Can Someone Help DMX? Please…

Last week, reported that although DMX was sentenced to six months in jail for five parole violations (all of them drug-related of course), Dr. Drew Pinsky is trying to get him released, on the condition that he come and spend a little time behind the cameras for his Celebrity Rehab show on VH1.

De Ja Vu, right? I could’ve sworn DMX already did a stint in celebrity rehab, or at least he was supposed to.

Now personally, I’m not a fan of reality shows but I am a fan of anyone who’s trying to get DMX the help he’s been all but begging for over the years.

I think the fact that he’s a rapper in the public eye works against him. A lot of people continue to ignore him, writing him off as a typical rapper, troubled with legal issues because he just doesn’t give a fuck but there’s obviously a lot more to it than that, something deeper than rap.

From the gate, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot (along the majority of X’s lyrical content) is all about conversations with the devil, bipolarity, and X’s fucked up childhood. The pleas for help are all there.

Unfortunately, although he’s clearly been doing some hardcore drugs for years, no one’s really stepped up to get him the help he needs because well, that’s just X. This often times incoherent, manic character who curses at judges, speeds dangerously through traffic, talks recklessly, and can’t stay out of jail to save his life is just who he’s become and for the most part everyone has accepted it.

I’m guilty, too. I mean if this was ’98, ’99 I’d be somewhere barking about how DMX was the hottest rapper but nowadays my definition of fan loyalty is turning a blind eye to all of the reports of his arrests and shaking my head in solemn disapproval whenever another video of him pops up on World Star Hip Hop.

Drum roll, please…

What does DMX have to do for someone to get him the help he needs? And why hasn’t he gotten it already? Lord give me a sign! —Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Mister Ricky

    I hope he gets some serious help. I always thought he would eventually get his Al Green (Post Love and Happiness) on. Hang in there, and LIVE Brah!

  • Worley

    Around 98, 99 is when I started getting tired of the rap game…because of this n*gga. In my mind, the rap game was in trouble when a dude could rant, rave, bark and non-sequitir his way through two multi-plat albums in one year. Then one of my boys told me Def Jam was trying to get as much out of him as they can before he self-destructed. At that point, I looked at X in a different light. That “Slippin’” track made it all clear and I have felt bad for dude ever since.

    Hope you get your sh!t together homie.


    The Illuminati are gonna kill X,…their gonna kill em. We can’t do nothing about it neither, just to lose another legend soon. I hope he gets help ASAP & fights the industry more & becomes untouchable again. As far as the drugs, everybody has problems.

  • Lunatikstwocents

    I used to fuck with X , still think hes a talented dude but he needs to get it together, and then make Im slipping im falling part 2

  • Pierzy

    I never hated X but always thought he was ridiculously overrated. But, like Worley said, maybe it was deeper than that.

    Regardless, whether I like someone’s music (or art or product) or hate it, I wouldn’t wish these problems on anyone…

  • Pierzy

    “…on the condition that he come and spend a little time behind the cameras for his Celebrity Rehab show on VH1.”

    and I think you mean IN FRONT of the cameras, unless he’s going to direct an episode. Now THAT would be some shit!

  • sparklecity911

    Things are deeper then rap with X,like my manz
    son is gonna end up hurting someone straight up.seems like he got a lot of animosity.
    FAM an the people closer to him need to put in
    over time an check him yo..
    keep him in the studio,couse it seems he got alot to say…..put it out an all my real brothers will surport..forreal

    dont wanna see X go out like ASON(odb)


    one can only help his or her self. life is always more than et. x’s life made his music entertaining. anybody can write a 16 over a hott beat, but we gravitate towards stories or a work of art that has a story behind it. he has always been troubled and battled damien prob everyday of his life. To win, he must learn to live with damien.

  • The1987KId

    I think it is tragic what is happening to DMX he was one of the biggest rappers in hip-hop history with 5 straight number 1 albums, he had top grossing movies & a cash cow way before Jay-Z or 50 Cent but he has since been a shell of himself, If you listen to his first 4 albums he told you how he sees the world, his conversations with the devil he even said it in a rhyme /I sold my soul to the devil & the price was cheap/- Let Me Fly 1998, his reckaless with women, his dark past as a child & his confusing mind he wanted to be holy but he couldnt while he was making all that money, money is certainly the root of evil, He has struggled with drugs & his soul he wears his heart on his sleeve, Now i know people are gonna say things about him being a crackhead & black person that makes other blacks look bad but remember this, When Scott Strouch go on drugs & lost everything people felt sorry for him so lets give DMX a break, his past has shaped him into what he is today he couldnt handle that fame he became a victom of it, The music industry is a devil’s playground especailly when you reach the heights DMX has went, when you get arrested a bunch of times (smoetimes for stupied shit), Do questionable things, have outbrust in public & have your own son say he hates you there nowhere to go but down, He subbcome to his inner pain & just became a reckless souless person, That music business turned a already fragil person into a danger to himself & his famliy, Now these record companies are just counting down the days till his demise cause he would be 10 times richer dead then alive (i.e. 2Pac, Bob Marley & Michael Jackson) He is alreday a tragic figure I hope the brother gets the help he needs & find some knowledge of self and realize he has love that others wish they had, Im just speaking as a person & not a music fan I hope he search for the sprituality he has been seeking & became a better person, Peace..

