I’d Rather Be a Lion, Cheetah than Tiger

This is gonna be a shock to some folk but I have no problem whatsoever with rich men who cheat.

Considering what most men endure to be good husbands they deserve at least a monthly visit to the Asian spa for a HJ/BJ. I actually believe the richer you are the less taboo “cheating” should be. Since a few thousand years ago during the time when humans were hunter-gatherers the man with the most food and the warmest fire, usually had the largest harem. So if Bentley’s, bar tabs, and big brick homes are rewarded with adoration and affection of jump-offs near and far I totally get why rappers, ball players, rich politicians, business men and lame ass, sell out beige golfers all cheat- it comes with the territory. Most wives of rich men know this and most probably wouldn’t have looked at they ass in the first place had they not been rich already or had the potential to be. True story.

Women are better talent scouts than the Yankees Dominican farm team. So when the player they picked gets caught up in unhusband-like conduct they have a disciplinary handbook to refer to. Stripper can be fixed with a ring (and possibly no sex) while severe degrading session can get you off the hook for messing around with a college girl (You gonna throw all this away for a young bitch, Mike?) and after that verbal blitz you’ll get the standard “Didn’t you see what happened to Steve?”

In Tiger’s case it was 13 jump offs and all except two brunettes were merely cheaper, whacker versions of his wife. Married men should know better than to “cheat down.” Meaning, if you’re gonna cheat and get caught, you better get caught with a woman that is on par with (pun intended) or one-ups what you got on the home front (word to Swizzy)!
Women have invested a lot of time and training into controlling men and our behavior. They want us to play by the rules of cheating. If you are caught breaking those rules it could lead to yo ass making an absurdly panty waist, cry baby, sucka- ass-sucka apology in the history of bad ass American athletes.

Don’t try to tell me you did it to save your marriage because, well, you married a golfer’s nanny. No disrespect to your lovely wife but I’m talking jobs here.  You married another golfer’s nanny… really? Considering that blonde hair and fair skin with blue eyes is the white ideal you never once thought that maybe perhaps the other golfer might have ran a late night session of putt putt… SMH Nah I’mma be quiet, that’s your wife. But considering you delivered her from a life of subtle sexual harassment you’d think she would at least be there to accept her apology in person. I mean you did buy her out of her indentured servitude. It’s the least she could do.

You are a Stanford grad and the world’s greatest golfer ever. You were Bruce-fucking-Lee on the golf course (no racism). You were a focused, fit, and fighting tiger. Your spirit imposed itself on the world of golf and in one press conference you became a cub.

Maybe if I believed that you believed that flex you showed me I would say Awww fuck it, but you know you bullshitting and you doing it for all the wrong reasons. If you were doing it to keep the wife and two little cubs I would get it totally although would still amaze me considering SHE WAS A NANNY! If you were not a billionaire I would think Oh he’s doing it for the endorsements. We both know they will be back at some point though because you ARE the PGA, you ARE the TV ads, so every company would be back or new ones would come. So if that public display of “I sho’ is sorry boss” was not for Elin, Sam and Charlie, who was it for?

A husband that cared would’ve paid whatever to keep all them hoes hush. It was not for the kids that watch on TV and it was not for Buick or Nike.

Who was it for? 
It was for the boys in the club, the same suckas that cheated with you I’m sure; the same suckas that threw you under the bus and sided with the wife and his ex-nanny! Bro’s before hoes man bros before hoes! You did that bullshit to be liked again at ESPN and Golf Channel to be seen as good and clean by people who envy you. They envy your golf skills, your magnetism your blackness and you cowered and fake cried and tried to beg your way back into their graces. Well Tiger I hope it works out for you man. Kobe understands people hate him so he dominates his rivals he embraces his inner villain.  I suggest you learn that role.The jig us up. That press conference told us you are pussy and I’d rather you just stayed a lion and a cheetah at least that way I’d know I was dealing with a man. -It’s Bigga!

Shouts out to El Tico Loco! I saw him in the club, smoked that rapper chronic  with him until he fainted but before he faded out he said “Blog about Tiger.” So hear you go homie!

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  • worldbefree

    “enough said’

  • insanegenius

    Well we all knew that Tiger wasn’t one of us. I never been a fan of his. I thought this would wake the inner nigga in him up, boy was i wrong. Him apologizing and kissing these anglo saxons asses made me dislike like him a little more. Could you imagine Barry Bonds apologizing to the powers that be? He would’ve told them to kiss his black azz. Jordan, Barkley none of them would’ve stooped to this all time low. If Tiger was married to a sister no one would’ve even cared. Tiger, wake yo ass up. No matter who you marry, how you talk, you still a nigga.

  • John Cochran

    Mike, I usually agree with you 100 percent but I gotta say I don’t feel this post. First of all, whether the man’s wife is a nanny, bartender, or stripper he still broke his vows and disrespected her. No amount of money or power means it’s okay to be unfaithful. Especially when you have a family that it will hurt. And it seems to me being as you went out of your way to mention Elin’s fair skin and blue eyes that your real problem is that his wife is a white woman. I really don’t see this post being the same way if his wife was black. You would’ve went far and beyond to defend her. I can feel your pionts somewhat and I too felt the apology was pussy, but he was wrong, whether is wife is a white devil or not.

    • Mike Bigga

      I feel u. I do not think his wife is a white devil i do think the real point is being missed. He is pandering him self to white men golfers and that is some sucka shit! please speak to that point too. He went pussy for all the PGA golfers he’s better than and that sux dick.

