Drake vs. Kanye West – The 2010 Album of the Year Contenders

Complete this sentence: When the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards roll around in February 2011, the Grammy for “Best Rap Album” will go to ___________________.

With word coming from Rap-up.com that Drake’s Thank Me Later (“the most anticipated hip-hop album of the year”) finally nailed down a release date of May 25, it’s time to get an early start on what will be a much-debated topic this year and possibly years to come.

Drake’s Thank Me Later vs. Kanye West’s Good Ass Job: Who will have the best album of 2010?

The tale of the tape looks like this:

Nickname: Drizzy
Album: Thank Me Later
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal
Experience: Debut
Features: Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, The-Dream
Production: Boi 1Da, 40,
Lead Single: “Over”

Nickname: ’Ye
Album: Good Ass Job
Label: Def Jam
Experience: 4th Album
Features: Drake, Clipse, Big Sean,
Production: Pete Rock, Q-Tip, RZA, himself
Lead Single: TBA

First off, regardless of how you might feel about the state of hip-hop, you can’t be mad at the names that are about to release new albums in this opening year of the new decade. Along with these two anticipated albums are releases from Jeezy (TM 103) Ludacris (Ludaversal), and post-incarceration LPs from T.I. (still untitled), Lil Wayne (Carter IV), and Gucci Mane (The Appeal). Not mentioning a whole host of potentially memorable releases, 2010 could quite possibility go down as one of those definitive years in rap.

But, that’s another blog for another day.

Today, I want to focus on the two albums that could have a significant impact on rap for the next decade. Let’s just say both these albums are classics (a tall order), and touch platinum sales in a week (an even taller order), we might be looking at the game’s next two mega stars. Granted Kanye is already a superstar, but a triumph return from a self-imposed hiatus could elevate him to that iconic musical figure we all know he wants to become. This could be his Blueprint.

For Drake, being successful here will definitely mean far more than the money, the cars, the clothes and the hoes, I suppose. It will mean that he lived up to the enormous expectations he set for himself coming of a 2009 that saw him make the quantum leap from a rap unknown (from Canada, of all places) to the next big thing. This would put Drake on a path similar to the one 50 Cent travels as he dominated much of the last decade.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Asking for both Kanye and Drake to deliver on all would be a lot, but not unrealistic given their past accomplishments. What we’re talking about now is making a call on who is mostly likely to deliver on all the hype these two albums have generated.

The case for Drake is easy. He’s the younger, fresher of the two with more current radio hits than anyone in rap right now. He has a sound that can appeal to wide audience and it’s been working for him up until this point. You really don’t see things changing.

The case ’Ye is a bit harder to call given that he’s been off the radar, literally off the main land, making this album in seclusion in a Hawaiian studio. The eagerness and the potential of this album comes from the fact that the Louie Vuitton Don is getting back to rap. No more T-Pain-ing. He’s putting out his first rap album since 2008’s auto-experiment 808’s & Heartbreak. Add to that the fact he’s making his return to the spotlight since his Taylor Swift/VMA moment. Will he still experience some backlash from that or will people have no choice but to embrace him given that his music is too undeniable?

What’s it going to be? Drizzy or Yeezy?

The “Best Rap Album” of 2010 will be _________________? —Rondell Conway

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  • nutsinthemouth

    both blow

  • Kenny D

    If Kanye raps and doesn’t do the autotune, then Kanye. If Drake raps, abandons the autotune, and stops trying to sound like gay Lil Wayne, then Drake.

    • these posts are racist

      I feel guilty, but I actually co-sign this comment.

  • jgb

    The album I waiting for is The Blow Up by J.Cole.
    If that still is the name of it, either way his album is the one I find myself anticipating the most.

    • Anonymous

      J.Cole is something to look out for. He is crushing Drake.

  • Dafi

    Pretty exciting. Hope Drake dont disappoint. Plus Ye will surely bring heat. Distant Relatives too! first!!

  • JohnnyK

    Neither. Bobby Ray has musical talent, production abilities, lyrical finesse, and terrific features on his upcoming album, including Eminem.

  • Hussle’s Way

    How about ; Eminem (R2) or J.Cole (Blow Up?)

