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Stack Bundles, Hip-Hop’s Savior

Stack Bundles
Hip-Hop’s Savior
Red Carpet Music Group

Beats: L
Lyrics: XL
Originality: L

Though he never released an official album, Far Rockaway, N.Y. rapper Stack Bundles reportedly recorded hundreds of tracks in the years leading up to his tragic death in June 2007. So in anticipation of his long-awaited posthumous debut, Rock Star, later this year, Stack’s inner circle has released Hip-Hop’s Savior, a collection of stellar songs that have aged remarkably well considering most of them were finished more than three years ago.

From the sound of things, the self-proclaimed Gorgeous Gangster was well on his way towards the top when tragedy struck. Though tracks like the frustrated “Get Over The Hump” feature him rapping about the struggles of trying to make it in the music business, the hand claps on the triumphant “Can’t Take That From Me” and the aptly-titled “A Star” showcase him spitting about overcoming those hurdles. The angry “Ease The Pain” even finds Stack dealing with fame for the first time and stepping into the shoes of some of his haters.

As with any posthumous album, though, the obvious knock against HHS is that because Stack didn’t necessarily record these 17 songs to be used together, it hardly sounds like a complete album. As a result, female-friendly tracks like “The Procedure” and “Change Up” throw off the momentum of the first half of the street album. But tracks like the sample-driven “Ashes To Ashes,” steer things back on course. Stack uses the moment to reflect on the fragility of life, with the eerie perspective; “Life is too short to sit around and complain, live it up so when I’m gone they gon’ remember my name.” Consider it done. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • http://www.myspace.com/jaefatal Jae Fatal


    • Chris

      Niggas is real lucky bundles aint here right now because he would have had the game on smach,makin niggaz lookin “silly” no one could fuck wit word play and freestylin ability. And most of all he was a real nigga. He was just heating up, didn’t even get a chance to take off. But god rest his soul, the good die young, and will always be a legend in the rap game.

  • that nigga

    Yeah, man. Gotta pick that up off g.p.! RIP my dude.

  • 11KAP


    • DV8

      that would be false my friend if anything Jim Jones is Stack Bundles Jr. Jim Jones bit Stack Bundles and Max B’s whole style and incorporated into his own.

    • Hood

      Jim Jones JR? what the fuck this nigga talking about? Jim Jone stole my nigga Stacks swag, so that would make Jimmy Stack JR. And that nigga Jimmy is garbage compare to Stacks lyrical ability.

      • http://myspace.com/ngm333 Drocksssssqqaauuddup!

        you took the words right outta my mouth..Thanks!…First off FUCK JENNY JONES THAT LIL BITCH SWAGGER HATTTIN ON MY NIGGA STACK PROLLY HAD HIM SET UP!!SECOND free my nigga Max b!! and we will always remember stack Bundles! R.i.P my dude!

  • KLO

    Gone WAY too soon…RIP $tacks!

  • hate

    r.i.p. stack bundles

  • hayzeus_christ

    gone but not forgotten.
    he had lots of potential

  • EReal

    The first time I heard Stack was back in 05. I was visiting a recording arts school in NY and went by the hiphop shop on bleeker to pick up some mixtapes. I copped the Pudgee-P “body in the trunk” mixtape hosted by Stacks and featuring Riot Squad and I was hooked. Nuff respect to Stack, he has Jim Jones swag, but actual talent. I have a bunch of RIP tapes, so Im looking forward to hearing this joint.

  • ddollars

    Yo first and foremost, RIP Raekwon Elliot.
    Second for all u dumbass niccas stop comparing Jimmy with Stacks. jimmy took Stacks swag and shit from Stacks. It’s just “you guys” heard/saw/knew jimmy b4 Stacks.



