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Dom Kennedy, From the Westside, With Love

Dom Kennedy
From the Westside, With Love

Beats: L
Lyrics: L
Originality: L

Since twisting the title of Justin Timberlake’s 2006 album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, to create his remarkable 2009 debut mixtape, FutureStreet/DrugSounds, Dom Kennedy has established himself as part of California’s next generation of rappers. On his latest project, From the Westside, With Love, he continues to forge his identity by repping his coast and explaining more about his upbringing in the City of Angels.

Still relatively new to the game, Kennedy begins by reintroducing himself. On the low-key intro, “In Memory Of,” he breaks down his rap persona and loftily compares his style to hip-hop royalty. “I don’t know a nigga that could scribe like this,” he raps, “and you ain’t probably heard nothin’ since Tribe like this.” On the sparsely-produced “1997,” he recalls his first drink, his first love and, most importantly, the first time he realized he had skills on the mic.

Unfortunately, towards the middle of the mixtape, Kennedy gets a little too infatuated with the idea of catering to female listeners. He raps about hotel rendezvous on “The Hotels,” settling down with “the one” on “Love the Future,” and computer love on “Speaker Phone (Dial 143).” But it only results in a slight detour before the rookie returns to form on the soulful “Long Way Home,” where he boastfully explains how and why he’s been able to come such a long way in a short time. From the Westside, With Love helps Kennedy set himself up as a future ambassador of Cali. It’s more than enough to give him the right to throw up the W with love. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • YoYO

    you guys are idiots…this album is at least a XL. XXL go back to rocking with OJ Da Juice man…fools.

    • jaurez cartel middle man

      HOLD THE FUCK UP!!!..how the hell is some white dude from jersey gonna speak on westcoast rap?..really..i bet he dont even like Dom Kennedy’s music to begin with..shit i was even suprised to see Dom’s mixtape on here since XXl obviously disses the west by not reviewing any westcoast albums..example, 2009′s Blaqkout..can XXL please fire this dude..its clear that the people have gave a L to this weirdo..read the comments XXL

  • http://soulstoned.blogspot.com/ Ashton

    This shit is fuckin’ fire.

  • youngsultan

    XL XXL for sure dom = the future of the west

  • that Otha dude

    L??? are you kiddin? instrumentals alone are XL. get ur shiet together.

    • jaurez cartel middle man

      READ THIS!!!!…co-sign That Otha Dude..the beats alone are XL or XXL..theres no beat on the album that is weak..hey Chris Yousuckavage please name some of the weak beats you speak of..i challenge anyone to get the album and name a weak beat..dom’s beat selection has always been solid since 25th hour..the reviewer obviously hates west coast rap.west coast rap doesnt even get reviewed here.the reviewer has a taste for eastcoast rap.he’s a joe buddens groupie.its known.this album is a album.album quality.not a mixtape.straight fire,thats on god

  • http://www.lovealise.com karen alise

    haha @YoYo i haven’t finished listening to the tape yet (takes me a long time to fully appreciate an album) but I agree with your attitude. I’m done with Grammy’s, The Academy, and these mainstream magazines who call Gucci Mane, Oj Da Juice, and the like music. I’m not interested in what they have to say and this year’s Grammy’s was the last straw. Checked this article because Dom K. tweeted the link.

    Dom killed it on Racing Stripes with Curren$y on the Smokee mixtape so since then I’ve been fucking with him (almost two months strong lol).

    Keep doing your thing DK I’d actually buy your album, and that’s saying a lot considering i’m a digital pirate ;)

    • AC

      Your right When I heard locals only I played it at least 40 times XL this is slipping and change your top ten feshman last year was great this year wack only a handful I agree with like Wiz. Big Sean, Fashawn, donnis and If I cant remember the rest then cause they aint catch my attetion

      • El-Nino

        a so what J.cole dnt catch your attention dudes the next J.cole thats how good he is you cant compare him to anybody hes on his own level

        Fuck Weezy!!!!!

  • bnease

    …..Ya’ll niggas suck. “From the Westside, With Love” is trill as fuck. I aint even from Cali or the “Leftcoast” so it aint no bias. Shit I’m from up north & go 2 school down south & I still recognize that not only should this mixtape get better than an “L,” but Dom shoulda been on ya’ll Top 10 List. The only reason I could see him being left off is because there were already three West coast artists on the list. Regardless, his new shit is dope…..tighten the fuck up please.



    • Jordan

      the writer is credited at the end of the review ; )

      album is L – XL for me. keep it coming man.

  • Flippa

    XXL is really going down hill, this project is an XL at the least.

  • Jackel

    Chris Yuscavage you are retarded, XL or XXL or fuck you

  • http://amazinganna.tumblr.com Anna Amazing

    …You guys are idiots. I was so anxious for this mixtape and when it was released, it was so worth the wait. It has been on rotation since it has been released. This is upsetting, you need to find a new system. Ridiculous. XXL you suck.

