Favorite Soundtrack Cuts – Besides “Party & Bullshit”

2Pac feat. Stretch “Pain” (Above the Rim, cassette B-side and vinyl only, 1994)

Naughty By Nature “Uptown Anthem” (Juice, 1991)

Canibus, Heltah Skeltah, Ras Kass “Uni-4-Orm” (Rhyme & Reason, 1997)

Sam Sneed “U Better Recognize” (Murder Was the Case, 1995)

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    That Mobb Deep track is classic!

    Just a few…

    “Deep Cover” – Introduced Snoop to the world
    “Lose Yourself” – Genius
    “Know The Ledge (Juice)” – The 18th letter!
    “Grand Finale” – Meth & Nas both brought it
    “Windpipe” – Ghostface as always
    “Tommy’s Theme” – The LOX part…I skip the 2nd half
    “The Riddler” – Classic Meth/RZA collabo and I think I like the remix even better
    “The Worst” – Wu-Tang/Onyx

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      By the way, I know Em did “Lose Yourself”…I was saying that the song is genius, not that it was GZA’s song…

  • eesco

    Escobar 97′ – Nas

    My personal late nite creep theme.

  • awesome arsenal

    i know i’m off the subject a little but how about yall do a post on the best songs on a video game soundtrack? i know i used to just sit and let the song ride on Pharoah Monche’s cut on Madden 2002

  • Jon Dog

    CMW – Growin Up In The Hood (Boyz N The Hood)

    Dre – Keep Their Heads Ringin’, Cube – Firday (Friday)

    Naughty – Uptown Anthem (Juice)

    Bokie Loc – Death Represents My Hood (Tales From The Hood)

    Mc Eiht – Streiht Up Menace (Menace II Society)

    Bone Thugs – Days Of Our Lives (Set It Off)

    Coolio – Gangstas Paradise (Dangerous Minds)

    House Of Pain – Who’s The Man (Who’s The Man)

    Public Enemy – Livin’ In A Zoo (CB4)

    Snoop Dogg – Dogg Named Snoop (Bones)

    Just some of my favorites, off the top of my head, not to mention the ones Pierzy said, also all great songs.

  • Lowedwn

    Regulate – Nate Dog & Warren G(Aboce the Rim)
    Made Niggaz – 2Pac(Gang Related)
    Starin’ Through My Rearview – 2Pac(Gang Related)
    Greed – Ice Cube(Gang Related)
    Inspectah Deck – Let Me At Em(Tales From The Hood)
    DMX & Sean Paul – Here Comes The Boom(Belly)
    Juice – Rakim
    Fetti – Mac Mall & Ray Luv(New Jersey Drive Vol.1)
    Witchdoctor – Holiday(Bulworth)
    Run – Cappadonna(Bulworth)
    Chase – RZA(Bulworth)
    Days of Our Lives – Bone Thugs(Set It Off)
    If You Think You’re Lonely Now – K-Ci(Jason’s Lyric)
    Forget I Was a G – Whitehead Brothers(Jason’s Lyric)
    Pocket Full of Stones – UGK(Menace)
    Can’t Fuck With a Nigga – DJ Quik(Menace)

    every track listed in the post is straight classic as well

  • Jhon da Analyst

    The whole Above the Rim soundtrack

  • VIBC

    Love Me – Obie Trice,Eminem and 50 cent(8 Mile)

  • abdulnasir

    girl’s best friend- jay-z from the something blue movie with martin lawrence and luke wilson

  • mousie

    2pac’s “Pain” is the best, but “Loyal to the Game” was hot back then too.

  • Moving Sideways

    Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai

  • jonny bizness

    murder was the case
    21 jump st snoop and tray dee
    come up to my room dogg pound jodeci
    nate dogg one more day
    dogg pound who got some gangsta shit

    don’t be a menace
    wu tang winter wars
    mona lisa can’t be wasting my time

    hard knock life
    mya and jay best of me
    beans in the club

    jay z peoples court

  • Joe


    Here Comes the boom-Oh boy, crack
    Days of our Lives-Wow, classic song…BUT
    Forget I Was a G – Whitehead Brothers(Jason’s Lyric)

    *JAW DROPS* (pause)

    *Flava Flav voice* woooooooow.

    Damn lmao Ngaa, that song rite THERE. Priceless

    • Lowedwn

      That song gets so much better with time too.

      Wow, and I need to bust a Plaxico for forgetting the entire Murder was the Case Soundtrack, shameful.

