Release Therapy – The 2010 Album Wish List

It’s spring again, everybooody knows it’s spring agaaaain…” —The Diabolical Biz Markie, 1989

Don’t you like when the winter’s gone and the record labels start releasing brand new songs?

Pardon, me, I had to get my Biz Markie on for a second!

I can’t front, these cold NYC months have had me stuck in a rut—trekking through snow and slush-filled streets, confined to a North Face and working in an industry that basically shuts itself down.

As an editor at the world’s greatest rap mag (this is an undisputed fact, right?), I draw so much of my inspiration from the music. We’ve had a couple of joints over the last few months, like Gucci’s The State Vs. Radric Davis (you can’t front even if Gucci ain’t your cup o’ tea, “Lemonade” goes kinda hard, but I admit I slept at first) and the Young Money compilation (there’s a couple of joints on there). I also can’t forget about Jake One and Freeway’s Stimulus Package— slept on, but bangin’.

But with the weather getting warmer, and the music business picking up (I hope), I’m looking forward to new music. First on my most wanted list is Rick Ross’s Teflon Don, and before y’all get all hateful, the fact of the matter is that Deeper Than Rap was the best album of 2009. Okay, maybe that’s just my opinion, but you gotta admit it was top 3.

I’m also pretty excited to hear Kanye’s post-808s & Heartbreak. I’m pretty sure he’s sticking with the Good Ass Job theme, so it should be interesting. Of course Drake’s album is a must cop, even if it’s just to satisfy the curiosity.

I’m also hoping some of our 2010 Freshman alum get release dates, particularly J. Cole and Nipsey Hu$$le. I’ve all just about given up on Detox. Is that fucked up? Maino is on a roll with his last couple of leaks. “Bring It Back DJ,” “Ga Ga Ga,” and “Retaliate” are all bangers! And the Brooklyn in me wants the upcoming Red Café album to be ILL! I mean Izar is as hot as he has ever been, if he can’t get a release date now something is serious wrong with this game.

What are some of the releases that y’all are looking forward too? Seriously I have a feeling that 2010 is gonna be a dope year for hip-hop. —Rob Markman, The Deputy!

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  • westcoaster

    No love for Relapse 2? Or did you just forget about it?? mos def the most anticipated album for this year, by far, (unless Detox actually comes out/gets a release date) also R.E.D. should be bangin’

    • Rob Markman

      I wasn’t into Relapse so much, so I’m not really anticipating Relapse 2. Of course when it drops I will give it a listen, before I can actually judge though.

  • G-$liCe

    You’re straight tweakin. Rick ross ain’t even in the top 10. But I’m looking forward to Em’s new relapse, T.I.’s CD and also Shynes return back to the game.

    • Eric

      I guess the 50 cent/shady/aftermath/g-unit dick riders are out!

  • Wallman

    B.o.B – Adventures Of Bobby Ray. That’s what i’m waiting for!

  • Jon Dog

    Yez, yez! Rick Ross was garbage dude, and so was Gucci, Damn!!!

    Eminem – Relapse 2
    Bone Thugs – Uni5 – The World’s Enemy
    Tech N9ne – The Ollie Gates Mixed Plate
    Ice Cube – I Am The West
    T.I’s New One
    Kanye West – Good Ass Job
    Murs & 9th Wonder – Forever
    Cypress Hill – Rise Up
    Cognito – Automatic
    Devin The Dude – Suite #420
    B.O.B. – The Adventures Of Bobby Ray
    Krizz Kaliko – Shock Treatment
    Brotha Lynch Hung – Dinner And A Movie (WICKED)
    Big Boi – Sir Luscious Left Foot
    Naughty By Nature’s new one (Could be a rumour)
    Nas & Damian Marley – Distant Relatives
    Chamillionaire – Venom
    Obie Trice’s new One
    D12′s new one

    Dre already said we ain’t gettin’ Detox this year, OF COURSE!!!

    Fuck Drake and all those lame ass freshman. Nipsey’s might be worth a listen, but that’s about it.