  • Smarter Than You

    Mike you’re an idiot…I usually like your posts but John Cochran is right, it doesnt matter what job his wife had, and since that seems to interest you so much, do some research…her family is pretty prestigious. For someone who pretends to be so deep you’re pretty classist….you’re disappointing and you came off a little racist too. Tiger was married and he made vows, so what he did was inexcusable, no matter how much money he had or what job she had before they were married. Another thing people dont realise is that when you cheat you cheat on your kids too…think of how his children will look at him as they get older and learn about this..

    • awesome arsenal

      Are you a woman? That would be the only way to explain the train of thought that would believe that cheatin on your wife would be cheatin on your kids. If you knew your wife liked to spend money and you hid some, would that be hiding money from your kids as well? People are too pc these days trying to placate women who behind closed doors, most think that you are something to be trained. I do agree that he was foul for cheating on his wife, even more foul for getting married after he achieved as much success and notoriety. Also, Elin has a sister and both of them worked for Jesper as nannies. Dude was known to be a nudist. You can’t possibly believe that ol’ boy was walking around two young chicks like that and nothin never came up (pun intended). And dude was supposed to be one of Tiger’s buddies so he knew what tiger was doin before he sent the chick at him. Really sounds more like a set up/pimp move to me.

    • Mike Bigga

      i hear u and all i can think about is how much the Kennedy kids love dad and that guy freaked major hoes…lol. Say man i feel what u saying, but the fact remains Mrs. Woods and most women who marry rich man can expect this that anit my drug hazed rapper/blogger nanny opinion baby them is the facts.

      So Rich men marry down and cheat and i’m and idiot for saying that and u still missed the ultimate point Tiger aint care about his wife or kids, endorsements or him self as much as he cares about being liked by his white golf buddy peers, and that is certainly sad.

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    There’d be no apology from Tiger if he hadn’t gotten caught.

  • http://www.facebook.com Theh Ndlovu

    this Is some hard s*** Mike!

  • Cataclysm

    I don’t care about this whole situation. this shit’s funny though i agree with it> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xtiqw6elzLo

  • tiger supporter

    yo @ “smarter than u”u are a dumbass, first of all mike pointing out that tigers wife was a nanny is only clarifying what type of women tiger likes. call me a classist but if all the women u r attracted to and are married to are quote ” low class” then guess what his wife is “low class” ( no disrespect). her monkey ass should get over that fact that he cheated on her. bad as it is, he at least deserves a pardon even if she makes him suffer for it, he still deserves some breathing room. He FUCKIN made her life. she was a nobody b4 him, he provided a life she could only dream of. he cheatin, yes its bad but come on!! it comes with the territory.
    and to just to be real with all u morons that keep sayin theresz no excuse for cheatin, if u aren’t women but men it’s obvious ur masculinity has been taken away from u by either ur mother or the women in ur life.
    let me begin by sayin (1)MEN CHEAT, get over it!!!! itz nothin personal with just lik fuckin bitches. itz solely physical because our society has told us we can only have one wife when for centuries it was different (2)men and women r not the same,the rules dat apply to men don’t apply to women. feminisim will tell u different but thats all their strategy to control men
    (3) chris rock said it the best, itz easy not to cheat when nobody wants to fuck u.
    (4) u monkeyz make it sound like tiger intentionally wanted to harm his family. the dude just wanted to get off/ blow his load. Mr dumbass that said tiger cheated on his kids is a complete fool, u r probably a woman or a man without balls. he cheated get over it. he made the dreams of people come true, all d rules dont apply to him. get over it.Rich people get away with murder, cos why THEY ARE RICH!!! money makes d world go round. datz life, if u dont like it work hard and make some money for urself and join d club!! LIFE ISN”T FAIR

    • Smarter Than You

      “all their strategy to control men”….LMAO go to school clown

    • John Cochran

      What a fuckin idiot. You can’t be any older than 21. Alot of you guys need to grow up. “Men cheat, get over it”, really. You obviously don’t have a wife, children, or any sense of family and love or else you would know the effects cheating does on a family, no matter if they have millions or not, your wife is supposed to be worth more than any of that.

    • Hanch

      Hey Dumbass, His wife is NOT LOW CLASS at all, she is pretty fucking High Society Before she met Tiger you MORON! She was also a freaking MODEL before she met TIGER! Mike I hate to admit it but I agree with “smarter than U” with everything besides the part on how his children will look at him.

  • Eat Some Tuna Homey

    Killer, it sounds like you have some Lauryn Hill/Kanye West/bigot in you. That is cool and all, but for that I ain’t buying no more of your shit. Since you are writing for xxlmag.com, which tells me you don’t have a lot of loot to begin with, you should have thought of another way of describing Tiger’s wife.

    • Mike Bigga

      ROTFL…..lol……lmao……ha ha ha ….whoa lemme catch my breath. U mad cuz me, a rappers blogs for a hip hop site for free and u think it’s reflective of the fact that i have no $. But u commenting on a broke niggas blog….lol! Fail for u sucka!

      Hey man thanks for your comment becuz u read and comment i am validated in my bloggdom! I will now demand XXL pay me. lol I am Bog God!!!! lmfbao…..

