Imaginary Players Have Imaginary Haters

I hate delusional people. Delusion is the reason that a lot of people can’t progress in life. Until you deal with the reality of your situation you will continue to exist in this make believe fantasy world that you have created for yourself. It’s a world where you are in control, where you feel comfortable, where no one can judge the stupid shit you do and if they do judge, they aren’t telling you the truth they’re “hating.”

In 2010 the Internet has become the epicenter of delusion…

People front on FaceBook, they thug on Twitter, everybody is fabulous, everybody is making major moves, everybody is getting to the money, having so much big fun and all I can do is sit back and say to myself is: The easiest person to deceive is yourself.

I personally know people who aren’t doing shit with their life. These are people that I care for as individuals, who I believe are talented but their fucked up mentalities and negative characters supersede their talent and makes me not have any dealings with them what so ever. You know what they say, the company we choose is always a reflection of our character so the people around me reflect who I am. Winners don’t hang out with losers, and if you are a winner surrounded by a bunch of losers, then the perception people will have of you is that you’re a loser too!

The sad part of this situation is those who are losing in life, will not take constructive criticism from someone who is doing better than them instead they will go around and say that person is HATING on them, or they will get defensive and try to pick out negative things about the person whose trying to show them better in order to deflect what said person is throwing at them.

Let’s be clear, nobody is perfect but the truth to the matter is that there are people on this planet who are doing better than you! I don’t care who you are there is always someone more experienced, more powerful, more spiritual, more intelligent, wealthier, stronger and faster and if you are really trying to do better for yourself as a person you will stop, observe and listen to what this person who is doing better than you is saying. It can only benefit you in the long run.

I know what I said just made sense but not to these Imaginary Players, who have Imaginary Haters. In their minds they are doing it! They have the most raggedy car, no place to live, their characters are so foul that people don’t even enjoy being in their company but in their mind they are the GREATEST.

It’s not self-confidence either, it’s delusion, a false sense of entitlement, a sense that the world owes them everything so they don’t have to work for anything. I see these people online all the time shouting out to their haters and shouting out to the people that don’t want to see them shine, thinking that every constructive criticism that comes out of your mouth to them is negative. I say this to those people the worst of all frauds is too cheat oneself.

You’re not lying to me or the world, Imaginary Player. You’re lying to yourself. These imaginary haters you speak of don’t exist, because in reality they see you for the bum, loser type you are, the biggest hater you have is you!

If you look in the mirror everyday and see perfection, then you are delusional, and that is what imaginary players do. They hate on themselves because they are only taking in what they want to hear in life. What you want to hear is not always what you need to hear and what you need to hear even though it’s honest and sometimes a harsh truth is not hate. You have nothing to hate on LOSER!!!

There is one thing for which you imaginary players can be thankful, only you and God have all the facts about yourself. Which is great because you know what’s really wrong and God knows exactly what to do to correct it, but first you have to stop being delusional and recognize that you do have issues and then pray to God to give you the strength to fix them. Then, after you deal with those issues you can start utilizing your God-given talent and become a real player with real haters. Real haters hate on people who are doing so much better than them not because they actually hate them but because the real players have the courage to try to succeed that the imaginary players don’t. So the imaginary player hates the fact that he could be playing for real but he lacks the courage to TRY that the real player has and this is what develops the hate.

So you Imaginary Players with your Imaginary Haters you can continue to pretend in your imaginary world or you can deal with reality like I do. Some of y’all will just choose to talk shit about everything you just read. It’s okay if you do, because the REALITY is People (Imaginary Players) cannot change truth, but truth can change people (Imaginary Players).

Peace and blessings,

Charlamagne Tha God

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  • burgstyle

    Beautifully put!
    “These imaginary haters you speak of don’t exist, because in reality they see you for the bum, loser type you are, the biggest hater you have is you!”
    I wish this could be an auto reply to every tweet and FB post about “hating”. lol If they were really getting to the things they brag about they wouldn’t have time to shout out their haters. Every pseudo thug and wannabe barbie needs to read this and take it to heart.

  • Smokey

    Dude you hit the nail on the head. All these people online always brag about “they swag” and all that whn we all know the truth. People that say that they’re persevering despite the haters aand all that that make you just want to wonder, who hating? People seem to think there’s something to hate about when the trut is no one cares enough about you to want you to really crach and burn like that.

  • Worley

    I’m putting this up on my fb page. Too many frontin’ ass n!ggas in cyberspace for sure.

  • Anonymous

    you sound so upset and so personal….I’m wondering…did you just find out you are an imaginary player? rotfl

  • Brandon

    Thats real talk im tired of all the folks talking about their haters. STFU

  • Dime Magnet

    People call out hater on the internet when your pointing out they are lying. Then they got people, who i think are others but may be aliases, to cry hater and get others to agree. Man the internet is messed up. And I think it made us Western Culture folk worse off in terms of seeing what’s real. I don’t see it getting any better.

