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What up, XXLMag.com readers? I just got back from week-long vacay so I’ma lil’ out the loop on rap news. But while I was soaking up the rays with wifey and some friends an interesting topic came up that I thought I’d share with y’all.

As we were all sitting on my hotel balcony, listening to the ol’ iPod and sipping on some cheap rum, someone posed the question: “If you could be in any musical group, throughout history, which would it be?” The inquiry garnered some interesting answers, revealing a lot about not only the people at hand’s taste, but their personalities as well.

Okay, so now it’s your turn. Being that this is a hip-hop site, let’s limit the query to just rap groups. Who wants to make the bedrock with Young Money (II), throw up the W with Wu-Tang or ride dirty with UGK? Anyone raising hell with Run D.M.C., expressin’ themselves with N.W.A. or going on an award tour with Tribe?

Remember the fun in this game isn’t which act you pick, but why you’d want to be down with the team in the first place.

Let the standom begin… —Jesse Gissen

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  • Emperor Doom

    G-unit- beg for mercy era

    bone thugs

    and of course the Wu-Tang Clan

  • The real chris

    Its tough to decide cause theres so many good classic groups but if could of chose one to be in would be non other than the outlaws, point blank cause they got to rap with pac reguarler..p.s rip pac aka hiphops best

  • The real chris

    Oh yeah glad u said bone ep,cause they forever classic and when u thank of them u think nothing other than rap not hip hop so no doubt thumbs up to bone.

  • F.U. CEO

    I would like to be in outkast. Big Boi and Dre 3000 wuz so versitile when they wuz commin up and you really had to listen to them in order to understand what they were sayin. Plus jus being around The Dungeon Family and flowing to some organized noise jus makes it the hings dreams are made of

  • Mono

    Wu-Tang Clan for sure
    Some old EPMD or Gangstarr
    Chill with Tribe

    So many to choose from. New hip hop is dead.

  • UARK83

    Outkast…allll day…errrrrr day!

    They dress fly, and have that funk.

    • me maine

      I think Outkast is and are currently the best group to ever get in the booth and lay tracks no one would dare to do. And if u have ever been to a concert u would know that their shows are incredible also. The Dogg Pound layed their mark on the game also.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    I’ll stay in town and say Slum Village. I met T3 briefly at a bowling alley and he’s a real cool cat. Never met Elzhi but I’ve seen him spit at The Hip-Hop Shop many years ago. He’s dope! And if I was still making beats today, no doubt I’d be inspired by the work of J.Dilla.

    So Slum Village it is.

  • macdatruest

    Outkast. I always thought of myself as an O.U.T.K.A.S.T. Operating Under the Krooked Ameikkkan System Too long. “Are you an Outkast? I know I am. As a matter of fact, fuck bein anythang else” remember that shit??? That was hip hops golden era of self expression.

  • http://xxl ryan

    well for me it would be little brother cuz their topics they speak on anyone who ain’t a millionaire can relate to

  • Jan 3rd

    De La Soul. People don’t give them the credit the should. The grind date was a sick album and that came out not to long ago. The early stuff was sick to. Plus the skill level would make me want to step me game up on each track.

  • daydeezy

    “N.W.A.” Period Im from Cali and Im A Nucca With an Attitude…i see myself in all members.

  • Detroit Dave

    Really a difficult decision. The Firm, Tha Dogg Pound, Outkast, Wu-Tang, EPMD, 3-6 Mafia, Slum Village, BlackStar but…………… ITS UGK 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!! ALL DAY!

  • FON Z

    one word…. OUTLAWZ!!!
    I’d be ridin’ with Pac homie!

    Death Row, lemme know u in da house… BIATCH!!!

    • Anonymous

      mmmm prob first gen dipset. or ruff ryders.

  • Brass Tacks

    Outkast anyday, but most likely circa mid 90′s- early 00′s, an the simple fact that they pretty much elevated the game of southern hip-hop, and hip-hop general. I remember being a kid and loving the choruses of their songs. Only to gain greater understanding of their lyrics as time passed. Just the feeling that comes from thinking you’ve dissected Boi&Stacks rhymes only to play a track and hear something you missed.

