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Cassidy, Apply Pressure 2

Apply Pressure 2

Beats: L
Lyrics: XL
Originality: L

Though Cassidy has released a handful of mixtapes since dropping his disappointing 2007 album, B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story, his latest, Apply Pressure 2, is the first to truly recapture the Philadelphia rapper’s killer instinct on the microphone.

From the start, Swizz Beatz’s former protégé is quick to prove himself. On the mixtape’s first track, “Let Me Hear Something,” he raps, “I don’t think nobody better than me in this whole world,” before unleashing a freestyle that clocks in at just under eight minutes. On “Dome Pushed Back,” Cass sounds far removed from his 2005 murder case as he boasts about his robust gun collection. And on “Do What You Gotta Do,” the self-proclaimed Hustla creates a catchy hustler’s anthem.

The problem, though, is that Cassidy too often relies on overused production efforts to get his point across. So while his freestyles over Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C,” Snoop Dogg’s “I Wanna Rock,” and Red Café’s “I’m Ill” are impressive, other artists have already done them to death.

Fortunately, Cass reaches deeper into the past to update Black Rob’s 2000 hit, “Whoa,” with the rousing “Whoa 2K10.” His ferocious punch lines and slick wordplay reignites the passion he once showed when he made his rap debut in 2004. And if the exceptional lyricism on AP2 is any indication, Cassidy is still capable of applying the lyrical pressure to any of your favorite MCs. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • ee bubble

    im glad, that XL’s are being given oout like candy any more, after that guccimane xl i was disgusted.

    • http://yahoo.com marwan


  • Illmattic

    too bad cassidy’s lyrics are xl dumb ass e bubble

  • KiLLuMiNaTii

    This mixtape should of been an “XL”. Easily.

  • AZ40

    I just haven’t been feelin’ Cass since his last album I can’t get jiggy wit’ dis shit

  • WSmith

    maybe thats cuz you use terms like “gettin jiggy wit it”. Just a thought.

  • http://www.mediafire.com/file/ytx3jomnymy/07FT-MyStory(Prod.ByDr.Dre).mp3 StandOut FT

    He fucked up his career is over. Smh Watch what you do.

    • Rob

      Cassidy is the TRUTH!. Watch how you talk, Stan out the closet. Cassidy’s career over? Fck you listen to, huh? Big career rappers like Drake? Go back to listening to that, let us grown folks talk. Fck outta here.

  • souf philly boy

    1st off bars was a classic what the hell is chris talkin bout and this mixtape was mediocre for a cassidy effort but the lyrics on the 1st freestyles compares to the lyrics on some peoples whole mixtape so how does that equate to an L rating. XXl is the reason hip hop is dead cosigning that bullshit

  • Mpho

    If you talkign about sales, yeah BARS was a dissapointment, but musically, that was an almost classic.. for me

  • Linval

    How the fuck this mixtape got an “L” rating?? XXL aint listening or something?. this mixtape is far better than most out & the lyricism was well on point. y’all done fucked up

  • http://www.candidbackshots.com candid BACKShots

    I just got done listening to this mixtape.
    This sh*t is awesome. He sounds hungrier than Ive heard him in a while. He sounds like he’s ready to kill the game.

  • da king of SP 215

    fuck u hater ass xxl site cassidy is by far da best lyrical artist in da game … PERIOD

  • will

    xxl are some bitch ass haters for this L???? you kidding me, this shit may be the best mixtape of 2010 and there’s a whole year left true story.

  • KLAP215

    CASSIDY one of the last real lyrical mc’s left…. XXL don’t sleep on CASSIDY!

  • Ron

    This only got a L?!?!?!?! This album is FIRE I am pissed at the fact that it only got a L it should have gotten a XXL Cass. is FIRE he blows away everyone. YO Cass you my nigga.

  • VashTheStampede

    XXL underrates good mixtapes/albums and overrates trash. Tha mixtapes is fire Shoulda got a XL at least. Cassidy still can out spit most or any mc in the game today

  • Anonymous

    CASSIDY iS he FUCKIN MAN! i Give Him that

  • notoriousJJ420

    Ya cass uses those beats erryone else is jumpin on but tha thing is…he fuckin murks that shit unlike erryone else, for sumone writin an article for a hip hop mag you apparently dont know shit. to me sounds like you just been listenin to tha beats. you gotta getcha head out ya ss and pay tention to that lyrics nigga. bottom line CASS GO’S HARD! best artist puttin shit out to date. peace.

  • ruivirtual

    whatever man. when he’s album drop ima cop 3 or 4 of that damn thangs. CASS IS TOP10 rapper. and most of’em are dead and buried.
    AP 1 was dope as a marijuana cigarrete with some cocaine dust. FORREAL! and AP2 was a damn nice mixtape had a couple a tracks that were St8 FIRE.

    • notoriousJJ420

      for real and fuck ya haha and i think AP2 was way better then AP1 i hated how tha thoro n big mike fucked with tha tracks too much sounded sloppy but wuteva still good tracks ill be coppin CA$H