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“This is a problem?” — Rick Ross on the fact that many hip-hop videos feature ethnically ambiguous models with light skin and long hair

Remember the video of that hoodrat who was butthurt over the fact that there weren’t more dark butts in the video for Wale’s “Pretty Girls?” She claimed to be particularly offended, as a Jamaican woman, even though she appeared to be about as Jamaican as Bob Marley. Towards the end of the video she mentioned that she was working on a documentary about colorism amongst video hoes. I saw where part one hit the Internets a week or so ago, but I never got around to having a look. I was reminded just now, when I saw that part two hit the Internets.

With all due respect, past and present, and without further… to do, five things I learned watching Complexion Obsession: A Hip Hop Documentary.

1) Melyssa Ford is the highest paid video ho. This isn’t really discussed in the film, it just says so on the chyron, or whatever it’s called, while Melyssa Ford is giving her opinion on why dark butts can’t make it in rap videos. I wonder if Melyssa Ford specifically requested that be included. Also, I wonder how it was determined that Melyssa Ford is the highest paid video ho. Do video hoes have actual rates that they charge, like pr0n chicks, and Melyssa Ford’s is the highest? Or is that based on a cumulative sum that she’s received over the course of her career? Which would make sense, given that she’s got to be older than a motherfucker, at this point. However, she does look fine as shit in this video.

1.5) Dollicia Bryan’s great-grandmother was in slavery. This is almost certainly not true. I’m just pointing it out to give you an idea of the kind of intellects we’re dealing with here.

2) Show mag is created by and for video hoes. You guys know I’ve been obsessed with Show magazine ever since I received an email from a suitcase pimp, the guy who sold Amber Rose to Kanye West, with pictures of one of his hoes in Show. She had a body like a brick shithouse. Later, I found an actual issue of Show at a Borders, and I came thisclose to buying it, even though it would have been embarrassing, in that it’s not like I could front like I was buying it for the articles. Come to find out, the editor in chief of Show magazine is either a video ho herself, or she just so happens to look like a High Society version of Gabrielle Union, with tits out to here. At any rate, the fact alone that she’s a black woman gives the lie to the idea that it’s society’s fault that dark butts aren’t more successful video hoes. She could feature nothing but dark butts in her magazine, if she wanted to.

3) Light skinted is anything lighter than a very dark paper bag. Like the soggy paper bag you’d get from Jack in the Box, if you ordered nothing but selections from the drunk menu. Complexion Obsession is filled with images from ho-filled rap videos, which makes it way easier to watch than it would be otherwise (coincidence?), and one thing I notice is that the abundance of women who are supposed to be so light skinted aren’t really that light skinted. I’m pretty sure I could even more light skinted women, if I were in charge of casting hoes for rap videos. (Which I should be.) The only video ho clearly presented as a dark butt is Bria Myles (who comes off as surprisingly nice and well-spoken), who’s been in a shedload of rap videos but complains that she could never be in an Ursher video. So in other words, all but the crispiest of dark skinted black chicks are light skinted.

4) It’s hard to see a dark skinted woman from a distance. I’m no expert on optometry, and I’m damn near blind, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true. But I’m sure it seemed true to Cassidy when he said. Maybe he meant at night. To represent the rappers themselves, Complexion Obsession features interviews with Rick Ross, Cassidy, and… wait for it, Paul Wall – none of whom come off well. but Cassidy is easily the most amusing. The amusing thing about Cassidy, other than his 5x white tee (I wonder if he gets a good deal), is that it’s hard to tell if he’s criticizing the eurocentric concept of beauty presented in rap videos, of if he’s merely articulating the eurocentric concept of beauty presented in rap videos. He says something to the effect of, “The reason more light skinted women are cast in rap videos is because light skinted women are more similar to white women,” and right when he gets to the part where you might think he’d say, “and that’s racist, because white women aren’t necessarily better than black women,” he just kinda stops. But it’s hard to say what he meant by that, because he’s kinda retarded.

