Everyone hates Waka Flocka

Finally, the entire hip-hop community has found something it can agree on: no not paying tribute to Biggie Smalls via Twitter, as if he was the BET Awards, I’m talking about hating Waka Flocka.

I’d have to check with Noz, who isn’t speaking to me right now (no homo), but it seems like the only one who has anything good to say about Waka Flocka these days is Method Man – and you know that’s probably just because his handlers told him that dissing Waka Flocka might fuck up sales of that Wu Massacre album in the South, which could be a strong market for them.

The other day, I was watching a video by this guy Yela Wolf on YouTube, to make sure it conformed to my expectations, and it looks like he might be a Wu-Tang stan. He had on Wu-Tang t-shirt, and I saw where he had another song, featuring Raekwon. Granted, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a white guy in his 20s who looks like he might be on drugs would be into the Wu. Plus, you never can tell with these marginally talented regional rappers who all of a sudden become suspiciously ubiquitous. This could just be DJ Skee toying with my emotions. [||] I know Noz has had his suspicions as to whether or not Freddie Gibbs really listens to UGK. Or was it people who listen to Freddie Gibbs? At any rate…

Waka Flocka himself said that he grew up listening to Wu-Tang, it’s just that he realizes that you can’t make any money, if people think you have lyrics. He might be smarter than he looks. OJ da Juice Man has been on the cover of XXL twice in the past year, and I only know the name of one of his songs. Meanwhile, when’s the last time Method Man was on the cover of XXL? I rest on your face.

I’m surprised XXL didn’t include Waka Flocka as part of this year’s Freshman 10, rather than OJ da Juice Man. Or in addition to OJ da Juice Man, since obviously they don’t have that much of a problem repeating themselves. The two of them seem interchangeable, at least as far as whether or not anyone with the sense god gave geese would want to listen to their music, and choosing Waka Flocka would have spared them having to deal with people pointing out that OJ da Juice Man had already been on the cover one more time than he should have been.

The first time he was on the cover was when they did that special Atlanta issue, going on a year ago. It was him, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, and Shawty Lo. It’s a testament to how shallow the talent pool is down there in the A that both Gucci Mane and his weed carrier made that cover. They probably should have just taken a chance on Soulja Boy by himself, especially since they gave Gucci Mane a cover to himself less than a year later. Who cares if Shawty Lo ever made the cover? I haven’t heard so much as a peep from him in ages. I don’t want to speculate on what might be wrong with him, because I’m already down one post on the week, and this is only Tuesday, but suffice it to say his skin looks weird. Nullus.

Selecting OJ da Juice Man instead of Waka Flocka could actually be this year’s equivalent of passing on Drake in 2009, both in terms of shortsightedness and overall significance. Waka Flocka’s buzz seems to be a lot stronger than OJ da Juice Man’s, at this point. I couldn’t tell you what OJ da Juice Man has been up to for the past several weeks, other than smoking a shedload of weed and punctuating his sentences with “Aye!” Waka Flocka, meanwhile, has been all over the place, getting shot, getting beat up, getting into beef with Method Man, getting those kids shot in lovely Gary, IN, so on and so forth. I checked the Wiki, and it says “Make the Trap Say Aye!” came out way the fuck back in 2008. “O Let’s Do It” is currently ubiquitous.

Waka Flocka could fuck around and end up being even more successful than Gucci Mane. Which is to say kinda. That is, if Young Jeezy’s weed carriers don’t kill him first. Gucci Mane once famously shot and killed one of Young Jeezy’s weed carriers. Young Jeezy’s surviving weed carriers must being trying to exact revenge on Waka Flocka. I wonder if this is something Young Jeezy ordered, or if this is something they elected to do on their own, as part of the sacred bond between weed carriers.

