Janet’s Nip Slip > The Who (Halftime Solution for 2011)

I know one of the XXL bloggers already touched on this earlier this week, but I had to give my two cents about the Super Bowl halftime show.

The Who? Cool, I guess, if it were Super Bowl IV. Seriously, the country’s biggest event of the year that everyone from all walks of life watches, and the NFL gives us a band that’s been around for 46 years? To top it off, they aren’t even from the US! Even my father said it looked like watching a retirement home show.

CBS had Jay-Z and Rihanna do the intro and interstitials. Why sucker out at the half with the most conservative choice since Rush Limbaugh?

I understand CBS, the NFL, and everyone is scared of contemporary pop acts since Janet showed 86-percent of her boob a few years ago, but it doesn’t mean they have to punish the rest of the world because of it.

In addition, one of the Who members, Pete Townshend, is a sex offender. They actually mailed out notices in the area he was staying to families (seriously) in Miami warning them to keep watch on their children. Where are the protests and outrage now for a pedophile?

And I don’t hear anyone screaming about Tim Tebows anti-abortion commercial they aired either. Surely both of these are worse than seeing a (not even a fully naked) breast for half a second. Besides, most people didn’t have HDTV at the time or even notice the nip slip until the media made a big deal about it.

Now, I actually enjoy the Who; but to give them 15 minutes during the countries most watched event in 2010 when they look like they should be in rockers and wheelchairs? Not so much.

I even verified my reaction to be in line with 99-percent of the online world, when a quick Twitter search showed #isurvivedthewho as a trending topic.

The last Super Bowl halftime I enjoyed was Michael Jackson, as he is the only performer in the world that can make everyone happy. Since he’s gone, we need to create an entirely new approach for the Super Bowl halftime show.

My idea?

Because of the huge variance in demographics in audience, do a super medley of artists from all areas of music. Imagine the Who, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Prince, etc. all performing a super mashup of records together with tons of surprise guests popping out (especially since the length of the show is about 15 minutes, which is plenty of room for everyone).

If done right, it may even INCREASE the audience become it’s something people specifically tune in for instead of turning to Animal Planet to watch the Puppy Bowl! They could even put it on a 10 second delay if they’re scared about the content being safe. No one will mind, and it will eliminate any boobs/curse words/Kanye interruptions.

NFL, if you’re listening, I will even volunteer my services to cleverly make a sample mix to preview what it would sound like so you can see the potential of what this could be. The Super Bowl this year and everything around it (other than the Pro Bowl debacle, which is another story) was A+. You achieved the highest ratings in TV history this time around, and showcased a great game. For the world’s biggest event, please do something to make the halfway point of it enjoyable for everyone. It isn’t rocket science and will actually help out the Super Bowl brand, ratings, and NFL as a whole. I promise.

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  • General

    A mash-up of artists from many different genres would be a lot more entertaining no doubt than what the Super Bowl has been doing…

    But I guess again, does anyone really care about the halftime show??? I know I have never watched a football game because of the halftime show

  • Matt Swagg

    Speakin da truthhh!!! I’m sick of watchin these old niggas on stage at the Super Bowl… Time for CBS to no longer be shook of the younger generation!!!

  • NotoriousAGC

    LOL @ the thought of watching a Bone Thugs or Wu-Tang half time reunion type act :D
    that would be great.

    *wakes up*


  • Anonymous

    Interesting how you point out that Pete Townsend is a sex offender but give props to Michael Jackson.

    • Phillmatic


    • DV8

      The FBI released a statement about a month ago saying they have investigating Micheal Jackson since way before the 1st allegations and that they found no proof what so ever that Micheal ever participated in foul play. Mike didnt touch those kids, that was all about money. I never believed he did that shit. He was crucified and ridiculed for nothing.

      • AZ40

        And after he died didn’t the first kid who accused Michael come out and say he didn’t do it his father made him do it? And I guess skee didn’t actually watch that Tim Tebow commercial b/c if it wasn’t for all the pre-hype about the topic(which they did have people complain about) most peopl wouldn’t have know what the commercial was about

  • rachwel


  • brand-new

    maybe one year we could see nas doing the halftime show, performing some song from illmatic called halftime, maybe you heard of it? lol

    • El Tico Loco

      after the Malcolm x catching the jungle fever line is straight to commercials.

  • eesco

    I know this is compltely of topic but I wanna give Skee mad props for being a blogger with something to say other than AYE AYE OKAY(we all remember that debacle). Oh and yes the halftime show was horrible. My mother who is 52 actually said “The Who at halftime…..Really?” And she likes The Who.

  • these posts are racist

    The Who Rocked it man. They were awesome.

    • Brahsef

      Are you serious? I mean, I respect the Who. They’re HoFers, but they just looked and sounded old out there. The vocals were absolutely cringe worthy.

      • these posts are racist

        Yes, serious. They looked old, because they are…but they sounded great and did an excellent job…and kept they crowd hype.

  • NotoriousAGC

    whoooo are you? who? who who? who??


      ^^LMAO!!! that shit is catchy as hell, though.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    This is the first time in a long time that the actual game was greater than the halftime show AND the commercials. I respect The Who, they had some hits, but I got up and fixed a plate halfway through their set. The commercials were good, but there was a time when they used to be GREAT (remember Bud Bowl? The frogs?).

    Onside kick >>> The Who, commercials.

  • Boston

    they used to do mash up half time. I remember one year it was Nelly, Kid Rock, Aerosmith, and Britney Spears before she went crazy.

  • Jst Sayin

    I know this sucks but its the truth. The ideal super bowl fan is an old school rock lover. So they’ve been getting Bruce Springstein, The Who, all these old school dudes. I mean i wish Jay took this stage. With the Blueprint 3 coming out, it’s his time right now! But what’re you gonna do.

  • DaT_DaMn_GuY


  • Caino

    l aint from USA, and find it strange how much importance the Halftime show and even the commercials get for the Super Bowl!! l mean its halftime, the time during a game , to go for a piss, get somthing to eat, have a smoke etc!

    ps , it might the biggest even in America but defo not the world!! for that look out for the World CUp – South Africa 2010! Yessir

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      What’s up Caino?

      I played soccer when I was a kid. Loved it, but my game sucked! Over here, soccer (football?) isn’t a must-see event on tv. Can’t explain it, but that’s how it is. I get the vibe that Americans would rather see the fights that break out in the stands and out in the streets instead of the actual game.

  • yoprince

    on a serious note, it’s completely ridiculous and irresponsible for this dj dude to be calling pete townshend a pedophile.

    secondly, they should have let plies open with bust it baby and becky. rick ross could have come out and done hustlin, and the boss with t-pain. khaled could have been the DJ. for the finale a rousing version of i’m so hood with every rapper who could make it to the SB.

  • Anonymous

    RE-AZ40-”And after he died didn’t the first kid who accused Michael come out and say he didn’t do it his father made him do it?”

    -And that didn’t get hardly any pub, but when they (Media) said he did it (Alledgedly)-they nailed him to the cross. They drove that man to kill himself. What if 250 million people thought you did something and followed you ruthlessly and always made it a point to say you violated boys?

  • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

    Naw, man, they’d never get that kind of thing right. Last time they tried to cross genre boundaries we wound up with a complete shitshow featuring Aerosmith, Britney Spears, and N*Sync. I’m cool off the old fogies at the Super Bowl Commission trying to dream up anything approaching relevance.