Transcending stereotypes via low expectations

It’s long been a pet theory of mine that all female rappers are either lesbians, or puppets for male rappers.

Queen Latifah, for example, is clearly a lesbian. From what I’ve heard, she’s been known to show up to events out in Hollywood with her “wife,” wearing a wedding ring, but it’s understood that everyone is to pretend that she’s straight. If you don’t the gay mafia would probably put your career on hold faster than you can say “that one ninja from Grey’s Anatomy.” (See, people can’t even remember his name.) It’s not that much of an issue though. Supposedly liberal white Hollywood types love themselves a Mammy figure, to the point where they let Queen Latifah sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl despite the fact that she can’t sing. I saw that shit and I was like, The fuck? The cracked out 2010 Whitney Houston probably could have done a better job – though that would have drawn attention to the fact that she smoked up her vocal chords. Instead, she’s keeping that shit on the low, performing overseas for people who continue to support American artists long after there’s a reason to. I just hope she doesn’t die in the process, like Michael Jackson.

I’d use Lil Kim or Foxy Brown as examples of female rappers who are the puppets of male rappers, but that would be too easy, even on a low expectations Friday afternoon. During Black History Month. Finding very young women with very big boobs and writing songs for them about giving a guy (or a Sprite bottle) a blowski is such a good idea that I’m surprised it didn’t completely take over rap music. The entire country music industry is built on the idea that you can take a reasonably attractive woman (i.e. pretty much any white woman who’s not old or fat), have her perform music that’s inoffensive, if not worth listening to, and it’s pretty much a license to print money. Even during the recession.

Part of the reason rap music is on the way out is that hip-hop has no concept of marketing, apart from Steve Stoute – the low expectations Michael Porter – goading rappers into having themselves removed from the artistic roll call.

Lauryn Hill was supposed to be the female rapper to buck the trend, and even she supposedly had songwriting help from guys who she then tried to jerk for proper credit and compensation. I’m willing to believe she wrote most, if not all of her rhymes, because she definitely had her moments, back in the ’90s, and I hold on to The Score the way Queen Latifah holds on to the closet door, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was like Kanye West, in that she didn’t have what it took to do it herself, but her ego made her insist that she did – when I would have been more impressed with someone who had the sense and the taste to know when to work with collaborators, and the humility to admit when she did. That’s probably why you haven’t heard shit from her, other than that ill-advised episode of MTV Unplugged, since the late ’90s.

The most prominent female rapper these days is Nicki Minaj, who’s a unique figure in that she doesn’t seem to fit very well into my pet theory, which might require some revising for the ’90s baby era, where there isn’t as much of an emphasis on standards. Nicki Minaj is being positioned in the marketplace like a female rapper who you might suspect is the puppet of a male rapper, but I can’t imagine that’s how the TIs found her. She has the body of the woman who used to drive me to elementary school – who was in her 40s. And a school bus driver. I know, from the other times I’ve posted on Nicki Minaj, that some of the guys in the comments section would ride her hard and put her back wet, but I wonder where exactly is those guys’ cutoff point? So Nicki Minaj is your typical sex kitten female rapper, except that she’s not very sexy. But she’s also your typical lesbian female rapper, except that she doesn’t have a man’s MC skills. Probably.

I’ll admit, I’m only familiar with her music from that epic freestyle she kicked on BET, and that time I saw the gay-ass video for “Bedrock” on Fuse, and if I’m lucky, maybe it’ll stay that way, but what little I’ve heard is bad enough for me to believe she wrote it herself. Which would seem to put her in the Queen Latifah category, except for the fact that sexual orientation has been a point of contention. It was rumored that she was the “woman” in that video saying Remy Ma ate the box, but she vehemently denied it. It seems like sometimes she wants people to think she’s a rug muncher, and sometimes she doesn’t. According to a story in Slate, sometimes she’ll rap about how she likes women with big butts, about which she cannot lie, and having a threeway with a guy and another girl, but then she’ll talk about how she only likes guys and will say no homo. I’m pretty sure I read the other day that she was trying to get women to send her pictures of their cans on Twitter. (My idea!) It sounds like she might be a barely downlow muff diver, but she’s trying to front, because that might be bad for business. But I thought lesbians are supposed to be good at rapping, because their thought process is more along the lines of a man? The fuck?