Jeezy and Gucci Mane went on Sirius a while back and pretended as if they’d squashed their beef, but that may have just been to confuse the hip-hop police. And I’m not gonna lie – I was a little bit confused myself. It didn’t occur to me until after the fight this past weekend that that time he got shot probably had to do with the beef with Jeezy. I’d seen where Waka Flocka had gone on MTV and tried to front like he didn’t give a shit that he just got shot, twice, and robbed for a shedload of jewelry, then he tried to claim that it was a botched assassination attempt. I thought he was just trying to pretend to be a badass, but who knows? Maybe it was a botched assassination attempt. Who ever heard of robbing someone, shooting them twice, then leaving them there to point you out in a lineup? The dumbass kid who shot him probably just wasn’t a very good shot.

To think, the same lack of dedication to a craft that Waka Flocka espouses may have actually saved his life.

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  • ri067953

    Yeah, I think Waka Flaka is this generations Tupac. Think about it, neither of them really have any talent when it comes to rapping, they incite violence at their shows, they get beat up and shot at and both seem to hate the East Coast.

    I think this Waka Flaka guy has all the makings of a superstar.

    • wtf?

      How the fuck do you compare the 2nd biggest selling, most influential rapper of all time w/ countless hits to a one hit wonder like Waka Flacka….

    • detailsmith

      This is like the dumbest thing i ever read in my entire life. what the fuck are you talkin bout dunnie!?!? LOL

    • DevoG

      @ ri067953
      dawg what are you 18? Im not with the insults in the comment section, but that was probably the dubmest shit I have ever read.

      • DevoG

        Now that I think about it 18 was giving you too much credit!

    • that nigga

      I don’t want to speculate on what might be wrong with him, because I’m already down one post on the week, and this is only Tuesday, but suffice it to say his skin looks weird. Nullus.

      That was fucked up they took down that Guru article, Bol. That shit was a good read.
      And ri067953, your a DUMBASS for comparing Tupac to, who is this article about again?

    • http://www.xxlmag.com hotspitta49

      i think that yall niggas be feeding to much into this whole rap thing. niggas do this shit to get money. only a hatin nigga will speak on a nigga that makes good music that people want to hear oppose to that east coast new york that is played out, if you dont like this shit dont listen to it. other than that let waka do his thing because obviously he is making music that people want to hear.

    • sean

      this generations 2pac i need to holla at your weed carrier everyone this clown ass nigga is really wacka flocka flamed out lol

    • Anonymous

      bra what the fuck yall nigga talkin bout like last nigga that sent a comment did not even say the niggas name rite talkin bout sum waka flaka why dont yall bitch niggas get the fuckin rapin and see what yall bitchs come up wit dog din talk about waka

    • Anonymous

      wats with yall niggas talkin bout some 2pac and waka flocka 2pac was a hood ass nigga and waka is a hood ass nigga leave it at the niggas shit!

    • Eazy

      How can you say Tupac can’t rap!!!???!! Tupac is the greatest rapper to walk the earth, period.





  • eddiesixes

    i can honestly say i’ve never heard flamers music, but his face is all over the videos i don’t click on worldstar.

    remi belle. my goodness.


    2pac at least got substance in his music but i agree he is overrated


    Tupac at least got substance in his music but i agree he is overrated

  • Tiiz

    lol @ all the Weed Carrier codes of the street.

  • http://www.mikestreezy.com Mike Streezy

    Dude is everywhere. I say let him do his thing. If folks will buy something a person puts out stating he could care less about the depth in it…that tells you more about the consumer than it does him. I make music and battle with that everyday. Do I want to be remembered for talent and depth or do I want to eat and have a house off of music.

    Let the world get tired of ignorance. The yin and yang. It’ll work itself out. They’ll be back…and I’ll be right here with a bunch of new cds for ‘em.

    Cop one on my website for free by clicking on my name.

    • DevoG

      Now that was a comment! Very well put bruh!

  • wevaluetruth

    a wacka flocka is a mother fucker. it sorta rhymes with soccer. but not with proper. a wacka flocka is a bullet stopper. but not a lyrics dropper. wtf is a wacka flocka.