  • YoYO

    XXL is a joke like 911…

  • http://northernlightsspark.bandcamp.com/ IamNewEra

    Horrible review… this is by far the best project created by an unsigned independent artist since drake’s so far gone tape.. and honestly i like this tape better..

    Dom embodies what your “so called” top 10 freshmens strive for.. originality, skill, charisma, for lack of better words “swag”

    Yall seriously fucked up on this review…
    Get rid of whoever skimmed through this tape.. and wrote this half ass review… because it def doesnt represent what the fans n REAL music heads think.

  • http://theeargasm.com VivaLaRap

    Come on Chris. An L? I agree with Karen. You guys wonder why print is becoming obsolete.

    From The WestSide with Love is a quality project from start to finish. So what if it has “Girl” track. Chicks buy records and in the words of Mase “your girl be rolling harder than some of your niggas” . Come with a better reason to give the album an L. Truth be told. The XXL Freshman mixtape was actually a remedial M at best.

  • DayO

    wooow…XXL is such bullshit…i dont even know why Dom trippin that yall gave him a L…its fuckin XXL, yall aint been cridible since g-unit took over

  • westcoastaggie

    @DOPEITSDOM is the Leimert Park homie fasho. I am impressed with the tape and the production on this tape is definitely major label album quality. The Beats alone definitely merit a XL rating at least.

    Lyrics wise, I can agree with that L rating. He got a lil repetitive on some tracks and wasn’t as potent as he was on FutureStreet/DrugSounds.

  • YDiplo

    25th hour was his first mixtape and this is his fourth if you count Best After Bobby #justsayin. But this has to get at least an XL..

  • TrueMusicLover

    Chris Yuscavage you are sadly mistaken!!! This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time! It truly deserves an XL at the least! Dom is definitely doing the west coast justice! You should give it another listen. Sounds to me like people who don’t indulge in the company of women often would have that type of approach to music which is reflective of scenarios such as going to hotels and spending time with females. Try again Chris, imagine you are a lot cooler than you are and that you can relate…..

  • http://k2theillest.blogspot.com k2theillest

    fucc xxl!!! they rate good niggaz low, put wack niggaz on the cover 5 times a fuccin year, and give real niggaz small as interviews….to the xxl staff..”YALL NIGGAZ IS TRIPPEN!”


  • YoYO

    By the way you lost your fanbase YEARS ago when you didn’t put people on to NEW shit but just regurgitated the same old bullshit that teenyboppers like…fuck u.

    give Dom what he deserves

  • Run_TMC

    GTFOH talkin about FTWWL is a L… yall trippin… i dont even think yall listened to the shit… like homie said.. BEATS ALONE GIVE IT a fuckin XL AT LEAST!!! Overall i’d give at least XL… Who ever wrote this article… shoot urself in the foot… You dont even know what his first mixtape was… before you write about something, do ur reasearch brah…..

    • Run_TMC

      research**** You put OJ the Juiceman on the cover… but give Dom a L ….


    • Run_TMC

      Research*** but yea… U got OJ da Juiceman on the cover, but Dom gettin a L? -_-

  • Anonymous

    now the dk street team has voiced there opinion let me say that this a pretty soft mixtape if you ask me. a L deserved. nothing for lyrics but the production is surprisingly very very good. all the good raps came from the other rappers. besides theres no visuals. i googled for videos from this mixtape got nothing. sorry but theres nothing left to the imagination. i get being a hometown homer but i heard far better from westside up and comers like pacific division tiron kendrick lamar fashawn hope and the homie blu. heres you go something realler http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=53654

  • Mike

    Chris Yuscavage, I strongly suggest you review your shit. ‘nouff said! The world WILL be waiting for your apology letter. Oh yeah, and uuuuh….”I recognize a lame nigga when Im around one, but I’ll look like a clown trynna clown one” – Dom (A Leimert Park Song)

  • Jewelz

    It’s a shame when credit is not given where credit is due… There are artists out there who are making millions on albums that are not even close to Dom’s caliber. Unlike the big names in the industry that are putting out albums with 3 or 4 good tracks, every single track on this mixtape is legit; the lyrics, the beats and most definitely his originality are all XXL worthy.

