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Rick Ross, The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection

Rick Ross
The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection

Beats: L
Lyrics: XL
Originality: L

It’s been less than a year since Rick Ross released his introspective third album, Deeper Than Rap. Now the Miami rap kingpin has concocted a quick fix for fans of his drug-laced rap tales. On his latest mixtape, The Timeless Audemars Piguet Collection—a nod to the Swiss luxury watch company—the Bawse creates an impressive compilation of recent guest verses, freestyles and solo joints to help drum up interest for his forthcoming album, Teflon Don.

While there aren’t many surprises in terms of new product, Ross gets the job done by continuing to show a perfection of his melodic, well-paced delivery. As a result, he sounds just as comfortable boasting about big cribs and blowing money on the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League-produced “Veterans Day” as he does calling out the Grammys for failing to recognize him over Beyoncé’s “Video Phone.” Whether he’s aggressively attacking the 808s on Trae’s hard-hitting “Inkredible” or getting loose on the club-friendly “Poppin’ Bottles,” Ross tailors his flow to fit any mood.

Because Ross crams so many verses onto the tape, it leaves songs like “All I Do Is Win” and “Fed Up” from DJ Khaled’s new album, Victory, awkwardly shoe-horned into the mix. But thankfully, the mixtape’s best track, “Mafia Music 2,” helps Ross get back on the right foot. Over soulful production from upstarts The Olympiks, he analyzes the gangster lifestyle and sounds genuinely surprised at his own rise through the ranks: “Lamborghinis were figments of my imagination/Whoever figured the figures this figure would be making.” If nothing else, TTAPC confirms that Ross is putting out some of the most notable verses, currently, and is ascending to untouchable heights as an MC . —Chris Yuscavage

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  • Ally G

    “he analyzes the gangster lifestyle and sounds genuinely surprised at his own rise through the ranks”

    Enough Said, Fake ass Po-po

    • http://hdcmfm young smiley

      No matter what u say about rick ross u cant deny that he is a great lyricist he’s one of the best lyricist in the game

      • bullets

        whoa nelly!!!! rick ross makes good music but chill with all that best lyracist in the game bs you dont listen to a lot of lyracist if you think this niga is or is one of the best you must be a lil wayne fan

  • Ally G

    Hope Those LV’s are original Dont want XXL’s punk ass gettin sued again RoFl, Why Those XXL promote Fake Rap

  • joe

    “Ross…is ascending to untouchable heights as an MC”

    Statements like this show that when we say ‘hip hop is dead’, it doesnt just refer to rappers.

    Journalists are not even journalists…smh wtf kinda fluff is that?!

    • P81

      @ joe

      dont you get how the world works?

    • bullets

      i thought i was the only person that noticed that they is an all around decay in society it shows in music,sports and journalism i used to hate gucci man and soulja boy well still do but it aint them it’s the people people have been dumbed down

  • yoprince

    ross is dope..

    but this.. “untouchable heights as an MC”

    hyperbole much?

  • PHD

    I’m sorry…
    isn’t he still a lying ex-corrections officer with a really good, almost Fat Joe-like, ability to choose beats?

  • Gift

    niggas can say what they want, but ross on the mic is solid. Dude gets better on the flow with each project. I ain’t knocken nobody’s opinion. Just stating mine.

    • MidWest Grindin

      Ross sucks. He has the most boring voice and delivery in the history of hip-hop. Everytime i hear a Rick Ross song, i find myself nodding off. Only thing that keeps me awake is because the beat is usually hot. How many different ways can you talk about cocaine? Let’s see how many albums he has left…

      • http://yahoo.com peter njuguna

        ricky is the best lyrist in da world he got swagga and flow what u sayin.i know he,s money

  • Anonymous

    yea ross the notorious big of my days. him and yo gotti the only rappers that really catch my ear.They dont just rap about anything. they stay on subject and dont try to be too creative with their styles like most rappers nowadays.dats y i fuck wit dem

    • bullets

      so you dont like rappers to be creative ??? then why listen to music or pay for something that you could say your fucking self i dont understand you nigas and stop callin rick ross biggie thats blasphemy!!! Yo gotti niga please yall nigas confuse hot songs with talented artists not the same game….. rick ross is talented love his music but he only raps about a drug he didnt sell i bet money your from the south/ you relate to phonies i guess

  • kedordu

    ross is going no where . no one is making this kinda music . so he gotta . jay z opened the gates with american gangsta .. this is grown man ignorant shit . over 30s gangster rap . its a newish genre . but boom bap just dont cut it for us . clipse , raekwon and ross are doing this .