  • Mr. North

    BONE Thugs “Everyday Thang”- The Show Soundtrack if this was not mentioned…

  • DV8

    Everlasting-Outkast (The Wood)
    Wu-Wear- Wu-Tang (High School High)
    Tragedy- RZA (Rhyme and Reason)
    Nothin but the Cavi-Dogg Pound & Mack 10 (Rhyme and Reason)
    Natural Born Killa- Dre and Cube (Murder Was The Case)
    21 Jump Street-Snoop (Above The Rim)
    Whos the Champion- Wu-Tang (Great White Hype)
    Coolie HIgh- Camp Lo (Great White Hype)
    Semi Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket- Wu-Tang (High School High)
    Colors- Ice-T (Colors)
    RAW-BDK (Colors)
    Paid in Full- Eric B and Rakim (Colors)
    How to survive in South Central-Cube (Boyz in the Hood)

    I got more but ill let yall get some in before i continue

    • DV8


      Everlasting by Outkast was on the Nothing To Lose Soundtrack

      Neck of the Woods Outkast feat Mystikal was on The Wood


    Real hip hop

  • mac

    I didnt read the whole thing but my favorite movie soundtrack is the intro to BELLY, that however do you want it however do you need it. when the bass drops as they at the robery cinematic history.

  • newyawka631


    Biggie Smalls

    Keep the classic joints off da soundtracks coming,my G’s.There might be one or two,I don’t know about…I miss real Hip-hop..

  • ZO

    Menace to Society!!! All Day. This must be an east coast thing..

  • raazi36

    How Come – Canibus, Youssou N’Dour (Bulworth)

    Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It) – Kam, KRS-One, Method Man, The Prodigy (Bulworth)

  • latino heat

    Erick Sermon and Marvin Gaye, Music. from What’s The Worst That Could Happen. how did ya’ll forget that one?

    on another note, did any of ya’ll ever wonder why some artists let the biggest song of their career go to a soundtrack then their own album goes wood? the song Music is a perfect example of this. their are others i can’t think of off top also.

    Soul In The Hole was probably the dopest sdtrk ever. honorable mention to In Too Deep also.

    anybody know where to get that Party and Bullshit shirt from? that shit is hot.

  • raazi36

    almost forgot…
    Joints & Jam – Black Eyed Peas (Bulworth)

  • Big L

    How High – Red & Meth / “The Show” Soundtrack.

    R.I.P B.I.G

  • latino heat

    How About Some Hardcore, M.O.P. – House Party 3

    Shut ‘Em Down, L.L. Cool J – Any Given Sunday

    Go To Sleep, Eminem, DMX, Obie Trice – Cradle 2 The Grave

    Usual Suspects, Mic Geronimo, DMX, Fatal, Cormega, Ja Rule – How To Be A Player

    Just A Man, Raphael Saadiq, Devin The Dude – Baby Boy

    Chin Check, N.W.A. – Next Friday

    Behind The Walls, Kurupt – Oz

    West Coast Mentality, Ras Kass – 3 Strikes

    in Due Time, Outkast – Soul Food

    Call Me, Too Short, Lil Kim – Booty Call

    From Marcy To Hollywood, Jay-Z, Bleek, Sauce Money – Player’s Club

    Money Cash Hoes RMX, Jay-Z AND 5 Boroughs, KRS One featuring everybody – Corruptor

    Ain’t No, Jay-Z, Foxy Brown – Nutty Professor (put him on the map)

    Off The Wall, Eminem, Redman – Nutty Professor 2 (mad u slept on)

    How Ya Do Dat, Young Bleed, Mater P – I’m Bout It (don’t front like it wasn’t hot)

    Put It On Me, DJ Quik, Dr. Dre – Training Day

    Devil’s Pie, D’angelo. Pre Game, Sauce Money and Jay-Z. both from – Belly

  • TicNitty86

    Man there are a ton of classic soudtrack cuts imo like:

    Str8 Up Menace- MC Eiht
    Colors- Ice-T
    How To Survive In South Central- Cube
    Know The Ledge- Rakim
    Regualte- Warren G
    Trigga Gots No Heart- Spice 1
    Born II Die- Spice 1
    Let Me At Them- Inspectah Deck
    Every Year- E-40
    Lose Yourself- Eminem

    I mean a lot of the others ones already mentioned would make my list also.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Aww man them soundtracks to them movies back in the days went hard back then; bascially hype to make you go see the movie itself, regardless of how whack it was. Remember Ghetto Superstar with Mia and Pras?

  • El Tico Loco

    Life’s a bitch Everlast – Black and White

    Dramacyde Executioners ft Kool G Rap and Big Pun – Black and White

    Menace All the tracks

    Shoot em up Cypress Hill – Juice
    Nuff Respect due BDK – Juice
    Uptown Anthem NBN – Juice
    Don’t be afraid Aaron Hall – Juice
    Act the Fool Ludacris – Fast n Furious2

    • El Tico Loco

      I almost forgot

      Run Eric B and Rakim – House Party
      Crooklyn Dodgers Crooklyn
      Crooklyn Dodgers 2 Clockers
      Hot sex on a Platter ATCQ – Boomerang
      Run DMC’s part on the Crush groove song.
      How u do that there Young Bleed – I’m bout it
      So you wanna be a gangster Too $hort – Juice

      • Lowedwn

        damn…Big ass co-sign on “How Ya Do that There”

        #1 Smoke Song Ever…
        Indo Smoke – Mr. Grimm(Poetic Justice)

        Year of the Boomerang – Rage Against the Machine(Higher Learning)
        Ice Cube – Higher(Higher Learning)
        Shoot Em Up – Bone(Great White Hype)
        I Can’t do Nothing for Ya Man – Flavor Flav(House Party)

        Honorable mention to “The Battle:Kid vs. Play” from House Party as well

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    I see the homies are dropping some heat up in here!