    The fact that Dom’s so-called infatuation with catering to his female audience was pointed out as a problem just shows that this dude has no idea what he’s talking about. Those tracks aren’t just going to attract females because they’re about them, the fellas are going to bump that shit too because if they are heterosexual men then they are probably going to relate to what Dom is saying. He knows his audience and caters to both the males and females equally. Maybe it’s time for XXL to get people who know what they are talking about to write their reviews.


    now the dk street team has voiced there opinion let me say that this a pretty soft mixtape if you ask me. a L deserved. gives nothing for lyrics but the production is surprisingly very very good. all the good raps came from the other rappers. besides theres no visuals. i googled for videos from this mixtape got nothing. sorry but theres nothing left to the imagination. i get being a hometown homer but i heard far better from westside up and comers like pacific division tiron kendrick lamar fashawn hope and the homie blu. heres you go something realler http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=53654

  • AJ

    The fact that you guys said FS/DS was his debut mixtape, I stopped reading the rest of the article. I can tell no research was done whatsoever and you probably just skimmed the songs…XXL loses again.

  • http://freshouttheoven.com grahamceo

    Why is it “unfortunate” that he caters to female fans for a bit? Didn’t seem to be a problem for another rapper when he did it? Recently Drake comes to mind. Ludacris too.
    Dom did it well too I’ll add.

    FS/DS wasn’t his first tape either. I’m not going to go calling you any names, but you definitely didn’t do any research on Dom before you listened to this tape.
    And that makes this review worth about as much as a fifth party offering their second opinion on something that isn’t relevant to the topic (lost you didn’t I?).

    25th Hour, FS/DS…if you want to give an L give it to his third offering, Best After Bobby…and then his fourth tape is FtWwL. You didn’t even visit his OWN web-site to figure that out?

    I hope XXL isn’t paying you. That’s for sure.

  • http://christionl.tumblr.com CL

    Chris Yuscavage are you that stupid do your fucking research bruh 25 Hour / FS/DS / Best after Bobby / & Now / From the West Side with Love, I really hope your not getting paid by XXL , he deserves a XXL for sure, your probably a blogger from some small town or some shit , DOM is MORE WEST COAST THAN ANYONE OUT , WELL AND NIPSSEY BUT YOU CAN FEEL LIKE LA WHEN YOU HEAR HIM THE PRODUCTION EVVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS L.A. AND REAL

  • DayO

    ^DAAH! aye dill! we ridin for the nigga! LMAO

  • http://thematerialjunkie.blogspot.com/ LAUREjOY

    I agree with ALL the comments, DOM def shoulda made the Top10 Freshman list, these niggas gave TWO tracks to OJ on the mixtape!?!? FUCK OUTTA HERE! This is REAL HIP HOP, XXL is irrelevant @ this point!
    Follow @jOYFOOL_ on Twitter.

  • http://www.myspace.com/domkennedy SOFR3sh

    Hey Chris Yuscavage go fuck yourself this is a fucking classic people are gonna be looking back on this like some og Ice cube shit for real homie fucking bitch ass nigga get another job homie, i dont even want dom to be on the cover next year watch yall be on his dick and shit, you need a new job for real

  • Jonathon

    Chris Yuscavage shouldn’t be taken that seriously. You can’t really judge an album from an average person’s review, and from what it looks like, the fans couldn’t disagree more with this. But this just goes to show how ignorant these magazines and hip-hop “experts” really are. It also proves why hip-hop music has been so bad for so long. Ignore this clown, listen to the project, and judge for yourself. Shit is fire, and the buzz thats been created since the release speaks for itself. And to XXL, keep sleeping. It doesn’t matter either way. Artists don’t even really need magazines anymore, especially when they come with this garbage.

  • SI_ES_EM

    SUGELITE – YO !!! WHEN I FIND OUT WHO WROTE THIS SHIT, IM COMIN’ UP THERE. PERIOD. >>> haha I’m coming with you bro. XXL might lose some readers off this review..better re-staff or something

  • Tonytones

    you are kidding me. THis album is bananas.

  • MrHt

    Yall Are fuckin Retarded Idk Wat The Hell Hip Hop Is Coming To This Guy Is Better than More Than Half The Guys On Your Nut Ass List.

  • im2dope



    The comments to the review speak louder than the review itself



  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    We pop like corn,like this. Everything i drop like storms, like this.


  • Drama

    Chris Yuscavage whats your email? Put it out there so the people can vent

  • http://www.twitter.com/mitchx10 Mitchx10

    Blasphemy. This is def some of his best work yet.

  • http://blog.weekendwarriorsclothing.com brianababy

    the fact that XXL has always been a magazine hip hop fans love to read is what pisses everyone off the most. the L is whatever. but this review was half ass and inconsistent. the facts are wrong and you listened to what… 2 songs? you are who Jay Z is talking about when he asks if you even listen to music or skim through it? shit like this is what motivates me to get on my shit about reviewing music. we wonder why hip hop is in the state it’s in today and it’s because of this bullshit. you have to appreciate the underdog’s and unsigned artists for the fact they are the future. how is hip hop supposed to stay alive when people like Chris Yuscavage aren’t showing any respect to it.

    XXL get your shit together. i used to love you.

  • http://truestoryyy.wordpress.com YoungCorey

    What kind of shit yall smoking up there at XXL?

