Hip-Hop’s Drummer Boy Takes Center Stage

Travis Barker and hip-hop isn’t exactly unfamiliar territory. 2006 found the Blink 182 drummer providing the back drop for T.I.’s “You Know Who” off his highly successful King album. Two years later, Barker teamed up with Game for the single, “Dope Boys.” And most recently, he joined Lil Wayne, Eminem and Drake on stage at the 2010 Grammy’s for what proved to be one of the better performances of the night.

Barker has an (untitled) album coming out sometime this year. He won’t be rapping or singing, rather he’ll feature some of the hottest names in hip-hop over some of his own creations. He’s already been in the studio with Clipse, Pharrell and Lupe. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Beanie Sigel, RZA and Game are all rumored to ride shotgun along with Trav on his solo album voyage. Quite the line up for any album.  Barker’s compilation could and should be one of the finest of its kind since DJ Clue’s heyday. Lofty expectations, sure. But not exactly far-fetched either.

The fact Barker is a musician himself sets him apart from the Khaled’s, Drama’s or Kay Slay’s of the world. Not only can he critique the music, he will be providing  a new sound for each artist.  Where other compilation albums may lack cohesiveness, Trav’s has the chance to flow effortlessly since he’ll have had a part in the actual creation of each record. Travis has already proven he can combine rap and rock into quality records. Nowadays, piecing together records via e-mail is the norm. Sometimes it’s the only way a track or a project can be completed. i doubt that will be the case here. With travis actually being in the studio recording music with artists is the method behind Travis’ madness. Hard rock mixed with gangsta rap and lyricsm coupled with a rocker’s mentality. What’s not to like? As his star power increases by the day, music remains this tattooed musician’s primary focus.

I’m rounding it out right now,” he says of the album’s many guests. “I just love music. The more I can be around it the better, so with my album it’s no one genre. It goes from everything from punk rock to hip-hop to some electro stuff on there to a metal song with Corey Taylor from Slipknot. It’s been really fun and interesting up till now.

How the album ultimately ends up is still months down the road. I’m, for one, betting the bank on Travis Barker. It’s too much working in his favor for it not to produce something the public is unaccustomed to. So yeah, the warning is simple. Step your compilation game up.

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  • jesse

    Can’t wait to peep. Travis Barker’s remix of Crank That is still my shit.
    Good post Karen. Welcome to the team!!!

    • LMAO

      This cat is a ball hugger!! go write your corny ass blogs… SMH

  • ladidadida

    i liked ron mexico

  • carm

    Good job Ms. Civil! Seems to me your everywhere these days! Congrats on all your success and be ready for all the new fans =)

  • Marissa

    Can’t wait to copy my 9.99 copy soon as it drops the first day…Liked your post Karen…Congrats on all your success to come.

  • http://www.deessemagazine.com Jen

    Hmmmm… sounds like this album MIGHT make me listen to Rap music again. Great story !!!! ;)

  • melissa

    This should be interesting. I love Travis Barker and want to hear how this comes out.


    if wayne can put out Rebirth, then Travis is more than welcome 2 put his hand in this hip hop pot.

  • Fon Z

    hope he does another album with Blink 182… Those fooz were dope!

  • Soulja Boy Hottest Rapper On The Planet

    mann fuck travis barker, that boi a bitch ass white home boi, stick to bein a drummer nd not puttin out a album that i know will be shit, man fuck you barker!!!!

    • GregSIDE

      Really just because of your name I should just leave it alone but…. I’m looking down the message board and it’s all love. Then I read ur shit. Look I’m really sorry he didn’t make a dance song that you could Crank That to, but dudes way 2 talented to do snap and pop shit. Besides ?uestlove he’s one of the most well known drummers in music. See what makes this different is instead of making beats on his labtop like ur boy, he’s actually got the rhythm and talent to do shit with his own hands. So why don’t you soulja boy your way the fuck up outta hear. Yeah I mean Yoooooouuu!
      Hatin ass bi-atch!