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  • Mike Streezy

    We need some diversity in hip hop right now. We actually need some talented and original women that can hold the position of superstar down while bringing us something exciting and fresh. The las female rapper I actually liked listening to was Gangsta Boo. Since the early 00s I could give a shit less. Matter of fact I was just talking about that on my website.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    what’s the point to this post?
    Nicki might be queer…no surprise there.

    • Smarter Than You

      Exactly, Bol….what is the point?

  • Gaz

    Classic Bol !! Nikki is a queer though but she sure as hell don’t rap like one .. Remy .. queer.. Nah . Ask tha nigga Pap ! Rhymes is sick tho

  • John Cochran

    I don’t understand how you went from female rappers being puppets to comparing Niki Minaj to your elementary school bus driver but whatever. It’s tough to say whether she is gay or not because alot of these young girls in the hood are very experimental. I’ve ran into quite a few girls who’ve either had some kinda sexual incounter with the same sex or would’nt mind trying. But, I’m not sure if thats good for her career. Black people generally don’t mind if a bitch plays lesbo for a day and then drops the act. But if it’s one thing that white people hate, its a fake or closeted homosexual. Why you think they always pressuring people to come out? White gay people are serious about that shit man.

  • latino heat

    cosign John Cochran. these young girls these days are quick to call themselves lesbians. this shit is alike an epidemic. i’m so sick of seeing fine ass girls walking around with what you think are dudes until you take a closer look. it’s really a female dressed like they just walked off the set of a music video. these lesbians way over compensate their wardrobes in an effort to really look like a dude. and i wouldn’t give a fuck if they weren’t taking such bad bitches. i’ve never seen one of them with a fat chick before.

    as far as Nicki, according to you every white woman that isn’t old or fat is attractive but Nicki looks like your 40 year old bus driver? your more of a lost cause than i thought.

  • RiZob

    Bol, you dont think Nicki is attractive? C’MON SON! i kno you got this unhealthy attraction to ALL white women thing going, but there are pleny of attractive black women too bruh….did a black girl break your heart at a young age, and then a nice white girl came along and fixed you a pork chop sandwich and from then on you hated all black women and love all white women? im pretty sure the story went pretty much like this…LOL

    • westcostaggie

      That pretty white girl did a little more than make him a porkchop sandwich.

    • Detroit P

      Apparently you’ve never seen the interview of Bol from a couple years ago, then u would understand why he thinks the way he does.

      This guy never had sex until he was in college because he’s an effeminate talking powderpuff lump of a man and black girls wouldnt give him the time a day. Then when he got to college, where there are white girls who will like you JUST because you’re black, he finally got blessed with a couple rounds of pink vagina(with reddish undertones) and fell in love with white women and increased his scorn and bitterness towards black women.

      Matter of fact, he might not have ever gotten any pussy, those white girls mightve just given him handjobs or maybe even a blowski..and he’s been mesmerized with their kindness and curious about the mysteries of their vaginas ever since.

      He seems like the kind of guy who would pay for a prostitute…if he had any money.

      Why do you think his blogs are so edgy? when he blogs he releases all of his bitterness, scorn, frustration and hatred that he keeps bottled up in the real world…he blogs because it helps him feel cool…he blogs because it helps him feel like a man.

      • valdez



      • NotoriousAGC

        damn all u needed was the ETHER instrumental

        • SteveEko

          @NotoriousAGC – yo I’m playin the song while re-reading the post now. HAHAHA thats some funny shit.

          @Detroit P – Hey u came at Bol way too hard son hahaha, coldblooded!

  • Mr. 306

    I’m pretty sure Nicki is openly Bi. These posts in which you randomly rant about a subject for a page and a half are starting to suck. I think Minaj is pretty sick and I’ve never really been into any other female MC’s before. I would also fuck the shit out of her. If her rhyme skills should be better if she’s closer to a dyke then where’s that leave you?

  • Nicki could get it

    Nicki Minaj is sexy as fuck, and she’s the most exciting female rapper I’ve heard in a looong time, and she is bi hence the name minaj, step it up Bol

  • Scriabin

    I hate to do it, but I’ve gotta co-sign that second sentence from Mr. 306. You started the year dropping science, but this week you’ve just been ragging on fools relentlessly, without much to show for it–and that includes the declining number of comments your posts are receiving. Then again, I guess XXL doesn’t pay you enough to keep the quality at top notch.