5) Children are born racist. Have you ever seen that video where little kids are presented with a set of two dolls, one white and one black, and told to pick the prettier, and they always, without fail, regardless of their race, pick the white one? It’s been around since forever, and I’m pretty sure it was featured not too long ago in another one of these documentaries preying a lonely black woman’s wounded self-esteem. I seem to vaguely recall seeing it on World Star, but it’s hard for me to remember anything on World Star that doesn’t have nudity in it. Complexion Obsession features its own doll test, both with little kids and with adults. Surprisingly, even the adults pick the white doll, but they claim it’s because Mattel or whatever doesn’t know how to make cute black dolls. I’m more concerned with the kids, and whether or not they really were born racist. That’s long been my suspicion, based on the way some babies look at me at the BGM. A scientist might need to look into that.

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  • DV8

    Show magazine is the shit and there are dark skinned girls in there.

    Who still watches rap videos? All them video hoes is gonna be out of work soon enough. Then they all will be in the dark (HA).

  • Brahsef

    “who comes off as surprisingly nice and well-spoken”

    Probably my favorite saying white sports announcers will say about a black athlete. Always sounds so condescending and ignorant at the same time.


    So what’s point to this post?There’s really no place to see a decent hip hop video anyways if any exist now.XXL please bring back Ron Mex because Bol isn’t do anything but rewriting shit that he has already written in the past and he’s becoming quite stale.

  • The Unknown

    Are you serious? These b!tches are fighting for equality amongst video ho’s? Shouldn’t they not want to become a video ho? Where is the fight in that? Mothers, train your daughters to respect themselves and others. Then you will not care who is in videos, dark or light.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    This is a topic/blog for the women.

    There should be at least 25 to 30 comments right now from women.

    Us guys always have this conversation and stick up for the unspoken women, now it’s your turn.

    ‘Pute that ‘puter…

  • http://www.mikestreezy.com Mike Streezy

    Gotta agree with The Unknown on this one! Interesting though. I might check the video.
    Click on my name.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    there’s to many variables to hold one as the cheif reason dark skin black women are not featured in videos.

    Much stems from how black women came to be in American and the way they’re portraed in videos, movies and t.v.

    It’s doesn’t help that many ghetto or unlearned black women are speaking for all black women as if all black women think, taste, desire or live the same.

    For every video hoe there is a Rice or Oprah who works hard and respects herself.

    Since men treat women like cattle anyways of course the real feelings toward dark skin women will come out alienating them as if dark skin is yucky.

    Dark skin women should fight to get on in other areas. How can I respect a woman if her fight is to be the dominate hoe in a rap video? Priorities=FAIL

  • Deadly MIME

    I also have to cosign with The Unknown here. Why girls even care that they’re arent many dark skinned girls in the videos? So the goal in life being a young black female nowadays is to either be on welfare, get pregnant, and to be a videhoefessinal (LOL Kanye!)? I mean seriously I don’t find this a big issue. I love all my black sistas even though sometimes they do make me upset sometimes. Nevertheless, young black women need to stop worrying about being validated from a nigga that wants to bone instead of trying to get into her mind. This has inspired me to do my own blog now. Maybe even a YouTube vid. myspace.com/deadlymimemusic

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I love dark butts!! With that being said, it all started way back in slavery and then perpetuated through the media. Look at the fuckin tv or the magazine covers. Not to mention that blacks are our own worst enemies. There’s been so much “intraracial” discrimination over the years, it’s disgusting.

  • Avenger XL

    I will have to check the video out. But I will have to say that there are fewer Dark skinned women in videos because there is still a underlying current of bias created by society against these sort of folks and they may have more traditional black features which is also a part of the same reasoning I mentioned above. It isn’t like Dark skinned women aren’t desired its just that through years of programming from birth and the media telling you what beauty is they get pushed out. If you have too many black facial features you may be considered unattractive because of this conditioning. When you get to your run of the mill black picture pron mags especially the ones that probably end up in prisons there is more of a variety but in mainstream america the highest ideal of beauty is still a blue eyed blonde haired well tanned chick. Every other group has to play to this spectrum or end up in the “” exotic beauty catagory i.e. colonialist conquer fantasy of the locals that look close to white but have a light perminate tan etc….

