The New Jersey Nets, The Oakland Raiders, & Karrine Steffans in a committed relationship are all three lovable L's takers. But even they're allowed to stand in the winner's circle when compared Yung Berg. In case you're not in the know, TMZ reported Berg was at a house party Monday morning when four armed suspects kicked in the door. To make a long story much, much shorter, Berg was pistol whipped and the "goons" made away with over $10,000 in cash.

Berg has already responded to these allegations releasing a video of him in bed wearing tons of borrowed "back of the magazine" jewelry. Berg's lawyer also went on to say he knew nothing of the incident and that the rapper has been in Vegas. That would have been believable had something like this never happened before.

The real question is when are people going to leave this guy alone? It's bad enough his chain has been on tour more than he has. Maino already "Laid the hands of God" on him. Who could forget the infamous scooter-weed-arrest video? The most depressing thing about Yung Berg's life in the fast lane is he actually had two hit singles. 'Sexy Can I' & 'The Business' were fueled by the hooks. So not only is the guy not respected for his (lack of) self defense tactics, but he's not even given full credit as an artist.

My suggestion Christian Ward is simple. Get those Nation of Islam brothers to protect you. You see no one has come close to touching Farrakhan over the years. It's getting to a point now people are just picking on you the same way people go after that one drunk girl at the party. You're easy access. It's not right, but it's life. So until you sign up for some Tiger Schulmann's classes, you're going to continue to be Hip-Hop's punching bag.

Photo props - Omen