  • No Name

    Well…Reggie, Wu-Massacre, Relapse 2, and to a lesser extent Lasers and the Bobby Ray debut. But that’s just about it. Detox isn’t coming out for another two years at least.

  • Fon Z

    hold up Rick Ross Top 3?? Hell muthafuckin no!

    Anywayz, da albums to look out for are….
    ICE CUBE – I Am The West
    Kanye West – Good Ass Job
    Ludacris – Ludaversal
    Game – Red Album
    Dr Dre – Detox

    I heard Common, 50 & Eminem might also be droppin an album, if so then these r other great artists to look out for…

  • CrunchyBlack187

    Lookin forward to Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives album, although I’d much prefer a solo album from Nas. Wu-Massacre should be good also. Can’t think of any others.

  • Syler

    Did you say Lemonade goes kinda hard? Kill Yourself.

    • Swordz


      Yes he did.

      He claimed “lemonade” went HARD.


      On a Serouis note – there should be some sort college degree that should have to take before commenting on the culture.

      It’s a real disgrace when bloggers/writers
      1) Don’t know shit about the music
      2) Aren;t actually in the culture
      3) Are taking in the ass for label mates and pushing industry favors.

      Respect for the game >>>>>>> ROB MARKMAN

      • j

        What are you… about 15 Rob?

  • Da Jenius

    The albums I’m looking forward to: 1. LASERS-Lupe Fiasco 2. Good Ass Job- Kanye West 3. Thank Me Later- Drake 4. Jay-Z’s new album 5. Teflon Don- Rick Ross

    • KS

      i was waiting for somebody to say LASERS. knew i couldnt be the only one. thats #1 on my list.

  • Hey Syler

    Why don’t you do yourself in, you waste of sperm. Telling people to kill themselves over having an opinion is wacko-crazy you goofy clown.

  • qp

    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
    B.O.B. – The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Big Boi – Sir Luscious Leftfoot, the Son of Chico Dusty
    J. Cole’s debut album (hopefully it drops this year)
    Eminem – Relapse 2
    Kanye West – Good Ass Job
    KiD CuDi – Cudder
    Common – The Believer (Isn’t it suppose to drop this year?)

    • General

      Co-sign on all qp’s picks…

      Along with:
      Rick Ross
      Ice Cube
      Ludacris-hopefully his next one drops before the end of the year
      Joe Budden
      Joell Ortiz
      Stat Quo
      Obie Trice
      Crooked I
      Slaughterhouse-I want another CD

  • Deadly MIME

    Really? Rick Ross the best album of 09? IDK bout that one. But anyways, I’m looking forward to Kanyes new shit if he comes out with it. I was a lil disappointed by 808 but it was ight. I’m also looking forward to Chamillionaires, Mos Def, and Commons if he comes out. Other than that, me and my group tryin to come out this year as well. Plus other than those ppl I listed hip-hop this year is gonna be a flop just like last year and the year before that.

  • Anonymous


  • hiphopsavedmylife



    i wanna hear that B.O.B., Teflon Don, the new T.I. (of course, his’ll prAli come around this summer ), Sir Luscious Leftfoot (damn, thats a funny ass name), new Drizzy, fuck it! i even wanna hear some shit from Lloyd Banks now that he’s found his way outta Canada, some new Ludacris, J mutha fucking Cole needs 2 drop one this year man C’MON (i’ll even settle for a new mixtape, just something new), Thug Motivation 103 (his’ll prAli come around fall or b4), & it wouldn’t hurt to get a new Nas joint either.


      oh yeah, Kanye’s a given. i would like some new T-Pain club shit (yeah)(wait, or not), & i’m gonna cop that new Usher to serenade my ladies with (yeah).

