Tour Stories: Groupie Love (Ménage a Nah)

Now, the tour bus can be a tricky thing, sometimes it’s an aphrodisiac and sometimes it’s a turnoff. It’s hard to gauge what a girl will do once she sees you taking her back to the tour bus. These two seemed delighted by the idea of us chillin’ on the back of the bus.

We board the great space coaster and begin to walk down the dark hallway where all the bunks are and head to the back of the bus. I’m thinking I left pretty quickly and I’m gonna be the only one back there. Remember, we’re rollin’ crew deep, so you gotta claim your spot or you better be ready to share. Once I open the door, the back of the bus is crackin! Guys and girls curled up all over the place.

The two girls and me look at each other and I assure them that it’s all good; we’ll just grab our piece of real estate and let everyone else do them. The lights are low and the music is blasting. The mood is real freaky in that room. I hop in the middle of them and we all sit down and start making out.

It’s a great feeling having two women on you like that. Then one girl whispers that someone is grabbing her ass and she’s not really down with being with everyone. I try to calm the situation, but the wolves and the coyotes are out! It’s a jungle out there and like I said, “Take your kill to the trees!”

I was in a hurry. No time like the present, so I honestly just wanted to get somewhere and get it poppin’ ASAP. Bad tactical move on my part. The groping did not stop even though she made it clear that she’s with me and not there for anyone else. After a while it became more than she could bear, and in my infinite wisdom I didn’t just hop up and be like, “Let’s bounce.” Two girls sucking on your neck can side track you. I’m in the middle so one girl is not getting groped and the girl closest to the other people is getting groped. She eventually says, “This is not cool, I’m leaving!”

Souls of Mischief “That’s When Ya Lost”

Her friend and me are kind of stunned because it was going pretty smooth until that point. The whole vibe was just deaded right then and there. She wasn’t feeling that vibe at all and she was ready to leave. Her friend didn’t really comprehend, because no one was touching her, but she had her friend’s back and was like, “Whatever you wanna do.”

So they announce their departure. I was kind of in shock. I couldn’t believe it. Everything was going great until that critical moment. They get up, adjust themselves and head for the exit.

Needless to say, that night was not as fruitful as I had planned. But hey, you live and you learn. —Opio

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  • paychexx

    damn….niggas is crazy….
    that why ya leave with them is what ya shouldhave did…ya got to be selfish sometimes….

  • Chiliz

    Its january & i dead broke its no joke.

    PS:Obama popularity down by 50% according to CNN analysts.
    Democrats had lost a seat vacanted by the late Kennedy & this may derail Obama health plans.

    What’s ur view on Obama’s 1st yr in the office.

  • KF UK

    Damn man…Unlucky bro! you shudda sealed the deal..but hey experiences like this make you learn lessons, and im sure you wont forget this in a hurry!

    Seriously tho, thats wounding..LOL unlucky

  • beaver

    haha damn dude..
    i bet u was pissed da fuckk off..ha


    i would have had to shut the music off once the left the bus turned the lights on. let whoever know you fucking up homie.

  • Tony Grands

    “Get the girl, grab the money….” is off of what soundtrack?

    • oskamadison

      Grands, what up?

      “A Low Down Dirty Shame”, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Vertie Uihlein

    Normally I’m not all that fascinated or curious about this kind of thing, but your post has shown me the error of my ways.

  • chronwell

    Goddammitman! One nigga’s grabby mitts and no double stuff for O! HAHAHA! Dope story tho!