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Styles P & DJ Green Lantern, The Green Ghost Project

Styles P & DJ Green Lantern
The Green Ghost Project

Beats: XL
Lyrics: L
Originality: XL

DJ Green Lantern is certified when it comes to throwing assists to members of the LOX. In 2004 he linked up with Jadakiss for the epic mixtape The Champ Is Here. Then, just last year, the duo reunited on The Champ Is Here 2: Kiss My Ass. So it should come as no surprise Lantern’s teamed with Styles P to concoct the right mix of stellar lyrics and gritty original production on their collaborative effort, The Green Ghost Project. That’s not to say Green deserves all the credit.

The Ghost does his part, too, by exhibiting a real knack for finding new ways to rhyme about his usual concepts. Over GL’s melancholy production on “Send A Kite,” for instance, he spits from the perspective of inmates locked behind bars. Likewise, the soulful “Pretty Little Thing” sounds like just another female-friendly love song until Styles reveals what he’s really rapping about (we won’t ruin the surprise here). The cleverly flipped Group Home sample on “Pablo Doe” becomes the foundation for SP trading verses about making money by any means necessary with N.O.R.E. and Uncle Murda.

While the street-laden subject matter could become tiresome to some, the LP is better served by allowing Styles the freedom to craft a body of work that doesn’t have to cater to radio. So from the aggressive opening verse on “Nothin’ To Lose” to the paranoid Statik Selektah-produced, “Shadows,” he’s able to focus squarely on satisfying the streets. Styles is clearly riding a wave of confidence on the project’s most personal effort, “Born In These Streets,” where he raps, “I’m large in the city lights, go hard in on any mic/Ghost is the closest you gon’ get to what Biggie writes.” It’s a bold comparison, of course, but one that doesn’t sound quite so far-fetched thanks to another successful experiment by DJ Green Lantern and a member of the LOX. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • Hunt

    Yea, I’ve been waiting on this like slow service at a restaurant.

    • AZ40

      You fuckin’ right anything less than an XL would’ve been uncivilized

    • joe p

      wow dope

    • joe p

      beats should be xxl

    • http://www.myspace.com/6feetdeprec Villain P

      I feel you, first it was november then it was febuary 2nd, now its the fuckn 9th, i need some ghost in my system lol

      • Hunt

        Looks like you’ll have to settle for weed in your system until you get it.

  • brand-new

    i heard a few tracks from it, it sounds hot…i’m looking forward to hearing the rest!

  • 6ix

    I love how they jack the Buckshot & 9th Wonder concept. Can’t lie the cover is crack though and I hope the mixtape is as well.

  • hate

    that statik beat “shadows” is the illest shit i’ve heard so far this year

  • O2theC

    yh man this shit is str8 fire, an yh that shadows track is my favourite, dope beat dope lyrics!!!

  • megulito

    damn good looks i cant see how this wouldnt be fire im off 2 search for it

  • mav

    yall better had of gave that shit a xl or shit coulda got ugly 4 yall up in the offices or cubicles or wherever the fuck yall work gimme dat pablo doe!

  • ddollars

    Fuck that i give this a XXL! Hardest shit out right now. And for all those who say all SP talks about is Guns and Weed and Hawkin’ a dude up. PLEASE LISTEN to this CD and get back to me…1ne

    Yo Good Looking Out on the CD Boogology!

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  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    been fuckin wit’ ghost since shiny suits he neva lets you down.

  • latino heat

    this shit is straight crack! best album i’ve heard since who knows when.

    and i don’t know where some of you guys are lookin but this shit is out now, not on Feb. 9th.

  • http://www.myspace.com/junclassic junclassic

    Im coppin…

  • Toke

    AZ40 says:

    You fuckin’ right anything less than an XL would’ve been uncivilized
    end quote!

  • Aaron

    Sickest album. Listened to it all day yesterday.

  • bullets

    Styles is one of the most underrated mc’s ever he’s like the new common sense or black thought nigas thats ridiculously nice but never come up in conversation

  • http://xxx karem

    hi man
    plz tes me anbar

  • Monsieur

    styles been the best sence yesterday

  • Monsieur

    styles been the best since yesterday

  • Darryl Artis

    Lyrics “L”?!?!?!?!?!!??!?! TF!?!?

  • BadBoyFromTheRai

    Давно эта тема не поднималась)
    Смотрю народ оживился