  • 6ix

    1. Reflection Eternal – Revs per minute
    2. Rae, Meth, and Ghost- Wu Massacre
    3. Nas & Jr Gong- Distant Relatives
    4. Common – Believer
    5. J. Cole & Common (not sure if released this year.)Nuff said

    • nick

      yeaaah, reflection eternal

  • Dj Point

    Young Jeezy 103
    Nas and D Marley
    Lupe F
    Rick Ross

    Top 5 albums of 2010!!!!

  • Kid Pistol

    Completely disagree on Rick Ross being hot, and a complete 180 on the fact that Lemonade went ‘kinda hard’. That is some corny ass, modernized, dumbed down music. I agree on Freeway and Jake One’s project being overlooked, however.

  • bdogg

    ya’ll sleep on that new 40 water… co-sign Lupe, Rick Ross, and Wu… i think Bone fell off… FUCK DRAKE!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    Rae Ghost and Meth anything else I could care less. I’m not gonna cop T.I. because I will get tired of it by the time radio is done with it.

    How much do Rick Ross and Gucci pay for you to big up their albums? I mean Lemonade? Young Money? Seriously? That shit right there gave me a Benzino/Source flashback

    By the way I’m thru with Detox, maybe that was the whole point of the title everybody stopped fiendin for it.

  • RedBlue

    Relapse 2 and the new D12 album

  • Snoop

    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
    Kanye West – Good Ass Job
    J. Cole
    B.O.B – The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Young Jeezy – TM103
    Drake – Thank Me Later

  • Rap”4

    Cant wait for Relapse 2.Half the album will be Just Blaze.It will be a classic.

  • matty21

    T . I . come on, how can u leave dat out… gotta be one of da most anticipated releases of da year, or in a while period…. Looking for da K I N G

  • matty21

    and def. relapse 2, new kayne, n lookin forward to jeezy 4sure

  • Anonymous

    Eminem-Relapse 2
    Lupe Fiasco-Lasers
    B.o.B-The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Wu Massacre
    Kanye West-Good Ass Job
    Common-The Believer
    Jeezy-Thug Motivation 103
    Game-The R.E.D. Album
    new T.I.
    New Kid Cudi
    New Asher Roth
    J. Cole debut
    Drake-Thank Me Later
    50 Cent-Black Magic
    Big Boi-Sir Lucious Leftfoot
    Stat Quo-Statlanta
    Ice Cube-I Am the West
    Jay-Z if it drops
    Dr. Dre if it drops

  • Optimus_Rhyme

    Eminem-Relapse 2
    Lupe Fiasco-Lasers
    B.o.B-The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Wu Massacre
    Kanye West-Good Ass Job
    Common-The Believer
    Jeezy-Thug Motivation 103
    Game-The R.E.D. Album
    new T.I.
    New Kid Cudi
    New Asher Roth
    J. Cole debut
    Drake-Thank Me Later
    50 Cent-Black Magic
    Big Boi-Sir Lucious Leftfoot
    Stat Quo-Statlanta
    Ice Cube-I Am the West
    Jay-Z if it drops
    Dr. Dre if it drops

  • Jerod

    I can’t stand gucci. Lemonade remixes were fun to listen to though. Big Sean killed it in my op.

  • jman

    i like the lists ppl are makin, but are ppl forgetin bun b and the pimp ???

    bun b- trill OG
    young jeezy- TM103
    Drake- Thank Me Later
    Reflection Eternal- 2010 RPM
    Lupe- Lasers

  • Jae Fatal

    1. Kanye- Good Ass Job
    2. Whatever the hell Wiz Khalifa is gon’ be puttin out
    3. 50 Cent- Black Magic

    and MAYBE the Luda and Game joints…

    errybody else can suck a fat one.


    E-40′s “Revenue Retrievin Night Shift and Day Shift”… Double Disk. Droppin Next Week.

    Brotha Lynch Hung’s…”Dinner and a Movie”. this album got some heat. MEAT is a banger.

    & of Course. Relapse 2.

    Maybe that new RED album.

