Misogyny and Morality in Music

I’ve been asked before how I feel about the quality of music today, what I think about female imagery in the music business and whether or not I believe in every track I create. As much as you want to detach yourself from the records, everything you produce is a part of you. Even the most negatively perceived records, you can still find positivity in it because it motivates the person who speaks that language.

At the end of the day, everyone chooses their actions for themselves and music shouldn’t tell you who to be. I’ve never listened to a record and made those lyrics the anthem for my life or let it change who I am. I know we, as entertainers, are influential and I make music because that’s what I love to do. Some things are just freedom of speech in a free world and it’s all just in fun.

In music, you can be whoever you want to be and talk about whatever you feel like. For many it’s an escape and everyone’s world isn’t pretty every day of the week. Some records are dark and some shed light. We all have the choice to listen to what we relate to. I don’t and won’t judge anyone.

Everyone is trying to get their money and put themselves in a different position. A lot of women I respect because it’s hard out here for them. Any woman out here trying to make a decent living for herself; I give respect. It’s hard enough for men.

I don’t have a particular way I look at things or people. I treat everyone the way I want to be treated and the way they represent themselves. And regardless of what people think of your representation, that’s you. And I have a choice to affiliate myself with whatever dark or light people are offering.

There’s a lot of “everything” out here but I tend to focus on putting forth the best effort and having fun. When you have fun you make greatness. Drake put out two mixtapes and was having fun and won two Grammies off it. Sometimes we take life for granted being so concerned about the trivial things and we forget to live.

How do y’all feel about the quality of music today?

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    Trigger Nasty # 1 Soundclick.com/triggernasty

  • essem See

    he didnt say anything about the title, relating to the title just a vague and skim reference to respecting women WTF

    • P. Harris

      Exactly! Is everybody refusing to see that?

      Looking forward to reading comments about this.

      Anyway, when it comes to misogyny in music. My thought or theory on it, is this. It’s true in life that, well maybe in the environment I grew up in, that the guy that was smashing the baddest broad in school was often seen as a cool and respected person because he’s smashing the finest chick in school.

      Likewise, getting a chick to do what you want or do what you say is also respected by other male peers. If I say “yo, bitch, show charlie murphy your titties” and she does it… you get props for it.

      I think things like this just transferred into the music and became an out of control beast. That, in addition to the ignorant women out that call their ownselves hoes, bitches, sluts, and then get glorified for it. (“I’m a bad bitch…”)

      I mean, dayum, we actually have “Famous Video Vixens” The whole thing is crazy because they got famous off misogyny. I’ll go ahead and say it, Vixens=Hoes

      My solution, I’m going to raise my offspring to a higher standard. Or beat their azz. Period.

    • strayz

      Exactly what I was thinking. I was all prepared for some kind of intellectual debate… then nothing. It seems he had an idea but couldn’t express it in a way that would make sense to anybody but himself.

  • orangejuicejones

    Everybody goin hard on this cat cuz he’s a “mainstream” or “well-known” producer. I actually have enjoyed his blogs thus far. They’re brief and easy to read, but give you some insight into the man’s mentality.

    Has TPAR actually put out any records that can be heard on a mass scale? If he has, then much respect. If he hasn’t then how is he more “hip-hop” than Drumma Boy? Because TPAR is a name brand on the little comment section, people tend to bandwagon. He’s made some good points in his time, but Drumma doin pretty straight on this blog shit.

    • these posts are racist


      Your comment does not address my criticism of his last post – go back and peep what i said. But to address your questions, no i have not “put out records on a mass scale…” I am a freestyler by hobby and a lawyer by trade. I have trained rebels in Sri Lanka, Darfur and Palestine in peace negotiations, and have mentored young aspiring rappers in the Gaza Strip and West Bank- that’s mother’f'ing hip hop. I’ll take helping oppressed youth in one of the most impoverished depressing areas of the world express themselves through Hip Hop over putting out records “on a mass scale…” any day.

      That said, i never said homey Drumma isn’t a good producer. I just feel hustled – non indepth drops that use cliches and fake critical thought insult me and my hip hop.

      • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

        ouch! that has to hurt!

        now ask yourself, does making a beat that was put out on a mass scale (he had nothin to do wit it. he was contracted to license his beat) come anywhere close to being as important as this?

        and i dont bandwagon nobody. i stand for what is real. like you will juice. cause i doubt you got a response for or to that. or this.

        the baw makes beats. he doesnt make a difference.

        and lets be clear… most come to blog on sites like this as promotion. their publicists hook this up. its to increase their public profile. cause the music doesn’t do it for them. it blends easily into the batch of other shit thats out there. even tho the Rick Ross joint is fly.

        get up on game…

        • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

          the BEAT for the Rick Ross joint. only the BEAT. it’s a nice piece of music. but TPAR is right fam. you aint got no game. least not for this shit. talk about some tech shit tomorrow. watch how those who can relate will.

          spit it how u live it. thats as real as it gets. cause right now you really tellin it like it aint.

        • orangejuicejones

          Ok, as far as training rebels in peace negotiations, that’s huge but how does that relate to my drop about Drumma’s blogging. You can 86 that part. Teaching hip-hop to oppressed youth in some of the most war-torn pockets of the globe (none which are in Africa by the way), thats peace but who are we to assume that Drumma aint mentoring some young brothas right here in the states in the art of production that can keep them out these streets and enable them to provide a comfortable living for their families? We don’t know do we.

          Now I see you callin the man out his name, and all over a blog? Is it really that crucial? I think thats what they mean by self righteous. Whether advertently or inadvertently, you tend to laud your own achievements and ideals as absolute truth…..

        • these posts are racist


          Darfur is in Africa…and besides, injustice any where, is injustice everywhere. In any event, i never wanted to talk about me or what I do…you asked if i ever put out records to a mass amount of ppl, implying that what I do outside of this comment section pales in compairison to that which Drumma does…thus i defended myself by listing my work. Stop switiching issues.

          He wrote this drop…where the title and content of his blog don’t match up…and the content of his blog is filled with false thoughtful commentary. I called him out on it and as a big boy he could’ve responded…now the convo is about me and whether i am self-rightous or not? OK, fine, ill concede, i’m self rightious…now let’s go back to the my original issue.

        • orangejuicejones

          I missed the Darfur part, I know it’s in Southwestern Sudan. You do good work and say good shit, I just think you’re bein a bit harsh on my man’s content….

      • these posts are irrelevant

        TPAR let me be frank. No one cares. No one cares where you’ve been or who’ve “trained.” Hip-Hop has many facets and can be represent by many different people in many different ways. Stop spouting off self-righteous nonsense, yes Drumma Boy isn’t the best blogger ever but nor is he the worst. These constant arguments about people not “being hip-hop” is just stupid. Stop running your mouth on the internet because at the end of the day everything that goes on here in the XXL comment section is meaningless and should hold little value to you as a human being.

        In summation talking shit about how righteous you are…ON THE INTERNET, is about the furthest thing from “hip-hop” that you can possibly be. Lemme know when Preemo or Mos starts a blog or starts commenting here.

        Peace fam.

        • these posts are racist

          Word? You take everything I said and summed it up as me spouting off self righteious whatever? You aren’t reading my comments.

          So what’s worse, me commenting on Drumma-Hoe’s wack posts or you commenting on my comments to Drumma-Hoe’s wack posts. How far from Hip-Hop, per your definition, is that???

        • these posts are irrelevant

          Alas I never claimed to be “hip-hop,” unlike you who listed a bunch of reasons why you have the right to pass judgment on this small corner of the internet.

          “I have trained rebels in Sri Lanka, Darfur and Palestine in peace negotiations, and have mentored young aspiring rappers in the Gaza Strip and West Bank- that’s mother’f’ing hip hop.”

          That sounds pretty self-righteous to me.

        • Namesake


        • anutha_level

          no doubt…and definitely a little more emotional/sensitive than usual when it comes to this shit.

  • Get yur facts rite

    Drake didn’t win two grammies. I can’t take your opinion seriously.