  • dbys12

    the hotboyz on 97′ get it how u live album i would have loved to rap on mannies beats haha i know some of u cats wouldnt agree lol but fuck dat they kept it real. but shit i like alot of groups

  • westcoastaggie

    I wouldn’t want to join any group, per se but I want to join The Native Tongues collective and The Dungeon Family.

  • ri067953

    P.U.T.S. cuz they are from L.A. and represent all day like I do

  • Og Bobby J

    id probably say the Roc at its height…

    probably shady/aftermath circa 2003….

  • AZ40

    M.O.P or Buckdown…BK niggas all day average everyday cats from around the way who will fuck shit up

  • Nike Addict 707

    i’d probably be part of Terror Squad.
    they’re the best out right now.

    • Doughsky

      Ur Fucking Joking right?




    • Jon Dog

      Um, Common wasn’t in NWA.



  • dre

    g unit

  • Bx

    R.o.c. if their were still together… Jay, Ye, J.Cole, Juelz, Beans, Camron, Jimmy, Bleek,

    • chucky

      my man cam jimmy and juelz ain R.O.C they dip

  • nate

    G-Unit…. they B-team made the most money compared to other crews!

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile


    Did someone just say that Common was in N.W.A.? No disrespect, but that’s wrong!!

  • katt

    wasnt a fan of their music, but it would have to be No Limit. i cant turn down an album every two weeks..

  • Jon Dog

    The New Style. They later became legends, and I would’ve loved to be a part of that shit.

  • Vitó

    I’ll have to choose Gang Starr, I’ll kill to spit shit over a primo’s beat!!Ahaha

  • El Tico Loco

    Terror Squad (Pun era)
    Dungeon Fam
    Cypress Hill
    2 Live Crew (ANATWB era)
    State Property

  • Phillmatic

    Digable Planets. Cool as fuck.

  • Big B

    Bone Thugs N Harmony!!!!!

  • The real chris

    I just had to come back cause there is so many classic groups,but i forgot to name 36mafia who made classic after classic for years but yet they dont get all the respect they deserve.and goodi mob who really help put atlanta on the map and must ad atlanta rap at its best.and ruff ryder they fuckin brought the heat!.ruff ryders ride or die!!


    i gots 2 roll w/ the TRILL on this one. UGK, manyne. that shit would be like chilling w/ your cool ass uncles, all the time. a lot of game i could soak up.

  • http://www.hotantenna.blogspot.com steezoV

    Cash-Money circa 1999 when they were still an army. I don’t give a… your verse is either Hot or it is Not Hot. Baby’s verse on Bling Bling was the take over…

    FREE B.G.


  • SuperstarExtraordinaire

    Outkast…just being around Big & Dre wood be dope…they’re on some next level type shit…Aint nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh & so clean!!!!!

    • SuperstarExtraordinaire


  • lol

    Not one person here mention the super hott group that everyone is sweating over SlaughterHouse!! come on there lyrical to destroy any person on the mic, there all from different places meaning Joell-NY Joey-NJ and so on, And there in now! so who would not wanna join the super group

    • lol

      You also can’t forget the one’s who bring you “Shook Ones” Mobb Deep a clasic I would join and did anyone mention Onyx? I would love to see Onyx & Mobb Deep an Album together they would sell out like crazy.

      • lol

        Last one I swear “The Lost Boys” another group I still have all there albums

  • latino heat

    only one person said 2 Live Crew? i don’t care that they can’t rap worth a damn their stage show is enough to make me wanna be down. can you imagine what their after party / tour bus looked like?

  • J

    Gotta go wit Blackstar! Mos Def and Talib Kweli…

    Or the Firm. Nas and AZ are untouchable

  • http://www.twitter.com/texastoker texastoker

    out of 42 comments, 2 choose UGK. You know I gotta rep for them boys. RIDING DIRTY!