      • Eat Some Tuna Homey

        Na pimpin (well yeah your not getting paid to type this shit, if you are it isn’t much, but that is besides the point), I’m not commenting on a broke —— blog either. I like this page but, it doesn’t pay shit. I am commenting on the shit I just read that you typed with your fat fingers and I figured I would call it how I read it, that’s all. Don’t get mad.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Check out the broke guy’s new music:


      ^ heat rock right there Bigga

      • Mike Bigga

        broke guy thanks u $ykotic……thanks for the props on the track to. lotta love to Game and luda the real version mixed and mastered will be up soon. lol

        • http://www.bboycult.com $ykotic/Don McCaine

          They don’t know rich people blog too brethren.

          When you get some time click the name…a lot of knowledge over there, up your alley. You know how I post them essays! LOL


  • Eat Some Tuna Homey

    @ insanegenious: I will have a coke, some french fries, and a Big Mac, thank you. There is no way that you went any further than high school, I have no doubt. You ain’t no genious, I have no doubt you are working a job you hate for almost minimum wage. Go back and flip some more Big Mac’s you bigot/waste of sperm.

    • Clever

      Nigga, you probably smell like ah BIG MAC, wit cha stanking Ass Attitude! Ol’ funky ass, broke ass, Hating ass, got nutin better to do Ass, Snappin turtle, Eating Tuna Muthaphukka, that’s for hating on the Best Blogger ever, BIGGA!

      • NotoriousAGC

        whoa, you just made yourself look fucking retarded with that “best blogger ever” goddamn you must smell like chicken and beer to consider this fool The best hahaha,
        This blog was long but you could’ve wasted less of our time, and our minds with your horrendous jokes, by just writing the following:

        “If I was rich i would think im above marriage,laws,and ugly women even though i’m a fat ass turd, with a dirt line under my fat ass belly cause im fat like that”

  • Axeo

    I watched that on Entertainment tonight and they showed his mom. I kept on thinking that she was thinking “You bring our family much shame….ya pussy”

    I shame on the media more then tiger for making it a everyday “look how much shit we got on him” type of thing.Cool hes rich and smashed 12 woman get the fuck over it.let him live his life and try to fix it

  • Smarter Than You

    Tiger supporter and awesome arsenal kill yourselves…..that’s why black people in america cant get anywhere. You think this shit is okay. All men cheat? You’re fucking stupid. No-one said he intentionally hurt his family. But you would you have respect for your father if u found out he didnt spend his offtime with you because he was fucking around on your mom who you see everyday and you’re close with? Take tiger’s dick out your mouth he wouldn’t defend you. Mike’s job (he’s a blogger..who the hell buys his music??!!!)is no better than a nanny’s….actually nanny’s probably get paid more


      ^^^ Mike’s job(he’s a blogger..who the hell buys his music??)

      LOL.Killa Mike gotta come back at dude because that was a fucked up but funny ass quote about how nobody buys his music.

  • Anonymous

    You are a dumb ass. god damn man. you should be fired for writin this post. go die bro. do some research before you start talkin like you know anything.

    • Mike Bigga

      Go die?…..go die? damn bro what happened to bro’s b4 hoes…man u a fugging sellout too…lol. i don’t mind u not liking my post but go die?.. damn they should pay me to evoke that type of emotion. Even when u hate i win! Viva la Bigga!!!!

      • NotoriousAGC

        usually when a blogger get’s these much comments is because the blog was FIRE, but unlike those, the’re shitloads of comments cause this blog was STRAIGHT ASS, and we like laughing at your fucking retarded replies with 10 typo’s in each of em’, you fuckin whole RACK OF LAMB eatin ass.

        PS- most of the comments are your retarded ass replies. Go on a diet.

    • Clever

      Anonymous, you said that Right, your words mean nothing, because your unknown, a Fucking Retard, thats Actually…… a NOBODY! So actually you just Killed yourself, now go do your Research.

  • ??/

    I don’t understand why Tiger’s considered a sell out, wouldn’t you have to have been blackish to begin with and then sell out later, becoming more white (Michael Jackson). Tiger was raised in Orange County on fuckin golf courses you think he should talk like he’s from the fucking hood, furthermore do you think black woman were feeling his nerdy ass before he had $, you know as well as I know they were probably jockin “thugs” and rapper types, his apology was lame as hell but I don’t see how he’s a “sellout”

    • DV8

      “I don’t understand why Tiger’s considered a sell out,”

      because he doesnt recognize himself as being part black even though the rest of the world knows it (went so far as to say he hates it when people call him black) and he stay brownnossing white folk.

      That Chappelle Show was prophetic his endorsers are dropping him left and right.
      Tough break nigga!!!!!!!!

      • Mike Bigga

        Co Sign!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    From the comments I can clearly see that the media influences your views. Dude is almost a billionaire playing golf, not helping people, or owning a legit business for the people. Him fukking random chicks has nothing to do with his family. He can take care of his family more than many of us will ever be able to. Just because Tiger has bread will never mean that he is a better individual than the next man. He grew up rich, doing nothing except playing golf & experimenting with his johnson. What makes you think he was taught scruples and knowledge?

    Abraham wifed many of women on the planet. Please holler and ask me what difference does this make. There are leaders of the world who have done worse than Tiger. Where’s the outrage with them? Mufukkas like Minaj because of her looks. Sex sells.

