Allllready! Bigga Heads to Austin for SXSW

I’m headed to Texas ya’ll. Already (that’s dope dallas slang for “affirmative”)! The South by South West Music festival is this week in Austin, Texas. I have a special kinship with Texas. Houston and Dallas artists and behind-the-industry workers have been my biggest mentors and advocates in this game of hip-hop. Scarface, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, Trae tha Truth, Slim Thug, The Grit Boys, Big Nik, Lil’ Flip, Yung Redd, Bun B, Pimp C, Big Moe, Big Hawk, E.S.G. …say mayne, hold up (screwed voice) …it’s just too many to name. Thank you all!

Texas is the state that produced great music and great music minds like J. Prince, the Honorable Tony Draper, Mike Watts and Hump, just to name a few. Even in hip-hop. Golden-era Texas has had major influence. Ron C and Nemesis were trendsetters that rattled trunks with obnoxious amounts of bass on the nine-O’s. The Doc who helped shape west coast music with N.W.A. and Dre is a Dallas son and DJ Premier my personal hip-hop hero is also a Texan (at least that’s the rumor and we sticking with it)!

I say all this to say: I love Texas! And this week I will be sipping lean, burning green and coming down on the scene in Austin. I perform Thursday with The Jacka, Mistah F.A.B., The Pack, The Grit Boys and Pill GTRGBBB! Congrats lil bruh! DJ Trackstar who did my Anger and Ambition mixtape is holding me down and I’m excited to do this show. I got my Sony Cybershot and flip cam with me to get pics and interviews with other artists. If you guys got any artist from Texas (and other places), producers, and whoever send the names and your questions in the comment section. I’ll be your man on the street and ask.

While we talking Texas it occurred to me that its been 22 years and Scarface is still going harder than his peers former and present he is truly and inspiration. Along with folks like DJ Screw and Pimp C, R.I.P. to both. Texas has made rap much better so please tell me who your favorite Texas rapper is and why along with ya questions! Fin! —It’s Bigga!

PS please include verses video links and other stuff since a lot of Texas artist will be new to some folks on the board.

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    man, he was just real w/ it. str8 no chaser. them lyrics was really saying something. hes gone, but NEVER 4gotten. R.I.P. Pimp C, one of the realest ever to pick up a mic.

    Bigga, i saw you one morning on MTV News in the lab w/ DJ Toomp. thats wus hannen, i hope i get 2 hear y’all on a track 2gether.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Scarface alllready! No link needed! I was about to ask somebody to bring a videocam if they were going. Still on probation so I can’t legally go.

    Have fun down in Texas Mike! Peace!

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    Come to Chicago mayne! Good looking on responding to my text brother!

  • Gift

    wut it do bigga? Since you’re gonna be in the ATX, make sure that Sunday night (MARCH 21), you fuck wit Club Nina’s for Michael “5000″ Watts(SWISHA HOUSE)showcase. LOP and East 35 are definitely 2 of the most reputable groups out of Austin, Tx, and we’re next to blow out of TExas. also going down 2nite (march 18) check out my nigga GERALD G. I love all the texas legends who put it down before us, but I’m just showin some local love for my fellow niggas in the trenches of this undergroung shit. Anybody who can get to sxsw this wknd, do it. I promise yall it’s worth it. Any body big music wise, you can run into they ass walkin down 6th st. ATX in this BITCH 4sho.

  • Harry

    3)bun b

    anyone tell me one bad cham song?

    • steve-o

      I was going to put the same three….and also thinking people would disagree with cham… but he is good.


      first of all last time cham was puttin it down was when they came out with big swangers and voes 20inches sittin low, the hardest nigga out here in texas is z-ro!! not to step on anyones toes but let the truth be told, z-ro vs the world an the life of joseph mcvey tells the story. if this man was on major market he would be known for just that. ive listen to rap since rap was wack, street corner DSTYLE ONE said dat! get at me ro got some mad marketing ideas on ur clothing line kid

  • DV8

    Devin and the Odd Squad a.k.a The Coughee Brothaz
    UGK (R.I.P. Pimp C)
    Slim Thug
    Lil Keke

    Hold Up!!!

  • DV8

    Yo Bigga have you seen the South Park snippet yet? That shit is hilarious!!!! They supposed to go in on him all season long.

  • El Tico Loco

    What’s good bigga! I survived lol!

    You went back to Nemesis? Damn son that’s the dustiest side of my crates but still some good shit. Scarface is the GOAT in TX but Devin the dude, Big Mello (RIP), Street Military, 5th Ward Boyz, Choice, DMG all that was my shit at one point or another.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Nemesis destroyed my first pair of 12″ back in ’93, ’94! Nemesis in the house, drop the bass, drop-drop-drop-drop the b… *explosion*

      I ain’t mad at em though.

