Pausing Gone Wild – Can We Press Play Already?

You wanna know what my junior high school days were like back in the ’90s. Joell Ortiz hit it right on the nose.

Boy, things done changed. A friend of mine teaches junior high over in East NY and he bestowed me with one helluva story. And it goes a lil’ somethin’ like this. Apparently, one of the bullies in his classroom was going around punching his classmates in their *ahem* private area and then screaming, “No Homo!”


You don’t wanna hear me talk about homophobia in hip-hop and I don’t wanna read your comments about it, either. What’s the point? This guy already broke it down beautifully.

What I do wanna see is more tales like my friend’s, where someone just took the pausing and no homo-ing to the extreme. Let’s call it No Homo Gone Too Far. It’s time to share…*ahem* no homo. —Jesse Gissen

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  • clay soldier

    Do you get paid to write this stuff? If so, whose dick did you suck to get said job?

    • BIGNAT

      for real i don’t say pause and no homo that is for little kids. if i say something and you think it is gay. maybe you are gay mwhahahaha. cam is a fucking comedian that is why he came up with terms like that.

    • GregSIDE

      Everybody says Cam started it and then I was listening to the Blueprint this morning… on Never Change Jay spits “Where my dogs at/ where my soldiers at war/ where your balls at/ Whoa, gotta pause that, Whoa” I guess Cam still wants to be Jay or the illuminati has a plan to crush Hip-Hop by having everyone say no homo! 2 shay illuminati, 2 shay

  • Pierzy

    Homophobia in any and all areas of life needs to go immediately but hip-hop is second only to the Republican Party in this regard. It’s classic self-loathing. If you have to say it, it’s clear you’re thinking about it. I’m talking to you, Cameron (pink & purple furs are my favorite articles of clothing) Giles.

    • AZ40

      Thank you I mean you can be a having a regular conversation about something and the first place your mind goes is to gay sexuality wtf is up with these new cats

  • HU

    Co-sign Pierzy. If you have to qualify certain comments you make with “no homo” or “pause” then by default everything else you say is “homo”. Anyway, if you’re not gay then why always think about it and fear your comments might imply it?

  • HU

    By the way, I’m tired and feel slow today, no negro.

  • Kid Pistol

    I got a small bit of Spanish in me from my father’s side. No hoto.

  • tommy gunz

    i excel at math and suck at driving…no chink

  • Moving Sideways

    My father works at a bank…no Hebrew.

    • RDS

      lol, ya’ll are some straight fools. Thanks for the laugh today.


  • Dan M

    It’s like if Hitler said ” Ima fkn kill these Jews, no Nazi”.

    But for real, you can say some random shit and someone thinks its gay. Like the other day some nigga bought a hot dog, and of course, someone says hes gay for liking hot dogs. Umm, if i gotta say no homo for everything, that means i gotta think gay to know what IS gay.

  • $yk!

    Can you imagine a sportscaster of a basketball game pausing?

    “And Lebron has the ball” (II)

    “Kobe is shooting all over the floor” (II)

    “They’re getting physical down low” (II)

    “Shaq with the post up on Howard” (II)

    In the beginning it was fun. But with these murse having, mandex wearing, emo males running around, you might have to pause it up. You might be surrounded and need a tool to get out. (II)

    • GregSIDE

      Shit imagine if it was wrestling or UFC.

      “Cena’s right back on top of Orton!”

      “OH!, Jericho from behind”

      “He’s got him in a rear-naked choke”

      It would never stop. Every week DX yells’ “Lets get ready to Suck It!”

  • John Cochran

    Using it at all is childish, I mean cmon grow up. It’s 2010 its gay people everywhere, and saying no homo is emplying that there’s something wrong with being gay. I don’t think gay dudes say “no straight” in conversations if they say something about a woman. Lazy post by the way.

  • beaver

    yo them rap quotes was funny as fuckk..
    had me cryin and shit (no homo)

  • NotoriousAGC

    those quotes are gay…

  • ri067953

    What in the hell does the Joe Ortiz song have to do with this post. Whoever writes this shit is mad corny!!!!! XXL stays losing with this guy.

  • hate

    bol is the onlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good thing left here.

    y’all better pay for his eye surgery cuz if he leave you finished

  • oskamadison

    THANK YOU for this post. The whole pause thing has been played for years. Why people won’t let it die, go figure. The key word is…CONTEXT, gentlemen, and I stress gentlemen. Do you hear women runnin’ around talkin’ about “no dyke”? If you feel the need to say “no homo” more than 5 times in a 10 minute convo, I may start questionin’ myself for even talkin’ to your dumbass. I personally think these lames use “no homo” as an excuse to say suspect stuff but try to camouflage it. And the worse part about it is this: it’s one thing to have some high school kid sayin’ that shit but it’s extremely wack to have a 30-something year old cat who should know better doin’ it too. I thought the whole “swagger” phase was horrible but this is way worse. Can we please put “pause” on pause in ’10?!!!!!


    No Homo is sophmoric humor run amuck. Heck it is almost a joke within a joke because some people just say it to make fun of the absurdity of saying it like myself. Me and my buddies even started throwing around “mad hetero” for comic relief. Here is a use of “mad hetero”; I would do everything to that chick “Mad Hetero”

    We do that to overstate heterosexual comments for comedic effect even if it is lame.

  • GregSIDE

    That second video with the fruit loop was right on point. If you gotta say that shit that much something ain’t right. I think it comes down to alot of rappers aren’t secure with their manhood. I don’t know if someone tested them or what. So please, I’m tired of hearing it and I’m definitely am tired of reading it(XXL). Time to throw that shit in the ebonic’s trash can.

  • ummm

    uhhh how about the real prob of people stealing rappers lines and using them in real life to deal with situations, thats the real problem.

    Every time a motherfucker rapper say some funny line, everybody feel the need to walk around town repeating that shit like they came up with it.

    Hence why we are stuck right now with idiots walking around repeating these stupid ass lines. Cam’ron said it now everybody using that shit like it’s mean’t to make you look straight? motherfucker you look worse than a tranny saying that shit..

    • Black

      Thats real talk. That no homo shit is stupid on a bunch of levels and it’s completely redundant. Either I’m going to know what u said wasn’t gay because of the context of our conversation, or i do think ur gay in which case u could say “no homo” or “pause” a hundred times and I’m still gonna think ur gay.

  • Adrenalin

    good music

  • caino

    This blog is gay!! really , l cant velieve xxl even posted this shit!!

    Agree with everything Johnny Cochrane said and what Pierzy said. Gay, straight, dyke, lebo, black, white, asian we are all the same people, just with different tastes……(no homo)

  • caino

    l shouldnt drink this early in the morning….look at the spelling lol

  • abdulnasir

    I’m loving the comments… do i have to say, “no homo”?

  • Joe

    Yall r some clowns for gittin so mad at it.
    Do your research, listen to Jay Z, Can I Live 2 off Reasonable Doubt, “to my niggas who say ‘pause’ after they say some fuked up shyt’ That was 1996!!!

    The ‘no homo’ shyt is the youngins n they go too far wit it like they actually NEED to say it, but Im 27 and I gladly use pause because its FUNNY. Its called a sense of humor.

    Pardon me if my comedic motor doesnt stop running.

    Yall r cornballs if u dont find the humor in it.

  • Joe

    @ avenger
    “Me and my buddies even started throwing around “mad hetero” for comic relief”

    You and your ‘buddies’ are gumps lmao damn lames i can see y yall dont find the humor in it

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  • Riley Freeman

    “ya’ll niggas gay”