Gucci Mane is Kinda Like a Big Deal

It’s the first real issue of 2010, and we kick it off behind bars with Gucci Mane. What a place to be. At least Gucci has less than a year in there, ’cause this jail shit is a pain in the ass—for everyone involved: the folks locked up, their loved ones holding them down through it… It’s also hard for any reporters trying to do an interview. I know, I know, cry me a river, but we put work in on this one, people. (I’ll keep it at that. Plus, an added shout-out to Warner’s Richie Abbott. He’s the man!)

It was worth it, though. You know you love Gucci. I don’t even believe those haters online (’cause where else are they hating?), when they cry their purist babble over artists like Gucci blowing up, when artists like Gucci have Billboard top 100 hit singles, big mixtapes, a huge buzz, a crazy story and a new album debuting in Billboard’s top 10. People know there’s a lane for Gucci Mane. And I’m feelin’ The State vs. Radric Davis. (I love “Heavy” and “The Movie”!) My big complaint? Survey says: too many guest appearances. (Next time, more Gucci, Gucci!) And let me remind some of you (for those convinced record sales still really matter so much) that Gucci sold 90,000 in his first week, while sitting in Fulton County Jail, unable to promote his album. Which is more than the other five rap albums that dropped that day. The numbers might’ve even been bigger if he were free to actually work it, right? Yeah, jail is a pain in the ass.

But this issue isn’t another jail special. The cover subject’s locked up, and we have a story about all these rappers getting in and out of jail, but that’s not all we’ve got. It’s an interesting book this March, folks. First, our Digital News Editor Jesse Gissen got questions from 20 different rappers for Rakim. Then, he sat down with the God MC and relayed them, collecting some really good answers. I’ve been down on Rakim for a few years now. He’s a great rapper—this I don’t deny—but I don’t think anyone understands how hard it’s been to do an in-person interview with this guy, and I’ve been holding a grudge ever since his Aftermath days, when we first tried. Phoners were fine, but in-person interviews weren’t going down, for some reason. Now that it’s finally happened (see page 64), the whole thing is really great and worth the wait. (Although, we could’ve done two, maybe three Rakim stories in that period, but still…Who’s complaining?)

2009 has wrapped, and that’s crazy. Looking forward, we saw that not many records were actually coming out in the first quarter of 2010 (none!), so our X-Rated section is dedicated to the nine best mixtapes of 2009, since we had some strong ones this year. (Yeah, So Far Gone is in there, but what else…? See page 101). And it was torture trying to figure out how to reflect on the past 10 years and honor it, since it’s the end of the decade. XXL likes freshman classes, so we picked out the top 10 freshmen born in the past decade and ranked them. By born, we mean they released their first official solo album in the decade. (See page 44 for the winner, but you should know the answer already.) Also, check out our newly revamped The Cool section (page 87), featuring Juelz Santana test-driving the 2010 Lincoln MKS, a sampling of Ludacris’s new liquor, Conjure, Tony Yayo’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your lovely lady and a fashion blowout starring Styles P and Jim Jones (Jimmy’s got another special spot in the book, also). And don’t miss our well-reported, yet sad, story about the rise and fall of Scott Storch. Whoa!

It’s a new year, a new decade, so I wish you and yours the very best in everything. Keep your fingers crossed that the first quarter, or maybe the second, picks up. If not, we’ve still got mixtapes!

Kush is my cologne (if I were a guy),

Vanessa Satten


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  • Mpho

    Your balls nigga.. Gucci’s album must have cost a grip to make, but this nigga shit ain’t even gonna go gold. He had Lil’ Wayne, Usher, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Rick Ro$$, Plies etc.. all big name artists, that shit cost money.. he flopped, and his album was ass like i expected it to be. Fuck Off

  • Phillmatic

    “’cause this jail shit is a pain in the ass”

    No prolapse.

    Incidentally, I would rather listen noises that eminate from the anus than listen to Gucci Mane.

    It makes me sad to think that in just 20 short years, rap music has gone from genuine art to something you wouldn’t even play to Guantanamo inmates.

  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    damn I ain’t no asylum had y’all in pocket.

  • HU

    Don’t encourage Gucci Mane.

