Tour Stories: We’re Looking for Tony Montana, Not Cheech and Chong

This Domino and I got a tour story to tell…

When we were setting up the 2005 Live & Direct tour, which was Hieroglyphics, Non Phixion and OC, I realized that we needed a merchandise seller. We’ve taken different people out on different tours, so this time I decided to take out my little cousin, Juliano, who was 15 at the time, because his father had died and I felt like it would be good to get him out of the house. You know, let him see some cats doing positive things, maybe even get him into music. I knew him hitting the road with us would be like him being around a lot of father figures.

I asked all the group members, and everybody was cool with it, so we went off on the road and he seemed to enjoy the tour (as you’d expect for a 15-year-old). Just being on the bus and being around all the fanfare that goes along with being out on tour, he definitely had admiration for the artists—especially the Hieroglyphics members.

Now the crew is well known for smoking marijuana, but that was nothing new to him because in our family, my cousin’s and mine, we’d both grown up around marijuana all our lives, so I didn’t think much of the guys blazing around him. He didn’t smoke and I don’t smoke.

As the tour went along everyone in the crew respected the fact that he didn’t smoke, no one offered him any weed and certainly no one would encourage him to smoke, or in any way to be a bad influence. We all automatically respected the fact that he was 15 and didn’t smoke marijuana or do any type of drugs—he was just a young guy on the road with us.

As the tour bus was about to go into Canada, we were on our way across the border and because of our numerous Canadian tours, we knew the situation at customs, which is that they’re generally going to assume we have marijuana or some type of drugs. What we do is act according, clean up the bus before we hit the border, get rid of anything illegal, any marijuana, or any paraphernalia as we cross the border, and we’ve done it so many times that it’s kinda routine. We make sure that we get rid of any and everything because we know this is a serious thing to go across the border from the U.S. into Canada.

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  • Chiliz

    The above pic captures my fav scene in the movie.

  • thoreauly77/ian

    coulda been so much worse…

    just a heads-up domino, when the guest bloggers comment in the threads, it makes a world of difference.

    hiero all day.

  • Enlightened

    Good story.

  • CLP

    Good Story. Need more on here like this

  • Worley

    Good story. I went through the same thing from Canada to the US. The agent asked me if I’m bringing anything in and I thought “I would never tell you that” but instead responded “do I look crazy?” Dude said that was “suspicious” and pulled me to the side. They had the dog go through the whip and sniff my gas tank. They even pulled out the mirror to look under the car. The whole time I’m trying hard not to laugh because I was high as hell and rejoicing that I dumped the last crumbs of sticky at McDonald’s BEFORE I crossed the border. 20 mins earlier they would have had me but thank God a n*gga knows better.

  • beaver

    hahaha great story..
    kidd was shittin bricks..
    i was laughin so much ha..

  • Tony Grands

    I’ve been in situations like that. Those cats have a job to do, just like the rest of us, & unless you give them extra incentives, they usually don’t want a hassle anymore more than we do.

    I also have bad ass, younger cousins, so I totally understand. Good thing that didn’t happen in Texas…

  • Domino

    I’m glad ya’ll r feelin’ the gave us all quite the laugh when we continued on with the tour…great memories.


  • ladykilla

    thas that shite yo ..made my day, gudd story!