    Maybe that new Banks album

  • jonny bizness

    It’s got 2 be jcoles debut 4 me i’ve not heard a wack verse yet defo kayne i think he is gonna drop another classic.b.o.b debut should b dope can’t wait 2 hear that as well as drake that album will get mad spins everywhere b4 the summer is out as 4 ross rob u r right d.t.r was one of the best albums of last yr but the leaks so far have not moved me maybe a little bit of over saturation on ross part.i don’t know bout relapse 2 either me personally relapse was not a great album more gimmicky cartoon shit i just ain’t into that.last but not least jay electronica he has it fuck a radio single with a rnb singer i know he has it in him 2 make a classic illmatic style!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    #1 on my listt


  • P. Harris

    David Banner and 9th Wonder – D.O.A.P.S.(Death Of A Pop Star)

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    Tha Carter IV
    Nicki Minaj’s album
    Thank Me Later
    Relapse 2
    D12′s album
    Bizarre’s album
    Obie Trice’s album
    Cashis’s album
    Black Magic
    Lloyd Banks’ album
    The R.E.D. Album
    The Chemo
    T.I.’s album
    The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Good Ass Job
    Kid Cudi’s album
    Distant Relatives
    Jay-Z’s album
    J. Cole’s album
    Thug Motivation 103
    Ne-Yo’s album
    Rihanna’s album

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  • brand-new

    i’m looking forward to see if jay electronica drops and r.a. the rugged man is suppose to be working on something too. other than that, the obvious releases, next week’s wu-massacre and em’s joint

  • Common now

    whoever wrote this article sucks. Rick Ross? Top 3 seriously? he sucks idk why some people on his nuts. and Gucci? really? where Eminem? Lloyd Banks been spittin hot shit for awhile now. T.I.?? U guys are some dickriders

  • brand-new

    almost forgot…joell ortiz’s free agent…may 18th!!!

  • shakirra

    ludacris cd and MAYBE b.o.b.

  • anthony


  • EmCDL

    Ain’t nobody mention Little Brother’s last album ‘LeftBack’? Ya’ll buggin….

    Definitely looking forward to that 9th/Murs album, didn’t even know they were working on anything new. Heard he doing something with David Banner too…

    I heard the new Kanye album is going to be fire but I still haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully that LOX comes out this year too.

    Definitely looking for Lupe’s, Jay Electronica’s, and J.Cole’s albums to drop as well. I’m curious about B.O.B.’s album…

    Looking forward to Big Boi’s album, but Outkast needs to drop another one dammit!


    R.A. popping something too? More Details please sir!!!

  • PapaJay

    Outkast new double album Love Andre 3stacks sickest actuall lyrical MC in the game

  • gaddic

    Chino Xl new album

    Relapse 2
    Distant relatives
    Slum Village new album
    That’s pretty much it

    But i bet an underground release will crush the game out of nowhere like Brother Ali’s “Us” did for 2009

  • biggi247

    1. Eminem: Relapse 2

    (relapse 1 might not have been amazing I agree but since then he has killed lil wayne, kanye west and drake on forever, plus he killed wayne again on his own album, plus his mariah carey diss track the warning was brilliant. Since relapse he has just got that bit sharper plus working with a different producer, i.e. just blaze, i think will make his new material fresh, relapse felt like he was doing the same old shizzle just a bit too much.)

    2. Game: Red Album
    3. Kanye West: Good Ass Job
    4. B.o.B: The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    5. Nas & Damian Marley: Distan Relatives

  • brand-new

    @EmCDL i’m just speaking off from what he said in a dvd that came with his legendary classics album, he said that he’s working on something that should be out “soon”, the way he gets along with labels, we’ll see, but still something to be on the look for regardless.

  • Fireforreal

    Nas and Damian marley. The rest……….. I don’t know. I want that Detox to drop but every year it’s still coming soon. 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,2010 ? will see. And maybe The game because His idol Dre can breathe life into dude so he’ll stop with the bullshit beef and make some dope ass hip hop.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Wu Massacre’s next week, right? Ice Cube and Redman. Last night I was Youtube surfing and got caught up with Jay Electronica. Gotta have that! I was hooked on that “Dear Moleskine” teaser that Just Blaze produced. Wish the full song was out. Just Blaze surprised me with what he did with that Bayete “Free Angela” sample.

