Crush on You: The Hottest ’90s Celeb Chicks, IMHO

Kenya Moore – My Video Chick

I had nuthin’ but love for this woman. Still do. The former Miss USA first appeared in Shai’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Alone” then played Nas’s leading lady in the video for “Street Dreams.” She’s a dream come true.

Ananda Lewis – Hostess With The Mostest

If you were a dude that grew up in the ’90s watching BET and MTV and didn’t have a thing for Ananda Lewis you probably don’t understand why there was an uproar after Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards performance. There were other TV personalities that I had my eye on like Big Lez, MTV’s Idalis and BET’s Rachel, but Ananda had the complete package—brains and beauty.

Dominique Dawes – My Athletic Girl

Two words. Olympic gymnast.

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  • Ben

    You picked some wack hoes yo, Lil Kim wins this easy.

  • guttaman

    yeah i was crushin on the same women in the 90s.
    good post!!


      Yall whould pick Lil kim over Jada, quit playing!

  • John Cochran

    I may have squeezed one out to all these women at some point as a teen. Kenya moore’s tits are amazing. Should’ve been longer though, cause it was some bad chicks out in the 90s. Now, with all this reality tv bullshit they be putting some regular looking ass chicks on tv.

  • Brahsef

    I had the biggest crush on Mya when she came out. That bitch is baaaad.

    • chillin mayne

      dayummmm…mya was HELLA fina son.,.she can STILL get it to

  • Fireforreal

    Yeah I have to say Kim and Foxy had it going on even more back then in the looks department. Sweey but street. Now they just look like washed up whores who spent to much time on bullshit. Oh yeah shout out to Mona lisa. She came and went but she was a bad bitch mose def, And Faith could have got it back then also.

  • vanillachoc

    lil kim looks like the saw puppet now, i’ll never vote for her.. lmao.

    • Lloyd Sprayweather


  • Anonymous

    Nia Long?

  • niccuh!

    megan good!

  • Jamal7Mile

    Had to vote for Kenya Moore. We went to the same highschool and my dumb ass had no idea who she was (she’s 3 years older) until after she graduated.

    “If Kane didn’t beat me to it, I would’ve whooped on “fagg*t ass” Chauncey myself.”

    HAHAHAAA! “I’m Pinky, nigga!”

  • $yk!

    Wow Rondell, no Adina Howard? Stacey Dash? It was the same time frame…

    Kim wins easily.

    • Rob


      Stacey Dash?!?!? Yo damn near forgot sbout her. Good call homie, she got all thes ladies beat by a mile

  • Grimey G

    No white chicks? I understand preference is preference but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t take Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears in her prime over Lil Kim

    • Jamal7Mile

      Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy) was my white chick. Honorable mention to Pam Anderson on Baywatch.

      • $yk!

        “Honorable mention to Pam Anderson”

        ^ Ain’t she passing the Hep C around? Might wanna rethink that one…

        • Jamal7Mile

          ‘Sup $yk?

          Yup, she sure is. Forgot all about that. I meant the ’90s Pam (if she was healthy). And co-sign the Stacy Dash comment. Where the hell is she anyway?

          Anybody remember Lark Voorhies who played Lisa on Saved By The Bell?

        • $yk!

          Anybody remember Lark Voorhies who played Lisa on Saved By The Bell?

          ^ Zack was tapping that in real life. I remember Martin was boinking too.

          I’d smut her out…and the more chicks we point out the more I see Rondell has a bland taste in women…

  • westcoastaggie

    Toni Braxton
    Faith Evans
    Stacey Dash
    Taytanya Ali

  • Shanita

    Went with Kenya Moore!

  • mrraw98

    Alyssa Milano from who’s the boss
    Chilli from Tlc
    Tiny when she was in Xscape
    Holly Robinson
    That chick from Homeboys in outer space.
    Aisha from the power rangers

    • NotoriousAGC

      chili from TLC? she looks like Pharrell with a full headset of hair.

      • Jamal7Mile

        Haha!!! But she was cute as a button in the “Baby, Baby, Baby” video back in the 90s. Today? Eh…

  • Om Sag

    No MC Lyte , Adina Howard damn !!!

  • Ajani


    Why is Stacey Dash not on this list???

  • Jamal7Mile

    My goodness… did we all miss Halle Berry???

    • Brahsef

      She is just a given. I mean it’s miss Berry.