    • Brahsef

      A wacka flocka is a genius name for a one-hit wonder. It’s just fun to say

      Wacka Flocka Flame

    • HoodAssNigga

      @wevaluetruth wat da fuck is u talkin bout….listen 2da lyrics….u probably like WHACK ASS rappers…get off my NIGGA FLOCKA NUTS

  • waka flocka

    waka flocka is the truth. he is going to be bigger than tupac. watch. flocka

  • raazi36

    …the F’ is Wacka Flocka? ? ?

    • Brew

      its the sound wen at gun go..

  • Texas

    To say that the talent pool in ATL is shallow is just one stupid, ignorant comment. If you’re talking about up and coming artists, have you forgotten about pill, b.o.b, etc. Who the fuck is it that’s so hot that has come out recently from anywhere else?

    • NJ

      Nah, you are wrong. Atlanta rappers are wack as hell.

  • Jerod

    Co-sign Mike Streezy. We’ll have these no-rhyme-one-liner fools outta our house in 1 year to no time. Like Weezy.

  • Jerod

    Co-sign Texas as well. I listened to Pill some the other day. I’m not really into the whole… I’ll say… Thug Life rap rhetoric, just cause that’s not what I’m about. But as far as skill with the pen dude’s got bars. LIKE A MOTHER FUCKIN PRISON! AYE!

  • TheR

    Method Man was on the cover of XXL this year. The Def Jam anniversary issue

  • Anonymous

    “because I’m already down one post on the week”

    ^ Deletion?

    Waka Flocka Flame is supposed to be the description of cocking a gun and firing.

    “that tells you more about the consumer than it does him.”

    ^ Family this is what all the hub-bub is about. Waka will die in his own iniquity.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      Sh*t where the fukk did anonymous come from? Y’all can’t tell it’s me?

      beaver what’s good? Co-sign fam. The youngin’s cap is screwed on tight. Recognize.

      Like Ron Mexico’s Negro Please we should have the weed carrier awards. Holler back if y’all want $yk to make it happen…

      • DevoG

        Hell yeah! Time to get that BET cheese. You know they would love to televise that shit. You and Ron could host!

        …drum roll

        and the winner of the Flavor Flav/Spliff Star Lifetime Weed Carrier Achievement Award is…. Tony Yayo

        Accepting on behalf of Mr. Yayo is this years winner Wha tha Fuka Flame

    • Darth H8ter

      Thank you, thank you thank you for telling me what the hell a wocka flocka flame is besides a wack a$$ rapper.

      I thought all Shiwwty lo did was hooks.

  • Wompus Cat

    Technically, you need to list at least three (3) examples before you tack on “etc.” If you’re trying to convince folks that the talent pool isn’t shallow, you should probably be able to name off at least 5 rappers, don’t you think?

    And for the record, Bol hates all rappers since 1997, as far as I can tell. Yelawolf is hotter than B.O.B. or Pill.

    Pill’s videos kill everyone, though. Check that “Glass” if you don’t believe me.

  • http://definitelyeatinb.tumblr.com B

    Wozzy Fozzy, I mean Walkie-Talkie or Snuffalufagus or whatever this clown calls himself ain’t trippin’ on making words rhyme and all that other shit… that’s for losers. He’s the highest paid weed carrier in the game right now… him and Memph Bleek are gonna politick this weekend at the Weed Carriers Awards which will be televised on New York’s local public access channel. No really, just wait.


    Another week, another So Icey-related post…

    The niggas yall luv to hate


  • frow

    Waka flocka is the best doin it right now his shows are the best any time his songs come on in the club it goes crazy! niggas just loves to hate at least we dont have to hear some pussy ass concept record or him rapping about bitches like drake hes just doing what he knows and its pissin people the fuck off bc hes stupid as shit but getting paid
    Yea O Lets Do It!!!!!!!

  • nunya

    This is dumbass post. Funny jokes though. Meth was on the cover within the past 8 months as mentioned earlier. I hear this retarded wocka flacka…it reminds me of muppet babies. “wocka wocka wocka!!” Fuck that, he ain’t tupac, nowhere near; and that ain’t sayin’ much to begin with.

