Gone But Not Forgotten: R.I.P. Records

I know most of the rap world woke up this morning pre-occupied with Lil Wayne going to jail. It’s going to be a long 12 months without the “Best Rapper Alive” in the mix. Well, if he were actually going in today… Pause.

In all honesty, though, I’m actually dealing with a loss much closer to home today. This morning I woke up to find the lifeless body of my nephew’s goldfish, Nemo, lying in his bowl. I feel really bad for Nemo’s passing. In fact, I feel personally responsible.

It’s all my fault.

I’ve been caring (and not doing a very good job of it) for Nemo ever since my nephew left him at my house a few weeks ago. His stay was only supposed to be temporary, but I was starting to bond with the lil’ dude. I don’t do pets, but a goldfish was okay. Problem was I’m hardly ever home and the lil’ guy needed to eat on a regular schedule. Long story short, I think he either died from starvation or overfeeding with me trying to make up for missing a day or two.

I haven’t told my nephew yet, but every time I think about how I’ll do it I remember The Cosby Show episode when Rudy’s goldfish, Lamont, died and they held a funeral in the bathroom.

Of course watching that got me to thinking about all the dope R.I.P songs in hip-hop. Joints like D.R.S’ “Gangsta Lean” and Master P’s “I Miss My Homies.” You know the generic ode to a lost friend that hits home for everyone.

There aren’t enough of these songs to go around anymore. How come rappers hardly make these as singles anymore? Has hip-hop lost its compassion for the dearly departed? In memory of those that we’ve lost I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite R.I.P. records. This goes out to you, Nemo. —Rondell Conway

1. Pete Rock & CL Smooth “They Reminisce Over You”

2. D.R.S “Gangsta Lean”

3. The L.O.X. “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa”

4. T.I. “Touch The Sky”

5. Puff Daddy “I’ll Be Missing You

6. 2Pac “I Ain’t Mad At Cha”

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  • General

    Can’t forget the Geto Boys-Six Feet Deep

  • d

    u fucked up. this list is horrible. You must be from NY. What about—-

    Moment of silence by qwon and nas

    Miss my homies by master p

    Mourn u till i join u by treach

    Life goes on by 2pac

    Only ones u got right was TROY and DRS.

    Letter to big was better than we’ll always love

    Ghetto theme by mac mall

    Your list is garbage. Anyone can work at XXL these days. Ya’ll lost relevance

  • John Cochran

    These kinds of songs will probably never come back. Now adays it’s generally not cool to rap about anything other than Patron and wearing Louie viutton(prolly spelled it wrong, who cares).

  • Deadly MIME

    “I Sip a 40 to your memories”- D.R.S. Gangsta Lean. I can’t believe people actually got into that Gangsta Lean bullshit. All this R.I.P.song shit is wack they all sound the same. I see that you miss you friends and family members, but c’mon son.

  • Justice4All

    You cannot forget **Dead Homies (Ice Cube)
    -Up Early in the mournin’-dressed in black
    don’t ask why-they got a brother in a suit and tie-they kilt a homie that I went to school wit-i tell you life ain’t nothing to fool wit.
    I still hear the screams from him mother-while my ni$$a lay dead in the gutter.

    **How Long will they mourn me (2PAC)-He’s Dead
    **Pour out a lil’Liquor**(2PAC)-He’s Dead

  • http://www.definitelyeatinb.tumblr.com B

    What about R. Kelly’s “I Wish.” That was song was tight. Rappers can’t show the least bit of emotion nowadays so it doesn’t surprise me to see they’ve given up on doing songs which have any ounce of substance. It’s kinda hard to mourn when you’re cranking dat or leaning this or whatever the fuck else dance is currently happening.

  • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

    So a dead goldfish sparked this blog? And some rap songs were thrown in to co-sign it’s relevancy?

    Do y’all @ XXL even notice a lot of the regulars don’t and haven’t commented in a minute?

    I hope y’all gave Bol a raise, real type…

    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      Bring Scratch back…….

  • Mr. Q

    Don’t forget Dr. Dre’s “The Message”! Dope pianos and MJB singin’ on it…great R.I.P. song!

  • Rob Markman

    That DRS record was my shit.

  • Jerm

    and maybe…”Send Him Our Love” – Joe Budden, RIP Stack Bundles

    and where is the “One Day” – UGK?!?!?! RIP to Pimp C as well…

  • beaver

    “Long story short, I think he either died from starvation or overfeeding with me trying to make up for missing a day or two.”hahaha u sloww ha..

    shitt u 4got

    “I miss my dawgs”lil wayne..
    be4 he turned in2 watt he is now..

    “flowers for the dead”cuban links..dope trackk.

    “life changes”wu tang

    dats all i can think of 4 now..

  • DV8

    WOW im shocked nobody mentioned Bone Thugs- Crossroads. Justice For All and “D” up top had a good lists too.

  • ri067953

    Yeah, the whole goldfish story seemed a bit contrived. The person who writes this shit is corny as hell!

    Can we get somebody on this blog shit other than Bol to do a better job at it? I think it’s time to let people who comment on here give it a shot and open some avenues for the people on here.

    What do ya’ll think?

    • http://www.bboycult.com The $ykotic Don Mac

      Word is bond…and I’m not even talking about myself…it worked out for the commenter’s last year…

      • Federal Ranga

        $yk, whats crackin? Where ya been, homie? Cosign you to the fullest. Tico, EMCDL, C75B, myself, geico lizard, Grand$, TPAR…. all those guys GONE.
        Has XXL lost its egde?

        On the blog though, can’t forget Good Die Young by D12.


        • OG Matt Herbz

          You left out somebody…

          …still here, lurking.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Truth Be Told

    “There aren’t enough of these songs to go around anymore. How come rappers hardly make these as singles anymore? Has hip-hop lost its compassion for the dearly departed?”

    Didn’t TIP just do a song wit Justin Timberlake called “Dead and Gone”(or some shit).

    I got real tired of these type of songs by the end of the ’90′s cause everyone had one on their album(usually near the end of the album, after the “club song”, the “thug song”, the “love song”, the “e’ybody in my crew song”, and the “we were still fuckin’ wit sherm heavy when we came up wit this” song) and each rendition was getting progressively cliched.

    I love the L.O.X. but “Always Love Big Poppa” SUCKED, and listening to Master P for any type of spiritual inspiration means you’re obviously a product of the same inbreeding that’s buying this month’s issue cause you absolutely will not function if you don’t get to read the Gucci Mane cover story.

    • http://www.emcdl.com EmCDL

      Gucci Mane is a horrible person, next to George W. Bush and the Taliban. But the EIC of XXL in love with his ass though….SMDH…

  • The Worlds Enemy

    Crossroads was bigger than all those songs. And much better.
    The Worlds Enemy April 20

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Un4gateable = Nat King………………

  • latino heat

    i used to watch my ex girlfriends goldfish for weeks at a time while she went out of state and i wouldn’t feed him for 4-5 days sometimes and he is still living to this day. i would forget or would just be too lazy to drive to her house. anyway i don’t think that’s what your fish died from. i’m not a vet by any means i’m just saying.

    • NotoriousAGC

      your the gold-fish whisperer

  • caino

    This is maybe the wackest blog ever!!!

    Althoughh l would put in my 2 cents!!

    2PAC – How long will you mourn me (classic)

  • esco

    hmm i thought nas and quans just a moment would be on this list…

  • NotoriousAGC

    I think the blogger is related to OJ DA JUICEMAN

    AYE OK!

  • NotoriousAGC

    PS- you forgot one of the greatest of them all



    touch the sky became one of the best