    At the end of the day, they don’t want Tiger to be the face of that game. It belongs to the elite. And he specifically has said he doesn’t connect with us. I give him somewhat of
    credit for being honest, but no respect for not finding out about who he truly is. But show and prove Tiger’s wife was EVER genuine with her intentions. Drop examples and legit scenarios about her innocence, not about her spazzing when she found out he was dicking down slores, which were around to golddig the rich cats. Cleopatra sold out her nation for a piece of Greek d*ck.

  • av

    What i think is crazy is how the news people are goin crazy with this shit. I mean how many motherf*ckers cheat on their old ladies? why is this news? if he f*cked a dude that would be crazier than just cheatin.

  • Anonymous

    “That press conference told us you are pussy”

    I disagree. I been felt dude was a pussy. That press conference just made him even more of a pussy.

    As Paul Mooney would say “He just had his nigger wake up call. Wake Up Nigga!!!!”

    • DV8

      that was me, forgot to enter my info

    • Mike Bigga


  • Mike Bigga

    lmfao…@ every one i angered.

    Please note also i bog 4 free nuggas. FOR FREE!!!! I just really enjoy writing and the dialog it creates. Don’t ever 4get i’m an indie and i do decent numbers so um eating thanks 4 the concern doe, and the nanny joke was priceless. If u do choose never to buy my product agian i dobt u ever owned any thing at all cuz the shit i spew on records would make this post look like a loveletter, at any rate thanks for the flex protest. i was worried…SIKE!!!!

    Pleae note actual KM/MB/GTO supporters would have just hit me on FB or Twitter and checked me. U sir are welcome to do that. @mike_bigga

    Also the folks that got angry i brought up the very valid point of rich men marry’n down. SO i don’t care that’s the same advice a mother would give, at least a good one. College educated Men whose fathers compare them to MLK should NOT marry the nanny. Word to the talented 10%….lol. love the comments preciate all ya’ll. Gone!

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

      Do the damn thing Bigga. Thanx for opening the door for the weekend round table fam…

      • Mike Bigga

        Thats what cyber nannies do bruh!!!! lol. Now let the arguments commence!!!!

        • Smarter Than You

          I like your reply Mike. Dont agree with you on everything but at least your intelligent about it..maybe I’ll check out more of your music,


        • Mike Bigga

          Respect homie.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Bill Cosby cheated on his wife a long time ago. I’m not sure if this was before or after the money and kids, but I wonder how he escaped his scandal and went on to become successful and loved. Tiger might want to give The Cos a call.

  • tiger supporter

    u cock suckers can die slowly. to the dumbass that said tiger wife was high society, sorry dumb ass she wasn’t. she was a nanny. last time i checked high society women aren’t nannyz. FOOL
    and to the bitch ass niggerz who are controled by their bitch wives. u’ll never be men u’ll always be controlled by ur bithces. Tiger made a mistake, get over it. RICH PEOPLE GET AWAY WITH MURDER. DATZ LIFE. LOSERSS!!!!!!!! am so sure most of u dumasses are women. hey women eat shit and die!!!
    p.s MEN CHEAT!!! GET OVER IT. xoxo bithces!!!!

    • Mike Bigga

      i feel ya passion homie but don’t get off yo square. diagree with humor sarcasm and wise assness but don’t let’em get u emo and shit!!!

      We all here for the weekend to dicuss this so lets keep it heated but keep it G! I with u doe so let’s go!!!

  • the G.O.D

    Tiger, the message is : Grow some


    • Mike Bigga

      Peace God. Wow this is the only man on the board that got the actual point! The 5% is on they shit! Peace to the Gods and Earths!


    (i am cheating because i dropped this at another post about tiger but i thought. it was good so i will reuse it and add to it.)

    man fuck this tiger didn’t start humping them hoes until his wife got the kids. which meant she hit the change like most women do. some change once you give them the ring/marriage. some change when you tell them you love them. some change with they have the kid. once women start feeling like you are not going to get rid of them they start acting the fool. the problem is tiger got money and women want to fuck guys who got alot of money. now his choices are stay home with the wife who is bitching and not putting out. or get blow form the ho’s and it’s easy. they was ugly and if like one or two popped up he would have got away with it. as long as they don’t look better than his wife he could deny deny deny. throw his bitch a diamond word to kobe and everything would have been okay.
    he had over a dozen ho’s show up and the media was all over that joint. he could not get his offense up in time and like the guys at my job was saying. maybe tiger is the kinda guy that was not getting much pussy until he got into pro golf. tiger may have jumped the gun getting married to early. on the other hand would he have been able to get so many endorsements as a single guy who has ho’s in every area code? i think not

    • Mike Bigga

      co sign this man please! This man is the class leader 4 the day!!!

      • BIGNAT

        you know we glad to get you back on the boards. with dallas penn gone and ron mexico gone. we only got you and bol actually putting up some good stuff around here. they need to offer you a job already and start paying you some checks you derseve it. if not they not going get enough traffic you helping keep the lights on big homie.

        • Mike Bigga

          Thanks Big Nat! I appreciate all of you who read form an opinion and join the discussions. you all are the most important part of the blog, the comments!!!

