This Opio from Souls of Mischief and since no one else did it, fuck it, I'll give you dirty ass muthafuckas a groupie tour story… LOL.

Opio “Some Superfly Shit”

We had a show in Long Beach, CA at a club called The Vault. This girl I know said she wanted to come visit me while I'm in her neck of the woods and asked me if I would put her on the list. She said she wanted to bring a friend and I was like, "Cool as long as it’s not some dude." She explained that it was her close friend and gave me the rundown on how she was fun and sexy and that I'd like her.

No problemo!

They both show up and we were all having a grand ol’ time. So much so that other vultures started to notice.

Souls of Mischief “Get the Girl, Grab the Money and Run”

I’m not the type to put the handcuffs on you, so wherever you wanna go, whoever you wanna talk to, it's all good with me. But one thing you'll learn on tour is: Take your kill to the trees or the wolves and coyotes will come around and dog you, cousin.

So anyway, I’m with these two girls, who are obviously into each other, they're making out and touching each other. I'm chillin’ watching the whole scene, and loving it. One girl says to the other, "Hey, your tits are amazing, you should show ’em off more!"

I agree, and we get the great idea of doing some rudimentary tailoring. I ask the bartender if he has any scissors because we need to alter this girl’s outfit so she can showcase her beautiful breasts.

Opio “Original Lyricist”