  • Mr. North

    Pimp C (UGK) The greatest rap duo besides Outkast.

    DJ Screw: The Originator

    Devin the Dude….

    RIP all the other cats that passed young in Texas.
    Big Hawk
    Big Moe
    Fat Pat
    Big Mello

  • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

    Paul Wall & Cham will be in OR on the 3rd so I’ma check them out then.

    Fam I know while you’re getting bent down there you will be discussing the school curriculum issue…

    And they have been posting some serious heat here @ XXL. What’s up with the project?

    ^ fave. they ripped it.

    ^ Face, $hort, Tela & Devin=phatness

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      What up,

      The school board down there is IGNORANT.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up TPAR?

        I’d use the word EVIL. What a blatant, devious, transparent decision to cover up true history and further butcher the crap that passes for a textbook nowadays. That was pure EVIL!

        • these posts are racist

          co-sign fam…

        • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

          tpar whatup?

          I’m disgusted, yet saddened there isn’t more outrage…

        • these posts are racist

          I’m out here working hard and trying to maintain…You know how it is homey. While I have no children of my own, I got “nephew to look after”, and sadly they are not taking advantage of the mentoring I provide, but rather are falling into the same TRAP as the TRAP they came up in is pushing them towards. Other than that I stay abreast on domestic and international issues and try to play my part…and i’m still doing my freestyling on the side…law pays the bills, but rhymes keep me chill…

        • Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

          I hear you brother. I went through that phase and that’s when I stopped ‘daddying’ them and started ‘older homie-ing’ them.

          I became my kids’ friends older homie too if you catch my drift. Try it out.

        • these posts are racist

          Good lookin…and glad you still come on here.

        • HvdL

          some gay moments…..

          sorry needed to do that

  • raazi36

    Chamillionaire ! ! !
    Best from Texas right now, hands down
    Day to Day Grindin’ ya’ll know that mike jones joint, yup Cham kill’t it on that ONE ! ! !

  • yunggee

    i fux wit scarface on dis 1..

  • yunggee

    Chamillionaire is nice 2. he did a track wit my boy Carlito Rossi.. look out 4 him.. he’s a monster straight from Paterson, NJ. youtube him or google him..

  • MB

    Bun B and Face. Classic Bun verses: Murder or any verse on the Ridin Dirty CD, Bezzle on T.I. Scecond Album, Breakim Off Something on Master P’s Ice Cream Man CD, Big Pimpin Verse, This how we rock verse from Termanology CD, as a matter of fact, just listen to Bun from 92 until present. The boy rips shit! And he don’t mind given a verse to anyone whether new artists or vets.

  • dhunt512

    Z-Ro, Pimp C, and Devin the dude! But got love and respect for all of them! All muthafucking ready! And Killer Mike you keep it up brother you will be (lyrically) in the top 10 one day!

  • TicNitty86

    What Up Bigga!

    What you know about the South Park Coalition? You gotta holla at and check out K-Rino, Point Blank, Dope E, and the others man. Them boys have been making that gritty Texas music since the early 90′s.

    By the way Face is my fav rapper ever and your 1st album Monster is one of my top 60 fav albums ever. Keep going homie!

  • ChinCheka

    I am a fan of anything hip hop from Texas. I grew up in Detroit but a friend turned me on the Willie D Controversy album(yes it was bootleg)I was amazed at how hard he went at the KKK.. Bald head hoes and so on. It was a few years after it came out but right after I got that tape the first Geto Boys tape came out, the one with their mug shots on it. To this day I still listen to anything from Texas. Scarface is my favorite rapper. Nobody can f— with him. Who else could have Nas and Jay-Z on the same album when they were beefin. Check out Point Blank, I think he is from Dallas he was on the Lil Flip/ Z-Ro record that came out a couple of years ago. I still have to get to the Screw Shop down there. RIP DJ Screw, Pimp C, Big Moe, HAWK, Fat Pat and any others that I forgot. 100

  • Lil c

    Gotta say Zero and Devin The Dude is my fav right now
    All the ones who made it happen Pimp C, Fat Pat, Dj Screw, Big Hawk, and Bar Baby Big Moe will forever be missed. Rip!!

    All the ones who still be keeping it real
    Lil O the Fat Rat with the cheese, paul wall, slimthug do ya thang.

    Legends like DOC and Face will ever be them dudes. Since you gone be Austin all i say is enjoy ya self and keep ya head on the swivel looking at all that downs south booty.. Man i was in dallas for all star wknd and could’ve got neck problems ya dig lol.


    good post killa and if you taking questions. ask scarface how does he seem to only get better with age. while other rappers seem to regress with there material as they get older.