  • http://www.seeyouinmynightmares.com KING_KG

    XXL you need a real writer that will at least do research if they are not familiar with an artist. Hit me.

  • Bay

    Honestly liked 25th Hour (classic) and Future Street better but there is no doubt that Dom Kennedy is going to be big time

  • Austin Peaks

    Wow as a producer of “In Memory Of” and a part of the producer frat what he mean sparsely produced 1997, man Dom did his thing….West coast comin back for real!!!

  • Shayla

    L? This is a joke right? “Chris,” you sound so dumb. “Too many girl songs?” B.S. Chris must have a deaf ear to good music if this is an L. Someone needs to be fired.

  • http://the-blurbs.com dauche

    Honestly, you should have done some research before even writing this review, it’s like you wrote a review on a movie without watching it. Dom has more than just Future Street/Drug Sounds. I’ve watched this artist grow and honestly, this review is some bullshit. Of course there will be those who do not like his music, we are well aware. But this review is a joke! what did you really say? how about break down each song, elaborate on what you liked as well, instead of focusing on what you didn’t. It sounds as if you didn’t take your time to even listen or write this.

    If you are too busy to actually take your time and review, sign up for another job because obviously it’s too much for you. you write for an online publication, bring more to the table. I could go to blogs and get better reviews than this. maybe you just don’t know any better.

    YOU owe us readers another REVIEW.

    p.s. Now your 10 for ’10, I won’t even go in on that.

  • http://OrangiePorangie.com Orange Calderon

    48 for 48 comments saying you have the wrong review homie.

    First and foremost the production is perfection for his voice, vibe and demeanor. XXL has lost touch with what the people are [really] fuckin with out here on the other side of the desk. The tape fun to listen to, rap along with, all that. The rhyme schemes are playful, the cadence & inflections memorable, the production and delivery work in harmony to exploit assonance, consonants and vowels hit at all the right times, slick metaphors still intact & the energy is just, present. What standards are yall even evaluating artists by these days? ’cause no one is in agreement. Freshmen top 10 included. From the Westside got shysted.

  • gman

    I would have given it an XL but I get the L rating… too much focus on females in the middle left it feeling unbalanced. “Me Again” alone on any album deserves an XL tho, cot damn!

  • B. Flightyear


  • http://www.staydownforever.com Jackpot Jeef

    Hmm so this wasnt a XL-XXL Album because Dom was Brave enough to exhibit LOVE? Yet it doesn’t really matter what the review says because at the end of the day this is just Doms personal diaries…You cant lose when everythings heartfelt and this IS
    “From the Westside, With Love”


  • http://the-blurbs.com Dauche

    Seriously disappointed in this review since I now know that you’ve worked for Mass Appeal, Vibe, XXL, and other companies. Meaning you’ve been in the game long enough (also carrying a degree) to know that this review is not ok. You also are or were associated editor, what a position someone else would love to have. do these print/online publications justice, with a tasteful review.


  • Steviedeezy

    Dom Makes Quality music… From The Westside With Love is an XXL, XL at the least. it doesnt matter what mainstream magazines say.(The same magazines that says OJ da Juiceman is Dope… Fuckin Terrible) the people say this tape is good. #nowplaying “Locals Only” by Dom Kennedy

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  • eyestayhigh

    fuck you Chris Yuscavage, you depth ass mofo, Dom K. deserved a xxxxxxxxxL on this tape, shuda benn an album

  • sunny

    yo im from london, been listening to dom since he dropped 25th hour. xxl u got no respect from me. DOM IS XXL

  • VJeezy

    XXL is a joke… It’s bad enough that at least 5 of the rappers from the top ten freshman are flat out garbage. Now this….. this review is a example of a EPIC FAIL

  • Dom Kennedy Fan

    XXL you must be kidding me.

    This album is an XXL. Classic fucking music. Please reevaluate yourselves.

    Your reviewer should be fired.

    Clearly the people have spoken. Dom Kennedy is here to stay fuckwad.

  • big kryptonite

    fuck you cock suckin mutha fuckas

  • Dopeitsdom

    i want whatever this nigga smoking, ahah.
    dom kennedy a straight savage.

    • Anonymous

      Me too! that nigga trippin. that shit is a xxl fasho

  • TNL.

    too many “girl song”

    please,i think the problem is that “chris” needs to stop being bitter on that female topic.

    ya’ll should get a real hip hop critic.
    and then we’ll take this non sense seriously.

    till then.
    get your shit together XXL.

  • A Genius

    Yea, 25th Hour was his first tape…as said.

    You lose credibility after that.


    deserves an xl WEST UP

  • Keith from Carolina

    This album deserves a proper review. People can tell when u half ass your work. Whether u liked it or not, ur criticism was not constructive. Very little effort involved.