    • The Decatur Dictator

      Learn to spell dummy! Instead of being on this site, you need to take yo monkey azz back to school. “He subbcome to his inner pain & just became a reckless souless person” WTF!? Dumb azz

    • The Decatur Dictator

      “(smoetimes for stupied shit), Do questionable things,”-The 1987kid, you have to be the dumbest mofo on the internet, who taught you to spell, DMX? Dumb azz…

    • The Decatur Dictator

      RE:THE 1987KID-”He is alreday a tragic figure I hope the brother gets the help he needs & find some knowledge of self and realize he has love that others wish they had…” This 1987KID is really Illiterate -dude couldn’t spell to save X’s life.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Let him die slow.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Let him die a slow death.

  • Decatur Dictator

    Die Slow.

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Too bad for that dumb fool. Geesh….crack head.

  • The Decatur Dicator

    Too bad for that dumb fool. Geesh….crack head……

  • Will

    The nigga talkin about that illuminati shit need to quit, if there was such an entity it ain’t like DMX is their priority… Dude was a pretty good rapper, who was very successful. I ain’t heard him say anything that 20 other rappers previous haven’t said. I like DMX and I hope he finds the peace he’s looking for, but to say some worldwide organization is out to get him??? Cmon son

  • Anonymous

    Decatur you gotta be a fucked up individual to say some shit like let him die slow. How about you die slow, drug addiction is no joke and it’s a choice when you first start but is not a choice once the drug has consumed you. So get your game up before you go saying dumb shit. that be like saying GA die slow cause of the high AIDS rate

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment ‘Anonymous” as you so nicely stated, at first he made a choice -and every day you are on it, you are dying slow. So…….DIE SLOW Fool!!!! As for the Aids things, Since I don’t participate in the ignorance, I won’t be catching the monster.

  • Chilly Willy

    Nice drop, BGP!

    This is what fandom is supposed to instill in anyone of his supporters. X gotta get some serious therapy, or he’s gonna end up in a beloved national institution where walls are padded.

  • Anonymous

    doesnt it seem like everyone is just watching this happen to him??? he is an ADDICT, not a CRIMINAL… this man DOES NOT belong in jail.

  • oskamadison

    X’s problems were/are the fact that he not only had the world in the palm of his hand, so to speak, but he probably had an army of smiling, leeching yes men around him and on top of that, even if they wanted to check him for doing all that dumb shit they wouldn’t/couldn’t because he had them all shook. Let’s face it, Earl Simmons doesn’t appear to be the most logical and rational dude most of the time so any pleas for him to pump his breaks a little would be met with a Gettysburg Address of a curseout and possibly an ass-whuppin’. All that being said, he’s obviously an extremely tortured man and needs some real live intervention before the worst happens.

  • tasha

    funny how nobody is reporting how hes being set up like 2pac.

  • http://xxl bang

    fuk dmx barkin ass!! he was hatin on cali music..aye darkman u a grown ass man dawg. u cryin fa help? check into a rehab..

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  • Super Ni**a

    I hope the dog get well soon, I was and am still a fan.

  • crizzle

    yeah mayne, illuminati wasnt his mind soul and his body. but he aint playin that shit. he gon be found up dedad like pac . . i hope it doesnt happen

  • crizzle



    That video was depressing!Dude was fucking wired.

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  • Anonymous

    people talk about death like it’s a bad thing we all got to go and shouldn’t pity this man if he’s abruptly taken away because it’s plain to see that he’s not at peace here. We all are dying slow, time is a beast no man can tame, we all in the same boat.

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  • Jae Fatal

    Yo… real talk, if X wanna get fucked up off whatever. then yall need to shut the fuck up and let him!

    Aint nobody gonna be able to help him but himself! And if you think he’s gonna sober up in jail, alotta cats get better drugs in jail than they can get on the outside!

    He’s gonna have to come back around sum day…i know that album money been runnin out!

  • strayz

    Fuck DMX, hes garbage anyways. Hes a grown ass man, let him help himself. I knew he was gonna be a burnout back in 98. I called this shit.

    Its Maia Cambell I feel sorry for. Somebody get her some help cuz that right there is a tragedy of epic proportions.

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  • Esteban Cash

    Super awesome article. Really!

  • Getatmedog

    Your a small weak person. Its all very easy to sit behind a computer screen and say things like that about another man i pity you. As for X he is my favorite rapper of all time and it saddens me to see him in this state over and over again. The authorities will not allow him to get the help he needs though he is their whipping boy a constant reminder to the general public about the risks of rap and all other things associated with the culture. I don’t even care if X never makes another album i just want son to live a good life now his music has uplifted and moved through some serious issues in my own life and its sad to think there is no-one out there to do the same for him. Get well Earl for all of us the fans who actually care about you please