  • crack

    damn bol
    killing them softly
    *insert that weird yyyuck sound pusha t makes sometimes)

  • Phillmatic

    I wouldn’t give a fuck about these clowns if their music was classed as pop. Or even ‘retarded’, which could be a massive new genre.

    It just doesn’t feel right to call it hip-hop.

    P.s. Someone give Eli Porter a fucking record deal.

    • beaver

      dat shit aint hiphop..
      its rapp..

    • yoprince

      ‘ever since they killed my nigga Trav, been poppin pills, actin crazyyy!!!”

      Waka FTW!

      this argument is so old, it’s tiresome. in the south, it’s intuitive to us that every rapper’s main focus isn’t going to be lyrical dexterity. it’s the reason why big boi does tracks w/ Gucci.. and Andre 3000 gives rare verses to DJ UNK. Waka may be here today and gone tomorrow, but if he makes a hit or two (or even really, just ONE) for us to rock to, then he’s not hurting anybody.

      everybody has their chance to shine. word to Kilo Ali.

      if you feel the need to hate, just hate. don’t try to grandstand about hip-hop vs. rap so you feel better about it.

      • Just Me

        Well, I guess if you don’t count those 8 teens in Gary, Ind. that got shot outside his show, then you’re right. Nobody’s really gettin hurt behind his nonsense. Well, maybe he is. Shot in January, slapped up just last week. That prolly ain’t hurt to much…

        • yoprince

          no i don’t count any of that.

          it’s Gary, IN. somebody was gonna get shot somewhere.

          don’t tell me hip-hop has turned Barbara Bush.. now we’re blaming the music?

  • c’mon, man

    it’s 2010, lose the “no homo” shit. learn to respect your fellow man, because that shit is fucked, played and not funny.

  • beaver

    i never heard dis clown rapp everr..
    i refuse 2..
    by listenin 2 his garbage.
    it encourages dis clown 2 rapp*talk* more..

    nowhere near pac..wtf is wrong wit u for comparing him 2 pacc..

    anywayss..down where i’m from..
    we call vice lords “woka floca beleivers”..
    cuz they da only niggas dat lik da lame disgrace..

    fuckk waka fuck gucci fuck soulja fuck wayne fuckk RAPP..

    i listen 2 hiphop..not no candy fagg rapp..

    • Jeezy

      how the hell you know how good he is u aint never listened to him wtf? dumb nigger

  • John Cochran

    I have quite a dilema when it comes to artists like Waka. I go through a process. First I hate automatically, then I let it grow on me, bump the song in the car only, avoid the album like swine flu and forget the artist. These ignorant southern rappers are like fast food, you eat it in the mall then by the time you get home you’re hungry again. When I say ignorant I don’t mean all southern rappers, we all know the difference. You got Killer Mike, BOB, T.I, Luda, etc. Then you got the ones like OJ, Gucci, Waka, and Shawty Lo. There is a difference. This guy won’t be around by the end of summer. That’s not to say that I prefer the Jewish Kanye, cause he fits that catagory too. He can’t rap about fame and bitches forever.

  • beaver

    1 more thing..

    Kidd is prob gonna die by da end of this year..

    • HoodAssNigga

      u goin 2 die by da end of dis year…..FLOCKA is da best of all times

  • The real chris

    First im a start off and say how disrespectful that is to compare this clown flocka-lame to a real talented poetic rapper like tupac,regardless if some people think he overated he still dope, wacka-flocka is trash
    a disgrace to rap.

  • The real chris

    And i co-sign beaver sadly to say but if he dont watch out he will be dead soon. people dont get it wrong im not hating on your rap hero known as wacka-flocka but the clown is garbage and has no buissnes and in hiphop, thats just should be ovious to anyone who know real rap music,u yungstas really think your hero flocka flame ignarant ass is dope?man it saddens me to hiphop like

  • The real chris

    And just one more thing the talent pool is very shallow right now i mean ovious u got luda aka underated and ti but other than that that’s it, killer mike dont be on no damn radio and dro tight but where the fuck is he?.gucci aka cucci and flocka-lame are the clowns most people here from atlanta unfortantly and they ignarant ass is making atlanta look like a fucking joke.p.s and yal wonder y up north people clown us.