  • Zo

    meh this album review was written and structured in such a copy-paste generic format,
    on top of the fact brought up by others in that it seems to have been written off just 1 quick skim through of the whole set

  • http://www.facebook.com/simon_storm Simon Storm

    Dom, you a BEAST boy!

  • ZeeABad1

    L?????? FOH And what was the basis of the Luminous idea… Clearly, this dude aint got no clout at XXL. Freelancing for sure!

    Do some research bro… You should could use http://www.Google.com

  • Illesko

    XXL ya’ll are fuckin up BIG TIME who is this nut that reviewed this mixtape??? That shit should’ve been an XXL real talk Dom Kennedy KILLED every song on there the tape was multi faceted you niggas really just skimmed thru the tape. Dom is showing us theres more to LA than Bloods and Crips LOLO’s and 64′s….damn

  • Mr. Uda

    Chris Yuscavage needs to get fired asap for not doing his homework…..go do ur research…..XXL use to be the most credible hip hop mag but yall losing ur shit….n who da fuk is the editor that person should be nervous for letting bull shit fly……”Unfortunately, towards the middle of the mixtape, Kennedy gets a little too infatuated with the idea of catering to female listeners” the mixtape is called FROM THE WESTSIDE WITH LOVE wat the fuck do u expect…..the east coast just wants to hear that bs gangbanging west coast hip hop from the 90s, that the world has become accoustomed to….can yall just let the w grow to a W

  • Mr. Uda

    just look at the mixtape (art) cover Mr. Chris Yuscavage….if you cant see the message in that you need to get a different job instead of being a critic of hip hop…..(THE COVER ITSELF SHOULD RECIEVE A XXL)

  • Thurznite

    C,mon yall, lets be honest, FS/DS was way better than this mediocre shit Dom just dropped. Beats get a L / Lyrics get a L / Concepts get a M. He is def better than OJ, but who isn’t? Stop complaining about this fucking review and let XXL do them. They only come short when they aren’t pealed to whats really “Good Music”. A man’s opinion shouldn’t effect yours if you know the shit is ill…Anyways go buy that new “A Love supreme 2.0″ by U.N.I. <- GREAT music..

    • yugang

      Bitch please!! your biased as fuck and i know this because look at who your bigging up..Thurz (thurzday) from u.n.i. and people who know about dom n thurz know they got in a physical altercation in the streets months back so cut the shit your being a hater cause your favorite rapper got beef with dom. Uni is cool but you know darn well your being biased by saying “oh yeah dom kennedy’s shit as l for lyrics, beats and m for concept…oh go get that love supreme by U.N.I. <Great Music” fuck outta here!!

  • http://the-blurbs.com dauche

    cut the shit thurz, this was a half ass review stop the shenanigans !

  • Me

    Why did folks save this Magazine… XXL should have failed.. If they wont judge correctly on good artistry ..

  • What the fuck XXL

    You guys are fucking kidding me…this album is among the best released in 2010…


    Thurz, come on now. this review was half assed and you know it. chris didn’t say shit on the review, he skimmed through that shit. not everyones going to have the same opinion about Dom, but come on bruh, forget the L, the review was garbage.

    You and like one other person (anonymous) didn’t like it, other than that Dom has a lot of supporters. way to promote your album. smh !

    Yall not even cool, so i’d expect something like this….

    & you’re right, a mans opinion shouldn’t effect yours if you know the shit is ill. that is exactly why yours does not matter.

  • http://twitter.com/AeroFLYBurke imonapaperchase


    “48 for 48 comments saying you have the wrong review homie.

    First and foremost the production is perfection for his voice, vibe and demeanor. XXL has lost touch with what the people are [really] fuckin with out here on the other side of the desk. The tape fun to listen to, rap along with, all that. The rhyme schemes are playful, the cadence & inflections memorable, the production and delivery work in harmony to exploit assonance, consonants and vowels hit at all the right times, slick metaphors still intact & the energy is just, present. What standards are yall even evaluating artists by these days? ’cause no one is in agreement. Freshmen top 10 included. From the Westside got shysted.”

    ^^^I couldnt have said it any better…Dis shit was dope!!!…I really did enjoy this mixtape…really do! I wouldnt give it a XXL…but a REAL STRONG XL. Da beats were a L???…GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! Possibly one of the best produced mixtapes ive heard ever 2 be honest. It was album quality & it went well with his rhyme scheme & flow. Yes Dom isnt da guy with the greatest flow & lyrics but he drops clever lines & some shit dat alot of fellas can relate to. & sum shit with most things, some shit may go over ur head cuz he gone say sum shit u might not know what he talkin bout cuz its sum shit only ppl on da Leftcoast r familar wit & dats cool! Im frm da Chi & Ive been bumpin dis ever since it dropped…Leimart Park whats cool?…I kno dey proud of him with this effort…Dom dropped sum good music!…An L?…SHHHIIIEEEEETTT!!!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    99% of the comments thrashing Chris.