  • bxrich3

    realest sh*t you ever wrote

  • John Cochran

    Good post. I totally agree. But the deeper issue is all this social networking shit that gives people a platform to front for the whole world. Fuck facebook and twitter. The whole thing is a delusion. Social networking to me is having a real conversation with someone. I don’t need to post my business up every half hour. Put your smartphone down and unplug from the Matrix.

  • anutha_level

    self-discipline…at it’s most personal level, means that you do not attempt to deceive yourself.

    excellent post my dude.

  • Anonymous

    You talk delusion, yet u mention “god” the suppose almighty. pick up a book an educate yourself you fucking simpleton. I must be hating but this ain’t imaginary this is reality, you stuck in a box homeboy.

  • Dime Magnet

    However, one can argue the the establishment distorts your vison, thus creating more of an opportunity to deceive yourself.

  • Dime Magnet

    So this anonymous guy is arguing that since God is not tangible the writer is stuck in a box. I understand your premise, as you are basing your opinion on God being imaginairy, however it seems that you are taking offense because you want to use the word in the way the writer has slighted.

    Am I wrong?

  • The1987KId

    This was a great post, people need to realize that they are not important people like reality tv & Oprah make people feel like their special & so in their own twisted mind feel like if you say something critial of them like say if a dude music sucks or its just not good then they call you hater just cause their homeboys is dickriding them it has nothing to do about whats your taste in music if it sucks it sucks everybdoy can’t be musical artists, most people not all on MySpace, Twitter & Facebook are living in a suspended reality where they can’t seperate truth from fantasy its good to have dreams but if you know what your doing is stupied & makes no sense then its time to look at that eternal reflection now thats something to “Tweet” about lol…

  • Gift


  • Jon Dog

    Fuckin’ great post!!! You couldn’t be more right. Except the god thing, I know I’m gonna catch flack, but I don’t leave anything to god. The way shit has been going in our world, I’ve been questioning my faith, for real, but that’s a whole other post. THIS post was on point though.

  • Brahsef

    Classic xxlmag post. You came to work.


    i had to double back and read this again, plus my first comment didn’t get post. However, these are the realist words written in years. I’m from SC so i’m not just sayin it because of the writer who graduated from the same college as I, but because these words are revolutinary. Soceity is so messed up and i hate to use the cliche keep it real, but their are too many fake people and now these people can front on another scale. GREAT POST. Also, stay up and when you bounce back big dawg u’ll bounce twice as high.

  • sway-z

    Excellent post, we need to set some parameters for this shit too. Let’s be clear, if I say some outlandish shit like Jigga or Em or even Wayne has NO skill whatsoever, like some of you niggas try to say, that’s hating, it ain’t no opinion, it ain’t no fact, even though shit is subjective, there’s enough there to say at the VERY LEAST, that they have some type of talent

    But if I decide to say that new Gucci or Flocka song is garbage, there’s a strong possibility I might feel like that. Im not gonna seek that shit out, but if I’m in your car and you playin it acting like it’s the truth, nigga, I’ma speak my mind, and I ain’t hating. Everything has it’s place and value, and drunk as hell in the club, I can fuck wit their shit, that don’t make it official though

  • Dime Magnet

    No one got a problem with them dudes (em, Jay, Wayne). If you say they suck that is flat out hate. But one can state their opinion saying they are overrated. Like I personally think Weezy is over rated. Not that his music isn’t dope, I fuck with it, but when fanboys say he has the best lyrics. I scratch my head and think that do people think he’s such a dope lyricist cuz he crafts well sounding music?

    I dunno.

  • Jon Dog

    @Dime Magnet. I literally do think that Weezy is garbage. I don’t know what else to say. He is doing something right, this is true, but, as far as his music go’s, I really can’t stand it. You can think it’s dope, and that cool, no quarls with people who like that shit, but I don’t. If that makes me a hater, then dammit, I’MA HATER!!! And I’m not sayin he has no skill, I’m just simply sayin that I don’t see it. BUT, Millions of people do, so……..

  • EmCDL

    Cats on Twitter and Facebook stay posing, Twitter especially. So many fake people on there posting bs its ridiculous. They need to read this blog and stay up on the real…why is it so hard for people to do that?

  • Adrenalin

    Beautiful. Im speechless and can only say “Preach..”
    We need more posts like this.