  • Scootie McB


  • Dime Magnet

    The game is always catered towards teenagers. So I ain’t mad. The machine wants to put out certain dudes for whatever reason. I just wonder if the general public will catch on if someone actually mind-boggling comes around. Or will the machine try to stop him/her cuz he doesn’t abide by their rules?

    Guess we’ll find out.

  • Apollo Moses

    not a bad post…however, I do think artists do have an influence and the fantasy tales of being kingpins and pimps have resulted in a serious decline in morality and respect and increase in the murder game…female rap game doesn’t even have room for more than one star now and she has to talk dirty…on the other hand…huge fan of your production, have been for years and good looking out on that Bettie Grind track…maybe the sickest I’ve heard from you.

    • valdez

      realest comment so far!!!

  • these posts are racist

    Wow. This was way worse than anything that video girl from Drake’s Best I ever Had posted…This was horrible and made absolutely no sense. In fact, i made such little sense, that I can’t even give an honest response to anything he said.

    But to respond to his “How do y’all feel about the quality of music today?” question: Sir, this was a lame attempt to generate a false conversation. The “quality” of music today? What are you talking?!?! Why do you just write a post that talks about how life is interesting and how it’s like a box of choclates and one never knows what one will get…then end it with: “What ya’ll think life is about?”

    Lame. Pathetic and insulting. I know you…you thought because this is a Hip Hop site you can come on here and not get challenged or just get a bunch of groupies posting their music on here begging you to listen? Go Read Killa Mike’s blog posts and DON’T come back tomorrow.

    • valdez

      “I know you…you thought because this is a Hip Hop site you can come on here and not get challenged or just get a bunch of groupies posting their music on here begging you to listen? Go Read Killa Mike’s blog posts and DON’T come back tomorrow.”

      well dam!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Von Solol


  • Von Solo

    Couldnt even spell my own name right laughin’ at bruh!

  • Around and Around

    Drumma Boy and Nada Ho are made for eachother

  • El Tico Loco

    The last question even though its totally off topic is good that you asked being in the position you’re in because you know it sucks sweaty monkey balls but as long as you get paid from it why would you care? You’re a producer yet you let people come to your sessions and sound all half ass, almost anus. You have power to make the artists that work with you step their game up,I usually can tell when their trying and when they’re not and in most cases is more of the latter. The proof is in the numbers. If you have a wack ass artist over a hot beat talking about having money despite being wack, I ain’t about to give you my hard earned money … FUCK THAT! Lately motherfuckers start resting on their laurels before they even get to accomplish anything and are quick to scream hater when called out on it.

  • dat koon nigga

    who da fuck iz diz nigga

  • these posts are racist


    Come down into the trenches and engage us homey…you asked us a question right? So we demand that you engage us in the comment section.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maxprofit Max Profit

    I believe no matter how skewed the Rap music may seem it is always on balance. I’m old enough to have seen trends come, go, and come back again.

    When I hear someone complain about the state of the music I think about older eras hip-hop and how there was ALWAYS someone complaining about M.C. Hammer or Vanilla Ice or NWA or Tupac or Gucci Mane it never stops!

    Critics are not Haters!
    Low self esteem losers with nothing constructive to say are Haters.

    • El Tico Loco

      Hammer, Vanilla Ice, PM Dawn, Coolio and whoever else that was considered wack at that time as much as they were hated at least they could say they were (keyword) >>in the most part ORIGINAL and would usually make up for it in their live performance, plus better rappers were highly respected now is like a rap bizzarro world.

    • bullets

      totally agree there has never been and will never be one artist everybody likes eg. i love drake but he’s not nice to me i listen to lil wayne but he’s not a great mc to me i dance to gucci mane but i dont think he can rap! but then i think about uncle luke and odb and das efx not really the best mc’s but still some of my favorites

  • abdulnasir

    it’s like we’re back to “nada hoe” again. This post was WACK!

    • these posts are racist


      henceforth he shall be known as Drumma-Hoe.

      Drumma-Hoe, what up homey? Is it true you were going to be a Neuro-surgeon but chose dancing in videos, i mean making beats instead because “it chose you”?

      • Around and Around

        That is some funny ass shit right there!!