    Peep it…

  • r2J

    1. Kanye West
    Why? After 808′s and Heartbreak. I think if there’s anyone that has something to prove it’s definitely this guy. In the words of Bernie Mac(RIP) WAKE UP MR.WEST!!!

    2. Lupe Fiasco- Lasers
    Why? We haven’t heard much from him since he was climbing mountains with J.Biel and Justin Timberlake. Now that his recent mixtape Enemy Of The State came out, it sounds like he has a lot of FIRE in that tank of his. After 2 outstanding albums (Food and Liquor and The Cool.) His 3rd one should be great.

    3. Drake – Thank Me Later
    Why? He was an actor and internet sensation this past year. Now we get to see if he can overcome the biggest issue as an artist, the sophomore slump. Can he do it again? Stay tuned.

    4. Game- R.E.D. Album
    Why? His last album didn’t hold a candle to
    his 1st 2 albums (Doctor’s Advocate and The Documentary.) He was involved in some legal trouble and fights (or gunfights.)Now that he’s back with aftermath, expect him to say the name “Aftermath” a billion times more but
    expect a lot of wicked s*** from his talent.

    5. Little Brother- Leftback
    Why? No 9th Wonder but they are a proven bunch
    that keeps “REAL” Hip-Hop music going on the right track. Shout out to J. Cole too. I know like many other J. Cole fans, his rhymes are
    so deep that it does make you wonder when he’s gonna put his album out.

    I would put Detox on this list but he still got the whole world waiting.

  • Mav

    the most anticipated album of 2010 is that best of the best shit by Double G which ima member of check me out at
    other than that im lookin 4ward to lupe nas and of course that top 5 dead or alive from jada i cant believe none of yall mentioned that
    also i wanna see what kinda numbers drake and jeezy gonna do i bet he sells more than goofy mane that lemonade does go hard…..if u listenin to the

  • mikel

    wu massacre
    nas and damian marley’s album
    b.o.b’s album
    relapse 2

    those are the only ones off the top of my head that i care about

  • q461

    Drake-Thank me later
    Nas/Damian Marley-Distant Relatives
    new Slaughterhouse
    Game-The RED
    Blakroc 2 ( with collabos from Curren$y, Jay Electronica, The Cool Kids, Stalley)
    Kanye-Good Ass Job
    Eminem-Relapse 2
    Common-the believer
    Joe Budden-The Great Escape

  • Pete from Harlem

    Detox is a definite indefinite.
    It has to be someway Dr.Dre can match the sales of at least The Chronic 2001 for him to even consider starting, much less finishing, promoting,and releasing Detox. Why do you think he’s been supplementing his revenue by lending his name to release a pair of highly overpriced CONSUMER headphones, and working with HP to have their computers simulate how his mixes should sound. So…to all those hoping,wishing,and praying for this to happen….You’d have better chances winning the Powerball.

  • dasniffa

    ESham- Suspended Animation
    Poe Whosaine- Krayon
    Mastamind- Likkuidrano [LP]
    DJ Paul- Too Kill Again
    Cypress Hill- Rise Up
    Redman- Reggie
    Project Pat- Goon Hustlin
    Brotha Lynch Hung- Dinner And A Movie (picked it up, BLH is back album is dope
    Method Man- Crystal Method

  • Mark Ward

    1. Cam’ron presents U.N. Guns N Butter
    2.Vado Slime Flu
    3. Pimp C Naked Soul of Sweet James Jones

  • Jon Dog

    ESHAM??? Damn, I didn’t know that. Detroit vet right there. And Dinner And A Movie is fuckin sicc, seriously got get that shit!!! Brotha Lynch is back, and siccer than ever.