    Juice & Belly my all time fave soundtracks. Menace too.

    How about….

    ‘Bring The Noise’-Less Than Zero

    • El Tico Loco

      Daang if you going the “Less than zero” route throw “Going back to Cali” in there.

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

        ^ LOL

        I was, I was. You’d figure cats would know about a coke movie, no?

  • Bootoo

    High Schoolin – Outkast f. Slim Cutta Calhoun
    Light it Up soundtrack

  • 315mike99

    Damn that Mobb Deep shit is Classic!!!!!

    Above the rim
    Menace II Society
    Rhyme and Reason
    Baby boy
    Boyz n the hood
    Get rich or die tryin

    too many ta list…….

    R.I.P. The Notorious Big

  • Lowedwn

    Damn, I almost forgot, #1 Smoke Song Ever…

    Indo Smoke – Mr. Grimm(Poetic Justice)

    I know my West Coast heads feel me on that one. Straight Classic.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      I do.

      But you lost a half of a point for the Kid N Play reference…


  • gerald n. the birdman

    TUPAC -pour out a little liquor- above the rim

  • brand-new

    definitely wu-wear from high school high, meth’s hook was mad chill,cappadonna had a hot verse and that rza beat was just too good! another joint on that cd was semi automatic full rap metal jacket by the wu, inspectah deck and street life went hard on that too.

  • momo

    tales from the hood-facemob

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    gotta co sign that back at you by mobb deep. that song has the coldest beat. simple but so potent. besides that, id say rakim’s juice joint and Cold war or wateva that wu joint was on don’t be a meance to south central while drinking ur juice in da hood.

  • Anonymous

    Lil’ Kim- Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix) feat. Angie Martinez, Left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott

  • jon es

    all good listings…surprised only one person listed ATCQ “hot sex”…no one had listed
    Method Man “the riddler”…one of the best tracks that Meth has ever ripped

    • El Tico Loco

      Ahem! I listed “Hot sex” but “The Riddler” remix beat was hotter.

  • caino

    Damn Juice is an awesoe movie ! on of my faves!

    But best soundtrack in a movie has gotta be

    Warren G – Regulate!! (shit is fiire)

  • Chris

    Simply the best has got to be Lose Yourself!

  • Ikeberg $lim

    2 Live Crew, Dick in the dust. New Jack City

  • God_Zilla

    Nas – Escobar 97′ (Men In Black)

  • JBreeze

    “Don’t Come My Way” – Common Ft. Slick Rick (WhiteBoys Soundtrack)lud tht song 4real. i thought slick killed his first verse.

    “Ain’t My Type of Hype” – Full Force (House Party Soundtrack) tht beat was sick as hell.

    “For The Love Of Money” – Queen Lafitah Ft. Troop & Levert” (New Jack City) this is one of my favs right here. beat is extra smooth.

    “Whoop Dat Trick” – Terrence “DJay” Howard (Hustle & Flow Soundtrack) this one surprised the hell outta me.

    dam im 18 y.o. nd i kno all this shit. crzi. lol.

  • Money Mitch

    That whiteboys soundtrack was hot to death! Even Black Child from Murder inc. went hard on his song that’s actually my favorite behind don’t come my way

    • JBreeze

      yooooo!! black child surprised the shit outta me. i heard a couple songs from him here nd there, but he went off on tht. smh. realli good song bruh.


    doing soundtracks used to be soo popular what happened now???

  • NotYourAverageJoe UK

    Nobody mentioned the track from Space Jam?

    B Real, Method Man, LL Cool J, Busta, & Coolio

    Shit I liked it

    • JBreeze

      “Hit em High” thts the offical name of it. tht track was crzi. fuck bein hot i think honestly, other than bein one of the best soundtrack songs, tht could go up there as one of the best hip-hop songs. u right about tht 1. im surprised i 4got about tht.

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  • http://xxlmag.com yunggee

    since u talking video games, wut about dat sean p track wit agallah on grand theft auto.. n we gon give dis all dat we got!! blow the spot, keep rising to the top, all my niggas keep rising to the top..

  • http://xxlmag.com yunggee

    since u talking video games, wut about dat sean p track wit agallah on grand theft auto. and we gon give dis all dat we got! blow the spot, keep rising to the top , all my niggas keep rising to the top.