    I would submit that Gucci being in jail added to his album sales more than him being out to run around trying to promote his nonsense. For one thing, all the black youth aspiring to be Gucci have their ultimate goal as jail since they covet stupidity and looking mentally handicapped. (Look at the picture w/ this article and tell me this guy isn’t a functioning retard)

    Drake=Nelly by the way.

  • Gucci’s that Dude

    Gucci is that dude! Those two singles are bangers, especially “Heavy.” All the negative-depressed-haters keep on hating, Gucci fans are laughing at you all on the sidelines thumbing your butts, while we are in the game wildin having a grandiose time. I hope he drops the trilogy this year, that would be some shit. Oh yea, the album keeps on selling and three top 100 songs and counting.

  • Lil Ballzy

    Worst rapper of the year, possible ever….

  • Lil Ballzy

    Worst rapper of the year, possibly ever….

  • Jon Dog

    Just for the record, I know I don’t love Gucci. What is there to love exactly? His annoying ass voice, or his music that sounds just like the rest of the garbage out there. Maybe you love this dude, but I sure DON’T! Guess that makes me one of those online haters. I like music for music, not because it bangs in some club, or because it’s what’s hot, I like good music, and Gucci is not good, PERIOD!!! Just because people buy his shit, does not make it good, it makes it popular. XXL only shows focus on these kinds of rappers, when you should focus on ARTISTS! Good for Gucci for gettin his money, I can’t hate on anyone doin that, but I will hate on crap music. This mag has been going down the shitter in a hurry, if it ain’t 50, it’s Lil’ Wayne, and if it ain’t Lil’ Wayne, it’s Gucci Mane. When u gonna start ridin’ Souja Boy’s dick, oh waite, you have. C’mon ya’ll, be a good hip hop mag again, leave these goofs to The Sauce or Vibe….. I know, you can’t, because these are the guys that are popular, and you wouldn’t sell shit if you put some real tallent in your mag, instead of these pop artists. “I’ve been down on Rakim for a few years now” Rakim is a legend, and you’ve only been down on his shit for the past few years???? “We saw that not many records were actually coming out in the first quarter of 2010 (none!)” WHAT ABOUT BONE???? I know there’s piece in the mag on Bone, but how can you say NONE!! Bone hasn’t made an album with all 5 in 10 years, so ya, I can see how you just forgot about Uni:5. “Tony Yayo’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas”, XXL? What the fuck? AND WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT THE SHITTY ASS MIXTAPES. How can people like hearing rappers spittin’ over recycled beats, dj’s yellin’, songs goin for 90 seconds, and then startin’ over….. You go XXL, you go hard??? XXL-Hip Hop On The Lowest Level Possible!!

    • capcobra


  • Gucci’s that Dude

    I have to clarify one thing. I don’t come from the ghetto and see Gucci’s success and think, “man I should sell some crack and become a rap star.” I see Gucci as entertainment, nothing more and nothing less. Those who hate probably see an ignorant do badder for the youth and for that I can’t blame you. All I have to say for those who see this shit as anything more than entertainment, as just dumb-stupidand that is not trying to be mean, that is just stating a fact. Don’t take this rap stuff too serious.


    XXL-Hip Hop On The Lowest Level Possible!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Da original boombastic coontastic shuckin and jivin motherfucka. Jive ass turkey…….And this is old school lingo I’m kickin for the most part. Tell this nigga to pick up a book

  • $yk!

    I wonder if one would even dare to take any song from Gucci’s catalog and compare them to any of those lines dropped on the Big L feature…and tell me who’s better…

    I bet all types of excuses will come out…

  • Pierzy

    Dear Hip Hop fans:

    XXL is pushing Gucci Mane down your throat [II] whether you like it or not!