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  • ONE50

    OK, so it has come to my attention that Wacka Flocka Flame is the decription of a gun being fired. At who? The rapper or the fan? We all know the coolest thing you can do in your hiphop life is to get shot. Have fun with that young hiphoppers.

  • Rawdubb

    Who ever disses Pac can eat a dick . Pac is the greatest !

  • LeafBumm

    Did yall forget, the industry has always been 90% business, 10% talent.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I guess my main problem with Wacka Flocka isn’t so much his music or his antics. Its basically his dumbfounded ignorance that he and his followers possess about the music industry. Not all lyrical known rappers sell a lot of albums or shows. But anyone that has made an impacted in the industry and has a strong fanbase (Snoop, Jay, Nas, 50, Em, Kanye, Wu-tang, ect…) can still have successful careers. If you can differentiate yourself and commit to making quality music then you can still be successful in this industry.

    Compare Lupe Fiasco to Jeezy. Lupe is right now on his world tour promoting Lasers and is currently 2 albums deep. Jeezy on the other hand hasn’t even toured outside of the US and he’s three albums deep. Not saying one better than the other but Lupe puts more effort in making sure his music isn’t replaceable by any other artists.

    Jeezy on the other hand is close to being completely replaced by Gucci, who might be replaced by Flocka. How long do you think before someone replaces Wacka with a silly as song? Wacka Flocka maybe making that skating ring money now but who knows how long that shit will last. That’s my main problem with hip-hop now. To many dudes are chasing that short lived ringtone money as opposed to making a name for themselves that will give them a long term career.

    • John Cochran

      I have to disagree a bit dog. Both Jeezy and Lupe are replacable. For the record I’m a fan of both, but just as you said Gucci or Waka could replace Jeezy (which I doubt)another tight pants wearing hipster could replace Lupe. When he doesnt have an album out he fades to the background. I do agree that southern rappers go for the ring tone money too fast and thats why they don’t stick around, but Jeezys not a ringtone rapper, you ever heard the recession?

  • caino

    C/S ^^^ that LUpe on some real hiphop shit!!

    Good post Bol, talking about Shawty Lo’s skin was hilarious as was the weed carrier code of ethics! lol

    SYK get those weed carrier awrds running NOW!!

    Aye, Burrrr , ahhh fuck it

  • giantstepp

    “…and my aim is to spread MORE smiles then tears, and utilize lessons learned from my childhood years…” 2pac

    Im done w/Pac debates. Feel what you feel but PLEASE dont EVER mention him and Waka as having any similarities. They are in different worlds! Pac “beefed” w/the east because he honestly believed that they had something to do with him being set up, robbed and shot. He always balanced out he so-called “thug life”.

    “…my thug nation, do what you gotta do BUT KNOW YOU GOTTA CHANGE, try to find a way to make it out the game…”

    He never led youngsta’s blindly.

  • NoUse4AName

    Hip-Hop… I love you, really I do but I give up on you. Its not about the music anymore it seems to be about who shot who or what weed carrier got caught with the biggest gun. Who sold the most records and so on and so on. This shit has just gotten so stupid. I can not be a part of it, I find it insulting. Bol thanks for the blog with respect I will not be reading anymore because as of right now I am giving up on rap and changing my name to something really white… maybe Loyd Banks I think that sounds white enough.

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com guttaman

    Have any of u guys had the misfortune of hearing sum of wacka flames other songs? they r absolute garbage. he barely rhymes, his stupid ad libs are louder then the raps, he sounds utterly ignorant, cant count bars so he raps over the hook, his voice sounds retarded, his crew is wack, he disrespects the art. how u gon diss lyrics?? isnt that what rap is?

    candidBACKshoT dot com

  • Darth H8ter

    What is wrong with Atlanta? Why do Gucci and the rest of the no talent clowns get mre sales/press than Killa Mike Bigga? At lest you all gave us Outkast, TI, even Kris Kross.