  • Jaime Sosa

    HUH! Yes Sir! Fret! Ssssquaaad Up! SHEA! (Bundles Voice)
    Back to da Basics is my ish! R.I.P. $tack$, eventho ur gone niggaz still hatin’ cuz like u said “A dirty ass Farrock Nigga made it”! I’ll see u soon my ninja!!!


    yeaaa RIP stackk B’zz SONN DEF>> WUZ BETTER THAN THE WHOLE BYRDGANGG HANDDZ DOWNN… possibly could have been better than the whole dipp sincee he only could get nicer and DIPSET FELL OFF( and if he wuznt alreadyy betta den da whole dip beside camm g shyt)… putt far rockk on hiz backk muchh respectt hadd highh hopez GOD BLESS C-MORE KIDDY 1 LOVE

  • $G

    R.I.P Stacks…incredilble Nigga

  • jacob

    that shit is gonna be wack

  • http://xxlmag.com mr.mac413mass

    rip $tthen ack bunndle$ was best artist to come out the east first time i heard him was maybe roun 03 04 smack dvd since then i was a fan i put him on 2 my peeps i said dat bots a problem & everybody said yeah he ok THen 6 12 months later they bumpn him hard now we all agree he was the best upcoming to ever do it around his time cummn up u will be missed but never 4gotten

  • Anonymous


  • affiliateddealz

    sssquad up stack bundles 4ever chea same number 1-917-443-4820 same crib scramler city

  • http://www.thestarreport.tv P.A. SLik

    As Far As Street Niggas Go..This nigga is Top 5 Dead or Alive..Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Half-A-MiLL, Big L, Stack BunDLes. You cant Compare this nigga to noone really..few and far between..Jim Jones wasnt even on this niggas radar spittin..Swag means nothin because “Swag” Changes every season..REal niggas is timeless. R.I.p. 4 ever maN.

  • adm21

    i first heard em on smack dvd spittin a diss on Ali Vegas, & i became a fan. he’s in my top 5 im def coppin this

  • rv

    c mre k was the best rapper of his generation, as he sed his swagga was on 100, lyrically no 1 cud touch him, style and charm was crazy, lyrics were off the chain. ”Fucks the 1st nite i meet, lyk i new her”. He and max reason y byrdgang gained a lil status. RIP BUNDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    r.i.p. stack bundles-FROM HARLEM TO THE VALLEY…….

  • stack money

    First off R.I.P STACK BUNDLES

    My Son Bundles WAS A real nigga like on some personl shit. the nigga lyrics was crazy wheather it be hood anthems or songs for them ladies.stack definetly is a legend and brought n.y madd respect.AND For ALL yall COCKSUCKERS AND HATERS OUT THERE STOP COMPARIN HIM AND JIMMY. the nigga fuck wit jimmy and if yu really knew bundles yu would kno. My son dead and yall still hatin.
    Neways i’m off this look out for my mixtape its comin soooon…..

    Riot Squad Keep Yur head Up

  • GizZy

    word son…far rock wat up….my son stacks was the truth if he would have blew it would have been a rap crazy son…niggas wasnt fuckin with him on some dead ass shit…and it hurnts that the man gone over some wack shit B…

  • Brieland Headley

    due to the powers that be i guess u couldnt give it an xxl but i give it a XXXL!!! PEOPLE FORGET THIS IS THREE YEARS AGO WHEN THE MUSIC WAS FUCKED UP WHAT ALBUM WAS U ROCKIN IN 07????? OHH SCRAMS IS ONE OF THE BEST, LAST MOHICANS

  • JohnJay89

    My Point Of View My Opinion Give This XXXL This Album Could Of Been A Good Album For 2007; Big Fan Of Your Music $tack Bundles Foreva Be #1

  • http://www.drankupinmycup.com snowgo

    i remember hearing of stack back in like 02, 03 on a clue or envy tape. thats all i used to listened to in HS, desert storm tapes, anything from NY/NJ/Philly really. stack was that dude. like the article said, the tracks were recorded 3 yrs before this released? and i just jammed it for the first time in a minute a few days ago and they sounded even better. like i been sleep on my man. i always remember the story about stack standing in front of hot 97 freestyling for any and everybody and funk flex (?) fucking with him. and every 2-3 months i might tweet “rip stack” cuz i know if he was hear right now, dipset might be different, and stack might be on top. dude knew what he was doing.

  • Yaya

    I miss you