Volunteer work is for suckers

I figured there were probably shenanigans at play, when I saw that XXL had posted a link yesterday to a story about how Kanye West and Amber Rose volunteered at a homeless shelter over the holidays, even though that shit took place a long time ago.

Then I went and busted a shift at the BGM. When I got back, I checked Necole Bitchie’s site, and I saw where even she was going in on Kanye for trying too hard to draw attention to the fact that he did a little volunteer work, thus proving he only did it in the first place to get his name in the paper. If he did it at all. He may have just taken a few pictures with homeless people and said he did volunteer work for them.

I might try that shit myself, the next time I’m in the U City Loop, just to give my image a boost. It’s been a while since a girl has emailed me and offered to have sex with me solely on the basis of my blogging (don’t be jealous), and I’m thinking it might have to do with the ascendance of my Tumblr, which (most) women don’t appreciate as much. Even the response to a couple of recent posts about why no one wants to marry black women has been more harsh than usual.

(Speaking of black chicks, I’d hate to give the impression that checking Necole Bitchie’s site is the first thing I do when I get home from the BGM, either because I’m obsessed with black celebrity gossip, or for other reasons, which I’m sure you can imagine. It’s just, right before I walked out the door yesterday, I saw where Sandra Rose had posted some ridonkulous looking pictures of her, and I thought some beef might be popping off. I find that shit hilarious.)

It’s obvious to me that Kanye is trying to get his career back in order, and someone has convinced him that the best way to go about doing that is to tone down the douchebag image he’s cultivated over the years. In addition to the photo op at the homeless shelter, there was that rhyme he kicked onstage at a Kid Cudi concert the other day, before announcing that he was headed back to the studio, presumably to record actual rap music, not any more of this bullshit where he slightly rewords songs by Tears for Fears and sings them in autotune. And that blog post from yesterday or the day before, in which he compared himself to Maya Angelou, Gil Scott Heron and Nina Simone. Which seems conceited to say the least, but I do seem to recall him mentioning something about being more positive. The gist of it, as I recall, was that he was gonna focus on being less of a douche.

This could be hard to watch. It was bad enough having to watch Chris Brown, all last year, begging to go on Oprah, going on Larry King Live dressed as the black Mr. Rogers, dutifully avoiding describing what really happened during the Rumble in the Lambo, so on and so forth. And you see what good that did him. His and Rihanna’s albums came out right around the same time, and neither of them sold particularly well, thus proving to me that people don’t feel sorry for what happened to Rihanna, but they are disappointed in Chris Brown, for not manning up when it came time to get his image back in order. Dealing with the issue the way he did made him look weak, which, oddly enough, made him look that much more guilty. If he would have projected strength, people would have been that much more confident that whatever he did he did for a reason.

I suspect something similar’s gonna happen with Kanye West. White people aren’t gonna forget about what he did to Taylor Swift, regardless of how many pictures he takes with homeless people. The only homeless white people care about are homeless dogs. That’s why there’s a such thing as homeless people in the first place. No, the only way Kanye West is gonna get white people to forgive – or at least forget – about what he did to Taylor Swift is to make another album they like, in which case all of this extra feigned humility won’t be necessary. It worked for R. Kelly, back when people began to realize just how many underage girls he’s probably had sex with over the years, not to mention how many of them he probably peed on. Then he put out the “Ignition” remix and all was forgiven. Granted, all of R. Kelly’s “victims” were black, but they were still kids. I’m not saying that raping a seemingly endless number of black children and interrupting a white woman’s award acceptance speech should be viewed as roughly comparable. I’m just saying. They probably are.

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  • BigJon

    If Kanye gets us more half neked pictures of Amber Rose posted on his blog I’ll forgive him for being a dick.

  • General

    I really don’t think the Taylor Swift incident is gonna have a huge impact on his sales when he drops his next CD…Bottom line is if Kanye drops another CD on par with Graduation or better then he will be fine…

    Plus you have to remember that Ye has his production to fall back on too…

    Not to mention the white people who were so outraged at the Taylor Swift incident probably didn’t buy any of his previous Cd’s and wouldn’t have bought any of his future ones anyways

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Not to mention the white (AND BLACK) people who were so outraged at the Taylor Swift incident probably didn’t buy any of his previous Cd’s and wouldn’t have bought any of his future ones anyways”

    ^^^ This

    • Allen_J

      Black people laughed no one was outraged. Except for the (who we speculate) president who had to say something but realistically why care. She was wack enough to let him to take it away from her

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    I wonder what would’ve happened if R. Kelly was pissing on Rihanna, & Chris Brown interrupted them?

