Last week, reported that although DMX was sentenced to six months in jail for five parole violations (all of them drug-related of course), Dr. Drew Pinsky is trying to get him released, on the condition that he come and spend a little time behind the cameras for his Celebrity Rehab show on VH1.

De Ja Vu, right? I could've sworn DMX already did a stint in celebrity rehab, or at least he was supposed to.

Now personally, I'm not a fan of reality shows but I am a fan of anyone who's trying to get DMX the help he's been all but begging for over the years.

I think the fact that he's a rapper in the public eye works against him. A lot of people continue to ignore him, writing him off as a typical rapper, troubled with legal issues because he just doesn't give a fuck but there's obviously a lot more to it than that, something deeper than rap.

From the gate, It's Dark and Hell is Hot (along the majority of X's lyrical content) is all about conversations with the devil, bipolarity, and X's fucked up childhood. The pleas for help are all there.

Unfortunately, although he's clearly been doing some hardcore drugs for years, no one's really stepped up to get him the help he needs because well, that's just X. This often times incoherent, manic character who curses at judges, speeds dangerously through traffic, talks recklessly, and can't stay out of jail to save his life is just who he's become and for the most part everyone has accepted it.

I'm guilty, too. I mean if this was '98, '99 I'd be somewhere barking about how DMX was the hottest rapper but nowadays my definition of fan loyalty is turning a blind eye to all of the reports of his arrests and shaking my head in solemn disapproval whenever another video of him pops up on World Star Hip Hop.

Drum roll, please...

What does DMX have to do for someone to get him the help he needs? And why hasn't he gotten it already? Lord give me a sign! —Brooklyne Gipson