    I still love you, man. No nullus.

  • DV8

    i can watch a Nicki Minaj video with mute on.

    Nicki Minaj’s rhymes sound better coming out of Mischelle Tranchinberg’s (or whatever her last name is) mouth.

    • $yk!

      Michelle Trachtenberg.

      And yes she is good, cool people. I would give it to her way b4 I looked @ Minaj. Yes I do know her and have her card in my Rolodex.

      One of the last times I will let y’all know I have connects.

      • latino heat

        @ DV8 and Syk

        i had to check Wiki to see who Michelle Trachenberg is. upon further review, she’s the girl from Euro Trip.

        don’t get me wrong i’d smash her too, but before Nicki, i don’t know about that.

        don’t get me wrong Nicki is only a dime from the neck down. and most of that is probably store bought. from the neck up her face is a 6 and her hair in a negative 10. that girl can’t do anything decent with her hair to save her damn life.

        • Will E. Will

          yea ive had a crush on michelle ever since she flashed her titties in euro trip lol

  • fastflipper

    nicki is hard wack…no pen skillz & and no rapping skillz. and yeah shes not really cute..thansk to the TI and Weezy help

  • The Unknown

    Her voice annoys the hell out of me. Maybe thats why I haven’t been into many women rappers. I just don’t believe half the sh!t they say, and they other half doesn’t interest me. I do believe that there were some dope female rappers, but the music wasn’t for me.

    The question about Nikki should not be if you would wack,(most of you would wack 90% of the female population) it should be if she is a dope original MC.(Which she is not)

  • guttaman

    Nikki is a silly rappin dirty dyke

  • Eskay

    You dont think Nicki Minaj is cute, damn bol your eye sight is getting as bad as mine.

  • thoreauly77/ian

    her “freestyles” were the epitome of wack. i see hotter women walking down the street in the bay, and also fuck them.

    nikki minaj looks like she has a sewer pussy.

    the end.

  • stoneyisland

    Bol, you have point. Nicki might to a sex pot to a lot of these young cats but to a middle age man she looks like a typical tramp. I am sick of her big ass titties and rick james wigs. She actually looks like a tranny to me. She and a couple of other chicken heads are whats wrong with women in hip hop. Hip hop doesnt need anymore eye candy, thats what XXL and King magazine are for, we need strong sistas who can rock a mic without bragging how they can suck a dick and bend their legs behind there heads. Hip hop is all fucked up and I blame you young ass, simple minded cats who think a fat ass is what life is all about. Fuck Nicki and any other chickenhead female rapper who aint got shit positive to say.

    • Gimme a refined WOMAN….

      Co sign!! Too many whores in hip hop… Why O!!!!

  • ?

    what type of sexist shytt is this?
    Deadass, Im sick of reading all of this degrading shytt about females…thats why you cant get one as it is.

  • Bste92

    With no disrespect to Nicki Minaj, I believe that aspiring female emcee Big Nay is a true role model for the younger and older female generation. Some of you may already be familiar with her father, Nyoil, formely known as Fly Guy Kool Kim of The Umc’s, a group out of Staten Island,Ny that came to fame with the song “Blue Cheese”. Look up Big Nay on youtube, her song is called “Jammin on ya back”. I promise you guys will like it.

    • Ashim

      NYOil, is that u??

  • The real chris

    And im a say this sadly to say but the female rap game is fallin right now well it has fallin,im acourse u got like undergroung lady rappers doing there thang like gangsta boo and la chat and they truely dope and gangsta boo particularly can ryme nicely.but i really wish the ladies could get it together in the rap game.

  • The real chris

    And i forgot bout remy ma but acourse she locked up but hopefully she will be free and out them bars alot sooner than later,besides nikki using her nice body for attenion she really has no purpose in rap
    cause she’s not competing with anyone so point blank im a need boo, chat,and remy when she get out to put some real dope og type shit out.