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Hahahaaa! Hopefully a dope R. Kelly song w/thematic multi-part videos!

      • Justice4All

        R Kelly is wack, and should never be mentioned again on any site in the world. This dude recycles the same subject matter which got boring 3 albums ago.
        Dude needs to limit his albums to one song. The Instrumental.

  • http://xxlmag.com BIGKUSH2k10

    I mean honestly, does this shit even matter, anymore?.What about the music, just the music, I don’t wanna knw who these artist are fucking. Or what they contribute if any, to social issues. What he did after the fact, clearly shows it was for pub, like the coons these celebs are, shuck’n and jive’n, seems like 2010, will be more of the same bullshit.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    cosign to General. Take Emimem’s fans for instance. One thing I’ve noticed about them is that they will shit on any rapper that’s not Em. Many of them probably wouldn’t buy an album from any other artists. But that didn’t stop Jay or BEP from going platinum. Shit BEP have the highest selling rap album over Em. So feelings some people have for Kanye won’t hurt the desire other people may have for buying his album.

    All Kanye needs to do is make another Graduation. I remember when 50 criticized Kanye for the incident and he probably recieved props from those Kanye haters for being the one black man to defend Taylor. But that shit didn’t seem to help his record sales for BISD. Maybe for Get Rich, but no good PR can save you from a unappealing album.

  • Enlightened

    And on top of that, people don’t mention the fact that he’s still walking around with a white girl on his arm.

    We don’t talk about it that much no more, but don’t think for a minute that a lot of these mu’fuckas who can cut your water off and have you losing deals and shit still don’t hate seeing that shit even though they see it all the time.

    It might be a bald-head blonde dyke, but it’s still a white woman.

  • Brooklyn

    amber rose is white? somebody told me she was cape verdean or some shit like that, to be a white girl she got a bad ass body. anyway, the only thing that will bring kanye back again is good music, not that faggy knock off new-wave shit he’s been doing the last two years. kanye’s fans don’t give a fuck about taylor swift or what he did, they just want some good music to bump. as long as he comes with some hard shit [||], niggas will buy it. the only thing standing between kanye and him getting his career back on track is kanye.

    • WestPhillyPolo

      Naw b. Amber Rose is mixed. She’s black/white. This PR chick I know went to school with her. Matter of fact, Amber Rose hooked her up with a photographer that got her in Smooth Magazine.

      • Brooklyn

        oh, aight. i didn’t think she was white or full white anyway, she look mixed. but her body is still bad as hell, that chick is stacked.

        • WestPhillyPolo

          She’s definitely thick b. Her body’s something serious. I just be seeing mad blogs saying she’s white. I don’t know if niggas aren’t looking, but you can plainly see that she isn’t white. She’s just a thick ass light bright lol


    “I’m not saying that raping a seemingly endless number of black children and interrupting a white woman’s award acceptance speech should be viewed as roughly comparable. I’m just saying. They probably are.”
    you a fool for that bol
    “She’s just a thick ass light bright lol”
    LMAO good one westphillypolo

  • sealsaa

    “The only homeless white people care about are homeless dogs.”

    I’ve never understood that.

    • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

      but its real as shit.

  • caino

    good music over rides all past mistakes!!!

    White people dont care about Taylor Swift either…….unless you into all that country my dog has died, woman left me, truck has flat tyre music!

  • Avenger XL

    First off Chris brown and Rihanna star was bound to decline on these albums with or without the fight. The TI’s have discovered that white suburban girls who buy most of this type of music perfer to buy it from Jonas brother/N Sync types and not as much the urban type. That is why new kids on the block murdered new editions in sales by doing a horrible imitation of what they were doing. Not to mention the most damning case study Elvis. The gate-keeper TI’s only continue pushing black artists that register strong enough in the black community on every level to transfer into the white community with either a super safe or ultra edgy image i.e. you can’t be bland. Thus no more urban american idols either, they don’t really do big numbers after the fact (I see you rueben and fantasia).

    Also Kanye can’t do what R kelly did because Kells has a gutter edgey following. So even if he loses the top white layer which he won’t because the media and america never gives a ish if he is messing with under aged black girls. Meanings Kells had a pass from jump and the vast majority of suburban people could have cared less about the Kells case. But a urban artist only gets a certain number of chances with the suburban audience(usually one). Kanyes Actions won’t cripple him but they will damage the heights of his sales just like doing what all atheletes do and tricking off your fame is killing Tiger woods endorsements.

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