Yung Berg, Hip-Hop’s Punching Bag

The New Jersey Nets, The Oakland Raiders, & Karrine Steffans in a committed relationship are all three lovable L’s takers. But even they’re allowed to stand in the winner’s circle when compared Yung Berg. In case you’re not in the know, TMZ reported Berg was at a house party Monday morning when four armed suspects kicked in the door. To make a long story much, much shorter, Berg was pistol whipped and the “goons” made away with over $10,000 in cash.

Berg has already responded to these allegations releasing a video of him in bed wearing tons of borrowed “back of the magazine” jewelry. Berg’s lawyer also went on to say he knew nothing of the incident and that the rapper has been in Vegas. That would have been believable had something like this never happened before.

The real question is when are people going to leave this guy alone? It’s bad enough his chain has been on tour more than he has. Maino already “Laid the hands of God” on him. Who could forget the infamous scooter-weed-arrest video? The most depressing thing about Yung Berg’s life in the fast lane is he actually had two hit singles. ’Sexy Can I’ & ‘The Business’ were fueled by the hooks. So not only is the guy not respected for his (lack of) self defense tactics, but he’s not even given full credit as an artist.

My suggestion Christian Ward is simple. Get those Nation of Islam brothers to protect you. You see no one has come close to touching Farrakhan over the years. It’s getting to a point now people are just picking on you the same way people go after that one drunk girl at the party. You’re easy access. It’s not right, but it’s life. So until you sign up for some Tiger Schulmann’s classes, you’re going to continue to be Hip-Hop’s punching bag.

Photo props – Omen

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  • down n out

    Just seeing her name makes me smile

  • BEasy


  • starkzmuzik

    lol @ the picture.. “shhh dont tell anyone Berg soft”

  • Pierzy

    Are you kidding me? Ms. Civil, what is your solution – to leave him alone? Or to pick on someone else?

    It’s the way of the world – if you do something good, you’re commended and you do something dumb, you’re called out on it. If you do it more than twice, it’s a pattern and not just a “mistake.”

    Yung Berg wants it both ways (apparently you agree) – he wants to be able to floss and say whatever he wants and act like an ass but then not have to deal with any consequences of those actions. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. You’re (supposed) to be a big boy now. Act like an adult. I’ll leave him alone when he gets his shit together. If DMX gets arrested for the 553rd time in one week should I just “leave the poor guy alone” or should I call him out of pissing away a successful career? I’m going to go with the latter…but that’s just me. I’m logical like that.

    My favorite quote of the piece? “…he’s not even given full credit as an artist.”

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I guess Yung Berg should be held up on a pedestal for his music and have his dumbass actions ignored. I just know I’ll be eagerly awaiting your next blog: “Soulja Boy is better than Rakim & 2Pac Combined.”

    Where’s Ron Mexico when you need him? Damn.

    • valdez

      damn, piery!!!


  • Escobar9300

    Damn…ya’ll traded out Ronnie Mexico, the Jay Z of this blogging shit, for Karen Civil, the Oj The Juiceman of this blogging shit? Fail. XXL is falling off one blog at a time since the homies Ronnie Mexico and Billy Sunday peaced.

    • valdez


  • Gift

    this dude should endorse gauze or band-aids, because he stay getting the biznezz (pun intended lmao)from other people’s guns and fists. If it weren’t for the hooks on those songs named in the article, we wouldn’t even know who the fuck yung berg is. he needs self-defense classes.

  • El Tico Loco

    Young Berg is the answer to Prodigy’s prayers. So the “pick on somebody else” theory could work.


    co-sign with pierzy, I mean why r ppl writing stories still bout yung berg?? I think everybody who really knows hip hop and takes this art form and culture seriously has already heard it and been done with it.
    I think he needs 2 really look in the mirror and ask himself who he is? cuz his carear has been over and done with good luck on other ventures my dude, but u sank the boat a looong time ago.