  • Prince Caesar

    First of all, I gotta tip my hat to all my people that took time out of their lives to roast this fat clown named Bol. Bol is a true definition of a overweight, uncle tom motherfucker. Nicki Minaj is wack, but her whole camp is lame. I mean take a look at her boss and his “pops” a.k.a. gay lover. I remember Lil Kim being a pretty decent rapper. La Bella Mafia is the only female rap album I’ve ever heard in it’s entirety and she spits that fire on there. I’m only 24 and I’m damn near finished with rap altogether. Young Money ?! Gucci ?! give me a fucking break!!

  • Otto the Rugged Man

    Yo, I’m a “Reg” on Yahoo! Answers’ Rap & Hip-Hop section. A site where most the readers here would get bashed and labeled n00bs for liking wack shit. But anyway, I asked a question there once about if anyone else felt the majority of female rappers came off as lesbians, like Jean Grae for example, who’s way dope BTW, but she sounds ‘dyke-ish’. And most of the answers agreed. I forgot my point, but anyway, rap has always been a masculine thing to do. Most these female rappers, like Lil Kim, Trina, and Remy Ma, spit about their snatch and how nasty they are in bed, because sex sells. How many listeners, who are mostly males BTW, that bump rap gonna take a female serious when they rhyme? Nikki’s wack, though, nuff said. BTW, your blogs have been getting weak and co-sign that Prince dude above, I’m seriously thinking of giving up on hip-hop altogether. For reals, for every Fashawn, there’s 20 Gucci’s and OJ da Garbageman’s. *Still waiting for XXL to start posting news and reviewing albums by Ke$ha and Lady Gaga*

    • CokeCcap

      Seriously. It pisses me off when people say they are giving up on rap. Fine! For every hater and fair-weather fan, there are one hundred more lovers of this ever evolving genre and its artists. Dueces, you can leave now. Go put on your Lady Gaga & Ke$ha and shut the fuck up. You claim to be such a novice, when did those two artists become part of the hip-hop genre anyway?!

  • CokeCcap

    And the point of this blog is what? How can you judge her lyrical skill having only listened to two songs? Part of being a blogger whether it be media related, religion, or d.i.y blogging; is research. Clearly a practice you know nothing about.

  • Ashim

    I actually think Nicki has bars now that she’s borrowing that Lil Wayne style of rapping where u say nonsensical shit and make sense of it… Not dumb nice, in the vein of a Jean Grae, but not boring as shit like a Tiye Phoenix or Foxy after 03. When she was trying to sound like Kim on Mondays and Foxy on Tuesday, I couldn’t fuck wit her. Far as her looks, when she first started gettin shine I used to see her $10 music videos on World Star, and at the time I thought she looked average to wack. The way she looks now is a testament to the power of the dollar, cuz since she got that ass installed and a stylist that only dresses her in leggings, gotta say I’d fuck the shit out of her. But like someone pointed out, my standards (like most niggas) aren’t nearly as high as I’d like classier women to think.

    Anyway, the problem is rap still gives female rappers their own bracket, effectively judging them on a curve. The good female rappers never asked for that distinction. Good rap is good rap… There shouldn’t be a “good for a girl” lane, I mean come on, this ain’t athletics.

  • Apollo Moses

    I think Nicki brings a cool energy to the scene, lyrically she doesn’t have the wow factor and her style is influenced by Wayne…but her image got females influenced…that much is a success credited to the machine…but yeah she do look store purchased…give me Shawnna any day…she’s the illest and a banga…

  • The1987Kid

    I think Nicki is attractive & has some skills but she is just eye candy, sex sells in this country especially in Hip-Hop where sex is common as the 4 elements of Hip-Hop they go hand & hand, I would love to see a female Nas or & female 2Pac or Jay-Z but it wont never happen cause the record companies & the public are not going to accept a female lyricist, people say they want a female lyricist but people might believe she write her own material cause some people can’t graps the fact that a woman can rap just as good as a man

    Nicki is a product of Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown, they used the flow of Biggie & Jay-Z at that time now Nicki is using Lil’ Wayne’s flow cause that one of the popular flows right now, so in many ways she is a product of a man which was said in the article, Jean Grae to me is the best female MC right now, Her album Jeanius is one of the best hip-hop albums ive heard in a decade, it had a concept to it, amazing wordplay, vivd storytelling, a well placed pattern flow & great production, but nobody supported it cause she didnt show any skin or body parts or go to jail

