I’m sort of obsessed with rap names. A while back I wrote a blog about my pseudonym of choice if I ever picked up the mic (GINZBERG!) and then later I followed it up with some of hip-hop’s lamest aliases. Well, this go around I’ve collected a few dope nom de plumes that are still up for grabs.

As I’m writing this I still can’t believe some of these names have yet to be taken. Just remember where you heard it first, kiddies.

Sirius Black –  Out of all the names I came up with for this blog this is by far the best, IMHO. I mean this bad ass dude from the Harry Potter series is known for practicing black magic, breaking out of prison and being able to turn into a werewolf. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than this. I guess MC’s ain’t up on JK Rowling.

Guv’nor – This is for all my aspiring British MCs. For those that don’t know, The Guv’nor, aka Lenny Mclean, was England’s toughest bare knuckle fighter. Along with beating people senseless for a living, he was also closely associated with notorious London gangsters The Krays. Guy Ritchie even gave him a cameo in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. And no, 50 Cent’s artist Governor doesn’t count—he's R&B. Cheerio!

Sid Vicious – While we’re still across the pond, I’m surprised no one flipped Sid Vicious’ name from the infamous punk band The Sex Pistols. Party like a rock star!

Update: I must be on the right track. I have been informed there are several Kid Viciouses out there, most notably Royce da 5'9"'s brother.

Apollo Creed – Come on Philly rappers. Show the brother some love.

Sergeant Slaughter – I smell a possible beef with Slaughterhouse.

BONUS: The Bear Jew – It’s only a matter of time. He’s coming, and unlike Drake, there's no way he'll be using AutoTune. HA!

What are some names you guys think would make great rap aliases? —Jesse Gissen