  • RedBlue

    The best Rap album of 2010 will be Ems Relapse 2.But the best album between drake and kanye..i really dont care

    • nagundabori

      bull shit, eminem can go fuck himeself kanye will

  • that chico

    im with jgb. he prolly wont get album of the year but its the album im most looking forward to. if that young man dont blow up like drake, we as a hiphop nation fail. hes better that drake in every way in my opinion

  • Justice4All

    Kanye all day-always go with a proven vet.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Funny ass picture though…

  • raazi36

    Kanye West G ! every album put out by him thus far is classic , nuff said….

  • General

    At this point I think you would have to go with Kanye simply based on his track record. He hasn’t disappointed yet (some people hated 808′s, but it still drew critical acclaim), while this is only Drake’s debut so its tough to predict how his CD will deliver…

    I honestly don’t think either will have the best CD of 2010 though with Em, TI, and a host of other top caliber rappers set to drop CD’s this year

  • ChinCheka

    Who cares??? Either way you look at its just watered down mainstream rap for the whites.

    • chincheka is a racist

      I’m White and if i had a dollar for everytime I heard a black guy banging kanye and drake I would be rich lol you sound like a piece of shit watered down mainstream blah blah you prob dont even listin to rap.

      • chincheka is a realist

        Sorry pop, but i don’t think he’s being racist for his accurate comment…These dudes make commercial music, and who benefits off this watered down version of hip hop? Old white men in suits and teenybopper white kids… do your demographic research:)

        • Chinkckea still a racist

          Kanye and Drake makes commercial music!!! who doesnt make commerical music right now besides a bunch of fucking no namers. And since you lack to mention that blacks do listin to this lol waterd down mainstreem music your claiming that is for white dudes in suits and teenybopper. Wow you sound pretty dumb besides that were did you do this demographic research at mmm? not online I searched it, so sounds pretty much like a opinion and your opinion sounds just a racist as the last piece of shit.

  • AZ40

    Drake is a knock off kanye so why not got wit the original and say kanye

  • Wallman


  • Capt. Obvious

    i don’t think Drake’s Album will be all dat! I can tell by his 2 singles…they aren’t that good ya kno, basically the type of shit u download then forget about after 2 or 3 months…Kanye on the other hand, is a lil bit different. ALL his albums have been CRACK! He’s always ahead of his time and his work is always innovative and new! personally i’m waitin on Lasers and J. Cole’s Album!

  • jimmy price

    I believe Kanye will have the better “rap” album considering songs like “Shut it Down” technically don’t constitute as rap songs because there is no rapping in them. However, there is most likely some risk equation that has been invented for Kanye regarding award ceremonies that will ultimately keep him from getting up on stage. Unless Taylor Swift is presenting the award in which case the opportunity for irony/ratings will not be ignored.

  • IndyKid

    How can anybody say that these two guys aren’t gonna rule the airwaves in 2010? J. Cole? Wtf is a J. Cole? Sounds like a disease.

    I’m not saying that other dudes aren’t gonna do well (Em, Wayne, Jeezy, etc.) but I am saying that when it all goes down, half you guys are gonna have Drake’s or Ye’s albums. At the very least, their singles…


    • Kingroy

      Yoh, don’t carry J.Cole. Listen before you ask Wtf is a J.Cole. I meant there are other rappers with crazy ass names, but I don’t ask wtf is a ______.

    • lukenis

      HAHAHA, your ignorance is what I’m laughing at. I’m at a loss for words after seeing you don’t know who J.Cole is, you will in the future.

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    Choosing between Drake and Kanye, I have to pick Kanye.



    • Anonymous

      Forget all that, the realist rapper out is ARAB of SODMG (check out his song “You Think You Hot”, effin hilarious because he sucks that much, but for real that J. Cole is gonna be dope.

  • sparkcity911


  • Jde313

    The album of the year will be LUPE fuck xxl they startin to piss me off

  • Jde313


  • ryde or die

    Despite 808′s. Is this not Kanyes 5th album, coz xxl have it as his 4th??? Just saying.