      • NotoriousAGC

        i prefer barker helpin out in beats like in DOPE BOYS than hearin soulja boys bullshietttt

    • mikel

      i was going to call you an idiot but i realized the only way someone could be that stupid would be that you have to be mocking soulja boy/big white t fans…in which case nicely played


    Man you have some nerve to say fuck Travis Barker who is a ill musician but your screen name is supporting one of the worst musicians to every get on record.Soulja boy is garbage bubble gum rap. Do your thang Barker Im sure it will be hard minus the Rick Ross song. Fuck these haters. Soulja boy hahahhahahhahhahahahahahahahahhahahhahahhahahah…. fuckin lame.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    Travis is ill with the drums. Those rap song remixes he’s done have been some solid tracks.

    But this where I get confused…do you even like or listen to Travis/Blink 182 Karen? Usually a blogger will notate their personal connection with the topic they’re writing on. This looks like a long version of a news posting. I have read your work here since day one and wished you the best of luck, but I am not getting a reason to as why I should keep reading your work. It doesn’t read/feel like it’s coming from you, it’s sterile.

    Your friends and supporters can smite me with stones all they want, (the commenter’s here have been VERY diplomatic towards you, anyone else blogging would have had 50 comments of thrashing, unless XXL is in heavy moderation mode for you) I’m just telling the truth.


      Karen, meet $yk. LOL. he just gave u some real talk. think about what he said & try to apply it. no disrespect.

      & he’s not lying. a while ago, u really would be getting thrashed by a minimum of 50 commenters. because we HAD high standards for the blogging over here. but, them days are gone. we (meaning the ones who stop over here on a regular basis) haven’t really expected too much from the blogging section lately, with the exception of Bol who is still holding this sinking ship down.

      but, don’t worry my fellow blog lovers. the BIG ASS void left over here has been filled, elsewhere. by, Tony Grands, CJ & nem @ Daily Math, Bol’s own website, i fux w/ Epiphany & nem @ iamthelife, Dallas Penn (even though i dont really get down w/ him like that, i know he’s part of the fam), Ron Mex for your hating & laughter needs, & last but not least bboycult. $yk, y’all gets it in HEAVY over there, man. i haven’t dropped a comment yet but, i see y’all. i see y’all, real QUALITY shit. @ all the sites i just mentioned. they gots 2 roll w/ it or get rolled over.

    • NotoriousAGC

      back off syk LOL, i’ve had a dream about her smile….and in the dream…she read me her blogs while she bathed me in a shower like in “coming to america” style while wearing nothing else but a g-string and some shades..

      • NotoriousAGC

        by the way karen civil, with ALL DUE RESPECT mami, your posts are STRAIGHT ASS,
        Dj Skee had better blogs, and he’s one busy white dude and THIS IS, your actual job

  • Mr. Q

    I can’t believe how ignorant and racist some young hip hop fans are. What the Hell does the color of his skin or the genre of music he came up in have to do with anything. If anything all hip hop fans should embrace new artists interested in adding to our culture. Show some growth, angry little kid.
    Props to everyone that is leaving positive comments!

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk!

    LOL @ AGC

    Thanks S.A.T

  • DV8

    co-sign $yk, Notorius AGC, and SAT. this site is a sinking ship. the talent level is at a alltime low. and ive been fuckin with the X-spot since the days of Sickamore, Tara Henley, that Ill Doctrine dude with the video blogs, and etc. billy x. sunday who turned out to be Dallas Penn (internets, internets) and of course Bol (the 2 longest tenured bloggers) and of course Ron Mex ( hate, hate, hate !!!) and the short termed Combat Jack (damn i was looking forward to his “True Hip Hop Industry Stories”) I still follow all those mentioned at they respective spots. Syk (i see you and yours) Tony Grands (yall check him out for real) cats out there doing it. If i had constant access to a computer id get my blog on as well.

    Ms. Karen (lil wayne voice) i know you tryin to keep it all civil and what not but how bout you push the envelope a lil bit. Call someone out on they bull, or let us know who you are and are not diggin in this here rap game and why? whats your take on the female “talent”? what region you from? etc….

    btw i know this is late but how cool is Mischelle Trachenburg (or how ever you spell it)? totally unexpected

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      Co-Sign my dudes above me.

      I’ve read each and every one of the Civilized blogs but, honestly, haven’t had the motive to comment until now. I didn’t feel like there was anything to comment on…

      I miss the days of XXL circa ’07 the way I miss hip-hop circa ’95

  • caino

    Too TRue Pierzy!!
    l’ve been banging my BIG L cd’s for the last few weeks, Hip Hop is a little stagnant nowadays.

  • Anonymous