    People say they want talent but when they get it they dnt support it, when you see a big booty chick with wide hips, big breast, a small waist & a pretty face people aint checking for talent woman goin hate & men goin have goin wanna fuck that chick the skills are secondary, so we have to support or sisters who has skills & talent (i.e. Rah Digga & Lady Of Rage) Lil’ Kim last album Naked Truth was a damn near classic album flawless lyrical content it’s better then alot of dudes albums but when she swtiched her style up a tad bit again nobody supported it

    Dudes have to be open minded when they listen to a chick, i like to hear a female’s point of view not just a mans’s, Hip-Hop needs to be more open to the fact that woman can out spit a dude but female rappers need to stop following the Lil’ Kim & Foxy Brown trend (examples: Remy Ma, Nicki Minja, Trina, Kiha, Diamond & Princess from Crime Mob & Jacki-O) Be themsleves & be orgainic then people will receive them, If a female can spit they should’nt be called dikes or lesbos, I think a frmale with skills will get her shine it’s just up to people to SUPPORT it….

  • $yk!

    At the end of the day, cats are followers, and not leaders. The ‘old heads’ supported Lyte, Latifah, Boss, Kim, Monie, Isis, Nikki D, Hurricane G, and I can keep going, but do you see the difference in the names I dropped? Y’all now cats only support Trina, Minaj, the same prototypes. Superhead has more rap press than a Jean Grae. For every Minaj you have a church going, working mom, revolutionary chick rhyming but the tricks only get put into the forefront. Do y’all forget Sister Souljah was pretty?

    Take away Minaj’s looks and what do you have? Tell me you would purchase her CD with 18 songs of the same style. You are lying. That style is annoying according to thousands of commenter’s, that’s plenty of no-sales that any label would try to change (mag covers, collabs, model-type press). Marketing.

    On the real, I hope Minaj reaches all of her goals in life, but women need a better representative than her, and more examples than her. There are other versions of beautiful women out there. Where’s the first large woman out there who has lyrics? Your first white female rapper? Deadly Venoms was realistically the 1st crew, where’s the others? But this is about the women. Y’all see the men fighting all the time for balance, now it’s up to y’all women to correct your part. You can’t blame the males for this, y’all spend $ and listen to and know just as much of rap as we do, at the same time, no?

    Step up.

    • Deadly MIME

      true cosignin on Syk! here. I mean thats all Nicki Minaj is just eye candy. Plus people are followers now more than ever. Its because people are afraid and wait for other to change shit for them. It only takes one person and one idea for everything in hip-hop to be diverse. If were gonna have your Nicki Minaj’s your Trina’s then we need some balance with that like having females being about skills and lyrical ability. It can’t just be all bout sex cause if thats the case then i don’t want no daughters cause then I gotta worry bout them having sex cause Nicki said she like to blow niggas.

    • Curtis75Black


      Straight Blaze !!

  • Brooklyn

    she’s most likely bi, since i’ve heard her say some pretty suspect things in regards to females, but she says sexual shit about niggas too. would i fuck her? of course, but just so that i could come back to the ‘hood and say i fucked her, she ain’t that cute in the face and the best thing about her body is her titties, which wayne probably paid for. truth be told, that whole sexpot hip-hop diva shit is played out. even kim ain’t on that shit no more. and i think that wayne writes her shit, i’ve heard her rap before she became a part of young money, and she sounded rather normal. now she sounds like the bastard robot daughter of lil wayne and lil kim who spits her rhymes in a studio where helium seeps out the air conditioner. she needs to step her game up if she wants to be taken seriously by anyone other than adolescents who’re too naive to know better.

  • steezolini


  • ruthless

    Jean Grae is the best female rapper out now

  • Lame ass nicki minaj

    She part rapper,part retard that wears booty pads

  • Miss420

    listining to the stuff nikki spittin’ out now, she is making less and less sense to me. “go hard” was ok, but do i believe barbie wrote that? lol hell no, she making up words and shit, and whats up with the dramatic voice changing? -SMH- all im saying is, can we get a real female rapper for 2010 instead of a barbie? cause trust i am too grown for that shit.