Let’s Get Free: Hip-Hop Prison Breaks

5. LIL’ KIM – Jul 3, 2006

Homecoming Queen
Decked in all white, Lil Kim walked out of Philadelphia Federal Detention Center after serving 366 days for pulling a Martha Stewart (perjury conviction). In true Queen Bee fashion, Kim hopped into a Rolls Royce as fans held up signs and cheered.

4. FOXY BROWN – April 18, 2008

Freed Fox
Fans and media alike converged on Rikers Island to see the Brooklyn rapstress enjoy her first moments of freedom. Despite her bad girl rep, she got a heroes welcome. See for yourself:

3. GUCCI MANE – March 2009

Back in the Trap
At the time of his arrest for parole violation in September 2008, Gucci Mane was the hottest rapper in Atlanta, thanks to flooding the streets with street-certified mixtape material. Upon his release the following March, the East Atlanta bad boy was back to business. He went straight to cooking up heat in the studio with producers Drumma Boy, Fat Boy and Zaytoven, and then doing a sold out show later that night.

2. SHYNE – October 30, 2009

Point Of No Return
The much-anticipated release of Brooklyn rapper Shyne was somewhat tamed thanks the INS. Immigration snatched Shyne up as soon as he was released from prison, after serving nearly a decade for the infamous shooting at the Big Apple’s Club New York. Shyne, who legally changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy, was deported to his native country of Belize soon after his release. Hip-hop fans still haven’t been able to give the baritone–voiced rapper his proper welcome back.

1. MYSTIKAL – January 15, 2010

Shake It Off
After serving six-years on a sexual battery and extortion charge, No Limit MC Mystikal was a free man. Known for his 2000 hit “Shake Yo Ass” Mystikal gave an exclusive interview to DJ Wild Wayne of Louisiana radio station Q93.

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  • Slangeditor

    “It’s always sad seeing your favorite raper get locked up…”

    “Raper.” Bwahahahahaha.

  • Southsider


  • Mr. North

    You forgot Project Pat who got locked up around the same time as Pimp C for a parole violation, did 3 years. Mister Don’t Play went platinum while he was in jail like 2Pac did.

  • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

    …and now I see what dudes say about the regional bias…Rondell do you actually do research or are you going off the top?

    GHOSTFACE KILLAH (too young to know???)

    OLD DIRTY BASTARD (I’m going off the top, should be #2A)

    co-sign FLESH N BONE

    co-sign PROJECT PAT

    RAS KASS (some people actually like his music)

    TONY YAYO (was a BIG movement)

    DMX (the bloggers couldn’t wait)

    STYLES P (you don’t remember???)

    co-sign LORD INFAMOUS

    The next big one on the come-up:PRODIGY

    C’mon son…

    • AZ40

      i think he did an okay job of pickin’ people from all over, but yeah how could he forget styles p, he actually did a crime not just violate parole

  • HU

    C’mon Man! Co-sign Flesh N Bone.

    On another note:
    How can you blame whites for being racist after looking at that Gucci Mane picture? I hates blacks too now.

  • mat

    GHOSTFACE KILLAH, ODB, Bg knocc out!!

  • TheR

    Free P, Prodigy hold your head

  • daydeezy

    speaking of JAIL whats up with “Brutha Lynch” the nucca that ate his girlfriend “not out” but ate her…lol

    • North

      That was Big Lurch.

      • 619

        Big Lurch is in solitary in prison in Sactown. It wasn’t his girl that he killed, it was his homeboy’s girl.

  • daydeezy

    My bad I mean ” Big Lurch” …

  • http://xxlmag.com Ben

    What about Mac Dre? He stayed going to jail, served a 5 yr bid on some bank robbery shit.

  • Aaron

    how ya’ll forget about c-murder?

  • Dopeman1

    Damn!!! You forgot about John Forte

  • caino

    we didnt forget C-Murder, we just dont talk about his stupid Ass !! lol

    But yeah Big Lurch is a monster, dude had like half her lung in his stomach!! you see rappers today going to jail just dont put in the commitment like they used to ! lol

  • http://www.uctf.com Jamal


  • General

    Agree with a lot on here. I don’t know how the hell you missed Flesh N Bone…Oh well…

    Also I know you tried to backtrack after you said it, but even putting Nelson Mandela’s name in the same sentence with the plight of these idiots that lost untold amounts of money because of their ignorance is probably the most ridiculous thing I have seen on the site in some time…

    I really hope ya’all are doing whatever possible to keep Bol happy with working on this site because if you haven’t noticed a lot of commentors are jumping ship lately…

    Shout out to Grands

    • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

      Gen whats good?

      capcobra where you been?

      Grands is doing the damn thing over @ daily-math w/Combat Jack and thetonygrands.wordpress.com

      dallaspenn.com for the homie Billy X

      I’ma start devoting more time to bboycult.com

      You’ll see the homies…

      • NotoriousAGC

        man tony grands got some small ass letters in his page, but liked the john mayer post more than bol’s

  • heartlandG

    Dat ni99a said Brotha Lynch ate somebody!? Im like wtf!? ((coppin dat new album too))…ne who aint herd of “Big Lurch”, Free Boosie Bad Ass!!! …What happin to JT Money (who dat who dat who dat who dat whooo…) AND Drama (left left left left left right left…)

  • capcobra

    what about capone and cormega?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Ras Kass is the best ever!!! @$yk

  • gzer69

    Big Tray Dee

  • lol

    What about whats his face cassidy did he not go to jail and come out for a shooting or am I wrong?

  • Abdul Sosa

    shyne culda joined the top 10 if he didnt go to jail
    and he deserves to be #1

  • http://newesthiphop.net Newest Hip-Hop