  • daydeezy

    What!! killer or kill mike???? ‘come on son’ you know its never ok to cheat if your married period, with money or not. Just dont do it just “po po po po po poke-her-face” dont marry the chick that put up with you cheating and let you drop a load down her lung trak,then cheat and say your sorry … you knew you didnt want a regular chick anyway, kobe cheated because vanessa was not having him go deep in her shoot, and another chick is definitely wit it. And then all the chicks were white and considered themselves dating a black man so he was there taboo…lmao and he the one with the money …… thats why they are telling , a down chick would’nt say anything, which it may be a few more out there, and nobody came out about being bi-sexual so you know he had those. urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgReat (in my “tony the tiger voice”)

    • Mike Bigga

      lol….lol…man i love being back and lemme say thank u for being a real dude with your “checking me” i respect and welcome that energy. Its what the Educated Villain blog is about. Also i will respect the loyalty part in the marriage vows for man when they put the obey part back in 4 women…lol. u boys better man up!!!!

  • TiannaDion69

    Well I have said it once and I will say it again….. For every hot woman out there theres a man tired of fucking her! If you can’t or wont keep them interested… then whatcha think is gonna happen…. Does it make it right… well no Once those vows have been taken they should NOT be broken! At the end of the day we are all human… flawed and imperfect creatures all in need of love and acceptance… if we aren’t getting it at home we will get it elsewhere… Not just for men or celeberities either…. Its universal… when something is lacking we go and seek it out… and if another person is around and willing to provide that which we need… chances are we will take it!!

  • gerald n. the birdman

    Mike has talent

    • Mike Bigga

      Preciate dat!

  • Mike Bigga

    Also lemme explain why i went so hard on the nanny part.

    A nanny cleans shit for a living. They endure a ton of other bullshit im sure. Rich kids r ungrateful little pricks. Elin’s husband married her outta that life and in a press conference where he was supposedly apologizing to her. She let him stand there alone looking pathetic and weak and having only his moms to hold him down (a wife should love u more than your own mother if all that marriage religion mumbo jumbo is real like ya’ll saying to me). I mean where is the thru sickness and health good and bad mumbo jumbo the priest says.

    I guess standing by the leader of your real family and helping him clean up his shit is not as honorable as cleaning the shit from other folks childrens asses any more. Sam and Charlie should feel sorry for thier mother and fathe…smh. Both of them care more about what the world thinks than their actual fam…dam…

    • John Cochran

      I gotta give it up to the homie cause he sparks really good debates and he always responds. LMAO at the niggas that think your broke cause you keep in touch with the people. Still don’t see eye to eye with you on this one, but at least you hold us down on here unlike everyone’s other favorite blogger( bol) who acts like he hates being black.

      • Smarter Than You

        Mike I like how you came back. I still dont agree with everything you say but at least your intelligent and level-headed about it.

        • Mike Bigga

          Thank u homie and respect. I have no problem being disagreed with and i appreciate your willingness to argue your point. That is what real discussion is about. I appreciate you commenting.

          P.S. The fat finger point u made earlier was off point i got those long thin perfect for shooting birds and the establishment fingers…….lol…lol!

        • Smarter Than You

          Fat fingers? lol that wasn’t me. That was “Anonymous” i think…scroll up

    • DV8

      true dat!!!!

      Even Kobe’s wife was by his side when he had his press conference, and he was charged with a sex crime. Kobe played some of the best ball of his career all while being mocked and hagled (or what ever that word is when someone at a comedy show fucks with the comedian) from city to city. They still boo him feverishly in Denver.

      Tiger, on the otherhand, bitched up and went into hiding and now is hididng behind the mask of being a “sex addict”. I wonder what Tiger would have done if he was charged with a sex crime?

      SMH at Mr. and Mrs. Woods


    ^^^^All of these posts are funny as hell but all of this shit about Tiger is old and has been talked about to death.Why does everybody keeps talkin about this?In the end he’s the one that has to live with it.

    We all have been caught up before,cheatin has been around since the beginning of time and it’s not going anywhere.You have people on here catchin feelings like Tiger was their man or father.There’s alot of real shit to worry about than Tiger Woods.Let go and get money.

  • insane genius

    @EAT SOME TUNA HOMEY when grown folks are having a discussion shut the fuck up. Bring something 2 the discussion or as you say go have a coke, a dick up yo ass and smile.

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  • AYO

    i said the same thing…Tiger is a pussy for doin tht fake ass apology tht was supposedly for his wife.(tht wasnt even there) Im like he might as well say im sorry Nike Buick Gatorade etc. Nd with the status he has, he shoulda paid them hoes off so they’d shut the fuck up. w/e they axd for he got it shouldnt be a prob for a billionaire. he made his “friends” look bad cause the supported him so he came back cryin like a lil bitch…can sumbody black please take over the golf game(better then tiger) so i can have somebody im proud to root for….please??

  • dre

    where is da black side of his fam at? their was no black people there.what da fuck. i dont get u.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Gatorade just dropped Tiger Woods (ESPN)

    • Mike Bigga

      So why ever apologize! SMH @ Tiger

      • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

        My thoughts exactly! He still has Nike and EA Sports (the videogame co., I think).

        • Mike Bigga

          I love Phil Knight (Founder of Nike) he would keep the devil under contract till judgment day just to see if god grants him a pardon…lol

  • Maurice

    I like the fact that you respond to the comments people posts here. How many rappers u actually get the chance to talk to? The day I see 50 responding to my comment i´ll buy a ferrari, with the money i dont have.