    XXL’s gonna have to make it up to Dom Kennedy for this one. It’s only right.

  • Anonymous

    R u fuckin kidding me! Just B/c Dom isn’t trynna sound like everyone else…he gets an “L”. A FUCKING L!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m PISSSED RIGHT NOW…….THAT NIGGA GOT THE HARDEST ALBUM I’VE HEARD THIS YEAR…Well him, Curren$y, & TraCoil J

  • Anonymous

    Dat dude Dom Kennedy be havin a brotha stiffer than a fool though

  • Seymore Cake

    The staff on XXL obviously doesn’t know how to stroke it to the voice of someone such as Dom. My dude is real smooth and if he ever comes to the Chi i’d suck the backwoods L.A. big cruisin sperm out of that cock

    • Sylthedeal

      He coming to Chicago June 10th.

      go to ldrs1354.com for info

      or domkennedychicago.eventbrite.com for the info on it

      or even his twitter.


  • Sunny

    This shit obviously went over your head like a coofie!

  • http://www.touchthemagicnow.com DaveTheDopeman

    Thats what I am talking about it !

  • The Shit Was Cool

    But It wasnt a XL or XXL .. no need to argue the review

  • Hey…

    YOU above me STFU.

  • Anonymous

    mann yall niggas trippin this shit is wht u can ride to!

  • Thurznite

    Cmon y’all, Yea Yea my opinion don’t matter but, im on already. We all know i whooped dude ass. From the Leftside, no glove. No disrespect to the “supporters”,but y’all supporting a fraud.

    • yugang

      your not the real thurzday but just in case you are…are acting like a real fag right now. GO back to making music and quit coming on here commenting on here like a bitch. Hop off dom’s dick.

  • The Shit Was Cool

    The Beats are Tight No Lie, but the same so called weak artist ( OJ, Gucci, etc.) you guys are mentioning have tight beats too …and to keep it one hunnad if you wanna talk about lyrics dom shouldnt be in the conversation ..shit dude should have got a M hahahahah nah a L is cool ..

  • Anonymous


  • http://laxpaperboys.com ben

    well first in foremost, i am writing this due to some indeferences in oppinions. and im just stating my point of view towards the situation… and compared to the rest of Dom Kennedy’s mixtapes this one is quite different having an element of adoration that could be viewed as the theme of the title. and the difference in this mixtape departures away from an orignal dom kennedy mixtape but only by some differences, creating character for the mixtape making it more original from the rest in its own way. and though this just an opinion i find the reviewed section of the mixtape to be understated and bluntly put. but to leave of in an non negative note i find the review to be very exposing to loose listeners for dom kennedy.

  • westcoastaggie

    After listenin to this tape for a week now, this poor attempt at an Intern giving a review is even more laughable.

    This is definitely a XL.

  • http://www.undftd.com yee

    i agree with chris, it barely made an L in my book. You got cats from TDE camp make XXL EP/Mixtapes/Albums all day!!!

    shouts to blackhippy

  • AJ


    Congrats for winning a fight! (if this is actually Thurz I’m talking to) I don’t see what that has to do with us supporting Dom’s music.

  • http://myspace.com/btmusic808 BREEZY1991

    yeh this review is BS…

  • http://yahoo.com OgKevin

    bullshit……this is at least an XL…anyday..
    i give it an XXL..im a true hip hop fan and take my word that its at least an XL..holla at me…

  • Stenley

    that’s a clown review, XXL should be hiring people that actually know what good music is

  • Ty Oja


    Fuck wit DAT nIGGA DOM!

    D.C., PG WE IN HERE!!!

  • Akili

    this is a XXL at the least, the guy tht reviewed this should be fired man i go to his website and read this insult of a review i would be ashamed of my self if i was him, i bet this dude listens to wack ass soulja boy and shit

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  • D

    Man, Ya’ll smokin’ XXL sized rocks. This mixtape is DOPE!!!!!
    Guess you gotta grunt and rhyme about bullshit to get good reviews.

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  • RaTheMC

    I’m driving down the Blvd. of broken dreams tryna get my money up ;]

  • http://www.Alwayshustle.com BMUSE

    First of all go listen to 25th hour because that was his first project and hes been crushing shit since then…

    Second – This review is half ass. Why do I feel like the west is getting shafted right here? How are you just going to group the whole middle of the project and then generalize like that? Break down the songs you have issues with and justify your stance. Don’t just get pissy because you want some radio shit. Mainstream publications are really starting to lose it. Shit at least let someone who knows his material write the god damn review…

  • DJ Dell

    I guess the reviewer likes real hip hop. Not boring shit. the comments are entertaining tho

    • http://RecluIgloo.com Greg

      seems like this guy Chris is gonna have a rough couple of days in the office. Even “Room 323 Intermission” was dope, and that was just an interlude. Try again with this review, seriously.
      “I guess the reviewer likes real hip hop. Not boring shit. the comments are entertaining tho”
      How is this not real hip-hop? I’d really like to know.

