Game’s a Cat Licker & His New Song Sucks

There are no ifs, ands or buts about it, Game’s “Pussy Fight” sucks—both figuratively and literally. Now I wasn’t one to jump on the whole “D.O.A.” bandwagon and proclaim auto-tune dead, but Jayceon’s collabo with Ray J and Ester Dean (or is that Nicki Minaj on the track) is one of the most offensive uses of the Antares plug-in.

That being said, I’m gonna give Game the benefit of the doubt, because I’m pretty sure they were probably just fucking around in the studio. I mean, it had to be a joke, like, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we made a song about eating pussy on Auto-Tune?”

If that’s the case, then Game actually accomplished his goal because, if nothing else, the song is pure comedy. If you haven’t heard it, Game croons on the hook, “I know 50 can’t be eatin’ your pussy right/I know Nelly can’t be eatin’ your pussy right/I know Nick Cannon can’t be eatin’ your pussy right/Pull ya panties down we gonna have a pussy fight.”


Game has always gone against the grain, a habitual line-stepper if you will, so it makes total sense that he would tackle one of hip-hop’s most taboo subjects. Not many rappers admit to goin’ downtown. Even the Notorious B.I.G. who copped to shittin’ on a chick—literally, danced around the subject on “I Got A Story To Tell,” when he spit, “She gotta body, make a nigga wanna eat that—I’m fuckin’ with you.”

Nas also once ridiculed Jay-Z for having his face in Foxy’s “puss,” but I’m not sure if Nasir was questioning Jay’s gangsterness because he ate pussy or because he ate Foxy’s. The world might never know.

You know there was no way Sha Stimuli was gonna eat the box based off the lyrics on his “The Smelly Cat Song.” On the other hand, you have someone like Big Pun, who proclaimed he was “Puerto Rican to the core and all Boricuas eat the pussy.” You also have Lil Wayne on “Pussy Monster” and the former Beatnuts member Fashion on “Lick the Pussy,” who have both advocated cunnilingus. Even newcomer Yelawolf recently dropped his coochie munchers anthem, “Lick the Cat,” with Crime Mob’s Diamond.

To eat or not to eat, the debate rages on, where do you stand?

BRB I have to go listen to T-Pain’s “Reverse Cowgirl.” —Rob Markman, The Deputy!

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  • SickMind

    Oh my god, Game is so boring…. Can’t remember the last time I was playing a song of his…… And he still on that bullshit with 50…. Fuck off, do some music for once……

    • jesse


    Fuck Pussy Fight and fuck autotune man…Game thrown this shit…damn I hope that RED ALBUM will not be like this…

  • these posts are racist

    Worst song ever. Ray J is a certified clown…a walking cliche and caractiture of himself.

    • Mutada/Mullah Atari

      Wow Biggie wont eat pussy but he sure mentioned sucking another mans dick more than a few times. Ironic.

      And no mention of the classic DJ QUIK song from Safe and Sound I Don’t Want To Eat It?

  • General

    Damn, everybody takes shit so seriously anymore…

    I was wondering when this post would drop (took less than a day) and when someone would make a Soprano’s reference (took until the 2nd comment). Everybody talks about the artists lack of originality, but it seems to just be a mirrored image of the fans lack of originality with the comments and blogs trying to enforce some movie caricture of hip hop and gangstas…

    It is a horrible song, but it is also a mixtape song for his mixtape with DJ Drama and he was probably just fuckin around havin fun. It didn’t need to ever be released or maybe it did to remind us that everything is always so damn serious…

  • AZ40

    I haven’t listened to the song and nor do i plan to let me guess the game dropped a bunch of names as usual wat’s differnent the auto tune…ain’t nuthin’ wrong wit’ eatin’ the twitter twat, latinas got the best

  • Enlightened

    Nah, homie I think you’re mistaken and late. I think most rappers by now have dropped an “I eat pussy” line here and there.

    You mentioned Nas talking about Jay-Z. It wasn’t because of the pussy eating.

    Did you miss his song with AZ on that same album where he said he “eat up so much the girls call me seafood lover…be having they leg shakin…”

    • yoprince


      most rappers have spoke on it by now: the aforementioned nas line, jay-z called himself a ‘clit-licker’ on It’s Hot, wayne is the ‘Pussy Monster’… so on and so forth, really isn’t taboo at all…

      the song is obviously meant to be funny, and i chuckled a few times.

  • Venemez

    Like DJ Quick said,

    I don’t want to eat it,
    Dont Eat the coochie

  • Curtis75Black

    “You mentioned Nas talking about Jay-Z. It wasn’t because of the pussy eating.”

    Yeah, I think he misunderstood the line. It was dealing with the fact that Foxy’s collabos gave him his real 1st Hit Single since she was hot at the time after dropping verses on LL’s and Case’s track respectively. He needed her for that “Sunshine” video.

    As far as this subject goes, I never knew eating pussy was taboo, eventhough a few emcees chose not to go there in their verses. Maybe they just wanted to front for the fellas listening. It was never an issue for me, I love to please the ladies so eating pussy was an automatic.


    that shit is hella funny…i’m sorry might not be what u want to hear from game but its a good song

  • Worley

    Eat the coochie man. It makes it easier to get some neck plus it drives ‘em wild. Don’t get me wrong. You can’t do it for everybody. But if you got something delicious at the crib, you just throw her a rag and make sure she freshens up in front of you. None of that “took a shower when I left home” business.

