What up, XXLMag.com readers? I just got back from week-long vacay so I’ma lil' out the loop on rap news. But while I was soaking up the rays with wifey and some friends an interesting topic came up that I thought I’d share with y'all.

As we were all sitting on my hotel balcony, listening to the ol' iPod and sipping on some cheap rum, someone posed the question: “If you could be in any musical group, throughout history, which would it be?” The inquiry garnered some interesting answers, revealing a lot about not only the people at hand’s taste, but their personalities as well.

Okay, so now it’s your turn. Being that this is a hip-hop site, let’s limit the query to just rap groups. Who wants to make the bedrock with Young Money (II), throw up the W with Wu-Tang or ride dirty with UGK? Anyone raising hell with Run D.M.C., expressin’ themselves with N.W.A. or going on an award tour with Tribe?

Remember the fun in this game isn’t which act you pick, but why you’d want to be down with the team in the first place.

Let the standom begin… —Jesse Gissen