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  • J.Foster

    Say bro I’m sorry this mixtape is at LEAST an XL, but I guess everyone one has different taste…I’m from TX and we fux with you Dom…Keep holdin it down…

  • J.Foster

    Say bro I’m sorry this mixtape is at LEAST an XL, but I guess everyone one has different taste…I’m from TX and we fux with you Dom…Keep holdin it down…

  • WTF!

    Its called from the westide with love…why wouldn’t there be some shit for the ladies and the fellas on there. Come on…Dom is the truth believe that.

  • http://marioflyhigh.blogspot.com/ @Mario_YnF

    Yall are tripping XXL on that Large Dom Kennedy is the dopest do dude out right now and From West Side with Love is by far the best mixtape i have heard in the pass three mths real talk all im saying is give Dom Kennendy a lil bit more Respect on this Mixtape its very dope i think he is just to cool for yall

  • Oyea!

    XXXtrafuckingstupidass review, love for dom in NYC nigga holler.

  • Anonymous


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  • http://www.twitter.com/theredoctober The Goodsounds

    You gave Westside, With Love an L? No siiirrrr, at least an XL. That shit go hard, buddy.

  • rare air

    XXL you fucjin hated…. for real… this shit amazin

  • Anonymous

    DOMs flow unique no one got a flow like him on the coast . his beats tite . his ryhmes tie his story tie XL for shur not no L

  • Shashwat

    Go back to sucking OJ Da Juiceman’s dick.
    This is a great mixtape. SMH. worst XXL post ever.


    WOW! yu must be kidding me… this deserves a way better rating. THiS NiGGA DOM KENNEDY iS BOUT TO BE SOMETHiNG MAJoR… XXL is STRAiGHT ASS NOW… BRiNG ELLiOTT WiLSON BAcK!… #ENDRANT

  • Phoenix G.

    Ok. Lets give a REAL end result


  • Phoenix G.

    Like not even fuckin’ around. Dom is really changing music. But these fake ass reviewers are gonna give him this bullshit? This is like pulling another Kanye move. Get real,Get active.

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  • Al John

    “L”, REALLY? Amazing album, but it gets an “L.” -(Sarcasm) Whoever decided to grade this album needs to re-listen to this because this needs to receive AT LEAST a “XL”. Better yet, a fucking XXL.

  • http://twitter.com/ALEXD_GREAT ALEX D.

    You have all these people who are avid readers of XXL mag and listeners of west coast rap complaining about this review. OBVIOUSLY, there is something wrong if 1 out of every 30 people on this review is claiming that the critique is unjust and overlooked. DOM KENNEDY deserves another review. The beats, lyricism and originality is tremendously better than what the game has to offer today. AND.. he is just stepping foot into the hip hop community. This man deserves another review.


    I still have the premiere issue of XXL with Jay-Z on the cover; it’s one of those few items from my past that truly mean something to me. I bought the mag in L.A. my hometown, where I still reside…that being said..

    This Dom Kennedy review took “value” away from my special treasure from the past…not because I’m biased in my opinion, but because wrong is clearly Wrong.

    FTWSWL is great Cali music from a city (or a country) that believes it’s greater to follow than lead. No colors, no killings, just great LA music..unseen since The Pharcyde’s first breath of fresh air.

    Sunny Los Angeles has that breath of fresh of fresh air that Hip-Hop craves, even if it’s judge by 1 person who clearly doesn’t own the premiere issue of the mag he works for!

  • UncleP

    the writer kinda lost credibility when he said it’s his second mixtape.

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  • chelsea

    from the westside with love is the shit hands down
    listen to it agen buddy

  • Sophia

    Foreal L??? Chris Yuscavage u have no clue what ur talking about… XXL get someone who actually enjoys good music to review this. Doms best work to date. Deserves XXL hands down no questions asked.

    • garbage

      id rather lis

  • east coast thirilla

    Chris Yuscavage you crazy?? a L?? shoulda been an S!! this guy got more love songs than chris brown.. you west coast ppl crazy!

  • Phoenix G.

    And it’s funny how “east coast thirilla” is hating. it’s pretty fuckin obvious since he’s from the east coast. Nigga just tryna pull another Kanye move. Same goes with this bitch ass XXL reviewer.

  • Zambeano

    This mixtape is practically perfect. Dom is the biggest new artist coming out the 1st quarter of this year. I’m from the northeast and I’ve been bumping his shit proudly since last summer. This mixtape is argueably his best, though FSDS is a very very close second IMO. He rips other rappers beats and he rips everything else he be on, what else do you want?