    Good drop! /Maurice from Sweden (u probs. dont know what country that is) lol

  • F.U. CEO

    Aye mike im from da city so let me say if dey even listened to your first or second cd they would understand the type of educated person you are and where u comming from. I know that if i choose to cheat dat she better look better than my girl or she just gon look down on me for fuckin wit an obselete female. As for tiger, the folks he suck up to dont give a fuck abotu him. Niether did the hoes he fucked cuz they wouldve charged him to keep dey mouth closed. Dey never cared about tiger anyway, he wuz prolly trickin off just to fuck neway. What nigga in the hood watches or plays golf? The nigga esquire from Atl the only black dude i know and he had to remind nu nu’s pops of where he came from. The only thing about golf my niggaz like is the golf carts. Dont get Mad at bigga cuz “That’s Life”

  • F.U. ENT CEO


  • gabriel

    all of you racist assholes get a life and stop hating.what does it matter if shes white caucasian or african? tiger is thebest sports man theres ever been but that doesnt mean cheating isnt bad, even if the girl was broned blonde and with blue eyes. mike youre an asshole.

  • New3rakidd

    Tiger’s apology was pure BS! First off as sumone who doesnt know Tiger personally (which majority of america doesnt) i can give a fuck about his marriage nd his lil side bitches. This was posed to be an apology to his wife right? well then their was no need to televise that shit! this was jus Tiger’s way of sayin “sorry massa fa cheatin on yo lil white girl, please dont takes da money i wont ever does it again!” bitch ass nigga lost all the respect i had for him as a man and an athlete. Nigga to worried about tryin to look good for these crackers! Lets be real 1 or 2 bitches? ok he had a lasp in judgement, but 13 isnt considered a mistake but rather pre-meditated choices he knew he was cheatin nd didnt give 2 fucks! he chose to fuck around when his bitch was M.I.A. hell one hoe stated he flew her to come see him from time to time, that alone lets you know he knew wtf he was doin.

    to be real i think Tiger married too fuckin soon. i think in his school days dude didnt get much if any pussy (who fucks golfers???) so he turns pro, now he making millions plus endor$ement$. now he can finally experience what the “in”crowd lives. he finally has the status to sleep wit whoever he wants nd he taking advantage of it (i would too) the dumb ass should have finished soiling his royal oats b4 he got married tho! and if ur gonna cheat do it with bitches worth losing ur wife over nt these broke, looking for a come up sluts! its funny how all these hoes tryin to bank off this dudes fuck up! LMAO!

    btw he didnt fuck a single black bitch! woooow! smh he jud dnt know what he is missing!

    oh nd Killer wen the nxt album dropping im still bumping “I Pledge Allegiance to Grind Vol.2″ “can u hear me” “pressure” nd “gods in the building” are my favorite tracks! and that intro is a helluva speech! REAL TALK!!! Soundtrack to ur success!!!

    • NotoriousAGC

      You just contradicted yourself in your first paragraph, “i can give a fuck about his marriage nd his lil side bitches. This was posed to be an apology to his wife right? well then their was no need to televise that shit!”
      and then, you go on saying; “bitch ass nigga lost all the respect i had for him as a man and an athlete.” if you didn’t give a fuck about him, why did you take it so personal that you wont respect him as a human being anymore?..I can care LESS about tiger woods or faggot ass golf, but this comments section is 10000 times better than the blog HAHA.

  • Ashim

    “Women are better talent scouts than the Yankees Dominican farm team”

    Truest. Shit. Ever.

    Mike u keep sayin smart shit and niggas gon get to thinkin you been to college and shit, and considering your demographic… you know.

    • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

      Mike did go to college, he graduated from Morehouse.

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    Tiger’s apology was weak and was obviously done for redeeming his image. That being said, the people he was apologizing to (sponsors, fans) didn’t deserve an apology, the only person that deserved an apology was wife. Some of his jump-offs even had the nerve to claim they deserve an apology as well, GTFO.
    Tiger offering up an apology to the public because he feared that they would abandon him was a coward move, and I don’t respect it (not like I ever respected him in the first place). If the public does continue turning his back on him, it’s well deserved.

  • The real chris

    Well first off im a say this i really dont think thats the real killa mike who keep replying back to comments, i mean i belive he made the blog yal dip shits dumb as fuck if u believe thats the real killa mike who replying back.

    • Mike Bigga

      It’s Bigga! 4 Trill.

      • NotoriousAGC

        Pimp C and Bun B kept it trill. You just keep it GRILLED.LMAO.

  • whatthehell

    Mike Bigga I think what other dude said about you not having money so you blogging thing sounds a little more to the truth, go make a rap album, go promote a mixtape, go tell the white people why you mad, don’t sit here and enterain haters and the idea that tiger is wrong for catering to his golf buddies, oreos will be oreos!

    You just sound like a bitch sitting here every 5 minutes waiting for someone to write shit to you, I thought you kept it gangsta? what the fuck you beefing with internet dudes for? you know they ain’t never gonna say it to your face! Like I said GO DO SOMETHING! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! And another thing thats true is that if you and tiger woods walked into the same room at the same time full of all black woman, you best believe they going to him first!

    • Avenger XL

      @whatthehell in Mikes line of work i.e. entertainment. You need to do many different things to keep your brand alive. So blogging works for Mike as a independent mid-level artist. It keeps his name in the discussion while he is working on material and gives him another lane as a commentator. It is better exposure than the age old rapper goes to jail to sell a record tip. Also folks need to lose the idea of calling people broke thing. Mike doesn’t feed me so I don’t worry about his money like that I worry about my own. The only way I would comment on the next mans bread is if he was fronting like the cash money clones that aren’t birdman,slim or weezy.

