This is Phesto of from Souls of Mischief and this is my Tour Story…

In all honesty, there are so many moments on tour that I have a difficult time trying to narrow things down to just one or two that really stand out. This isn't some outlandish groupie story like I know most people want to hear but, in 2003 we did have a couple shows in Sao Paolo, Brazil…

None of us had ever been to Brazil before on our own and it was our first time traveling abroad as a whole crew, so we were all very excited to say the least. We all agreed that since we were making the long journey to this beautiful country it would almost be a crime to just do the shows and leave and go back home. So why not take the short flight to Rio de Janeiro and spend a few days, if not more.

Opio feat. Pep Love “Talk Dirty”

I think we stayed one extra day in Sao Paolo so Opio and Pep Love could do the “Talk Dirty” video and then we were off to Rio. First day we got there we took a tour up the mountainside in a trolley and arrived up at the top and there was the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

It was massive!

I mean, in pictures it looks big but when you're right next to it, it’s huge.

Later that day some of us took a trip to the Favelas, which are like shantytowns. That's a whole other story in itself. If you've seen the movie City of God that is exactly where we were. You’re not allowed there at all unless you know, and are with, someone of significance to the people. The entrance signs read NO POLICE in Brazilian-Portuguese. Some of us went down to the beach. That is also an experience you will never forget. Miami; Venice; you name it. They have nothing on Ipanema—your head will be on a swivel.