This Blows! Snow Day Rap Special

It’s a snow day in NYC! The weather outside is frightful and there’s hardly anything delightful about trying to commute in this mess. With that said, I’m posted up at the crib thinking of ways to keep myself amused while this winter blitz runs through my city.

With the hot cocoa on steam and Young Jeezy the Snowman on blast, I decided to do a blog post dedicated to the white fluffy stuff. A snow day playlist, if you will. I put on my thinking cap to come up with a list of hip-hop videos featuring the element of snow.

You know most rap videos that are shot outdoors go for with a summery feel to take advantage of the warmer weather, showcasing the scantily clad females and shiny new rides. I guess you need that hot look for a hot song.

Still, there a couple clips focused on that fresh powder and what better day than today to reflect on ’em. Here are a few of my favorite snow-filled rap videos. —Rondell Conway

Naughty By Nature “Feel Me Flow”
This video was the perfect imagery for Naughty’s career, as it went from hot to cold.

Young Gunz feat. Rell “No Better Love”
If I could be snowed in with Reagan Preston-Gomez I’d pray for a blizzard everyday.

Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M”
Not everyone has the option of staying in when bad weather hits town. You gotta get out in that snow and make that C.R.E.A.M.

Common “The Corner”
Rashid proves he knows his way around them cold Chi-town corners, with Kanye West calling the shots as director.

Eminem “Stan”
It doesn’t matter the weather when dealing with a crazed fan.

Nas “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”
Classic New York army jacket and Timbs cut from God’s Son. Nuff said.

Bonus cut:

Alicia Keys “I Ain’t Got You”
I know this doesn’t count as a rap video, but Method Man is in. Plus, I needed a reason to watch Alicia in those heels.

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  • Jamal7Mile

    In defense of my beloved Midwest surroundings, the snow is not all that bad. Doing “snow donuts” in the hooptie is pretty fucking exciting, especially if you’re doing them on purpose. Downhill sledding, snowball fights, making snowmen with the young’uns…this is some good times man! All you gotta do is dress appropriately.

  • The $ykotic Don Mac

    Snow sux in NYC. You track that salt everywhere and have to jump corners cause that’s where they plow it to let it melt.

    Now in OR, they are so unprepared for snow that they shut down if it’s like 2-5 inches, but they can work through 10 inches of flooding rain, so go figure that one out.

    Hopefully all of those who get state & city money have a stash somewhere because their funds get pushed back like an album for everyday the offices are closed.

  • eddiesixes

    what was that dj quik vid where he was snowboarding in the end?

  • uhhh…

    if you’re getting state or city money, get off your lazy ass and go get a job, quit bringing the rest of us down

    • The $ykotic Don Mac

      Senior citizens are bringing you down? Paraplegics and the truly disabled too?

      People who work in the city and for the city and state who have to cash checks are bringing you down? ADP & Paychex have to deliver checks, payroll has to be inputed before a check is cut and direct deposit is done.

      Everybody ain’t on welfare “uhhh”. Go talk that lazy sh*t to those who need that unemployment bread ’cause they just got laid off and see what they say to you.

  • notoriousAGC

    …whats snow¿? (i love L.A.)

    • 619

      Real shit, haha 70 degrees in Daygo.

  • mr. mister

    you left out the bone thugs n harmony joint feat. akon. The cops had homeboy running and jumping in the snow!

  • Pierzy

    In Philly, we had 28 inches on Saturday…which promptly froze before this storm. It’s far from fantastic.

    Didn’t LL’s video “Ain’t Nobody” incorporate snow too?

  • wyteboi8732

    umm wat about i tried by bone thugs.thats def in snow

  • dolo

    U forgot “Stress” by OK

  • Eri

    wasn’t it snowing a little bit in Freeway’s video for “What We Do” with Hov and Beans?

    If so, that moves to number 1 on this list

  • Caino

    Try living in Scotland, its constantly cold over here!!