    • Sleepy Wonder

      It Seems To Me That Vanessa Is Letting Gucci Mane Push Himself Down HER Throat

      • mav

        co-sign 1000%

        shame on yall xxl this dude aint doin numbers like dat jada and even kid cudi repeat kid cudi had better first week numbers and uz talkn bout gucci that dude
        i been rappin since i was like 10 when garbage like gucci wasnt allowed to come out so i do take it seriously i mean i should at least like what i listen to right
        guccis gettin a lil better but he aint nowhere near hot i guess his stans bought that mag

  • DV8

    I called it. All the Gucci-heads are buying up the mags. SMH. I took a peak at it in the store. How the fuck you have a mixtape review section and fail to put atleast one Stat Quo mixtape in there? And as far as Scott Storch goes. Cocaine is one hell of a drug (word to Rick James) but hey he kicked the habit (supposedly) and has started over. Glad to hear hes working with The Roots and Dr. Dre again (wonder if we will ever get a chance to actually hear the music)

  • mikel

    gucci mane is kinda like a big joke

  • Intoxicated

    Gucci Mane aint shit i would like to snatch his chain and send it to that dollas 4 gold shit..

  • sealsaa

    “You know you love Gucci. I don’t even believe those haters online (’cause where else are they hating?), when they cry their purist babble over artists like Gucci blowing up,”

    ^^^THIS… why these publications are dropping like bird shit, because they’re telling their readership what they should like as opposed to finding out what they actually like. Instead, they’re too busy keeping a lookout for the next trend. Much like Jon Dog, I KNOW I don’t love Gucci. I’m quite sure of it. Now, if only that made a difference…


    Funny how the most hated on artists get the most comments… from the same dickbird ass niggas

    Fuck these hoes


  • sealsaa

    ^BEEZIE! everyone. He’ll be here all night.

    If only I could be more like BEEZIE!, instead of a “dickbird ass nigga”. Imagine all the trendy bullshit I could have shoved down my throat.

    • BEEZIE!

      Thanks for the love… pussy!

      If you click on the blog… and then read it… and then make a comment… then who’s to say that you won’t read the magazine???


      • mikel

        you seem smart

  • $yk!

    $yk! says:

    I wonder if one would even dare to take any song from Gucci’s catalog and compare them to any of those lines dropped on the Big L feature…and tell me who’s better…

    I bet all types of excuses will come out…



  • Shawty J

    First off, I’m not a Gucci Mane hater. I just wanna get that cleared up before I start. To me Gucci Mane is average, not someone I dislike, but not someone I’d pay to listen to.

    That being said. Talk about blatant. Is XXL really having so much difficulty pushing their mag that they have to have the E-I-C blatantly whore out the mag and give a rundown of the content? And why couldn’t this have been done in a normal article?

    This is pathetic, instead of selling us on the idea of Gucci it just comes across as blatantly beating us over the head. Damn, it actually comes across as a little insulting. Especially this part “It was worth it, though. You know you love Gucci. I don’t even believe those haters online (’cause where else are they hating?), when they cry their purist babble over artists like Gucci blowing up”

    Whether XXL is seeing low sells or not, I can’t call it, I don’t have the numbers. But if it is, it’s pretty disappointing that XXL resorting to such ridiculous ways of marketing, starting by putting an artist with a large amount of hatedom on the cover, and then silently berating the readers for not picking it up.

    This post hasn’t give one damn reason of why someone who dislikes Gucci should put away the hate and pick up the mag. Shit, I’m indifferent on Gucci and this made me want to avoid the mag all together.

    I haven’t picked up an actual copy of XXL since that last Jay-Z cover, and if XXL continues this trend of ignoring readers and telling us what we should be into, I may not pick up another copy anytime soon, which is a damn shame, because I actually loved this magazine at one point.

    Step up your game up XXL, you’ll be doing us and yourselves a favor.

  • caino

    l dont love Gucci, l dont hate him! l dont like his music enough for me to go buy his albm or even (il)legally download his music!! l dont care !!

    *sits back , and plays Big L’s The Heist****

    ^^^now thats good music!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Does XXL even care what most ppl on here are saying. The majority don’t like this cat. That should tell them something. If it was all hate, why are there only like 2 Gucci supporters commenting??

  • Jon Dog

    Co Sign EVERYBODY!!!! Word to Vanessa Satten’s mother. I got a lap dance once by a chick who had the same name.

  • name

    “You know you love Gucci. I don’t even believe those haters online (’cause where else are they hating?),”

    Lmao. On your own “on line website”??? Then you follow that up with a wack article(see Shawty J’s “hating internet comment” ^^^ above)? Then you put your name and e-i-c on the bottom of it? Wow. No comprendo.