      Let Mike handle Mike. Its tough to market indie music brands ask Little brother.

  • Just Kenny

    Apology was BS. Excuse is BS. The man cheated on his wife, got caught & felt the need to hold a press conference? Come on, son! GTFOOHWTBS! If he was truly sincere, all the apologies he needed to make were already done at home…without the cameras. While money may be a part of it, this dude could retire from golf forever and be cool. Like Mike said, the press conference / fake a$$ apology was about getting that acceptance back from the folks who truly loathe him. Everyone has been waiting on this phoenix to come crashing back to earth. The question now, is will be able to rise from the ashes? F*ck the apology, play some damn golf and make them folks really hate his a$$ when he smashes more of Jack Nicklaus’ records.

    This guy compared the 1st ten years of Tiger’s career vs. Jack’s. Its really no comparison: http://dontcostnothing.wordpress.com/2007/07/09/jack-nicklaus-vs-tiger-woods-the-first-ten-years-an-extensive-look/

  • Brooklyn

    i never gave two shits about tiger woods, when he said that he wasn’t black he was casablancanasian or some shit like that, he lost me. point blank, his wife is a dollar piece, fuck a dime. to be an ivy league educated motherfucker, tiger must have been too busy golfing to learn math, because 13 pennies do not equal one dollar, and his jump offs were pennies at best. i think, socially speaking (not financially) she was above him. her family is swedish aristocrats or something, so she came from a genteel background. she was probably on that independent phase that most rich kids go through when they decide that they don’t want to be rich any more and decide to take menial jobs in order to override the fact that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, when she met tiger.

    his penchant for ugly women had nothing to do with america or his abilities as a golfer. nigga was still winning tournaments and shit while he was boning half the ugly white bitches in the us of a. america ain’t married to this nigga, what the fuck he gotta apologize to us for? i ain’t even mad at him for cheating, if i had tiger woods money, i’d have fucked more than 13 bitches, and they would have all been fine as hell, so that when and if the shit hit the fan, niggas would never say i had an ugly girl fetish. i actually feel sorry for his wife, because she got to deal with the fact that not only did he cheat on her, not only was it with 13 bitches, but 11 of them looked like transexuals. all he had to do for the wife was tell her that he’s sorry and it would never happen again, buy her a rock, a car, a fur, take her to tahiti or some shit like that, and everything would have been everything. this nigga want to do press conferences and shit, interrupting “maury” so that niggas can see him on tv crying like a little bitch and talking about buddhism. see, if he was a little more in touch with his negro side, he’d have handled this with his dignity and testicles intact.

  • El Tico Loco

    Good lookin out my dude good post and that Katt Williams deaf shit (I couldn’t hear shit rel talk)

  • caino

    after reading the comments , kats seem to get what Bigga said twisted, his blog is asking why Tiger apologized. it wasnt for his wife and kids, its was for the $$$$$, so he can get his sponsers back! l think most blacks dont trust Tiger due to his love of all things white ( l mean GOLF, WTF!!)

    And the fact he was hitting ugly woman, just shows that men are weak. Woman have had men hitting on them since they be 13,14 yrs old. Men ususally need to work for some pussy, so if you get it on a plate more often that not your gonna take it !!

    Mike Bigga l salute you !

  • Jedimonk

    I think people are missing the point of what MB was saying. It is a fact that rich guys or men who have a certain status cheat on their wives. It happens get over it. But I can’t expect for you broke ass niggas to know. This bitch should have been more supportive-U know how many fucking buicks this nigga had to sell to keep her living plush?? Secondly, Tiger was a bitch for boohooing on live T.V infront of the whole world. He should have apologized to his wife in private and kept it moving, kept winning and breaking records. The sponsors would have came back after he won a few more majors, but they would have came back on his terms. Mike you right. He should have embraced his inner villain. LOLOL matter of fact, the sellout should have did like Hogan, when he went from Hulk Hogan to Hollywood Hogan and start the New World Order of Golf Brothha!

  • MissZone6

    I agree that Tiger is a pussy and a lame for groveling on TV the way he did. I also think he’s probably a stingy mufucka and that’s what led to his jumpoffs coming out of the woodworks with no hesitation. If he would have been breaking them off or at least tried to break them off after the story first leaked maybe there wouldn’t have been 1323442141 women telling the media they’ve slept with him. I mean damn, was he that clueless? Did he think they were going to be loyal and quiet due to the sex only? GTFOH.

    However Killa Kill, I’m a woman (which should be obvious from the moniker) and I have a hard time agreeing that 1) Rich men get a cheat-pass and 2) that Elin should have been there for him. If you’re a man with money and you know you aren’t going to be faithful either don’t get married or find a woman who has no problem with an open relationship. According to you most women who marry rich men are marrying for money anyway so it should be easy (especially in this age of sexual freedom) to find a chick who has no problem with an open relationship. Also, why should Elin be loyal to a man who was beyond disloyal to her? Fuuuuuuckkk that. I understand your stand by your man logic but a person can only take so much. If she doesn’t want to salvage the marriage (which should definitely be understandable) then why pretend for the press and her husband’s sake?

    • Mike Bigga

      How cud i argue with a Zone 6 chic….lol. Madam i digress…..lol. Say wassup to Mrs. Gladys on Hosea Williams dr. thats my grand ma! gone!

