The People Who Like Your Music Just Want to Hear Your Voice

Some people are looking at my solo album, Tanya Morgan Presents: Don Cusack in High Fidelity, as the group breaking up or something. This is nowhere near the case. Actually, this is the part of the Tanya Morgan group process that usually goes unseen; that lapse between albums is usually filled with solo collaborations and hunting for inspiration.

Oddly enough, doing solo material is not really different than doing group material. We each submit song ideas and demos to the group, which ultimately means that certain songs on a Tanya Morgan album actually belongs to a specific group member. For instance, “She’s Gone” (Brooklynati) and “Ode to Tanya” (Moonlighting) were both my song submissions to the group.

Even when touring, we hit the road together as a unit, meaning I’m not alone on that front either. Not much of a solo career when you size it up, huh?

Much to the contrary it is. As opposed to submitting ideas to the group, I am left to my own devices for the album’s duration this time around. One of the hardest parts of being solo for me is conjuring ideas that I feel are worthy of expansion. At times it’s a lot easier to add on to a suggested topic than it is to find an idea that I don’t instantly get bored with after a few bars.

I’m pretty critical of my art and at times require more of it than necessary, simply because I know people are listening now. Von Pea said something to me that I still hold on to, which is, “The people who like your music just want to hear your voice.”

This statement goes two ways. Yeah, they simply wanna hear your vocal tone but they also want your take on subjects from the rehashed to the innovative. They just want you to speak. They want to support. That doesn’t mean give them anything, it just means give them something.

With that said I prefer being in a group. I started my rapping as a member of a group in college and I just love the bouncing of ideas and the energy of creation. However, being in a group lends itself to being a soloist because there are times where having personal creative space is extremely valuable.

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  • Jamal7Mile

    Solo was my comfort zone. I enjoyed my group setting though. We had fun. However, we clashed at times. There were two producers with two different styles – I didn’t always like his beats and he didn’t like all of mine. And there’s nothing worse than rapping on a beat that you aren’t feeling. Also, there were seven MC’s with a hundred and one ideas for song and concepts. That posed a problem at times, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

    That was back in the mid-90′s. I haven’t made a beat since 2000 when I gotta “real” job. Fast-forward 10 years, I’m kinda hungry to get back into it.

    “At times it’s a lot easier to add on to a suggested topic than it is to find an idea that I don’t instantly get bored with after a few bars.” – Donwill

    Yep, I agree with this. It was beneficial to be in a group and be able to continue whatever the previous verse was – at times.

    Good post.

    • JEROD

      I’d say get back to your beats homie. It doesn’t mean you have to quit your “Real” job…. whatever that is. I’d say do as much as possible to counter act the depressive effects of your “REAL” job.

  • EmCDL

    Never really been in a group setting before (not yet anyway), but working solo seems better for me in the long run. I like to collaborate here and there, because collaboration is a good way to learn from other people and become a better musician, both you and the person you are working with. Other than that, solo for this guy….

  • Hanch

    Great Post and I can totally see where he is coming from about being in a group compared to being a Solo Artist. I have enjoyed these all week long this has been one of the better Guest Bloggers that XXL has had on here. I didnt know a whole lot about Tanya Morgan before this blog and I will be checking out their music alot more now that I have read this.

    Great Posts All Week
    Thanks Donwill

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