain’t about chivalry
    It’s about dope lyrics and delivery
    It’s about my persona ain’t nothing like a man that can do wha he wanna
    Ain’t nothing like man on that you knew on the cornna
    See ‘em come up and fuck up the owna
    See ‘em throw up westside California
    Nigga I’m hot as phoenix Arizona
    I’m utah I got multiple bitches
    It’s a new law keep a hold of yo riches
    Dumb nigga don’t spend it as soon as you get it and recognize I’m a captain you a lieutenant

    [Chorus 2:]
    I can say what I want to say ain’t nohin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I call you a nigga ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    I can act like an animal ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I eat you like a cannibal ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it

    [Verse 2:]
    I’m raw as a dirty needle
    Choke an eagle
    Just to feed all my people
    Lyrically I’m so lethal
    Plant thoughts in they mind just to defeat you
    Ice Cube is a saga ya spit saliva
    And I spit lava
    I got the fearless flow
    Don’t get near this ho
    If you sacred to go
    I keep it gangsta and why should I change that fuck all you muthafukas tryin’ to change rap (Say what, say what?)
    But aren’t you the same cat that sat back when they brought cocaine back (Say what, say what?)
    I’m tryin’ to get me a may back how you muthafukas gonna tell me don’t say that
    You the ones that we learned it from I heard nigga back in 1971

    [Chorus 3:]
    So if I act like a pimp ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I call you a nappy headed hoe ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I shoot up your college ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I rob you of knowledge ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it

    [Verse 3:]
    Thank God when I bless the mic
    You finally get to hear the shit that you like
    A nigga talkin’ ’bout real life so you can try to get this shit right
    Use your brain not your back use your brain not a gat
    It’s a party not a jack(for real)
    Don’t be scared of them people
    Walk up in there and show them that you equal(fuck them, fuck them)
    And don’t be material a nigga grew up on milk and cereal
    I never forgot vaness and imperial
    Look at my life Ice Cube is a miracle
    It could be you if you was this lyrical
    It could be her if she was this spritual
    Cause me and allah go back like cronies
    I ain’t got to be fake cause he is my homie

    [Chorus 4:]
    If I sell a little crack ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I die in Iraq ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I take you for granted ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it
    If I fuck up the planet ain’t nothin’ to it gangsta rap made me do it

    [Chorus 1:]
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow flow flow
    You niggas know my pyrocalstic flow
    It’s R.A.W R.A.W

    Oh yeah and anotha thing for all ya niggas that don’t do gangsta rap
    Don’t get on tv talkin’ about gangsta rap
    Cause 9 times at of 10 you don’t know the fuck you ‘re talkin’ about
    Talk about that bullshit rap you do
    And stay the fuck out of mines

  • Jae Fatal

    this is just a case of sum yung bucks itchin to get some stripes. Yung ppl don’t really care these days. idk why!

  • P. Harris

    I can’t speak on Chicago, I don’t know about Chicago, except for what I hear on the news… and I don’t even trust the agenda setting media, at all.

    But, it’s not just centralized in Chicago. The young bucks across the nation are acting wild and ire. North, South, East, West, it seems that the black youth, and I’m not saying all of them, are idolizing this gangster, get props, get respect, get money, sell drugs, be real, type manifesto.

    I don’t really know what to say about it. But, we need a revolution. Not like the ones that preceded us in time, but something that will change the way these young people think. The thing is that I don’t feel like they have something to follow that is positive and popular. Everybody wants to be a gangster.

  • Candid BACKshotS

    TOP reasons too many black cities are F*cked UP
    1. Drug users/ Drug dealers
    2. Declining morals in our society
    3. RAP MUSIC
    4. Parents who aren’t worth a sh*t

    Ultimately, it comes down to the individual person. You know wrong from right. That young bastard who takes a gun and shoots the next man knows that is wrong, right? do they know?

  • faye

    People raise your own kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and don’t blame nobody for your family issues.