    Then have we forgot all these other “artists” if u wanna say who had their “15 mins Of Shame” are now on “reality shows” and making fools of themselves it is too funny how ppl in this world will do anything 4 a piece of paper. and quote me on that. definitly feel the comment on X too shit hurts my heart 2 see the path he been thru and continues 2 go on. But u can only blame urself 4 most of his issues.
    Never really got down on this blogging shit much but I like hearing what other ppl have 2 say bout real issues in life and especially the 1 message right now which is change the game 2 OUR Game but shouts out 2 the real G’z who r up on here I read ya’ll comments all the time spitting some real shit lol preach on 2 these young cats….1Love Always -Alll Day

    • $yk!

      No doubt. Shouts to the lurkers and the 9-5 workers.

      Oh yeah, f*** a Berg.

  • $yk!

    The Farnsworth Bentley song in the XXL bangers is WAAAAAYYYY more worthy of a blog than this clown coon negro…

    • NotoriousAGC


  • hate

    bol is the onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good thing left here.

    y’all better pay for his eye surgery cuz if he leave you finished

    • valdez

      ^^ THIS!!

    • Federal Ranga

      y’all better pay for his eye surgery cuz if he leave you finished



      $yk, Pierzy!!! Whaaaaadup!

  • Uncivilized

    I hope y’all kept Ron Mexico’s number.

  • daydeezy

    WTF? Young berg is a wimp . Thats less than a punk because he runs his mouth and he dont do shit, im not saying he should continue to get punked but he should do something like slap a chick or something , go punk gary coleman well i dont think thats a good idea, they are the same height and arnold has some thug in him , maybe he should fight justin beiber are at least start a beef, i know he should go slap suge night but dayum who didnt so im thinking what wil uplift yung berg.. got it take a pic on 8 mile in the “D” that will clear it all up…

    p.s get a transformer 2 chain

  • caino

    ‘ps get a transformer 2 chain’ lol thats just asking for trouble!!

    C’mon now, this and the no homo blog are a disgrace, why aint these people putting a little somthing worth while in their blogs?? Bol is the only one holding shit down!

    And the rappers of the new millenium are all soft compared to the 90′s, these fake thugs flossing with fake ass jewelery and cars makes me sick! Shit even Ja Rule had a bit of Thug in him!

    tho hitting Young Berg is becomming a bit of a liberty!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I love dark butts!!

  • honest-e

    Ya’ll niggas trip me out actin’ all ass-hurt that your beloved Ron Mexico is no longer a blogger for xxl. C’mon Son! GTFOH with that BS! Like he actually did anything besides give yall unemployed niggas something to do in between yall Mafia Wars sessions.Ms. Civil youre a damn good writer keep doing what u do i’ll be looking forward to your next drop

    • $yk!

      “Shouts to the lurkers and the 9-5 workers”

      People here are in school getting degrees or have jobs, and are professors, mentors, in law, practicing doctors and nurses, DJs, in the music game, or have businesses of their own. How do I know? A lot of those 100 commenter’s on that other post have my email and we converse beyond this site. If you have a job be happy, there are over 5 million people who just lost theirs, 10-20 year jobs, in this fukked up economic environment and I’m pretty sure they would love to take yours. Clowning people who don’t have a job is corny, grandparents and parents are losing homes and sleeping in cars and kids are in shelters and missing school.

      WTF is a Mafia Wars? Only people who play games would know.

      The Fonsworth Bentley song “Fireside Chat” is a real issue, a civilized talk, about where n*ggas stand these days, not this Yung Berg gossip. There were 3 drops yesterday on the same thing. That’s a fail on the site’s behalf.

      • NotoriousAGC

        He prob is a paid goon from Karen Civil and is tryna’ get at us for all the flak she has been gettin for her 8th grader blogs.

        Like i said before, Karen, you seem cute, put a pic of your booty XD youll win the dudes over with that one lol, BY THE WAY syk i signed up on bboycult or gave my email or whatever havent received nothin lol

        • $yk!

          Cult is finishing a music project and I have 3 heat rocks that aren’t done. One on publishing, Ross, and sacrifice…besides with Waka responding and the almost 1000 comments on wshh (XXL TOTALLY MISSED OUT ON THE WU/WAKA THING) I’ma let the last blog breathe a little more. Plus I have a deadline with my day job.

          Ranga what’s up?!!

  • Mally

    Berg is soft and his entourage even softer!

  • deshawn

    berg u a little boy grow who can rap u just don’t have no RESPECT!!!!

  • Robin Ginolfi

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