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    How dare you put a real ass nigga like Yo Gotti in the category w/ the C.O.(plus P) William Roberts? He makes wonderful music, but nothing about his image is drawn from anything factual.

  • ckBone

    Man stop hating on this nigga, so what the nigga had a fuckin job!!!All these so hard niggas on here we see yall every thurs. night on the First 48, snicthing after the boys offer yall a soda, a sguare and a bag of chips so stop trying to live yall life through these rap niggas!!!! THEY ALL LYING, the nigga put out some good listen’n. Lying about what you do, did, gonna do been a part of this shit since The first rap recording, so get over it, hip hop been dead before Nas got yall to start jeffin. As far as his music the nigga does his thing. thats all that count. Its so many rap niggas that cant fuck with him, but when thy post that shit, You would think God just touchd down. He aint my no 1 Mc but he can spit, lyin about his life or not.

    • CANNON

      I feel ya Bone, I dont think catts realize this shit is only entertainment. Its like they say, “Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear”

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    All of that other side sh*t pushed out of the way, I have this mixtape and it does NOT warrant an XL rating.

    I would agree with ‘L’.

    • Capital G

      Careful $yk, too much truth and your comment gets moderated. XXL = 1984, word to Orwell.

  • c_realla

    big up to the real freeway rick ross, not this lame ass excuse for a rapper. i thought he was supposed to be shooting a dunking donuts commercial with his fat ass. rawse

  • kedordu


  • czar


    • Jay Oh

      Lloyd Banks sold 71 albums this year. That ought to tell you something.

      Lloyd Banks ain’t killing nothing but time.

  • tommy gunz

    lol @ the state of hiphop when pig rawse is reaching “untouchable heights as an mc”

  • http://twitter.com/IAmHopp Yung Hopp

    What I think is mad funny is how the people that agree with the rating got something to say about it.

    The people who don’t, quickly find it easier to just throw a connection at the state of hip hop than actually saying something useful.

    Gotta love this people who wanna talk about the state of hip hop and talk shit about jornalists without even saying something that worth reading in the first place …

  • kedordu

    it obvious tho that this chris vashavage guy doesnt know what hes talking about . he gave banks L XL L and overall L . he also gave ross L , XL , L and his overall was xl . im beginning to think this guy is just a bitch .


    More garbage from a weak ass rapper,not to mention a fake one at that. I can definitely see his cd cases and cds gettin used as weed trays and beer coasters in the near future. His time is limited thank god.

    Oh and your stupid if you think a real dude like Kuniva aka MR. Porter would fuck with this lame.
    Somethins really wrong with the rap game when this dude is gettin a xxl, he must be paddin pockets.
    Oh and last but not least of course rappers lie but when you lie on the level he did and still does it is a whole different story. He aint street in the at all, if Eminem or Jay-Z or 2Pac had a story come out about them bein a cop before they started rappin and all that they say had no credibility do you think everybody would be cool with it? No of course not.

    Quit gettin brainwashed by this dude man what has this rap game came to, the saddest part about it is there are real dudes who rap that fuck with him still,must be cuz they know he still sells records to people who cant separate the fact from fiction and rappin from entertainment.

  • bullets

    i like ross ima check this tape out but it’s crazy how people just regress nigas saying zro and yo gotti the best rappers like what fucking planet are you people born on where has the ill rhyme gone do you people really not know how to the difference between a hot song and a quality one let me give you an example lil wayne has 50,000 songs and features kanye west has 4500 good quality songs !!!!!

  • Keegz

    Kanye West good quality songs? Ross an “untouchable MC?” and one of the “best lyricists in the game?” Liking rappers because they aren’t creative? Comparisons to Biggie? Anybody who says that is a fucking asshole, don’t disrespect his memory like that. Some of the comments I read here have led me to the conclusion hip hop is in fact dead, these fake ass rappers put out garbage and fan boys tell them they are on the level of Biggie and a great lyricist.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=71899 knc

    how does this get an xl but the willie and boaz mixtape only got a large WTF!!!!!

  • http://thisis50.com thedudeace

    how the hell does this tape get a review?? smh fuck this cop

  • kenny


  • http://www.myspace.com/rjd1prince RJ The Prince

    Ross is killin’em lyrically. No matter what you feel about the man personally. You can’t deny good music. Point Blank.