  • Anonymous


  • John Cochran

    I would have to go with Dipset/Rocafella or Aftermath/Gunit. Those two clicks had it locked when I was in high school. I will forever love the throwbck jersey, baggy jeans era.

  • Y.O.

    the ROC (early 2000s)

  • Lowedwn

    Dungeon Family & Outlaw Immortalz/Thug Life

  • Mr.Betts

    The i crew i would run with is G-unit that is prolly the only team that had nobody gttin jerked for money and i can make as many mixtapes as i want fuckin wit whoo kid and i can get paid damn a near mill for bein on tour wit fif as a hype man and get easy $250,000 for robbin a couple of rappers i be a fuckin G-unit soldier for real ppl can say wat they wnna say about fif but he makes sure his team eats as long as they play they role and have same hunger as him


    3 CHOICES..

    WU- TANG



  • ollie.montaine


  • Axeo

    Gonna go west coast underground and say Living Legends.

    I would also roll with Wu-tang clan.Ain’t nothing to fuck with

  • http://xxl.com juiceman

    WestSide Connection niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fucking wit the gangsta, the killa & the dope dealer!!!

  • what

    The Rhythm Blunt Cru, fa sho.

  • juicemanisintheclosetlkerkelly

    Step your game up Jesse… ur blog game is craZy lame fam… take some pointers from Combat Jack or Bol sun

  • ThingAlec

    YOUNG MONEY…..jk. Fuck that shit.

  • Zo

    FLIPMODE is the SQUAD!!!
    For that reason alone….

  • C-44

    NWA, Old School Triple 6 Mafia, Wu-Tang, 2Pac and Tha Outlawz, Outkast, and UGK

  • BIg L

    Blackstar / Red & Meth / The Wu / Flipmode

  • Ladidadida

    would P.E. take a white guy……. haha just wanted to say somethin different than just dick ridin

  • Hanch

    Grateful Dead!!!! Im ridin that train high on cocaine Casey Jones you better watch your speed, trouble ahead trouble behind and you know that notion just crossed my mind!!!

  • capcobra

    BMF….because they needed a roster.

  • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

    Native Tongues
    Dungeon Family
    Ruff Ryders
    Dilated Peoples

    all day…

  • Anonymous

    OO man
    I would have to Say
    no doubt

  • NotoriousAGC

    NWA,WU-TANG hands down, i would love to work with DRE, AND RZA two of the most iconic producers to ever be in the game

  • venemez


    Shady Records

    Trading verses with Em, c’mon nuff said

  • DJ

    Tribe Called Quest

    Lench Mob

    D.I.T.C. (minus Fat Joe)

    Black Star

  • jerryp

    Tha alkoholiks cuz I like to get drunk too.

  • younghov402

    Gotta go with the ROC. There really isn’t another group/click that has spawned so many stars…..
    1. obviously Hov,
    2. Kanye
    3. Camron
    4. Jim Jones
    5. Juelz Santana
    6. Beanie Sigel
    7. Twista (his career got rebooted after aligning w/the Roc)
    8. MOP (they got a boost with the Roc)
    9. Wale
    10. J.Cole

  • http://xxl.com ivan rice

    no limits bout it bout it

  • RichDaPitt

    Young Money, Roc Nation, Def Jam of course

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    Without a doubt I thought about Tha Alkaholiks in this post, but since I’m a recovering one I gotta stay away from dudes who drink like they do. It’s a relapse waiting to happen, lol! Now I drink soda pop.

    The Lenchmob was WAAAY TOO GUTTA to roll with! When keeping it real goes REALLY wrong! Still a dope crew though.

  • Brooklyn

    rocafella ca. 1998
    ruff ryders
    mobb deep ca. 1995
    bone thugs n harmony ca. 1996
    run dmc
    dipset ca. 2002
    the commission
    digable planets
    the firm

  • jonny bizness

    how come no 1 hasn’t mentioned the hit squad circa early to mid 90′s redman,keith murray, eric sermon,illegal k solo das efx, come on!