  • flavorblade

    Wac Fucka Flaming


    you yankee ass dont know shit about the south thats why you never heard of this nigga.

  • Anonymous

    ya right waka and the whole bricksquad go hard fuck dem hataz

  • Hawk

    This blog is silly as hell. While I’d never bet Flocka will at some point be in contention for the best rapper alive belt (but neither is Lupe Fiasco) I still fucks with dude….what kills me is how some of you clowns try to go at these type of cats when they obviously in a totally different lane. First off, you don’t compare Beenie Man and Tupac or Meth vs Juice Man so why comapare Flocka to the greats in the first place. Flame fails when you talk lyrical rappers but he wins at getting folks hype and creating gutter street anthems. You “Hip Hop is Dead” muthafuckers need to climb up under a rock or at the very least try to support the cats you think are so great. Most of the time if you go to a concert like Lupe it’s gonna be 75% OTHERS and even in the black joints the turnout is always garbage b/c all these cats hating on dudes like Flocka Flame don’t show up to support their “lyrical geniuses”. I’ve been in some true hood spots and seen Gucci, Jeezy, Flocka all do concerts and black fans actually show up along with the Beckys, Peters, and Yangs…..so my solution to all lames who just want to hate on another’s shine b/c his beat is harder than yours, shut yo mouth and support the rappers you like and maybe they can get on too…..and one time for the A where we actually know how to support our hometown artists and can even show love to outta town cats coming here to do their thing versus how some of yall cats just rather spend all day talking about who shouldn’t be getting love….it’s muthafuckas like yall that’s bad for the game and that’s real.

  • chocolategirl

    WHOOO… in their rite mind would compare wacka floka to 2pac? some of you nigga”s have really been smokin.

  • Grimace

    Just like 2pac was massively hated on by the average folk in the mid 90s (i mean he had to defend his lyrics in COURT), now ppl doin the same shit to Flocka… so in that aspect, I would compare 2pac to Flocka. But this the south, home of LiL Jon, Ying Yang Twinz, Pastor Troy, Cash Money, No Limit, Screw Music, Old 3 6 Mafia, New 3 6 Mafia, David Banner, Petey Pablo, Bone Crusher, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy……. ALL have been hated on past and present, some called garbage no talent, some called one hit wonders, some called lyricless, some called too violent….. and yet they ALL got (and still get) their money one way or another, because they had a career (or even 1 song) in makin JAMMIN AZZ SHIT dat u can play in da CLUBS!!!! Sorry to break it to you simpletons but its always been about that ca$h and the product be bout havin fun!

  • Truth

    Not lying or anything, but i searched waka flocka stupid ass nigga on google and this article was the first thing that came up. ’nuff said

  • pharoethegreatest

    This cat grew up watchin the muppet show or what? I know where he got the waka from, I’m trying to figure out the flaka flame part though.

    Shiit, Muppet show was my shit growin up.

  • thomas

    yo wait a fuckin minute. First of all what the fuck are you talking about saying Waka is this generations Pac. Pac I wouldn’t say was the greatest lyricist ever but his rhymes were great and they carried so much substance, such as love,self love, love for our race,injustice in law, and other trials and tribulations facing the black community. As for Waka he is a HIGH FUNCTIONING RETARD! The best thing about this nigga is his shitty beat selection. Last thing i have to say on this subject is all you rejects please speak english I can’t stand when niggas get online and type shit that does not make any fucking sense at all, and then try to sound intelligent. THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE YOU BITCH ASS NIGGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sr

    I’m a 30 yr old white guy from Australia and even I know that Waka Flocka is no Tupac.

  • dfsd

    I am from the south….GA at that! How can anyone compare
    2 Pac to Wacka Flaka or vise versa? That’s not even a conversation…..