    So the bottom line is these magazines are selling fantasy not reality so they go out get the fantasy that sells the most mags.

    • valdez

      ^^damn son. couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t care just don’t start makin videos with flat ass chicks the norm. Pyrex vision gets a pass for having them naked, but save the nalgas and tatas you take that away and videos will be obsolete. You might say is sexist or whatever but nobody’s twisting nobody’s arm in fact they cashing those checks so don’t be mad if you’re a lady in fact I respect you more but don’t get mad at the ones that get theirs the fast way the tits and ass way cuz at the end of the day you gonna get treated according to how you carry yourself no matter how you make your living.

  • raazi36

    “dark butts”…Sh!t makes me laugh

  • http://none h to the izzo

    lol’d so hard when you called cassidy retarded


    bol you killing it but the problem with the world. is just look in movies good is always shown in light colors. evil must always be in dark colors. no kids are scared to run outside in the daytime but are afraid of that same space when it’s dark.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    To me its a matter of confidence and what the parents and or guardians instilled in thier female child from birth up. If you allow your darker child to view them selves as inferior or worst encourage it by paying constant attention to hair, skin color, eye color and other areas that darker women are made to feel inferior in. Then you will produce a weak, child with low self esteem that will view themselves in those terms and that view point will permeate into every part of their life. I see plenty of super sexy, fine dark skin women that have really low self esteem because of this. This produces a girl who, will just “do braids” instead of trying to hook thier hair up. Will seek attention from men by being overtly sexual or lowering themselves because they feel they have to do these things to attract a man. They dont feel confident about themselves so they may over eat, or wear either tom boyish clothes or not so stylish clothes. But then you come across a dark skin women that has the same level of confidence as any other woman, and she dresses, acts, talks and walks the part. And they do it so convincingly that her skin color or what ever does not even register. Got to teach um early.

    • avenger xl

      The self-esteem is also effected by what social ideals of beauty is. After years of being told your too black word to Saul Williams “black Stacy”. It sips into your physce even if you are a strong willed person. We are all effected or infected as the case may be by the society we live in. The idea is to get well like with any other sickness.

  • hmm

    Sorry, but I would never let you cast my video hoes, ever. Mainly because I wouldn’t want my videos to be full of nothing but lolitas and buttaface white women.


  • caino

    Bol in charge of video hoes…..it would end up like when Vito Corleone sent his son Freddy to Las Vegas in the Godfather, he would trying to fuck them 4 at a time! lol

  • boozec

    This is a problem? That shit had my dying. Watching this shitty video. Cassidy really is a dumbass.

  • geico lizard

    “Come to find out, the editor in chief of Show magazine is either a video ho herself, or she just so happens to look like a High Society version of Gabrielle Union, with tits out to here.”

    Lets hope she is half as slutty as gabby union is. I think Unions violent past has caused her to not care who she gives her body to or what marriage she breaks up. Gabby is so articulate its a break from the usual Tyler Perry negro tap dancers ensemble.

  • DownSouth

    Yeah it’s krayzie how skin tone is still an issue nowadayz. To me, it’s all about having a nice looking symmetrical face, nice hair that fits, smooth skin, and nice clothes. Skin tone wouldn’t matter.


  • http://www.youtube.com/pharris27610 P. Harris

    What happened to women just being fine… it’s the qualities and facial features that make a woman fine… not her complexion…

    it’s simple really… and it’s all opinion based… and like Bol said, paper bag brown is lightskinned to some people…

  • Chilly Willy

    I’m damn near blind

    So it does really blind you ! hhhmmmm……