    Oh yeah: Game is a clown. I’m not f*cking with that idiot no matter what he says/does.

  • John Cochran

    I really don’t think the song was meant to be taken seriously. Ray J’s jab at Kim was funny shit. It’s really not that serious, we know the song sucks, we could’ve did without this post. And I’m not in high school no more, I’m not scared to go down if that thang smell right. That’s some grown folks shit yall kids don’t know about. This is a grown folks subject, which explains why some people in hiphop find it taboo. Hiphop is in a perpetual state of childhood. The song sucks, so what. He’ll make another 50 diss or gangbangin song and yall will be back on his dick.

  • beaver

    “”You Stupid Fuckin Blabbermouth Cunt”"words from Uncle Junior himself haha..funny clipp ha

    umm and i say its okk 2 eat..
    but i also say..
    dont fuckkin bragg bout it..

    butt stop fuckin makin songs bout it..
    i dont wanna hear another man.
    say quote”If you fear heights when I’m high hell yeah I’ll go low
    It taste so sweet, that sticky cotton candy”
    50 Cent

    but who doesnt eat..?
    i have..

    just dont putt it in rap musikk..plain an simple..

    btw game is turnin in2 garbage..

  • beaver

    haha oh yea..
    dat ll cool j pic is hilarious haha

  • El Tico Loco

    I’m just dying at the fact that there’s a comment from BEAVER.

    • El Tico Loco

      Seriously tho I didn’t start growing any serious facial hair until I got my licker license and I saved that for marriage(I married young, divorced younger haha). All I’m sayin is lick it u might not only get some neck out of it, but she might want to lick some cat herself after awhile.

    • beaver

      i knew i was gonna get dat from sum1 haha


    wow. what a waste of a post (this blog & that song).

    but, aint nothin wrong w/ eating the cooch. co-sign beaver, don’t fuckin brag about the shit.

  • Lloyd Sprayweather

    Eating pussy? That’s amateur stuff. Day 1 stuff. Only bad bithces who you know are fresh and clean. But anyway, I’m on to the next one. Make sure my girl bends over in front of that jet stream shower, soaps up that washcloth, and then I’m eating that asshole, baby. Licking that pussy and that crack. Gets her begging for that cock. And it’s delicious.

  • Lowedwn

    My theory on eating coochie is this…Do that shit. I think all the old niggaz back in the day were (1) trying to keep more trim for themselves by saying not to eat and/or (2) they had some extra nappy dugout back in the day that traumatized them and didn’t get to enjoy this landing strip, herbal essence smelling snatch we have today.

    And screw the dumb shit, Brag. If there’s 2 fine ass chicks in front of you and they both down to smash, but one says she doesn’t give dome. What R U gonna do? Take the one that gives dome right? You think females ain’t thinking the same way?

    and the best Coochie eating song ever is DJ Quik “Can I Eat It” ….”I thought I was a freak till I heard my homies brag,
    Eating that coochie make you grow a mustache”

  • ThingAlec

    Fiddy is goona have a field day with this one.

  • beaver

    “(2) they had some extra nappy dugout back in the day that traumatized them and didn’t get to enjoy this landing strip, herbal essence smelling snatch we have today.”hahahaah
    yo dat shit was hilarious haha..

    very true though ha

  • Shawty J

    That track was hilarious. I hope that’s what Game was going for, otherwise this track is failure. Good thing it’s not gonna be on the RED Album.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Just gotta be careful and pick um right. I’m 30 and fucked maybe,16-17 girls since I’ve been in my 20′s. (not counting the girls I fucked while in middle and high school)

    But I also got head, jacked off on, titty fucked, got a hand job or just did some other shit that resulted in me ejaculating on maybe double that number..

    Meaning every vagina aint fit for fucking let alone consumption.

    But! The girls that I have eaten out have been long term, monogamous relationships.

    The pussy must be: appealing, as in hanging lips or weird shit, but pretty bitches usually always have pretty pussies attached to them so thats not an issues also it must be…Clean, HPV/HIV/Herpes free, hair bump free, wasn’t just fucked by another nigga last night, trust the bitch enough to go raw and use the “birf” control pillz, not on her period, washed within the last 4-6 hours, haven’t taken a shit all day, does not smell like piss, shaved bald or a nice little runway, or Dorito, “subtle pussy scent” but not overbearing) Any nigga who’s “been fucking”, has had a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. With pussy, its a numbers game the more bitches you fuck with the more chances your gonna catch a bitch when she’s… “a tad bit funky”. (which honestly, I like a woman with a mild but natural pussy sent) but not nasty.

    I think the “Office” just used this as a way to bash Game for what ever reason. I mean its obvious this song is tongue and cheek and obviously a throw away. And any nigga still talking that I don’t eat pussy shit in 2010 is either 1. Rich and don’t need to do anything special to get pussy. 2. Homo. Period


  • Chiliz

    2 eat or not 2 eat……well if she’s giving u knowledge then u gotta eat it rrrright!!!!!

    However it depends on the kinda relationship…
    1 night stand = hell,no i won’t eat unless she’s a real looker or i’m overly drunk.

    If u been digging holes on a girl 4 a year i don’t c the excuse 4 not eating p*ssy.

  • berry

    i love that song . :D

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