  • Kappamike1

    The REAL list:
    Toni Braxton
    Holly Robinson
    Stacey Dash
    Robin Givens
    Tyra Banks
    Vanessa Williams-”the right stuff”
    Janet Jackson
    Paula Abdul
    All 4 members of En Vogue!

  • Kappamike1

    My bad….I missed Halle Berry! Damn..she’s been fine forever.

  • Chiliz

    Not in numeric/alphabetic order

    Britney Spears
    Lauryn Hill
    Eryka Badu
    Keisha (Total)

    Man…i can go on 4eva

  • Phillmatic

    Dawn Robinson. Hands down.

  • og bobby j

    nia long?

  • Ladidadida

    Mariah Carey Homeboy

  • NotoriousAGC

    vivica Fox? she looked fuckin FIIINNEEE on Money talks with chris tucker and Charlie sheen


    lil kim over mrs. usa? this is why internet opinions dont matter. lil kim was XTRA REGULAR! KENYA MOORE ALL DAY, DETROIT STAND UP, MACK AND 75 STAND UP!

    • Jamal7Mile

      THANK YOU NEIGHBOR!!! If the rest of yall looked into her eyes and could get her to smile or laugh (like I did) both of your knees might give out and you might fall down a few flights of stairs…with a smile on your face!


    wtf is wrong with you why didn’t you use updated pictures of how they look now. Dominique Dawes don’t even look legal in that pic even though she is older than me.

  • Brass Tacks

    I was only a kid crushing on Dominique Dawes 96′ Olympics memories….

  • latino heat

    it was between Ananda and Kenya Moore, i went with Kenya though. even Lil Kim in her prime couldn’t touch Kenya.

    no love for the original Destiny’s Child line up? i used to think LeToya was finer then Beyonce back then.

    i seen the new Toni Braxton video with Trey Songz the other day and she is STILL bangin.

    Mariah was my 1st crush back in like ’90-’91 and would still get it before most of these girls that are in their prime.

    i would still slap the shit out of someone’s mama for one night with Mya.

  • beaver

    haha i was so young when i seen dat lil kimm picc..
    ha..maybe 5 years old..idkk..somethin like dat ha..

    kim wins..

    jada is fine as hell though..

  • che

    ur all gay for not thinking of Christina Milian. compared to her most of these chicks look like $3 hookers.

  • DV8

    Maia Campbell “In The House” era (before she cracked out)


    The Legendary Ms. Halle Berry!!!!!!!!! Halle Berry

    Stacey (I would pay cash)Dash

    Alicia Silverstone

    Mariah Carey

    Vivica Fox

    Tatyana Ali

    Karyn Parsons (that Hillary Banks for those that dont know)

    Jada Pinkett

    Jennifer Lopez

  • Durbey E. Macon

    What about Big Lez or The Williams sisters?

  • Anonymous

    what about tisha campbell martin

  • Lowedwn

    good post, and co-sign your whole list excepy Keisha I would switched her out with the late great Aaliyah.

    And Stacy Dash should get a Lifetime achievment crush award cuz she’s held it down for 3 decades: 80′s(i remember her on The Cosby Show), 90′s and the 00′s(now I don’t usually do this, but ummmm, God bless Playboy)

  • Brooklyn

    that kim poster is classic, every straight male in the hood had that shit on his wall. she was the baddest chick on that list, no doubt. i never liked jada, that bitch look like an alien to me. my list of the baddest chicks from the 90′s:
    coko from swv, that bitch was fine as hell. mariah
    adina howard
    all of tlc
    stacey dash
    taral hicks
    janet jackson
    jennifer love hewitt, i loved that white girl
    sarah michelle gellar
    mary j. blige had it going on ca. 1995
    angela bassett
    tatyana ali
    erykah badu
    kandi burress (the best looking chick in xscape, straight up)
    all them hoes in that group jade

    • Brooklyn

      and aaliyah, she was fine as all hell

  • EmCDL

    Mannnn I had a deep crush on Pebbles, Nikki Cox, Jennifer Lopez, and Karyn Parsons (Hillary off of Fresh Prince). Why they ain’t on the list????

    Anyway, out of all the girls on that list, I’ma have to go with Ananda Lewis…she was cute as all hell and had the same last name as mine so it was already a match son….

  • Sincere

    90′s Chicks
    Stacey Dash
    Tatiana Ali(Ashley Banks can still get it)
    Ananda Lewis
    Allysa Millano