  • Anonymous


  • HomieOmey

    Joell Ortiz – Free Agent

    Can’t believe so few seem to care about it…

    Heard most of Wu-Massacre, and it was good!

  • Teddy

    Eminem – Relapse 2
    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers
    Young Jeezy – TM103
    Jay-Z – New Album (Untitled)
    DR.Dre – Detox (wishful thinking)
    Kanye – Good Ass Job
    Nippsy Hussle – Compton State of Mind
    B.o.B – The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    Kid Cuddi – Cudder
    Drake – Thank Me Later
    J.Cole – (untitled)
    Common – The Believer
    T.I. – (untitled)
    Asher Roth (untitled)

  • jamesg

    everybody took mine so ill jus say
    pac div grown kids syndrome
    curren$ piloit talk


    @ pete from harlem
    Just remember people do win the powerball. Dre said he got sidelined makin the headphones and perfecting them, the project came along while he was hard at work on Detox.
    Now that that project is done he is back to finishing Detox which will drop next year and all the haters will be buying it and sayin it is the best shit out,he has a way with doin that to haters, they quickly change their mind when they hear his shit.

    About the topic at hand, Ice Cube and Relapse 2 and Games new shit is what Im waiting on.

    Once again Detox will not drop this year because Dre himself said it wont, Im thinkin spring of next year he always drops his shit so people can bump it in the summer.He already said it would have already dropped if the headphone project didnt come along and interfere with the album being made.

    • Pete from Harlem

      I do remember that people do win the powerball.
      All I’m saying is that I feel he didn’t get sidelined,or lulled in. He was presented with a better business venture that was more viable with a faster return. Let’s be honest. He’s from an era where making multi-million dollar deals was commonplace. I don’t know if you’ve noticed,but….the music industry has changed dramatically. Probably more so than you or I could ever fathom. It’s actually reverted back to golden era (early 80′s) sensibilities. That’s to say, artists who are out there touring are the ones who are maintaining. And let’s face it…I don’t think Dre has touring on his mind right now. Not when he can do other non-musical ventures that have him making the money someone of his standing is used to. To quote Irv Gotti on how he was used to getting millions, so the money they were giving for his reality show wasn’t worth his time,so he put that on the back burner. It’s just smart business. Go where the money is. And by the way….how long has he been talking about Detox,again? I forget.

    • Pete from Harlem


      Prior post.

  • CWigg

    I agree with all the choices. It also makes me think that hip hop is far from dead…some dope sh*t coming out in 2010!

  • H-Dub

    Madlib + Guilty Simpson = OJ Simpson

    its gonna be fire

  • Bill87

    Relapse 2
    Good Ass Job

  • ?

    Relapse 2 and that new D12 shytt should be fire.

  • abdulnasir

    some ass wrote rhianna’s album. GTFOH!

  • Caino

    l must admit, l got high hopes for 2010, cant be any worse than 2009 right?……Right?

    Lookin out for Nas & Dam Marley , also got an eye out for Lupe and Lasers!!

  • dasniffa

    go to and tell me this nigga aint dope as fuck……ESHAM “SUSPENDED ANIMATION” 4/20/10!!!

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  • Anonymous

    never liked rick ross at all but i gotta admit Deeper Than Rap went hard. cant wait for relapse 2 that bitch is gonna go tooo hard. thats the only one im really waitin for.

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  • Kev

    In no particular order, these are the top album I’m looking forward to this year:

    Wiz Khalifa
    Jay Electronica (if he ever drops one)
    Detox (if it’s even real)
    Lupe- Lasers
    Kanye (if he’s going back to his college dropout days then I will definently cop it)
    Curren$y- pilot talk (don’t know if it will be a mixtape or an album)
    Kid Cudi – Cudder
    Jay- Z
    Nas (solo album please!!)

  • Anonymous

    Oh yea and ofcourse Drake- Thank Me Later, it will be interesting to see his what his big debut will be like!

    also: young jeezy, cool kids, and asher roth (just got into asher, his latest mixatpe, Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry is pretty damn dope!)