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  • intellectual 1

    Imma say Bun B on this one, he kills pretty much everything he gets on, one of the most lyrical dudes from texas

  • Shawty J

    Favorite Texas rapper?

    Bun B, easily.


    TPAR and $yk. I was watching The Colbert Report the other night and he did an interview with a writer of a textbook and the topic of their discussion was certain parts of history being excluded from the books down in Texas. Can you please enlighten me on which parts they have removed.

  • Anonymous

    all i can say is U.G.K all day
    (R.I.P pimp c)

  • anonymous

    haha any of yall heard of short lil nigga named short dawg haha he aint really out yet but he go ham haha but U.G.K all day easily the best
    (R.I.P pimp c)

  • Ikeberg $lim

    I get clowned all the time for this, but Willie D is my favorite Texas rapper.

  • TicNitty86

    Yo Willie D is in my top 20 fav rappers period, folks have a hard time gettin down with his delivery but he’s one of the realist mofo’s period.

    My top 5 fav TX rappers:

    Willie D
    Devin The Dude

    Smoke somethin’ b***h!

  • Mark Ward

    Bigga when GTRGBBB going to come to DC Richmond or B-More? We want to see y’all at the 9:30 club or something!

  • these posts are racist


    “Some gay moments”? And you commented at the end of our correspondence chain, so what’s that make you…our Bottom Bitch?

  • KingKnot

    Probably have to say Bun B because of the consistency & willingness to be featured with up and coming rappers. You never hear anyone have anything negative 2 say about him. Plus, his verse on ‘Murder’ might be the dopest of the last 20 years wit that flow and breath control…lotta ‘rappers’ require 8 tracks on pro tools just to complete 16bars. aint got NO wind.

  • New3rakidd

    Trae the truth, Z-ro, UGK, Scarface, Cham, Slim Thug

  • Ob

    Trae the truth and UGK 4 life ! Got a question : will Texas rappers such as Trae,Bun B, Paul Wall or you Killa Kill ever come to France ? French public would luv to see yall in concert.

  • Chevy T

    what up my favorite tx rapper is SLIM THUGGA MUTHAFUKA… I’m from GA and my first screwd up tape was a wit him and ESG.. and he had a verse and part of it went like “gucci shades on my braids/gotta stay play made/and whn i pull up u kno i park the drop in the shade/im polo from head to toe/whn i open my doe/smellin like a fresh optimo from the stop and go sto/i wreck the mic i keep ya hype until im dead i’m goin fed/” that was the coldest shit.. i wish i still had that cd wish i could remember the entire verse.. but from thn on bein from ga i was always checkn for Thugga… shit jus tell thugga to give Toddy Boi a shout out & im happy.. 2 FANGAZ

  • swslugga

    2010 SXSW was off the chain i was able to chill backstage wit chalie and trae. black mike threw under his wing and showed me wat SXSW was all about.

  • shane

    Thuga – Boss of All Bosses … tha’ shit holin’…

    What up to tha Black … B.H.O…

  • LIL’ Recius

    1)Scarface Facemob!!
    2)UGK BUN B R.I.P. Pimp C
    3)Trae tha Truth
    5)Lil Ke Ke
    6)Slim Thug
    7)Killa Kyleon-Run It!
    9)Boss Hogg Outlawz
    10)Lil O’
    R.I.P. Big Hawk Fat Pat and DJ Screw


    But I got to give props to
    Chalie Boy and Tite
    Tum Tum
    Big Tuck and the whole DSR

  • chillin mayne

    DAMN…not even ONE of yall mentioned MAGNO??.. he goes hard son, how could yall not include him, he definitly top 5 with the lyrics from texas…


      yo c-mayne, u got a defense case there kid. magno, jayton, them slab boys, boss there is honorable mentions however, none to the caliber of z-ro. do ur research z-ro hands down. no disrespect to these texas bread winners u got niggas out here folks aint even heard of dat go magno where is now? my point exactly. peace ur street corner reporter D STYLE ONE

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  • dayday

    lil keke
    slim thug
    yung redd
    big tuck
    killa kyleon


    Scarface hands down…what he did in the Geto Boys and as a solo artist changed the game. “The Diary” is still one of my favs and still gets bumped frequently…timeless!

  • Gerv

    I know ya busy but we need a new blog from ya bruh!

  • btkrapgang

    man yall naming alota dope artists outta houston and i got love for em from san antonio id like yall check out my stuff on

    but to stay on topic
    2. spm

  • Harry B. Alsak

    fuck mr “6.7 horsepower” its all about the late great SCREW