    • Brooklyn

      damn, i forgot about the hit squad! them niggas were nice as fuck, especially red and murray.

  • Vibes

    Hands down Onyx. Stiiiiiickkkkyyy!

  • CrunchyBlack187

    Wu-Tang Clan(1993-1997 era) for sure. Just love their whole style and the various rhyming styles/lyrical content they incorporated in their songs. Plus it’d be cool just to chill and smoke with them, the whole vibe would be right.

  • SouthAmbassador

    Outkast………because with the things they were talking about and the places they explored with their music, I know the conversation behind the scenes were introspective…that would’ve been different for a change rather than hearing these fake gangstas

  • drox

    I think D12 would cut the deal for me just because of the amount of influence Em, Dre and 50 would have. All these people have had opportunities to work with different groups and attain a considerable amount of knowledge on the game and thus would make any artist shine hands down. However, one does not need to look further than see the history of stat quo, cashis, booby creekwater… etc artists that weren’t able to make jack. But overall working with these artists would definitely ensure any artist a certain amount of notoriety in the hip-hop community. And for other people that mentioned Cash Money… uhmm, you would have a better chance at being a starting QB for the Colts than having your album drop before the other 37 and half thousand artist signed to Cash Money ;)

  • Ikeberg $lim

    M.O.P, Above The Law or Penthouse Players Clique

  • ddddd

    it only makes sense G-UNIT thats where the moneys at and the real negros


    Bonethugs N Harmony!


  • Teddy

    Wu Tang or Black Sheep.

  • Rob Markman

    D.I.T.C. when Big L and Pun were alive!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    Hit Squad



    The Firm

  • ?

    haha I just wanna roll with Eminem :]

  • ?

    I just wanna roll with Eminem haha :]

  • Kodz


  • GregSide

    Tha Dogg Pound, Outlaws/Junior Mafia, Outkast, Bone, D12, Cypress Hill, No Limit/Hot Boyz, Early Ruff Ryders, Lox, Red & Meth, G-Unit(Beg 4 Mercy), N.W.A

  • kakhaze

    def with the wu-tang..smokin with method
    cypress hill
    kottonmouth kings

    all these dudes love to smoke and record..and im the same..cant spit unless im blunted

  • Q-4-5

    I would definantly be down with Gang Starr. I love a all their songs but I feel “Battle” from the 8 mile soundtrack was LEGIT!!! My second choice would have to be Wu-Tang Clan. They got the dopest beats, leathal bars and every year they preform at Rock the Bellz! (Awsome concert I must say) My 3rd choices are a toss-up between A Tribe Called Quest & Digable Planets. It a tie for those two.. (I would be the only white boy in all these crews!LOL)

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Bone Thugs & Harmony = hands down.
    I know they r going tru a ruff path but BTH had always been 1 of my fav individually & collectively.

    Dead Prez = consciousness,b.

    …………..& that’s all folks!

  • http://XXLMAG.COm TheMouseSCOTTY

    hands down i would have to go wit SLAUGHTERHOUSE..real talk the whole group is full of real lyricist not to mention they hold weight individually..they kno real “rap” and they are real “rappers”

    my next choice would def have to be PAC DIV..real wordsmiths and nice delivery when they do they shit

  • caino

    man , to many choices, l gotta say either D12, l like a pill now and again and love the magic shrooms, but l probably gotta go with Outkast, just through there style, funk and lyrics…awesome.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Dang. this post got full fast. Id say Outkast (Wu tang 1a 1b). besides those two its just too many good groups. as i scroll down i see somebody else mention another and another.

  • Anonymous


  • CuseKid

    The Roots or A tribe Called Quest

  • Deadly MIME

    DAMN 100 comments on this shit I gotta put in my 2 cents. I would like to be in only 3 groups: Public Enemy, N.W.A., and Wu-Tang Clan

  • xxl staff

    id have to say either D12, Kottonmouth Kings.