  • DCal .

    What wass thiss guy listening to ?
    Dom Kennedy is the Future , keep doin your thingg .

  • westcoastaggie

    As a fellow student Media Professional, just take this a a learning experience and use this as a stepping stone to better reviews and articles.

  • Chi-Town Finest

    I have seen and heard alot of new artist over the past couple of things. And given the positive nature of this raps and the quality of his beats this review doesn’t do the album justice at all. I wish we more artist making fresh new music like this than the ego driven shoot ‘em up gangsta rap. With songs like 1997, Chose Up, Long way Home, In Memory of, Still me and Local Only alone gives it a XL rating. There are only a handful of artist that are on his level with subject matter and beat selection. “I wish NaS would rhymes on beats like these but oh well this is one of the reason why I don’t subscribe to the XXL magazine anymore.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?9baac00c8d86024ba2c9a6d7140 Anonymous

    Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working…

  • http://twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante

    first of all, this dude said FS/DS was his debut… 25th Hour was Dom’s debut. he prolly ain’t even heard it.

  • MH

    L? really? your trippin!! XXL for me.
    This guy probably listened to the first track what about 1997, what about still me, locals only, in memory of, me again.

    Dom makes good music. period.

  • http://twitter.com/dragon_balls Drew


    This was at least a XL, if not a XXL
    everything else out is garbage, dom can actually spit. not to mention the production is ridiculous

  • Kama

    i loved this tape, been playin it since it came out. The fact that damn 120 people spoke out against this review rather than the 20 people you see for an ARGUABLY better tape such as KxOJ IMO, jus goes to show what dom has accomplished. XL at least bro. Hes a real ass artist, and the charisma he brings to his records is a bonus. You REALLY dont see rappers like him nowadays, and it needs a change. Props to Dom doin his thing, lookin for more to come out.

  • y$L

    XXL just dont kno good music anymore smh thats sad af , imma about to stop read n & buy n this bullshit ass mag !

  • madenmiami305

    this album is L. 25th hour killed any project he has done. that was some xxl sh!t – then best after booby. he needs to make it to miami sometime soon.

  • http://@ThisisAP AtlantaListener

    DOM get an XXL From the Westside with Love > So Far Gone > Trap Or Die

  • DiSCO

    CT fucks with From The Westside…XXL classic…XXL fucked up again

  • This

    I still listen to this shit. Definitely top 10 so far this year…regardless of what drops

  • coryd

    fuck yall xxl . this is xl easy . yal listen to oj ignorant ass tho . kill ya self .

  • http://www.picciz.com Donella Toulson

    The Zune concentrates on being a Portable Media Player. Not a web browser. Not a game machine. Maybe in the future it’ll do even better in those areas, but for now it’s a fantastic way to organize and listen to your music and videos, and is without peer in that regard. The iPod’s strengths are its web browsing and apps. If those sound more compelling, perhaps it is your best choice.

  • yugang

    I disagree that it’s a l it really should of at least gotten a xl. Have ya ever reviewed kendrick lamar’s overy dedicated? hes a westcoast artist and without question a top notch mc (the underground heads know!) if ya did let me find out ya gave that a l or m then you lost all credibility to ever rate a mixtape or album again!

  • IE

    Should be XXL, quite sleeping on the west, fucking xxl is garbage

  • http://semthinking.com/domain/www.bestbedplan.com Lizette Haroun

    So the wait is over Halo Reach was finally released last month and Halo veterans have already got pretty efficient at playing the game but what if youre new to this Halo thingWeve been hearing how the Forge mode in Halo Reach.

  • i do it

    with all do respects to the writer this is probably the most inaccurate review of a mix tape Ive ever seen! Dom Kennedy is easily one of the most influential and original ppl in the rap game today and the mix tape should have given you a clear insight to that. At the least this deserves an XL

  • Hater

    There ain’t nothing wrong with showing love to the females ya joke. XXL FOR SURE.


  • I-Know)_Good=Music

    the boy is nice , alot of potential their , he raps smooth , real smooooooth, Dom Kennedy has got the Flow on lock. He’s got the swag of a Cali Rapper on the Mic. Still he goes harder than 94% of rappers in the game. Beats are nice & raps are crisp. Best track is CHOOSE UP & 1997! no doubt a head banger in the summer & on the coldest night of the winter season. He rides the both beats like a Hungry Cowboy with two loaded magnums. (NO-HOMO) haha Can’t complain with the grade for the album, it only puts his ego in check to “WANT” that “XXL” . . . I got all his work, got me hyped about his future success. Keep it runnin D.K. , shit slaps like chris brown did rihanna.

  • Edgar

    You guys are stupid

    Dom is the future XXXXXLLLLL

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    This was alright. They need a delivery category tho.