    But i will have to go for Ye on this one. But im mostly looking foward to a new DMX album.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/KEMO-Music/290107985822?ref=ts KEMO

      You beat me to it…

      College Dropout
      Late Registration
      808′s and Heartbreaks

      Not sure how this is ye’s 4th

  • hejsa

    Game – R.E.D Album!!:)

  • jonny bizness

    It would b good ass job 4 me i got the feeling it will b a classic when has kanye flopped prod wise? and he has murdered every1 on there own shit (jigga included)as 4 drake it will b very good a lot of memorable hooks i can imagine and i hope the nigga does sing cos so far gone was something else a brillant mixtape if he follows that 2010 will b his!!!!!!!!

    • Joe bizness

      Ye’ all the way drake my guy but i role with kanye on everything an dat one guy was right ye do murk everyone on their shit well lil wayne every song he do with ye except forever but shit drake an em was da shit on dare but anyway the songs

      Maybach music 2
      lolipop remix
      swagger like us
      barry bonds

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    This dude mentioned Gucci Mane as one of the most anticipated albums….SMDH….

    If it don’t got anything to do with Lupe’s Lasers, J.Cole’s album, Little Brother’s last album, or Wu Massacre, I ain’t messing with it.

    Look like Kanye tryna go back to that boom-bap with the selection of producers he got lined up. Now his MIGHT be worth checking out, as long as he doesn’t T-Pain it to death and just straight rap on it…

    Drake is for the ladies, nuff said…

  • alex

    how is the dude writing this sayign yo ucant be mad at these guys for where rap is at today? they almost epitomize what is wrong with rap. but to me i think ob4cl2 is gonan win the grammy since the grammy’s have that certain time constraint that lets albums from last year be in the running

  • El Tico Loco

    Album of the year is for whoever pays for the most XXL mag covers. Point blank.

    • render

      hahaha word to the fuckin real

  • El Tico Loco

    I’m wondering who’s gonna be the most slept on, that’s what I’ll check for.

  • http://www.gmail.com Z@k Morri$$

    College Dropout is probably top 5 greatest Hip Hop album ever… So far gone is probably one of the top 5 mixtapes ever if not probably the best. With that said both of these brothers will bring the heat. Hell the other night me and girl almost sucked each others face off to the Drake “Fall for your type” and over is incredible… Drake drew first blood but over was no “No through the wire” or “All falls down” With that said I got to roll with yeezy for right now but again both of these young brothers are the truth in what they do!

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk stop

    lol i aint anticipating either im waiting on south central state of mind nipsey hussle that album gonna beat both you watch and see!!!

    • bullets

      i feel you on that new blood need to drop new age music people just hang on to popular names

  • og bobby j

    fuck a drake…fuck a kanye

    waitin on that free agent…YAWAAAA

    if slaughterhouse get on shady, waiting on that too….

  • El Tico Loco

    If both Drake or Kanye’s album are good or wack it won’t matter they’re gonna forcefeed them to the public regardless, and look is starting already.

  • ThingAlec

    If I had to choose, I’d go with Yeezy.

  • R2J

    Drake sounds pretty good but MAN! after the year
    (and 808′s and Heartbreak switch.)It does make you wonder as a hip hop fan if Kanye is going to
    go back to his roots or he’s going to make more
    808′s and Heartbreak album?

    I would say Kanye cause I really wonder how the
    beats sound and what is REALLY GOING ON IN HIS MIND!


  • LukeCage

    This is Ye’s FIFTH album. Does anyone fucking edit this site?

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      They probably don’t want to acknowledge that 808′s ever happened…

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I’d pick Kanye out of the two of them. I am just not the target market for Drake records, no hate. Jay Elect will have the most slept on album of the year if he drops in twenty-ten.

  • http://xxlmag.com gutta gutta

    PLIES “GOON AFFILIATED ” album will do numbers May 25th as well!!!! May 25th the stores will be slammed!!!

  • Love&D

    GOT DAMN…..he much hate would a hater hate if a hater could chuck hate. The question is simple Kanye or Drake? But most of you are hating so hard I think Kanye’s and drake’ great grand parents are turning in their grave. Can we just pick one of the two without hating. Anyway back to my pick. I love Drake but overall album I gotta give it to Kanye. Rza, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, and himself that shit sounds too good to be tru. Also Kanye’s lyrics do go hard. All you need is dope beats and dope rhymes.

  • BoogieMonster

    Yall niggas is funny, you talk shit by saying fuck XXL and your posting on their website. Yall gotta be some dumb ass ppl.