  • The real chris

    Haha that shit was funny when xxl said guccimane a great that had to been a joke cause dude aint even adverage.and also co-sign don jon bout the mixtape shit.and xxl yal falling faster then a stripper thong

  • The real chris

    And another thing y the fuck the real good rappers like luda and tip get over looked so much?shit luda been awesome since his first cd all the way to now but yet gucci get all the attention, he might be popular right now and he gettin them dollars so i cant hate on that but dude is a joke to rap and he is all kids know, and thats a damn shame.luda and ti are way better than this clown but gucci get all this love but the real rappers like luda and ti dont,thats fucked up


      record labels like to replace an artist once they get too valuable (expensive)
      An artist like Luda has most likely renegotiated his contract to be more in his favor (higher royalty rate, etc.)
      Why not blow up an artist that you have to pay way less?? when you can create superstars through radio, magazines, and tv (ie: telling the consumer what it is they want)
      ever noticed how the same “characters” blow up every couple years? effectively replacing the old success story
      how many rappers stay “hot” (ie: promoted by the TIs) longer than 2-3 years at MAXIMUM??
      most get one single or album

  • NotoriousAGC

    “It’s the first real issue of 2010, and we kick it off behind bars with Gucci Mane.”

    Fresh new Year, already goin to the shitter in a goddamn HURRY…XXL is the next VIBE or The Source..what next? 4 shirtless 50 covers? 1 cover of Birdman’s Dragonball tattoo on his head? Drake’s huge ass head(no homo)?,lil wayne behind the bars pic?….SMH..I’m getting ready to stop reading up they bullshit ass news headlines too with their FRESHMEN OF THE YEAR bullshit.

  • EmCDL

    Damn…..XXL fell the FUCK OFF. I’m not even gonna go on here and get into it with the content ya’ll been putting in the magazine…I’ll just leave it at S…M…D…H…

  • Mr. Inglewood, CA

    Man I swear If I had a Dollar for every Gucci Mane Hater I could get Dubai Out Of Debt. Every time someone disses Gucci they always want to bring LEGENDS into the mix or like this guy “JON DOG” who wants to bring up T.I. and LUDACRIS who have already made it big and had there chance in the spot light….How the fuck do you compare RAKIM to GUCCI MANE Its like comparing a Sports car to a Luxury car yes they’re both cars but they appeal to two different types of buyers….I listen to enough politcal bullshit on CNN so you want me to listen to a bunch of dudes rap about it too KILL YA SELF……GUCCI MANE I’m low on Haters can I borrow some of yours you seem to have to have an abundance of them. FREE GUCCCIII….Wait now I’m reading and somebody compared GUCCI MANE to BIG L SMH YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS….I’m down for any Black Man shinning and Getting Money and Making a name for himself and bringing his friends up with him I could care less what he’s rapping about RAP IS ENTERTAINMENT the sooner you idiots realize it the better off we will all be….Half the Athlete’s you admire are Behind the Scene GANGMEMBERS, DRUG DEALERS, DOG FIGHTERS, PISTOL HOLDERS, RAPIST, MOLESTORS, ALCHOLICS, and everything else you can name but nobody says nothing about them.

  • The real chris

    Mr.inglewood just face it guccimane is clown a joke a disgrace,and he will never be up on ti and luda or even jezzy for that matter.dude has no decent lyrics i must say he has decent beats but unfortantly beats itself cant make anyone a great rapper.and i thought clowns belonged at the circus.

  • WahWahWah

    Oh wow, there are a lot of people who really dislike Gucci. I know that most of you reside in the northeast and are really mad that your favorite rappers aint doing diddly. Gucci is the shit and I hope he keeps shitting on all his haters. You all are starting to smell, take a shower or something.


      it’s not that other rappers aren’t ‘doing diddly” it’s that they aren’t being promoted by the corporate music industry…
      is Gucci really that popular beyond the south? or does he fit the mold of what these labels wanna push??

  • chillin mayne

    gucci aint NEVER spit nothin clever…this the most basic of basic rhymes ever…its like comparing a nursery rhyme to shakespeare comparin him to the greats..