  • sherlock

    this is a no shit sherlock kinda post, of course ppl are gonna say and do whatever on the internet cuz they can hide behind their screens without fear of retaliation for their words, and the ones who go on about haters on the net aren’t too far off, there is actually a lot of hate on the internet, just look at the comments section on any website and tell me ppl don’t str8 up for no reason, it’s this whole game of baiting ppl. If someone is just calling ppl haters cuz they don’t wanna listen to constructive criticism thats one thing, but I have never ever seen constructive criticism on the internet, and especially here, to say someone is garbage is hate, you’re not justifying why you feel that way or giving any reasons, you saying some stupid ass sentence knowing it’s gonna ruffle someone’s feathers. I feel what you’re saying, but still people love to hate on the internet cuz they know they can get away with it, I bet half the ppl who post comments like wayne is garbage would never go up to dude and tell him that, I guarantee it!

  • Prince Caesar

    Charlamagne, this post blew me away. I am very thrilled to see a post on this site that actually has substance. I see so many people on Facebook and in the streets that front like their lives are the shit. I’ll be the first person to say that my money is not long. I’m in college, employed, and I am still trying to figure out who I am as a person and where I wanna go. I know alot of people would laugh at me for keeping it real about my situation. Honesty is a thing of the past. I’ll wrap this comment up by saying..alot of people need to realize having a negative opinion about certain things does not mean that person is a “hater”. Great Post..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MY DUDE.

  • GREG

    AS A NEW GENERATION PASSES THE 35 mark i see them flippin around like a gold fish who jumped outta the tank breathin real air eyes wide open. suddenly the guy you called old head with the job at con ed isnt a square or a lame he was smart the home girl who didnt let fifteen differnt cats hit it was right …
    hiphop youth learn from the mistakes of the past sit down and talk to some people from the the block or just stop and talk to the guy with the suit on he was just like you in 1987
    but some old heads pulled his coat and said go take the post office exam ..go try out for the military go back to school…god bless

  • Theh Ndlovu


  • Rx

    Define what makes a person important. Because they are on TV or have money? An imaginary player with imaginary haters…..This whole post is imaginary. People do what they do on the internet because it works. If you don’t like it, cool. It sounds like you are hating the most with this post.

  • Jamal

    did someone just leave a comment calling him a hater? lol

  • KS

    this was a good post. however when you speak on people being delusional are you including yourself? NO ONE but God has the right to include God in their name. just sayin.

  • sway-z

    The whole problem with this internet shit is that it makes people think they FINALLY have a voice. This whole country, especially us black people, want fame, damn near more than money, so we feel like we can get on here and create a whole second life, or at the very least, irritate niggas enough to notice you. But the sad truth is, don’t nobody give a fuck about your opinions or your life, nigga. When we die, the world keeps spinning…

  • sparkcity911


  • Dime Magnet

    People will remember you if you do something significant in the world. Like Leonardo Da Vinci. Be a renaissance man and you will be remembered, till the earth stops spinning. Ask Socrates and Plato.


  • Max Profit

    I rarely see constructive criticism on the net!

    I see a lot of folks with a low self esteem trying to build themselves up.

    That being said I agree with everything you wrote.

  • K1ng Eljay


    …this was dope. This was by far one of the best blog posts I’ve seen on XXL in a long time. This was dope.


  • Chiliz

    I feel as though u speaking directly to me…i think mo’ often people live in their own fantasy perfect world & tend 2 4get there’s life out there waiting 2 embrace them.

    I just got promoted to a new job & had 2 relocate to a new city………man i’m lonely as hell & i need a thousand kisses (ASAP)

  • Anonymous

    shoutout to the people who pick out everything about others because they aren’t happy with themselves or their lives…. boy u aint never lied this is the best thing floating around on the net



  • matty21

    good blog, great thoughts, much truth…just a note to people too n how i look at haters…when i think of someone who is a “hater” its those people who just dont like 2 see people do good or be happy…so this could go for the people charlamagne is talking about too, when someone is hating on u, u aint special, haters dont like to see any1 do good…haters dont enjoy seeing people succeed, but there are no particulars or certain people, its hate… it might be to make them feel better about themselves cuz their unhappy about their situation, they hate to see u do good, dey gotta hate on u to make themselves feel better, i dunno…dats how i see haters, i call sum1 a hater when i see them hating on someone else doing good, not just me…haters is mad at everyone, no1 in particular, so u aint special when dis fool is hating on u, so that also says “pay dem no mind” … but hes right too, u gotta be able to seperate da hate and da constructive criticism, n live in reality

  • matty21

    n “people cannot change truth, but truth can change people” damnn aint dat da truth lol…good sht

  • Jaz

    Real talk

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  • mouth

    Go YOU! I hope i’m not hating, because i hate to hate… lol. Hugs to one i claim as my SC bro. Anyway. So.

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  • Essie Policastri

    Incredible! I’ve been searching yahoo all day due to this and i ultimately think it is below!