  • BlackMagic

    Hold on for the record Drake and Kanye are nice, so all the hating as niggas saying their not nice plz jack off with broken glass and piss. Second J. Cole will be dope ass fuck, two classics mixtapes: Come up and Warm Up. Second Relapse 2 will be trash if its anything like the first one. Ppl loved it cuz of his name, there were only like 4 dope ass tracks out of the whole album. Im tired of he talking about putting gay chicks in wet cement. He is talking about the same shock value shit he did on all of his albums, the shit is old son.

  • Chris S

    love Kanye but Lupe might take it this year

  • smojo

    wiz khalifa.

  • http://myspace.com/jacobramirez89 JACOB RAMIREZ

    Kanye Doesnt even have A Fucking song Out Yet

    Never Judge A book by its Cover..
    Just cuz theres A release date and album features dont mean thelly be the best albums of the year..

    XLL U Slacking on ur pimpin
    yall starting to Sound like MTV News

  • Jon Dog

    the Grammy for “Best Rap Album” will go to ___________________. WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!!! Since when did winning that bull shit award make you the best. Fuck you guys at XXL are fallin the fuck off. Seriously, DRAKE AND FUCKIN’ KANYE WEST??? REALLY? What in the fuck are you guys thinkin’?????

  • Anonymous


  • ?

    fuck are we talking about drake and kanye when eminem is dropping relapse 2?
    Thats gonna be the best album, nuff said.

  • Ronny Macc

    HUNGER FOR MORE 2!!!!!






  • Astro

    Albums Im looking forward to in 2010:

    1. Good Ass Job- Kanye West

    2. Cudder: Revolution of Evolution- Kid Cudi

    3. Finally Famous- Big Sean

    4. Thank Me Later- Drake

  • J

    Whoever is writing these blogs are wack as fuck, and getting worse by the post.

  • suits

    i think its gunna be a close call

    i dont know who is gunna have the better album but i think i kno who would win the best album of the year award.

    knaye has an establish fan base but people are still upset with his behavior so i think that wil hurt him a little. with that i think that when his album drops he will sell alot but politics will come into play when the award is givin out

    drake is hot and on the radar right now, plus he’s with young money and they’re hot right now. not only that, but youre right he has a style that appeals to the masses and his lyrics are respected by all

    so i hate to say nut i think drake is gunna win… ye is my favorite rapper but i think drake has a little advantage

  • Stylistic

    Drake and Kanye? Hottest albums of 2010? Well let’s face it radio and television will beat us over the head telling us that both of these albums are but let’s be realistic, Kanye’s album will be like all of his other shit, played the fuck out and collecting dust after 2 listens, and Drake’s album will be decent at best! 2 of this year’s best albums are coming out tomarrow…Wu-Massacre and E-40′s 2 releases! These 2 albums I guarantee everybody will be better then Drake and Kanye’s. Honorable mentions are also Joell Ortiz’s new album and Game’s Red album! I’m out!

  • Jessica

    This is Kanye’s 5th album. Not fourth (College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808 and Heartbreak)

    • Mr. 306

      Ohhhhhhh burn! I didn’t even catch that one.

  • t-wake

    kanYe West and it isn’t even close! Kanye has dropped 4 amazing albums. Say what you want about 808s, but if you appreciate good music you will appreciate this album. Stop saying he sold out for making an autotuned album. His mother died and he wanted to get his sorrow out. He is hungry and ready to reclaim his number one spot. Get ready for a classic, Good Ass Job.

  • Fireforreal

    I like Drake more before he started trying to sound like wayne doing all those wayne tyep of ad-libs and over use of auto tune on his vocals so I’m looking more forwad to Kanye. But really I’m looking more forward to the Nas and Damian marley because that will mose def have more of a pure and good raw music sound.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Drizzy Or Yeezy? Rondell, You’re A F U C K I N G Idiot…

  • kid hop

    kanye for sure you cant deny his cataloge its top class even 808s some of the writting on that was dope but sounds like xxl are backing drake to do it hmmmm i think that strengthens my yeezy pick

  • Anonymous


    Drake-Thank Me LAter
    Kanye WEest Good Ass Job
    Busta Rhymes Chemo
    Eminem R2
    Ludacris Ludacversal
    Ti Untitled

    But to respond to the debate. I heard drake’s ingle it’s over and it doesn’t sound all that good. I actually never really g’got’ drake like every got drake. he’s by no means wack, i just don’t see the appeal. could it be because i never saw deagrassi?
    Kanye on the other hand always does some next levl joints. he never dissapoints.