  • http://www.bboycult.com Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

    Yo TPAR go into more detail about what you do fam…

    • these posts are racist


      What’s good. I will but I don’t want this to turn into a debate about “what’s Hip Hop” or who has a more “relevant” and impactful life. Drumma-Hoe is dropping posts…that are insulting to me because it uses the simplest form of language and thought to trick us into thinking he’s doing anything but using this as a promotional tool…so I’m asking folks to take him to task…

      But if you have a specific question or seek clarification on anything, let me know. Re: my work with rappers internationally, peep the Documentary “Slingshot Hip hop”. For my work re: international peace negotiations, i think i summed it up…I train rebels and new negotiators how to engage in peace talks. I also do corporate law, mergers and acquisitions…

      As far as rap. I’ve been freestyling since i was a kid and still do it, at age 30, as a hobby and a way to express myself, etc.

      • these posts are racist

        So…for example: in Darfur, i trained a team of rebels who usually use violence to solve their disputes how to negotiate. We sat them down and taught them, classroom style, the basics of negotiations….then divided them up into groups and gave them fictional scenarios…i.e. divided one group into the “government” of a fictional country and other group as “the rebels” fighting for various rights/and seeking various demands. We then had them sit down and negotiate a peace settlement.

        We then put them at the table with the real Sudanese Govt. and other Darfur rebel groups and assisted in the actual peace negotiations. Sadly, the negotiations to date have failed…

        Hope this clarifies things.

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

          Very clear. Good work homie.

      • Hanch

        I have to agree with These Posts Are Irrelevant! Your pretty self righteous pal. Personally I think…nevermind im not ever going to go there.

  • Worley

    Tricia Rose has a few chapters in her book Hip Hop Wars that adequately speak to the issue. See chapters 5, 7, 8 and 11. This Drumma Boy cat ain’t said sh*t.

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

    Y’all newbies trying to get in the door need to read this…


    Your fave rapper is getting the shaft (nh), think of your Wale’s, Gucci’s, and Pill’s…

    • El Tico Loco

      Good info $yk
      Might peep that artist share site just to check for the perks, even though that sounds like a disaster in the making if it catches on in high volumes. After all my single days are numbered, might as well go out in a blaze.

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  • DV8

    sounds like you are riding the fence (playing it safe) on this subject fam. Dont want to offend some potential/ current clients and/or “video vixens” huh?

    As far as the “quality” of music put out today?

    Most of it is manufactured, cookie cutter, fast food bullshit. We are in some kind of weird hiphop matrix where the things that mattered and where held in high regard (pre-2000) like lyrics and talent and artistic integrity are now disregarded while all this clown-ass bullshit gets major burn. I am disappointed basically. For the most part if/when I go to purchase a album, its usually an artist who has atleast 10 years under they belt.

    • valdez

      def. co-sign!!

  • bullets

    well in my opinion the quality of music is a representation of where the world is and we are in a degenerative state as human beings slaves to technology non thinkers and that’s exactly how the music sounds. How many new york artists are going to complain about lyrics with wack music behind it how many southern artists are named lil something and can’t rap but have incredible production, people have literally changed biting to borrowing and representing. Jay uses bigs lines but he knew him and he’s nice without em but another artists without that information from a distance thinks well i could use a bunch of other peoples lines he does it they say he’s great. Some people do alternative lp’s now everyone does them, this half rock rap bs, the people that you would hand a record too years ago to make the hooks are now the dudes doing the records and there talkig tuff!! But the biggest difference is back then people made songs that were so good,creative,original that it made them famous nowaday’s your fame makes people check out your records….

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  • gooba

    remember misogyny means to “hate” women not lust them like most people think it means. don’t believe me check a dictionary. the truth is hip hop has never been misogynistic, hip hop has female hip hoppas. hip hop loves women maybe a bit too much, to a point where lust is very powerful. i mean dudes can’t keep there eyes off women, and women wear revealing clothing just to get guys attention.

    in this case everyone is accountable.

  • http://beafamilyman.com Guile

    Nice article. Next time work on the title, it’s misleading. Nothing about misogyny really discussed.