You wanna know what my junior high school days were like back in the '90s. Joell Ortiz hit it right on the nose.

Boy, things done changed. A friend of mine teaches junior high over in East NY and he bestowed me with one helluva story. And it goes a lil' somethin' like this. Apparently, one of the bullies in his classroom was going around punching his classmates in their *ahem* private area and then screaming, “No Homo!"


You don’t wanna hear me talk about homophobia in hip-hop and I don’t wanna read your comments about it, either. What's the point? This guy already broke it down beautifully.

What I do wanna see is more tales like my friend's, where someone just took the pausing and no homo-ing to the extreme. Let’s call it No Homo Gone Too Far. It's time to share...*ahem* no homo. —Jesse Gissen