  • Anonymous


  • mikel

    not real big on chick raps so…..neither?

  • black

    Trappin ain’t dead these nigga’s just scared,
    nigga’s just playing don’t want no bread,
    everbody in the game say they trappin like you, go against the grain this is trap or die 2

    Really don’t give a fuck about these emo’s.
    I’m waiting on that TM103

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    Ha, people get so cot damn heated, they can’t even remember the topic.

    No question, Kanye.

    Drake will be worth a listen, tho.

  • Tony Ray

    1st of all, this is Kanye’s 5th album !!!

    College Drop Out
    Late Registration
    808s & Heartbreak

    Kanye’s all will be dope if he is rapping.

    I hope that Drake’s album is good after all the hype/press to build him up.

    Personally, I think that J. Cole and/or Eminem will have better albums !!!

  • caino

    Out of these 2 l gotts give it to Kanye ! But it aint the albums l’m looking out for !! :

    Lupe – Lasers
    Rae, Meth – Wu massacre
    Luda – Ludaversial

    l dont believe that 2010 is gonna be better than 2009( l mean it wont be hard right! )

  • http://geoffbrennan.webs.com Gebra

    Drake’s album will hopefully be better then his unmemorable first single “Over” (who picked that?) and Kanye’s will definitely be huge, on impact and sales (no one can differ on this). All of Kanye’s albums have been well thought-out, just a lot of people who were polarized by his choices.

    Now, as for those talking about the new Eminem – y’all have to stop living in 2001 – clean the hash outta your fingernails, put on some pants and deoderant and get down to the store to check out something new! There’s lots of good stuff going on in rap today – no need to keep living in LimpBizkit Standard Time (LST)

  • Real hip hop


  • marvs

    Jeezy, Wayne, and Gucci will only worsen the state of hip-hop. Thats why our best chance to shine is while they’re game-killing asses are in jail.

  • bullets

    Dont be fucking retarded the only way you have a best albumis if you drop the best album i dont care who’s name is up there i love kanye im curious to see what drake is going to do dont give a fuk about gucci man and jeezy has to show and prove im not one of those people that listen to people cause i like them you have to show and prove every time thats why i dont listen to lil wayne he never showed me he was the best rapper he just constantly says it…….

  • bullets

    To be totally honest other than kanye i’m more excited about wiz khalifa’s new mixtape Kush and Orange juice word!!

  • No Name

    2010 isn’t even halfway through yet and you guys are already throwing these two in the running for THE top two albums this year. They haven’t even been released! XXL, C’Mon Son. That’s just some stupid shit on y’all part.

  • http://www.blackcaesarworld.blogspot.com BlackCaesar

    Hey, thats cool we know that Kanye and Drake are coming out with albums let’s see if the kid from the windy city still got it and his counterpart can take it outta the computer box, and back into the cypher.

    p.s. READ my shit http://www.blackcaesarworld.blogspot.com exclusive interview with Wendy Day follow me on twitter @caesarthemind

  • Mr. I Rap Better Than U

    They both problaby my two favorite artist, Drake is the shyt but i think he’s going to be singin to much on Thank Me Later..Kanye is going to come back w/ that College Dropout/Graduation music and it’s going to be amazin so i go w/ Kanye..but i’ma be listnin to both of they LP’s constantly this year..

  • twes

    This was poorly written. Aside from that both albums will be good these are 2 proven artist so I don’t see why there would be any doubt. Drakes mixtape n features has shown his strength and kanye has never dropped the ball even 808′s grew on people. Oh and Kanye is already an iconic figure in hiphop he produced the blue print! He also did platinum numbers on previous albums so he really has nothing to prove. Now whose album will be better thats hard to say and is irrelevant as a hiphop fan I will be happy that 2 good albums have come out in the same year because thats rare these days.