      All love and respect Miss Zone 6 thank u 4 reading and posting.

  • The real chris

    co-sign that Jedi monk.and to miss zone 6 u right to but at the same time i want to say this, really tiger just a playa and say hell im a be smoove but damn tiger u aint smoove enough.lol

  • The real chris

    And to killa mike since u claim u r the real killa mike, damn dont u got any thing better to do like make an hot album for once.no direspect thou

  • PhireManPhoenix

    The real chris is a hater for a livin
    i mean a real professional
    took all the rare negative comments
    and came up with something to get a heating response, volley session goin wit Bigga

    Bigga holds us (ATL and you also chump) down in many avenues that keeps Hip Hop growing as a culture.

    So dont get mad you aint got nuthing better to do but hate on the rebound

    A town representa fo life Decatur where its greatur latur…..

    Look out for Phire Brand

    whicha bitch a$$

  • Jubei Kibigami

    Killer Mike comes through again with another strong post (I wish you would do a lot more, but I know ya busy, Bruh). You summed up my feelings exactly about this whole Tiger situation. Honestly, I’m surprised that so many people care about what he does in his private life. I truly don’t give a fuck though. He never gave a fuck about us (black folks) before, so my sympathy for him is non-existent.

  • Anonymous

    Go in on em mike….

  • The real chris

    Phireman phoenix i got love for the dec and atlanta altogether, but killa mike is trash well not complete trash cause gucci is complete pure trash.so i guess im a hater cause mike=trash and gucci=horrible

  • Kingequaltiy

    Good stuff, but we cant put our own thoughts on what this man was thinking. He got a whole bunch of pr people around him trying to tell him what to do. You dont get that much money without snakes around trying to get a peice. he had to come out and say something just to stop the bleeding. Personally he didn’t owe anybody shit, but Tiger is not just a golfer he’s a corporation, he had to help the company save face.

  • MissZone6

    @ Mike Bigga

    “Close your eyes and imagine the south/Lil black boy at his grandma’s house.”

    Lol. I appreciate you taking the time out to respond on your blog posts.

  • Anonymous

    “I’d rather you just stayed a lion and a cheetah at least that way I’d know I was dealing with a man. -It’s Bigga!”

    Tiger needs this tattooed on his forehead!

  • SouthCakC23

    “I’d rather you just stayed a lion and a cheetah at least that way I’d know I was dealing with a man. -It’s Bigga!”

    Tiger needs this tattooed on his forehead!

  • avenger xl

    Mike, isn’t it obvious? Tiger Cow towed because he was on the verge of getting his pass to entertain the racist elites in their segragated(oops I meant private) country clubs revoked. Tiger was the anomaly begrudgingly allowed because what started as a cute mixed kid on the late show with a mean golf swing. Turned into a side show attraction then a bonafied game changing money earning legend. Tiger was and is good for business. But the sport he is in is a lot like the sun down cities that still exist in many parts of america. Folks don’t really get the dynamics of the golf culture.

    Too many people gave Tiger flack without remembering we are all products of our environment. Tiger does not have the same priorties our concerns as a “Typical” African American because he was probably given a different experience. So folks waiting on him to relate to the black community shouldn’t hold their breath. But he fell into a catergory what was safe enough to get a pass in this sun down sports world. There were other great african american golfers try googling some history on it. I take nothing away from Tigers skill but I know many other greats were not allowed to compete.

    Tiger married the stereotypical trophy blonde and blue eyed white girl. That is considered the holy grail in that world. So now you got the new black kid(because that is who he was in this world) messing up yet another age old rich white male privalge. Then to add insult to injury he goes and marries a blonde blur eyed girl. Ok at that point he knew he had to walk on egg shells becuase he wasnt going to get the same kind of honor amoung thieves these other guys get when they get caught banging something they are not married too. So they made him do the wack apology as kind of a beginning of a penance because they need him for the money he can still generate.

    P.S. The Kobe issue is different he was just a ass in a afican american dominated sport with no friends. So he is safe to be an ass Tiger isn’t

    • DV8

      I was listening to ESPN radio the other day and one of the radio-show host was saying that Tiger’s apology stratigically placed. It wasnt a coincedence (spell check) that it took place the exact same day as the Accenture (one of his endorsers who dropped him) Tour. That was get back. Plus the fact that he waited 3+ months to do so. He had plenty of time to make that apology to massa. This is all manipulation and public relations. Tigers jogging, Tigers in Florida with his wife, Tigers swinging on the course. He is trying to ease his way back on the scene. Its amazing how much golf is a non factor when Tiger is not playing.

      • Avenger XL

        Yep that is correct. They are just making sure the brand Tiger isn’t damaged because if he goes down. Way too many peoples money is messed up and golf probably takes some steps back to the bagger vance days.

  • DV8

    BTW, wonder if Tiger Woods Golf ’10 gonna have any cheat codes?

    Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!

  • http://ebaumsworld.com Nigger

    all of you are niggers with no self pride. go get an education and a job. if you loved a chick and she fucked you over, would you just be like oh well she’s successful and he’s a hot dude so I’m just gonna sit here. you are so low to the ground that none of this could bring you lower. keep on dragging your knuckles thinking lil wayne is a smart rapper and that success means you can do whatever you want. hip hop was never dead, the community within hip hop just dumbed down. y4’11 n0 1 b3 $p34k3n d4 1ru1h!!!!

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