  • Nu Drenaline

    J Cole – the blow up
    RE – Revolutions per minute
    Little Brother – LeftBack
    Kanye – Good ass job
    Murs – Fornever

    wat im looking foward to right now

  • Jake

    Why is Gucci Mane mentioned in this article with those names? He is the worst “rapper” in the history of the world.

  • HotelFrost

    Drake the Fake will have the top selling album just because he is new and the most hyped up corporate inflated rapper yet. It will have plenty of autotune, he can’t sing without it. He already stole Kanye’s blueprint off 808. His mixtape has the same tempo’s and rhythms. This kid going to have everything handed to him. He’s a hypocrite talking about nothing was done for him, yet he gets the biggest names in the industry on a mixtape, and everybody but Sade on his album. He’s the record industry’s Obama rapper. Half white, likeable, giant budget.

  • Stephen

    Kanye if he does a good rap album with no auto tune. That is just oput of those two. But Lupe will probably have the best album of the year with lasers.

  • Trin

    Why does it have to be either. Both albums have the TREMENDOUS opportunity to disappoint. Drake single Over is OVERRATED its not wack but it wont be the single that attracts ppl to copp a cd. and Kanye be on some other ish nowadays his next shit might be about some other ish. So i dunno. What about the others that ppl are waiting for.

    Im not a Ross Fan but there’s ppl that think Teflon Don will be fire.

    Nas got some ish Dropping

    and there are a bunch of others.

    Articles like this just be brain washing ppl into thinking that they have to like the shit yall talk about. BLOG FAIL!

  • TheKidWonder

    Some of you guys are pure idiots and neanderthals. KanYe has been the most consistent aritist, besides 808 & Heartbreaks (which actually was a decent album) all of his others were damn near classics, (2 of them actually were). Drizzy’s So Far Gone could’ve been a classic if it were an LP instead of a mixtape, so what do you guys expect his LP to be? J Cole is hot, yes, but he doesn’t have the stats. It like trying to say Kevin Durant should be in the same sentence as Kobe or LeBron. The only person in my opinion, well the only two people that can possibly out do these two are Lupe and T.I.P.. Maybe Wayne if he gets back on his Carter I Carter II Bullsh*t. By the way, Slim Shady hasn’t been the same since the Eminem Show, Who speaks of E-40 in a great album argument?,The Wu-Tang stans are at it again, face facts they are hot, but its no longer the 90′s guys… sorry, and a BIG LMFAO to the guy that mentioned Plies… Pure Comedy. My prerankings for individuals with the best albums are.
    1a. Kanye
    1b. Lupe
    The others will fall in place, mark my words…

  • Dreamz

    Fuck that shit! Kanye ‘s ok and drake just an auto-tune fag! the album that’s more likely to win is the BP3 or that new Nas & Damian Marley callabo!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbC-C6krGgc SunStarr


  • Matt

    J. Cole

  • http://eminemgod.proboards.com ASID


    Aftermath getting it again

    Relapse 2..or Detox ofcourse

  • Stephen

    Lupe Fiasco – Lasers

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LMAO you guys a all fucked EMINEM will get album of the year listen to that shit suck kanye and drake lol pussies

  • Anonymous

    LMAO you guys a all fucked EMINEM will get album of the year listen to that shit fuck kanye and drake lol pussies

  • http://www.myspace.com/jhuntdaprodigy J-hunt da Prodigy

    Having heard Thank Me Later, it’s a very good album. But also, having heard Ye’s new first single Power, if that’s just a sample of what Martain Louie has in store, the he’s going to takeover this year!

  • Mellzzzz

    Kanye’s latest releases definitely go hard. I highly anticipate that album. Drake’s album’s good too. They’re both two of my favorites, but if I really had to pick between the two based on the latest albums/releases, Imma go with ‘Ye. Who cares bout the VMA drama. He was drunk, and to be honest, he was just saying exactly what was on everyone elses mind…. J.Cole’s one I’m looking forward to hearing a lot more from, as well.

  • stigma

    well it goes both ways.Drakes debut Album”thank me later” is hot, but does not mean he’s going to hit the number one spot.honestly kanye has always being a good MC despite his 808′s and heartbreaker a lot of people criticize. He always gives the fans wat is worth their ears.u can xpect something bigger on this good ass job album.